Granny’s Glory Hole Party shoot – part 1


Granny’s Glory Hole Party shoot – part 1Part 1Over the years I’ve met some great women. Best of all are the ones who know what they like and Jenny knew what she liked – cock, cum and plenty of it, oh and did I mention cock and cum? Jenny was a lovely older lady, late 60’s (I never as a woman her age), thin, small, nice plump tits and shaved cunt. In the street she was a lady but in the bedroom she was a total slut. Colin and Jenny had been on the swinger’s circuit for years but had ‘retired’ from it a few years before I met them when things got very ‘samey’ as she put it. Doing videos was a nice little hobby and gave her a chance of being fucked the way she liked – with lots of cock. We got on very well.We we’re chatting one day after doing a videoshoot, a 6 man no holes barred gangblowbang, and she happened to mention, between wiping cum from her face, that she once had a few hot sessions at at real glory hole her husband Colin had discovered but that it had been closed down for quite a while and they were never able to find another one. Now that got me thinking – would it be possible to set up some sort of portable glory hole station for a shoot? Most of the shoots are in hotel rooms so that makes it a bit difficult to start drilling through doors (I’m bursa escort certain they’d object) or bring in huge panels through reception.About three o’clock in the next morning I woke up suddenly and I knew what I had to do – something that could be fitted into any doorway, easily cleaned and easily folded away.A quick visit to IKEA and B&Q and my shed and I had the prototype made – I just needed to test it out and I knew the very person that could help me. The shoot was arranged for four weeks time in a local hotel we had used before. The plan was that her husband, Colin, would be in the toilet with Jenny with the first camera. I’d be outside with the second camera to get ‘the other side’ shots and sort out the guys. I had invited some of the ‘regulars’ and a few new guys for the first session. Now, you never know until the day how many will turn up so you always invite a few extra. In this case, they all turned up. One of the reasons we used this particular hotel is that you didn’t have to go through reception. Even so, we made our way to the room in twos and threes and gathered around the bed. We put on the TV for an extra bit of noise and I got the guys to draw lots to see what the order of business was. I checked mersin escort that everything was okay with Jenny and she indicated she was eager to get started by poking her index finger through the hole. Number one was a young guy, about 24 ish with a nice thick 8 incher. He pushed it through the hole and Jenny started working her magic mouth. His face was a picture and he came within about a minute. Pulling out his cock from the hole it was wet with saliva. A string of thick cum dripped from its end. His comment for the camera was “That was fucking mint.”Number two was a regular – 60 ish but still very fit. Not particularly well endowed but a very heavy cummer. He stepped up to the hole and took out his cock. He looked at me and asked if it was definitely Jenny in there. I nodded. Jenny’s finger beckoned him in. He cautiously fed his still limp dick into the hole. “Fucking hell, its like a vacuum cleaner.” After 10 minutes of hard sucking he was ready to spew his man juice. “I cumming, I’m cumming, fuck! fuck! fuck!… Swallow it all you dirty bitch.” I heard Jenny gagging, I could only imagine how much cum had filled her mouth. Three, four and five came and went leaving a new guy as number six. Mid thirties, average looking sakarya escort sort. He seemed a bit nervous but we all talked him around and with our words of encouragement he stepped up to the hole. I positioned myself with the camera and he unzipped. There was a gasp from some of the guys when he pulled out the thickest and longest cock I have ever seen – it was b-i-g. He looked almost apologetic as he held it in his hand. “I hope she can take this? My girlfriend says its too big to suck.” “Only one way to find out mate”, I said. “Poke it through the hole” I heard Jenny gasp as it revealed itself. This was going to be spectacular and I couldn’t wait to see what the video on the other side would show. His breathing soon became heavy and irregular as she worked on his cock. “That’s fantastic- Jesus… oooo – ahhhh – deeper, deeper, I cummm …” He closed his eyes and gave a long sigh. “That’s the first real blow job I’ve ever had. Most girls just give it a wank. Thank you darling, that was great.” After seven and eight had shot their bolts some of the guys started to wander off. A few decided to have a second turn so I reckoned that Jenny had gone through at least 10 cocks and enough cum to float a battleship. Only the video taken on her side by Colin would give the final count.When the last guy left I looked at the hole and thought – why not? So I stuck my cock through. Normally I don’t get involved but this time I thought I deserved a treat. I never did tell Eva that the last cock she sucked was mine- and yes, it was a great blow job.

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