DTF Tinder Date Switched Gay


DTF Tinder Date Switched GayThis whole thing started when I broke up with my girlfriend. At the time, she had said I wasn’t there sexually and emotionally for her needs, and that she needed space… whatever that means. We had been together for three years, living together for the last year. I guess it was the co-habitation that led her to grow irritated and bothered by me. I never saw it coming either; she just blindsided me one day and packed her stuff up the following day. That was three months ago. Since then, my luck with the ladies has been bad, but I haven’t exactly put myself out there. Some buddies of mine tried to get me drunk and laid a few times, but the sad sack that I am just didn’t have it in me to talk to another girl that might break my heart. Eventually I was convinced by one of my co-workers to join Tinder. I’m a mechanic at an Acura dealership, mostly dealing with customers who can’t put on their wiper blades and screw on license plates. It’s not exactly the most exciting job I’ve had. Andrew, who worked in the bay next to me, always had stories on Monday mornings about his weekend. And his stories always started with, “I met another chick on Tinder…” So I thought I’d give it a try, see what the hype was all about. After making a profile, I began my search and to my surprise, I hit a match almost immediately! My God, if I had this three years ago, maybe I’d have never met Janice, my ex. So I chatted with my new Tinder date; she told me her name was Carol. Carol was a sexy blonde with nice C cups. She was prompt and friendly in her responses; we got our basics out of the way, I told her (stupidly) that I just got out of a relationship, blah blah blah… she was getting out of one herself though. She followed this with, “So James… are you DTF?” I didn’t know what DTF was. Not to look ignorant by asking her, I Googled it, “Down to fuck.” Holy Shit. Hell yes I am. It was three months ago I broke up with my girlfriend, but it was SIX months since I last got laid. You could say I was a little bit backed up. I casually responded, “Yes I am. Care to go for a drink?” “I don’t need a drink. I just need to get laid… now ;)” Wow this seemed too easy. But the way Andrew talked about Tinder, he had me believing it was always this easy on Tinder. Crazy that through my younger years, I had to actually go to bars and clubs and try to convince woman just to dance with me, let alone go home with me… now this beautiful 28 year old was asking me to fuck her. “Would love to. My place or yours?” And with that, I was in. She sent me her address right away and told me to walk in. “I’m horny but have work in an hour, so just walk on in and find me in the bedroom. I’ll be waiting, hun ;)” Fast forward to I’m walking up her steps. At the time, I couldn’t believe how easy this was. Surely there had to be another way. It never occurred to me that I was being scammed. I was so stupid back then. I walked into her house; the door was left unlocked, true to her word. It was a small house and I could see the bedroom door when I walked in. It was left open a crack and I could hear a girl’s soft istanbul escort moaning. She must have started warming up. After all, she did say she’d be ‘waiting’. I stripped, grabbing my condom in-hand and walked into the bedroom. But it was empty. The noises I heard… gone. And that’s when he snuck up behind me. It never occurred to me if I was in the right house, or being scammed, or whatnot. I just had a hard-on and wanted to get laid. But here I was, in a stranger’s house, after being invited over through Tinder no less, and now I’m naked in a darkened room and immediately I sense someone lunge behind me, grabbing one of my arms, twisting it behind my back and violently pushing me forward on the bed. It was a guy. I could tell from his body hair… which I could feel because he was naked! “What the fu-” I tried to yell, but he was strong. He had pushed me forward and using my arm twisted behind my back, he was able to pin down, with my face buried in the bed. I’m not a big guy, about 5’6″ 140lbs. It happened so fast but before I knew it I was handcuffed behind my back and was struggling for air between the bed and the pillow he was stuffing over the back of my head. What the hell was going on? Was I getting robbed? But I knew I wasn’t getting robbed… I could feel something brushing against my ass as I struggled… Fear and panic took over. I wanted air and to yell for help. And his body was pressing down on mine, keeping me pinned. And that’s when I felt it… his cock was hard and he started rubbing it into my ass checks as we fought. “Ya boy, you’re gonna be my little bitch boi now. Thought you were getting some pussy huh?” And with that he chuckled. “Don’t scream or fight and I won’t have to hurt you little boi. After all, you wouldn’t’ want someone to see you naked with another man would you?” I didn’t know what to do at this point. Getting beat up would mean hospital bills I couldn’t pay. And I was too scared to really fight back. I couldn’t see the guy well enough through the darkness alongside my face being pushed down, but he felt big, both in body… and in cock. Speaking of which, his cock was getting harder by the second as it pushed against my ass. I was whimpering when he lifted his body off mine. Suddenly I could breathe a little better and attempted to get up, push him off me, and run… but he was having none of that. I felt a hard sting on my ass as he slapped me, “Don’t fuckin fight back boi, this is your warning” And with that he landed a hard blow in my ribs, knocking the wind out from me and collapsing me back on the bed. I was defeated already, handcuffed behind my back, bent over some guy’s bed with my ass up. Then I felt the tip of his cock. At first he slide it up and down my crack. “Ya my little bitch boi is going to like getting this cock,” he would sneer as he rubbed his cock in my ass crack. I felt my ass stretch and the fire as he pushed forward. I tried to scream, but he had reached forward, grabbing me by my hair, and pushed my face deep into the bed. I screamed loud into the bed as I felt my ass penetrated… violated… zonguldak escort split open. He felt big, and it hurt. I wanted it to stop. I even prayed for it to stop. But it did not