First time cuckold on asian holiday


First time cuckold on asian holidayHey there,Im Alex, im italian and ive got in a situation that almost took me to depression. Its been a rough time but now feels better honestly. Im 28 and my girlfriend is 23, her name is Sydney, she is Texan, blonde and blue eyed, with a pretty face, swimmer built body in a great shape, very tall 5’11 standing, taller than me and that could even look funny, so she is a very good looking girl. We are living in Australia, its been two years now, even though our relationship has started almost 5 years ago. Our relationship has never got jealousy in it or any sort of tension, we’re both used to talk and fix things, i can tell she is a very smart and sensitive person.The facts are happened 10 months ago, in these last years we have been traveling a lot, before deciding to settle somewhere we’ve decided to enjoy traveling as much as possible, and last may we have been in the Philippines for almost a month as tourists. Its one of our favourite places and that hasnt been the first time for us, that time our plan was to go to a small island, most like an 800mt sand bar in the middle of the ocean, not developed but just with few coconut palms and a small bar, toilets and showers in it. To reach that place we needed to jump to another island, a bit bigger, named Malapascua. Just got to the island some local immediatelly stoped us and asked to get hotel rooms, boat trips, snorkel and stuff, we needed an hotel so we asked one of these guys, named Jason, to take us to a cheap hotel for travelers. Jason was a 40yo guy, short and on the chub side, with a big belly, very nice but with a bossy attitude, he had total control of businesses there, had a boat and used to manage other boats for rent. He was in the business. Dealing with him wasnt hard though, we decided to rent a private boat to take us to the small island the next morning, the program was to sleep there just on the beach under an unbelievable sky, so Jason had to provide us the dinner in that island.Anyway Jason couldnt take us to the island, he had to conduct the big boat with many tourists he daily rent to a fixed price, stay in the island for few hours and then get back before the sunset, so he gave us a smaller boat with the boat man, a fisherman who used to do some extra with tourists when asked to, named Brian, he was pretty nice and warm as most of filipinos, alomst 60yo but looking much younger, not tall but average height for asians, around 5’5, the typical figure of an exotic local who lives on the boat, with a skinny body but kinda muscular, very tanned, long hair with a tail, big mustaches, missing some tooth, kinda shy and couldnt handle big conversations cause his english wasnt fluent, and thats uncommon in the philippines.At 10 in the morning we left the room and got on the boat with all the necessary, around 11.30 we were on that island, it was just like heaven. Few people in there, taking pictures and enjoying that piece of paradise, we had lunch and we started exploring the island. Me and Sydney spent the whole afternoon walking, taking pictures, enjoying the sea and talking. Then it was almost sunset time and we were very excited for the sunset colours in there, most of people left and in the island there was just another group of 4 tourist sleeping there, actually we were less than 10 people in total on that island for the night, just like lost in the middle of nowhere. So i started taking lot of pictures with my camera during the sunset, i was pretty sure that Sydney was just around me but when i realized she has left it was already dark, 6pm, and 15-20 mins after she has been back, she came from the middle of the beach, just where the small vegetation and threes where, and i also realized Brian came back almost at the same time, from the same direction but walking alone on the beach and not on the inner part of the island. I was surprised and obviously asked her where she has been, she said that wanted to take a shower and actually the showers were right on that direction.Brian started cooking the fishes, we were sitting just by the fire talking and observing, i wasnt suspecting anything but i noticed Brian stopped smiling big at both of us, but he was smiling just to Sydney, tokat escort and not looking at me anymore, and when was happening he was just serious, not smiling anymore, but not being rude, just cold. I noticed it, and i wasnt glad about it, but i didnt give too much importance to that. So after dinner we just spent the time on the beach, looking at the stars, it was breathtaking, we were talking, listening some music and drinking, Sydney gave some beer to Brian aswell and asked him to join us, he did but didnt stay much and didnt talk much, so went to his boat to sleep. After a while, maybe one hour we decided to sleep aswell, obviously open hair, in one of the small wood beach construction. I can tell i woke up plenty of times during that night, i wasnt sleeping on an average bedroom and comfortable bed, so i wasnt pretending to have the most comfy sleep, but it was great though. But one of those times i woke up i checked on Sydney’s side and didnt see her. I thought she went to toilet, i was waiting to fall asleep again but i reckon my brain got nervous, i wasnt able to fall asleep again, i realized it was more than half an hour she didnt appear so i decided to check for her, i went to the toilets and showers area and no one was there!! The night was pretty bright, the night before there was a full moon so i could see pretty clearly, i went quickly to the end on the south of the island and no one was there! Then got back and tried on the northern end of this small