Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02

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Daddy’s Little Girl: My date with Daddy

Part Two of the Daddy’s little Girl series

Mistress Joanna

I’m so excited! It’s Tuesday evening, and dad is coming to visit me tomorrow for our lunch date!

I haven’t told him about the little surprise I have in store for him. I hope he likes it.

I take the silky negligee out of my drawer and hold it up against my naked body. I know exactly how I’m going to wear it, the way I want my hair and make up to look. Oh daddy, you’re in for such a treat!

I pull the little packet of pills from my side desk. I had been to my doctor as soon as I’d returned to Uni, and asked to be put on the contraceptive pill. Daddy was so wonderful using condoms for me, but I don’t want him to stress about putting one on every time we want to have sex. I smile and take one before sliding the packet back inside the desk.


Wednesday comes, and I barely pay attention to my morning classes. I’m so tightly wound, bouncing up and down in my chair. My tutor seems unperturbed by my obvious lack of attention, and continues lecturing. My stomach is in knots and my palms are sweaty. Not long until he’s here. I can’t wait to be in his arms again, to kiss him, to claim him. My pussy clenches as I think about what I’ve got in store for my old man tonight. He’s going to be so amazed!

Finally, the morning lessons finish. My roommates have already disappeared for the rest of the day, going somewhere or another with their for-now boyfriends. For once, I’m not bitter about this fact. I’m pleased they’re fucking somewhere other than my room. My room is occupied tonight.

I rush to get changed, slipping in to a low cut top that shows ample cleavage and tight jeans that hug my ass. I apply some light make up and brush my hair, letting it fall loosely down my back.

I grab my purse and leave my dorm.

My dad is waiting at the car park.

He beams when he sees me, closing the distance between us in a few strides, before grabbing me up in his arms and hugging me tighter than he ever has before.

I kiss his cheek before he puts me down.

“Oh princess, I’ve missed you so much!” He coos, taking a good look at me.

His smile turns from fatherly to lustful in two seconds flat. I smile seductively at him.

“Gabbie, baby, you look amazing. I know I should be telling you off for wearing such distracting clothing, but you look so hot…” I see his erection growing in his jeans. I smile wider.

“Daddy, you make me laugh. Let’s go, I know this little restaurant that’s far enough away that no one will recognize us, you know, if we wanted to kiss or whatever…” I let that thought linger in the air.

Dad smiles at me and opens the passenger side door, ever the gentleman.

“Thank you, daddy.” I say as I slide in.

I type the directions for the restaurant in to dads sat nav as he pulls out the car park.

It doesn’t take us too long to get there, and from the look of it, it’s pretty dead. Perfect.

Dad parks and I jump out the car.

Inside, it’s even quieter than I thought. There are only a handful of people here, all spaced out in different areas, as though being near to other people would give them an infection.

The maître d welcomes us as we walk in. I ask for a private table for two. He obligingly takes us to a small booth away from anyone. I smile and sit down, taking the menu from him.

Daddy orders a bottle of red wine, and the maître d leaves.

“What’s with the wine?” I ask, eyebrow raised.

“I want to spoil my favourite girl in the World, what’s wrong with that?” Dad answers coyly, smiling at me. I smile back, taking his hand across the table.

“I’ve missed you, dad. I’m so happy you’re here.”

Dad smiles warmly at me, “Me, too, princess. I can’t believe we’re on a father-daughter date together. It sounds so ‘normal’ when I say it like that, but we both know it dikmen escort means so much more…”

I nod in agreement. I know what he means. Father-daughter dates happen all the time, but not usually when the two are in a sexual relationship with each other.

Our wine arrives, along with two glasses. The waiter pours it skillfully, and I take a glass.

“To us!” I say, clinking my glass to my father’s.

“To us. May we never be apart.” My dad adds, taking a long sip from his glass.

The meal is spectacular, and the conversation flows without pause. I sit and look at my father, dressed in his loose shirt and dark jeans, his muscles visible underneath. The short sleeved shirt allows me to see his toned biceps and his large tattoos that cover his arms. I look at his chiseled face, his gorgeous eyes and unkempt hair. My body longs for his touch.

I know he’s my father, but I can’t help but lust for him. I suddenly have the urge to tear his clothes off and fuck him right here in the booth. I see him eyeing my body, and I know he’s thinking the same.

I take my foot out of my shoe and rub it up his leg underneath the table. I see his eyes widen.

I smile devilishly as my foot skims up further. It doesn’t take me long to find his bulge. He’s hard, and now he knows that I know it. I lick my lips seductively, and his dick pulses inside his jeans.