stop. He just kept pushing deeper and deeper, and with every inch, I felt like I was going to pass out. “Ya take all that dick bitch boi. You’re going to enjoy my cock” The stranger started pumping his cock in my ass. My ass felt it was on fire, and I kept screaming into the bed, but he ruthlessly kept thrusting forward. He started pulling his cock almost all the way out, just to the tip, and thrusting it hard back in. I wasn’t fighting back at this point, I was just trying to manage the pain. And with every thrust… it slowly got better. As his cock started stretching my hole, he started easing off the back of my head, and I started yelling less. I didn’t want another punch and thought if I didn’t move, this would be over soon. Sure enough, he started pumping into my ass, I got the sense he was ready to cum. “Oh ya bitch boi, take that cock.” The sonofabitch was enjoying himself. Grabbing me with both hands at my hips, he buckled his stiff cock in my virgin asshole. The sweat from my fear was the only lube he provided. That and some spit he lobbed on his cock as he continued to thrust his cock in my broken asshole. “Hmmm ya bitch boi, time to get your first load” The stranger began pumping faster. It was almost too much for me, but like a long hike, I thought I saw the peak of the hill in sight; the end was near. My ****r let out a loud moan and I could feel warm liquid… cum… fill my hole. My god, a man just came in my ass… Sweating and panting, he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. I felt great relief when it popped out of my ass, which was sore, and stretched. I had no words, no need to yell for help. I just hoped he’d let me go. He spun me around and had me drop to the ground. Sitting on the floor with my ass back up against the side of the bed, I was looking directly at the cock that was just inside me. Fuck it was big. 9 inches at least! And… it was still hard, pointing and twitching right at me. “Clean it off bitch boi” as he thrust his cock to my mouth. I was caught off guard, not expecting anything more, thinking he was cum-and-done. I was breathing hard from my ass r****g and he took advantage of my mouth being open. His cock went in my mouth as he grabbed me by the ears. I couldn’t move my head away. I was now getting face fucked. And it tasted terrible. It tasted bitter and smelled musky. “Ya, clean up my cock good bitch boi for round two.” Round two? Fuck. He pumped his cock in my mouth. I gaged as it hit my throat, but he didn’t seem to care. He didn’t let the cock out of my mouth, so I had spit and drool spilling out the sides of my mouth as I fought to contain the 9 inch b**st. He kept pushing it a half inch at a time, more and more… and to my surprise, it kept going in my mouth. I just got ass ****d and now my mouth was getting abused. I could taste cum. I could taste ass. I could taste his sweat. I could smell his pubes as he started going escort bayan deeper into my mouth. “Ya that’s how come God made you my bitch boi. No gag reflex. Too bad, I like it when my bitches struggle.” Every word he said was a dagger to me. ‘My bitches’? How many times had he done this? When was it going to stop?… This went on for what felt like hours, even though I’m sure it was much less. My jaw started to ache, my throat felt sore and scratchy from his big cock pressed in me, and I had a bad taste in my mouth… probably the taste of my ass… ugh… And then I finally got to breathe. He slide his cock out my mouth for the first time since he entered it. I coughed, and breathed, and fought back my gags as this slimly, slippery cock bobbed up in down in front of my face. “Time for round two bitch boi.” There it was again, ‘bitch boi’. He kept calling me that… He pitched me forward, with my face on the floor now, my ass up in the air. I stopped fighting back awhile ago; there was no point. He was bigger, and violent. I didn’t want to taste his cock anymore, so was happy to be free of that monster in my face. The floor felt cool to my check. And then he entered my ass again. He was rough on my hole. Going in hard and deep, popping out completely, then ramming back in, “I’m going to work this ass in good bitch boi, you’ll thank me later.” What an asshole, I thought. He fucked me for a good 30-45 minutes. That’s a long time to have your face grinding into the floor… your knees pressing on the hardwood… your hands cuffed awkwardly behind your back… your ass being stretched and violated… At least his cock was more lubed up this time from all my throat juices, and my ass was fairly stretched out. I almost liked it at one point, but no… that was just the fear I told myself… He picked up pace. Thank God I thought, he’s going to cum soon. Jesus, what a weird thought to have. I shook it out of my head as I waited for his cum to fill my ass, again. Except he pulled out, spun me around so I was on my back on the floor, and he straddled my face. Again, here was this 9 inch monster, covered in my ass juice, and he stuffed it on my mouth. He fucked my face on the floor right there, taking no care to my gags and struggles. “Oh ya bitch boi, I think you like taking all that cock. I bet you’re gonna like tasting cum too.” Oh god, I thought… not that. He let out another moan as his cock exploded and cum filled my throat. It was so much. As if his cock wasn’t enough pressure in my throat, now I had a gusher of cum spilling down it down. I had no choice to swallow. It tasted bitter and sticky. I wanted to throw up, but his giant cock was lodging the way. When he softened up, he pulled out of my throat. I coughed for air and spat on the floor. All the while, I could hear him laughing, “Hehehe, what a little slut you are. I can’t wait till you’re begging me for my cum.” I felt abused, violated, humiliated… I wanted to go home and shower. “Alright bitch boi. Get the hell out,” as my anal intruder released the cuffs and threw my clothes at me. “I said get the fuck out! And take this with you,” as the threw the unused condom at me. It was still dark, so I never got a good look at him, but I could hear the sneering laughter in his voice. I got dressed on his patio. I guess he knew I wouldn’t go to the cops. I mean, who wants to tell a cop you’ve had a cock in your ass?

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