island, and still no one. Ive got anxiety and i was so frustrated, i went back to our place where we have been sleeping and she wasnt there, now it was more than an hour that Sydney disappeared, i was 30 mins walking around looking for her. Then i thought about ask help to Brian, his boat was on the beach in front of our “beds”, just 100 meters, i was getting closer when i started hearing some noise from that direction, getting closer and i started realizing that this was a voice and it was familiar, so in that moment a tsunami of feelings got inside my head, i still didnt realize what was happening but my immagination was killing me. Once ive got as close as possible just next to the boat what ive seen was the worst nightmare, it was a shock and i still dont remember all the details, thats why our brain tries to remove the shocks, i suddenly felt my face very hot, i think for the blood. On the boat there was the two bodies of Brian and Sydney united, they were on a missionary position, she was under him, with her long legs wrapping his dark body, he was moving vigorously and breathing furiously, while she was trying to cover her mouth to hide her moanings. That was enough, i left and went back to bed. Ive had all the craziest thoughts in my head. I want to explain something, to try and give a meaning to this crazy story. Maybe its just myself trying to convince me and lie to myself. In our relatioship ive been sometimes, mostly lately, trying to tease Sydney with some cuckolding stuff, she has always been laughing and didnt ever match these fantasies of mine, so we never planned anything, we’ve never been talking seriously about it. Obviously i wasnt prepared and ready for it, not just because its a strong fantasy itself, but right cause i didnt ever think Sydney would go for something like that.After a while, i didnt check the time, she got back, she noticed i was awake, she looked a bit surprised and said she was at the toilet, then got next to me and fell asleep, i didnt sleep anymore.In the morning i was a cadaver, thats how you look when you are dead inside, i felt like killed inside, but didnt have the strenght to talk about it. We went to take pictures of the sun rising on that splendid place, she had one of the biggests smiles i ever seen on her face, she was full of joy, i can tell. Brian picked some coconut from the three, that was our authentic islander breakfast, then we left the island and before 10am we were back on Malapascua. We got back to our hotel room, i took a shower and threw myself on the bed, i still was in a shit mood. Sydney took a shower and came in, then she said ‘Alex i have got something to tell you’. I pretended to be surprised, didnt show any feeling, so just told escort tokat her to go ahead with out any suspicious on my voice. ‘Well, remember those things you used to tell me about seeing me with a stranger man?’ was exploding inside and acting like the most surprised and calm person on earth said to explain more. She said that she felt the right to try it, she confessed she wasnt that much turned on by that fetish, but on holiday she had the feeling to ‘experience the most in life, and dont regret anything’, she said it was a great occasion to do this and thought also that it could make me happy with that, she assumed it would still be a fantasy for me and right in the way she did it. She is not a nympho kind of girl, but apparently tried to be more than a conservative kind of girl. It has been a mature conversation, my mood was still terrible but she has been pretty convincing, she said didnt put any feeling and sentimentalism on that, she said it was just an impulse and didnt find anything wrong with that, it was just phisical satisfaction, and she said it would be a thing to share with me, or else she wouldnt do that. She wanted to sound generous, that made this for me and that was pretty ridiculous. I noticed Brian was still being so confident with her, not talking much with his bad english, but smiling so big to her.Then i said i wanted to know everything, all the details. She was obviously keen to do that, she was excited to share that all with me, saying that she didnt take any video or picture. She said that while we were taking pictures of the sunset she was going to take a beer, she realized the fridge bag still on the boat, while going there she saw Brian taking a bath naked just next to his boat, right in the moment she had a spontaneous thought, she asked Brian if he could help her to take same picture on the southern end of the island, which had the best view of the island. He took his swimwear back and they went there. She showed Brian how to handle the camera, and then she took away her swimsuit, she wanted to tease him and take a naked shooting. She said he was very shy and smiling nervously, he was feeling awkward from that situation, and after few pictures she just took the control of the situation, she took off his shorts and just started jerking him, then helped with her mouth and started workishipping on his small dark and hairy dick and balls with her tongue. It got hard instantly, and it didnt take long until he came, she said it was a massive load, she tried to swallow it all but it was too much, as she said. Then he got almost immediately hard again, he was completely possessed as she admitted, he wasnt rude but got some a****l and brutal attitude, which was a big turn on for Sydney. Then he wanted to fuck Sydney, she laid on the sand and he started pumping her pussy with out any protection. I got insanely mad to her for that, basically for any potential disease! She said she felt like possessed, not in control of her mind anymore, and in that moment she felt