Holiday ‘Far’ From Hell – Part II


Holiday ‘Far’ From Hell – Part IIAngie, Kate & Mark watch as Steve acts a gentlemen and calms his nervous by brushing his hair with one hand and holding his waist with the other. ‘Its ok, your not alone’ he adds. Angie smiles ‘Your not alone sweetheart, seems your with someone who will look after you, you two close?” she asks. Ben nods, having Steve’s hands around his waist. ‘Like a mini-me eh’ she adds. All the time Ben’s cock is twitching like mad and its obvious to all those around.Mum Kate starts to pour some more drinks. Ben is still on edge with his step-dad’s hand on his waist. Sweat is pouring off him. Mainly the nerves. “I do feel I am gonna get a bit of a headache” adds Kate as she passes the glasses around. Mark makes a comment ‘Well its not like anyone’s going to try it on’, causing the four adults to laugh. Ben is still on edge. ‘You can relax hunny’ adds Angie, trying to help Ben settle but being naked has really made him blush. He looks up and Steve smiles and gives his waist a rub.Inside Ben’s heart is racing. He is feeling like he just wants to run and jump in the water to cool off. As his mind takes him somewhere else he glances down to see that Steve’s illegal bahis cock is now fully erect. Just like his own. But it is a bit bigger at 8′. Angie looks at the growth and then looks at Steve. Steve gives a face of ‘can’t be helped’. Ben takes a sip of his drink and then feels his step-dad’s hands move to his ass and give a little squeeze. “You alright mate?” he asks. Ben nods. ‘Just in the happy company it seems’ adds Angie. Steve can hardly keep still. He is bouncing on his toes, coughing, bouncing, coughing. Ben breaks away, he can hear his phone blaring by pool side. An alarm left on.Mum Kate rubs her husbands arm. “Is everything alright, your jittery and all over the place’. He tries to ignore her, face gone red, hands clammy. “Its nothing’ he says agitated. Mum is nerved now ‘Your not your usual self’. He displays more jittery signs. Angie calms the situation ‘Its Ben, you want him badly’ she says. Kate gasps. “I can’t help it but seeing him like that…God’. Kate playfully hits his arm ‘You know what you are saying’Ben cannot hear the conversation. Its getting heated between his Mum & Dad. He glances down and realises his phone is playing him. Now this is on illegal bahis siteleri his distracted mind. He comes back holding the phone. “It looks like my phone is playing up’ he says. ‘I think that is the least of your worries angel’ mutters Angie under her breath. “Well I said…’ but Ben is cut off. ‘Mate forget the phone, get on the lounger now’ Steve says. Ben looks puzzled, phone in hand. “Just do it mate, I cannot…please…just do as you told.’ Ben turns to the lounger. “I don’t…’ But is cut off. He gingerly sits down on the lounger as Steve paces off, up and down, up and down. Angie is talking to him.Ben looks so, so confused. “Have I done something wrong?” he asks but no one answers. Step-dad walks over and says ‘No one must know mate’ he adds as he climbs on lounger. Ben feels his hands on his leg. ‘Part them, Part them’ he says exasperated. Back against the lounger, He feels the heated breath of Steve. Ben next feels a globule of spit hit the crease of his ball sack and run down to the crack of his ass. He stares wide eyed. ‘Were making love, were making love’ he pants back. Ben is still in shock. ‘Arms around my neck ate’ he says and Ben instantly canlı bahis siteleri does it. Steve is quaking legs on lounger as he probes for Ben’s asshole. ‘I’ll be gentle, i’ll be gentle’ he says as Ben is tented to the extreme. He nods. Furiously. Next he digs his nails into the back of Steve and gasps as he feels a wet pre-cummed cock head rest against his ass. ‘I’ll be gentle’ he says again as he starts to press.He presses. Fiddles. Presses. Fiddles. Nothing. He spits down there again and again. Ben can feel a wet ass full of spit. With that he presses again and this time breaks open the asshole. If one could see the asshole relaxes and in plops the tip of Steve’s cock. ‘I’m in mate, relax mate, relax.’ Ben nods furiously. The anal cavity starts to take the cock in, slowly it slips in. Steve pulls slightly out and then pushes back in. Its tight but manageable. He leans back and people can see he is clearly in. He slowly kisses the ankle of Ben’s left leg and starts to slowly fuck his ass. Ploughing his cock slowly up the ass cavity and back down.’God, you did this’ he says through gritted teeth to Ben. Ben closes his eyes in ecstasy. The lounger creaks with every thrust by Steve. Bang, shake. Bang. Shake. The two are in unison. He pulls out, his cock covered in anal juices and spits on the hole again and pushes back in. He starts to slowly fuck deeper. Ben reacts by slowly milking is cock. (Part III to Come)

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