Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 16


Crossedressed In best friends mom clothes 16Part 16He turned around and saw me sitting there on the bench with my champagne. He got a beer from the fridge and sat back down on the chair. He opened the beer and it foamed over. He drank from it and looked happy. “So I’m gonna tell you, Caroline…it was fun playing along, but did you really think you were the dominant type? Inside, I was laughing of that foolish attempt. How pathetic! I feel so tipsy about now, and you teasing me all night, made me so fucking horny. I think I’m gonna take what’s mine now!” He drank the rest of his beer. I was getting a bit frightened of him. “Lay on your stomach on the bed. With those pretty black opaque pantyhosed feet over the edge of the bed!”I put my glass of champagne down and I knew he was not k**ding anymore. So I laid down on the bed with me hosed feet over the edge. He picked up the whip from the floor and smacked my ass gently. I let out a few moans as he kept on spanking me.“Ah…AH…Mmm…Mm…”Then he hit my pantyhosed soles and it hurt.“ARGH…!”I wiggled my hosed feet and curled them up.“Oh fuck yes! Look at those sexy feet trying to escape the pain!”He spanked my bottom of my feet once more, and more, and more. It hurt so freaking much, but the pain started to turn into pleasure, knowing he was punishing me for being a sexy girl, teasing him all this road trip with my sexy pantyhose feet. And now he wanted to show me who’s boss.And it worked!“AHH…Ah…Yes…Luis…AH! Mmm…”I turned my head and saw Luis with a big boner. Oh god, I wanted his cock inside my needy pussy.“Mmmm Caroline…Love when your feet curl up like that! Ohh yess, bitch!” He hit them again and again.“ARGH…!! Fuck…! AHH…! Mmm!”He threw the whip away and handed me the champagne. I quickly drank from the bottle. I was still so drunk, and I think Luis was too. He laid himself under my spanked and sore pantyhose feet.“Pour champagne over your pretty feet, Caroline!”He opened his mouth widely and I started pouring the lovely champagne slowly over my black opaque feet. The cool champagne felt good over my spanked soles, slowly running down my toes and down to my heel of my foot and down into Luis’ mouth – and he finished a half bottle like that. My tiny dick was pressing against its cage. Then I saw Luis sit himself up and startsucking my champagne-covered feet dry. I felt his tongue in between my toes and it got me so wild. I was looking at him sucking my wet pantyhose feet and I wanted to play with myself so bad. I tried to grab the key from my ankle, but Luis saw me reaching for it, and pulled my legs to him and swallowed my wet hosed feet in his mouth. He held around my ankle and ripped the necklace chain off. It felt so fucking good getting my soaked pantyhose feet sucked. I grabbed outside the skirt and started trying to jerk my tiny erect dick in the chastity belt. Luis stood up and looked at me laying there on the bed.“Mmmm Caroline. Since the day I saw you, I wanted to fuck your sweet pussy. Seeing you in pantyhose everyday was like walking with a boner all the time!”Mmmm, I loved hearing that! I grabbed one of my tits and pinched my nipple, and my other hand kept on grinding against my skirt and chastity belt. I felt so fucking horny.“Ahh…Luis, you’re turning me on so much. Mmmm!”He leaned over me and grabbed my tight-fitting leather skirt and pulled it off me. The skirt fit me so tight that he pulled me with him. Oh my, he was so strong. Then he ripped the skirt on one side and down from my curvy hips and pulled it off me. I was laying in front of him in only my black opaque catsuit with long sleeves and up my neck. I felt him staring at me and it felt fucking great! He lifted me from bed and turned me around like I weighed nothing at all. He pulled my mask of me, and tilted my head over the edge of the bed. His big cock was right in front of my face.“I’m going to feed your mouth with my big cock. Whether you like it or not, I’m gonna fuck that pretty face! Now open your fucking mouth!”…And I did. He stuck the tip of his cock in my mouth. He could only just stick it in my mouth. I tasted the cum from when he cummed over Sam’s nylon feet. Oh, his big cock tasted great. He slowly pushed it further and further in, and I started to gag a little.“Oh…Yes, take that cock, bitch…Mmmm!”He came to the back of my throat and I really couldn’t fit all his cock in my mouth. I gagged on his big cock, and he pulled it out. I gasped for air and my jaw was already a bit sore.“Oh my god…Ahh…! It’s so big…! I can’t…fit…”Then he just pushed it in my mouth again and started fucking my mouth. I was getting a little use to the size in my mouth, and I even tasted pre-cum. Mmmm, this felt so good.And not long after, he hit the back of my throat again.With one hand, he pushed my head further back and held it there and he pushed it all the way down my throat. It caught me by surprise, and I couldn’t get any air. It felt so fucking big, clearing almost the whole length of my throat. And it got confirmed by Luis.“AHH…! Yess baby…Fuck yeah! It looks so hot expanding your throat! Feels fucking amazing! ARGH!!”I really couldn’t breathe by now, and felt myself panic. I tried pushing him off me with my hands, but nothing helped. I started gagging like crazy and he just kept going.