*FANTASY Soni-n-law FANTASY*As I state in the title this is a FANTASY of mine and it is about my actual son-in-law, for the story I’m going to call him “Stan”. Stan is about 6’3″ slim runners build, always some sort of beard from scruff to a nicely trimmed full beard. He is of Italian decent so he has a slight olive completion. All though I have never seen his cock I have noticed on many occasions the VERY nice bulge he has. I’m guessing and definitely for my fantasy he is nice and thick, about 7-8 inches, cut and veiny!!! Oh and shaved up very nice!!!On to my FANTASY!! It’s early on a Saturday morning, I wake up in a very femme mood so I shave and clean myself. After showering off from the bath I dress up in school gurl outfit, shove my new 42D tits into my pocket bra, adjust my wig, and even apply some lipstick. I already have my assless panties on over my garter belt and stockings, with my 4″ spiked heels. (I’m still shorter than illegal bahis Stan). It’s spring so I have the doors and windows open airing the out, and keeping the electric bill down! I’ve been dressed and just going about my day for about a hour, I’m in my livening room with my back to the front door. A screen door with a clear view from the street if you’re really looking. So, I’m dressed standing in my living room with my back to the door. When I hear uuhhhh ma’am???? I immediately have panic just shoot thru my body. Seriously what do I do, what could I do I know it’s Stan I recognize his voice. I slowly and sensually back to the door and unlock it, then I walk back into the living room. He opens the door and steps in closes both doors behind him. Then the most amazing thing happens he calls me “Jenna” he told me he has been following me on Xhamster for a few weeks .. or longer. I just turn and drop to my knees unbuckling his illegal bahis siteleri belt and pants, as I unzip his pants his springs out into my face, MMMM no underwear. Oh my his cock is beautiful .. smooth as mine including his balls. Speaking of balls they are hangers and MMMMM going to feel so good slapping my ass while he is pounding me. I’m looking up at this cock just begging me to suck it, to lick it, to kiss it, and to just PLEASE it in every way possible. He is only semi erect so it’s hanging just a bit, I start to slowly take his cock into my mouth, working my tongue all along to sensitive underside. Feeling his manhood grow bigger and bigger in my mouth, I loose myself in ecstasy, I grab his ass and make him face fuck me. 2 minutes after walking into my house my son-in-law is bouncing his balls off my chin. We are both really getting into it he’s calling me his cum swallowing bitch, “which tells me his going canlı bahis siteleri to make me swallow his juice, I would have anyway”. He now grabs my head and starts just really pounding his cock down my throat. I know he has got to be getting close when I feel his balls tighten and suddenly what seams like gallons of cum being shot down my throat!!! He shoves his cock down my throat and tells I had better not spill a drop his precious cum “of course with his cock so far down my throat how could I spill any?” When he finally stopped cumming he steps back and finishes stripping and tells me to get in the bedroom. I immediately do as told and I run into my bedroom and get on the bed on all fours. He walks in with his soft cock swinging from side to side, tells to get the fuck off the bed, and get on my knees and suck his cock. Of course I again do as I’m told, I’m slowly working his cock and playing with his balls some. He stops me a looks me in the eye, I SAID SUCK MY COCK and with that forces me to the floor with his cock in my mouth. He starts pumping his hips and face fucking me like I’ve never been face fucked before. I could feel his cock growing bigger and harder …

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