Episode 123 – subspace


Episode 123 – subspaceSunday Afternoon at Justy’sJustine knew it was bad when she arrived home from her night out cock-hunting with Suzy, Anita and Emma to find her daughter and her best friend already in bed, crying gently from the pain inflicted by her two Doms.Molly and Rachael had spent the night bound into tortuous shapes by Sam and His stepson Mikey who had certainly taken full advantage of their submissive desires.Justy undressed and slipped into bed between the half-naked teenagers, trying to avoid touching their bright red bottoms, still stinging from a fierce caning.Molly curled into her body, resting her head on Justy’s shoulder, breathing in that familiar perfume heated by a night of eating, drinking, dancing and fucking at the night club.Justy stroked her daughter’s hair, comforting the newly-initiated sub, trying to make out what had happened through the tears and snatched phrases reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey.Molly loved to read, but to experience the full effects of bondage and punishment on her young body was perhaps overwhelming.It didn’t really seem to help that Justy had warned them what to expect from her Dom in His kitchen.Saturday afternoon recounted by RachaelSam said he just wanted to watch us dancing naked, except for our collars of course. He tied my hands behind her back and her hands tied behind mine, so we were jammed together face-to-face all the way down the front.Then He pulled us apart long enough to fit these horrible spiked metal nipple things onto mine, and a feeldoe into Molly with a spiked metal cock ring around the base.The spikes were agony anytime we moved and Sam made sure we did by paddling our arses in time to the music.He filmed the whole thing, making sure to catch our pained expressions and spurtiing pussy juicesSunday Morning recounted by MollyRach was standing at the sink washing up the pots and pans from last nights curry; Mikey had insisted she wore an apron to protect her delicate front, but left her bare butt completely exposed.He stood very close behind her, sliding his erection up and down between her soapy buttocks.I sat on Sam’s lap, reading from a blog on the sextoycollective website, comparing pendik escort the pros and cons of various anal lubricants – water-based, silicone based, plant-based, hybrids and most interestingly ‘household’ substancesI pleaded with Him to let me touch myself – my cunt was dripping from watching Mikey taking Rach up the arse, but He just slapped my hands away every time I tried.Now Rach was screaming into my mouth, holding herself rigid against the pain – I don’t think washing suds are very effective as an anal lube.Then suddenly she went all limp as He filled her arse with cum, babbling incoherently about the effects of a hot curry on her anal sensitivity.It did look truly disgusting, slithering down her thighs when He pulled out.He insisted I cleaned every last drop of Mikey’s jism from His sticky cock and then her puckered hole before letting me play with the clit-stim.When Sam demanded I pulled a condom onto His raging erection, I knew I was in trouble – he never uses one – says they ruin the feeling.Rach chewed on my tits as I edged towards a climax, but he put a stop to that by pouring a glug of olive oil straight from the fridge into my butt.Now it was my turn to scream as I felt the ice cold fluid turning to the burning sensation of chilli flakes thrust deep into my gut on the head of His safely protected cock.Rach did her best to distract with a g-spot vibrator and her tongue, but it was the sheer agony of this anal abuse that took me clean over the edge.They all held me for a long time, wrapped up warm until the intense pain subsided and I could think straight again: “please, please, please – never again – you can do anything else you like to me, but not that”.“OK” said Mikey “how do you feel about a full gyno examination and probing your urethra with this bumpy metal device?”Sunday evening at Justy’sRachael had been picked up, Molly was still hurting in Justys arms, discussing their weekends: “wait a moment – David seems to think we’re all brainless fucktoys that he can abuse whenever he feels like. I know we all have submissive tendencies – but that doesn’t mean we’re stupid”.“Why don’t we get him a referral from Emma for one escort pendik of Suzy’s special massages and teach him how it really feels. I know he’s been asking about costs and his desire to cum over Suzy’s tits, rather than in her mouth, like most perverts. We could all ‘help’ – nobody should hear the screams in Ellie’s old barn”.The gold-edged invitation card arrived by post on Tuesday morning for a one-day-only offer of a complimentary massage, except Emma had struck through ‘free’ and written £200 in the top corner, amended by Suzy to ‘£500 for the full package’.Tuesday afternoon in Ellie’s barnSuzy insisted I strip off and lie face-down on the unusually elongated massage table; it’s purpose only becoming more obvious when she pulled my arms up and fixed them in place with the leather straps and then the same around my ankles.“Try to relax” she laughed “this will only hurt if you struggle”.Then the pain began as she turned the crank to pull the front half of the table away from the rear.“I suppose you know the invention of the rack is accredited to the British Constable John Exeter in 1447 for the torture of prisoners in the Tower of London? Although some think it’s much older – used by Catholics down the ages to extract confessions without spilling any blood”By now my vision was getting a bit blurry, but I could just make out a young Mauritian woman I assumed to be Anita, Emma and Ellie in tight white massage outfits, Justy in a shiny green dress and leather boots.Finally I spotted the teenagers Molly and Rachael in jeans and tee-shirts, straight from college.I had of course expected Suzy to get naked for her highest price ‘massage’ treatment, but she just slapped me anytime I mentioned it and extracted more cash from my wallet.My cock had already shrivelled away to almost nothing as it dropped into the space between the two halves of the table-rack.Molly was the first to insert a fat butt plug into my exposed arse, while Rachael clambered under the table to lock me into a cock cage.Anita had brought several large bottles of fizzy water – ideal for quickly topping up their already-full bladders. She pulled my head upright and lifted her pendik escort bayan skirt to align my face with the first few dribbles and then the full hot gush of pee straight into my open mouth. “Swallow – you pathetic sub” screamed Emma, as it ran down my chin “he needs more stretching – wind that crank right up”.Rachael’s very wet cunt stifled the screams trying to escape from my throat as the first lashes from Emma and Anita rained down on my back. Molly’s spiked wooden paddle kept catching the edge of the butt plug, driving it deeper until she decided a strap-on might be more fun.She insisted on first fucking my mouth – She looked gorgeous topless, with a gigantic purple feeldoe poking out from the open zip of Her jeans. Once She said it was adequately lubricated – She climbed up on the table, pulling out the butt plug to thrust the foot-long silicone horse-cock deep into my guts in one long stroke.“See how you like it, you pathetic pervert – and don’t even think about cumming. Rach feed that urethral stick down that pathetic excuse for a cock- make it really hurt ”Heaving up on my collar, Justy first insisted I kiss her arse then grabbed one of the lit candles to drip the hot wax onto my back.”I hope that’s a special low melting point type”.”Nah – cheapo stuff for Wilko Man – it only burns for a while”.The first time I realised there were others watching this femdom retaliation orgy was when a small voice asked “Mummy – what is your girlfriend doing to that man’s bottom?”The photographs clearly showed the perspiration gathering between Molly’s breasts from the exertion of fucking my arse.Emma turned to her son Charlie: “turns out he’s a sub as well as a lousy writer- now stop taking photos, go back to the house and play with Archie”.LeicestershireHours later I found myself back home, sitting in the Dacia Duster driver’s seat, having no idea whether any of that nightmare actually happened.”Good meeting, luv” asked the wife, with a sly grin.How much did she know; how long had she been reading my stories?Then the CFNM photos started arriving – no faces, but clearly all of my fully-dressed assailants and those distinctive candle wax marks across my bare shoulders.Oh shit it did happen – Suzy had scribbled a message on the back of the invite in my pocket – ‘Thanks for the charity donation – we all had a ball – same time next week – you’ll find the key to the cock cage in your empty wallet’.

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