“Everything okay with your meals?” The waiter asks, disturbing our sexual tension. He must realize he’s interrupted something, as he stutters an apology. I smile reassuringly at him.

“Everything’s brilliant, thank you. I’m practically food-orgasmic.”

The waiter and my dad both look at me, stunned. I smile innocently at them, as though it was a perfectly normal thing to say. The waiter stutters again before leaving. I laugh.

“Gabriela!” My dad chastises. I look at him with my big innocent eyes and he sighs in resignation.

He calls the waiter over and asks for the bill.


We make it back to my dorm in next to no time at all. We keep our stances casual in case anyone notices us. Everyone here knows he’s my dad, so it won’t be weird for him to visit, but it would certainly raise questions if I suddenly started snogging my dad on campus grounds.

The sexual tension is so strong between us, it takes all my self-control to make it from the car to my dorm room without grabbing his cock. We make it, just.

As soon as the door’s closed, we’re kissing. The fever between us is almost consuming. The smallest space between us is too much. His hands are all over my body, and mine are all over his.

This man is not just my father, he is so much more. In this moment, he’s not my dad, he’s my boyfriend, and we’re both hungry for each other.

Our tongues entwine and dance together inside our mouths, our lips move in synchronization to the music our bodies are making. Loud groans erupt from us both as we kiss and touch each others hot skin. We are inseparable for the longest time, until finally his cock and my pussy can’t stand being apart any longer. I push my dad towards my bed and tell him to undress. He looks at me, surprised, and hastily does as I say. I excuse myself and head in to the little bathroom.

Within a few minutes, my body is covered in only the silky negligee, my hair is brushed and cascading down my back, and I have red lipstick staining my lips. I take a quick glance in the full length mirror before stepping back into the bedroom.

My dads eyes bulge out of their sockets when he sees me. I smile at him, my face turning red. He is naked, lying on my bed. His cock stands to complete attention as I stride towards him.

“Oh princess…” Is all he can say as he sits up on the bed to get a better look at me.

“Do you like it?” I ask, suddenly shy.

“Baby, I love it. I can’t believe you’ve gone to such trouble for me.”

I smile shyly as his hands emek escort grab my waist gently, feeling my skin through the fabric.

“You’re stunning, Gabriela. Completely stunning.”

I kiss him tenderly, the earlier fever still there, but subdued in to love.

I kiss him again, then lower myself to my knees in front of him.

His cock is mere inches away from my face. I look up at my dad’s face, awaiting approval. He nods.

I take my hand and slowly, softly, touch his manhood. I stroke the soft skin of his shaft up and down softly. He groans and closes his eyes. I lick the head of his cock and his brow creases as my mouth takes it. I move my head up and down the length of him, feeling his huge cock growing and pulsing inside my mouth.

“Oh Gabbie! I’ve missed your sweet mouth. You fuck me so good.” He groans loudly, gently thrusting his hips up and down on the bed, pushing his cock further in to my throat.

I suck him until I taste pre-cum. I pull my mouth away and stand.

Dad’s eyes open and he looks at me, his face flush with exertion and lust.

“I want to fuck you, daddy.” I say. He responds by moving back on the bed.

“I’ve wanted to fuck your cock since I got back here after the weekend. My pussy needs it.” I add, clambering on top of him.

I grab his dick in my hand and lower myself on to him. My dad cries out, as do I.

I’ve never done this position before, but my body knows what to do. I move instinctively up and down on my father, each thrust pushing and pulling him further inside me. Oh God, I’ve missed his huge cock. My pussy is soaked and coats my dad in sticky mess. He groans in pleasure.

“I want you to cum, daddy. Please. Cum deep inside my wet pussy.”

He does just that. I feel him erupt inside my tight vagina, his cum mixing with my own mess. I keep thrusting until his body sags underneath me, then I stand up and show him his cum dripping out of my pussy.

He suddenly seems to remember himself.

“Shit! Gabbie! We didn’t use protection!”

I laugh.

“It’s not funny!” He yells, sitting up.

“Dad, chill out. I’m on the pill.” I say. He goes silent for a second.

“You planned ahead, huh?”

I nod sheepishly, like a naughty school girl.

Dad looks angry, and I wonder what he’s thinking.

“Gabbie, you should have told me. I was worried for a second.” He adds.

“Sorry, daddy.” I reply, stroking his hair.

“You will be…” He says mysteriously.

Before I know what’s happening, my dad has pulled me on to all fours over his knee, my negligee pulled up, my ass and pussy in full view.

“You’re such a bad girl, Gabriela.” My dad says sternly.

“I’m sorry, daddy…” I reply.