so horny thinking about a mature labour asian, almost trice her age, around 60 years old, risking to make her pregnant. Then they switched positions, she got on top then doggy, that would be unbelivable to see because their height difference, Sydney is 180cm and Brian less than 165cm!! So she said he was moving like a b**st that wants to breed a female, and when he came inside he gave some much stronger pumps, then laid on her back for a bit, until he knocked off his tool, then he became very sweet to her giving so much attentions, helping her to clean up her body on the water, and getting the suit back, then they left on separate ways to return on the boat place.Its crazy do describe it, but she wasnt showing any other feeling than joy while telling the story of the events, she didnt feel guilty, she said it was a “present” for me, so she did that for both and for our relationship, to grow and experience together. I needed a bit of time to absorbe it and give it some sense. Then she started with the second part, when i woke up during the night, i told her that i saw everything, she didnt see me coming to the boat, but she didnt change her mood or her facial expression, she was still tokat escort bayan satisfied. She woke up that night, i was sleeping and she went to Brian’s boat, he was sleeping but once she stepped on the boat he woke up, then welcomed her, taking off his dick, they started tongue kissing deeply and in a bit he was already inside her. She said this time he was lasting much longer, he wasnt brutal but very passionate, kissing and licking her, not just in needing of dumping some seed inside her vagina. It has been one hour, as Sydney said.Anyway we had totally different moods, she noticed and she was keeping trying to change mine, saying lots of nice things, saying that our relationship was going to be way much stronger. But you need your time, and i wasnt glad about it, but all i was doing has been trusting her. Brian told her some stuff about his life, that he has a wife about his age, that she has been his only women in his whole life, he has 3 daughters and 2 sons, and that he has been more than 10 years with out having any sex!It was our last night on the island before to head back on the mainland, we still had to pay Brian and Jason for the service, and Sydney told me that she already talked to Brian, she had to bring the money after lunch time to his boat place, where apparently Brian and Jason leave their boats and fishing nets, all the material and tools they use to work on the boats. I told her she was crazy, and asked what was her plan. ‘You know what’s OUR plan Alex, dont be silly, this time ill take the camera with me’. I let her go, obviously she was about to have her last round with Brian, but i was like freezing. She left the room dressed for the beach. I went to the pool. After a couple of hours she got back. I was on the front of our room on the hammock, and she was walking with Jason and a young filipino guy who works on Jason’s boat, standing between them two, a blonde white giant between two much shorter dark asian men, they were talking and laughing loud like old friends.They got just few meters to me and stopped, said bye and thank to Sydney, then Jason looked at me and said with a proud smile ‘See you my friend, good luck!’, while the young guy was laughing as he heard the funniest thing in his life, and Sydney still laughing aswell.Once in the room she was as warm as she has never been before in our relationship, she took a shower and wanted to stay in bed with me, to tell me all about it and show me some of the media she took. She just walked on the beach until the hotels and tourist part ended and started the local place, with lot of boats, small and poor houses and also some dirt on the beach. Then she saw Brian next to the boat, folding the nets, he took her to his wood shed. She gave him the money, then he pushed her head to his dick and she started the job. All of a sudden Sydney realized that someone else sneaked in, Brian was facing the door of the shed so he saw that two men, Jason and his young helper, walked in. Sydney didnt expect and at first she got scared, but her instinct got over everything, and as they showed up they were already naked. They shared her mouth first, she was working on them all, the young guy had the thickest one. Then Jason started to take the control and went to Sydneys back to penetrate her pussy doggy while she kept her attention to the other two. Jason then wanted to see her face, she said he started immediately sweating so much, dripping on her body, right cause he was bellied and overweight. Jason came first inside her, then the other two had turn on her, until Jason go hard again, he was the boss there and Sydney noticed that, he wanted to mount her from the back on Sydney’s ass, while Sydney was on young guy’s top, she got double penetrated. It was a 2 hours fun, they all dumped their loads inside Sydney’s pussy, mouth and ass, they came all multiple times, and when she turned the camera on, she realized that the camera didnt have the memory card anymore, and in the camera memory, which is very small, there was just a selfie of jason, probably took it on pourpose and took off the memory with all the media of the action!Now our relationship is still strong, probably she is right that its been good for us, even though we didnt had any other experience with someone else, anyway we are going to India this year, it will be a 3 months trip, we will go from Kerala, the south, through Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, until Nepal, all by bus. Lets see what will happen.

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