“You do strange things to me, my girl. How dare you fuck me as good as you just did before telling me we didn’t need to worry about condoms?” He adds.

I giggle.

I feel my dad’s hand on my ass cheek, massaging it gently.

“Do you think, as my daughter, that kind of behaviour should go unpunished?” He asks me.

I cotton on to what he’s thinking, and I smile wide.

“No, daddy. Punish me as you see fit.”

He smiles and his hand leaves my ass for a second before striking it hard. I cry out.

He rubs my ass, then does it again.

I can feel myself getting more and more turned on. He continues to spank me until his finger slips and he feels my wetness.

“Gabbie! What’s this? You’re supposed to be being punished, not getting horny, you bad girl!”

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

He spanks me once more, then I feel his fingers slide inside my pussy lips. I groan.

“Turn your body around so your ass is facing me.” Dad orders. I comply.

“Spread your legs wide.” I do.

His fingers glide in to my slick vagina and I groan loudly. He pushes them inside me so far, then he flicks the ends of his fingers. A guttural cry leaves eryaman escort my body, like a wild animal. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. He continues flicking away inside my vagina, making me wetter and wetter until I feel like I’m going to pee.

My vagina makes noises I didn’t know it could, and I know my dad’s hand and forearm are covered in my juices. The pressure builds and builds inside my wet hot vagina, until eventually I explode all over my dad. Fluid and cum gush out of me, soaking my legs and my dad. It doesn’t stop and I cry out as I cum over and over and over. My father doesn’t stop his assault, flicking his fingers faster and faster. I cum so hard time and time again that I’m exhausted. I slump forwards, my dad’s fingers still inside me.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asks.

I groan in response and he laughs cruelly.

A shiver runs through me as he pulls his fingers out of my vagina. I think he’s done, but then he flips me over on to my back.

I look up at him as he kneels above me.

“I’m not through with you yet, baby.” He warns.

“Daddy…” I breathe.

“That’s right, princess. Watch daddy.”

I smile weakly, my face flushed.

My dad starts wanking his semi-hard cock over me. I instantly forget about being tired as I watch this gorgeous man stroke his manhood in front of my eyes.

“That’s right baby, you make daddy so hard.”

I feel my pussy clench.

“Touch yourself, princess.” He says. I obey and start rubbing my clitoris gently in a circular motion.

“Oh baby, that’s fucking hot!” He cries, his dick getting harder and harder.

I should be completely spent, but I can feel myself getting wet and horny again. I want his cock inside me once more, and I know he wants that, too.

“Take me, daddy.” I cry, already close to climax.

My dad leans down on top of me and kisses me fervently.

We are a mess of cum, sweat and limbs.

He pushes himself inside me. I want him to fuck me hard. I tell him so.

He grabs my legs and puts them on his shoulders, then grabs my ass in his hands and lifts my back up off the bed. He pounds in to me, flesh on flesh, hard and fast. It’s so deep.

It feels so fucking good!

“Oh daddy! Your cock feels amazing!” I cry, orgasmic.

I don’t know how, but he picks up speed, thrusting harder, faster and deeper inside me. I’m screaming in pleasure, positive that the whole campus can hear me. I don’t care. I grab my dad’s arms as he rams in to me again and again and again. We’re both caked in sweat, and my negligee is askew.

We fuck and fuck and fuck until we both climax loudly, cum saturating my bed.

We both collapse in to the mattress, thoroughly exhausted.


Thursday and Friday drag.

My dad and I had said our goodbyes late Wednesday evening, after hours of love making.

My roommates definitely knew I’d been having sex; the room smelt of it, but I didn’t care. They didn’t know it was my dad, and didn’t care enough to ask if I was seeing anyone.

I like it that way.

University had always been top of my agenda, but somehow it seemed less important to me now. I wanted my dad. I wanted his arms, I wanted his touch, I wanted his kisses… And everything else that comes with it.

I daydream through my lectures, thinking about the next time I’ll be with my dad, and the amazing sex we’ll be having. I find myself getting wet whilst the tutor is going on about metabolic rate. My pussy clenches and I have to leave the classroom.

I can’t go back to my dorm as Jessie’s in, so I find an empty classroom and lock the door.

I lift my skirt up and slide my hand inside my underwear.

My pussy is soaked. I fantasize about my father, imagining him thrusting his giant cock inside my tight, wet pussy. I rub myself, desperate for release.

I feel my body building as I imagine my dad sucking my nipples and touching my wanton pussy.

I climax loudly, my legs shaking beneath me.

It takes me a moment to come back down, then I return to class.

I can’t wait to head over to daddy’s house tonight.


End. Hope you enjoyed reading! Comments and feedback welcome!

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