“ARGHH Mmmm…! You are the first girl to take my big cock all the way. Fuck ya…AHH! Such a good girl you are!”I couldn’t scream with his big cock down my throat. I panicked so much that my legs started kicking all over the place, just wishing for him to let me go. But again, he just kept at it. I felt his hands around my throat and he was squeezing it tighter and tighter.“OH Caroline, you sexy little bitch! Look at those pretty legs kicking crazy in that catsuit. ARGHH…!”I was starting to black out, and he let go of his grip around my throat. And I would get back not knowing where I was for a split second. But waking up with a big black cock down my throat, I quickly remembered.He pulled himself out of my mouth. I immediately gasped so hard for air, that I rolled over to one side and fell down from the bed. I was laying there on the floor just almost passed out. I felt some hands around my hips and I got picked up and put back on to the bed. He put me with my head down against the bed, and on my knees, spreading my legs, sticking my bubble butt right in his face. I was still catching my breath when I felt the hole in my catsuit down by my crotch getting ripped bigger.“Mmmm…look at that pretty diamond shining in that pretty pussy of yours!”He smacked my ass cheeks.“AH…! Please stick…Mmm…It in me…Sir!”I felt him pulling gently in my diamond butt-plug. I had just swallowed a massive delicious cock down my throat and now he was playing with my pussy. Mmmm, I’ve wanted to feel his big cock inside me since he was inside me while he was passed out. He pushed the plug in and out and was expanding my pussy slowly. He spit down between the plug and my pussy. Feeling the plug going smoother than before. I got smacked again. And I was moaning because it felt so good while he played with me.“AH…! AH…! Mmmm ahh!”“Beg me to fuck you, bitch!”Mmmm yess, my hosed feet curled up hearing him say that.“Please Luis…AHH…! I beg Ah…You to…Fuck AH! Me…Please!”He smacked me again, “Mmmm, good girl…But you can do better than that!”He spit on my pussy again, and I felt the plug almost expanding my pussy enough to get out.“Mmmm ahh…Luis, I want to feel, AH…your big black cock inside of me! I beg you to use me, Luis. Breed me…AHH!”He spanked me harder.“ARGH…! Ah…”Then the plug popped out of my pussy.“Mmm yes, my little bitch. Much better! I must admit that it’s the first time I’m gonna try such a tight pussy like yours. But taking my cock all down your throat, makes you more of a girl than others I dated. So get ready to be breeded, Caroline. Now you’re gonna feel a big fucking cock in your tight little cunt!”I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy hole. He was gently trying to push it inside me.“AHH…Yes, Luis, just AH…Like that! Fuck me again…AHH!”He stopped. “Ehmm…what do you mean ‘again’?”Oh no…Shit! I panicked again and tried to move away, but his hands grabbed my hips instantly and kept me right in my place.“Ehh…Nothing! Fuck me please!”“And you said ‘again’. Tell me!”“Ehh…Last time that you…Ehm…”He spanked my ass harder than ever with the tip of his big cock rubbing against my hole.“ARGH!! Sorry…I tell…” I got so nervous that I cried a little osmaniye escort while I was telling him. “I…Ehh…You were passed out…And…I couldn’t stop myself from…Pulling down your pants and seeing a beautiful big black cock turned me so fucking much, sir! I’m sorry…But I may have sucked your cock, and…”He smacked just as hard as before.“ARGHHH!”“And…?”“And you already fucked me while your where passed out!” I was so scared.“Oh Caroline, you dirty little cunt! So you actually ****d me? Mmmm! Wish I had caught you while you rode my big cock! I would have fucked you so fucking hard. Just like I’m going to right now!” Then he pushed harder against my hole. My hosed feet curled as he kept on pushing and expanding my pussy for his big cock to enter me.“ARGH…! Slow down…AHH!”“Shut the fuck up, bitch, and take it in that sweet pussy. Mmmm…good! You sucked my cock so good, it’s already lubed up from you gagging on it!”His cock head penetrated me and I screamed as he entered. “ARGH…ARGH!! My god…It feels so much bigger…AHH…UH!”“Holy shit, that’s tight! Fuck yeah, Mmmm! Feels like I’m fucking some innocent angel pussy…AHH…! AH!”His cock felt so much stiffer and bigger than last time. My hands grabbed the bedsheets and squeezed it so hard. He pushed it further inside me.“AHH! AHH! AHH…! It is too big…ARGH!”He slowly found a rhythm and started to fuck me, and it felt so deep.“You better take it. You fucking ****d me…and now the tables are turned, and I’m gonna use that fucking tight pussy to my liking!”He was now fucking me real good. It hurt a bit, but the pleasure of his big cock rubbing against my inside of my pussy just felt so fucking good. I was screaming of pleasure. I managed to grab a pillow. So to shut myself up a bit, I screamed down into the pillow. He leaned over and grabbed around my stomach and squeezed my nipples, and I felt his six pack rubbing my black hosed ass. He just kept on fucking my tight hole. I thought he was as deep as he could get, but he pushed harder, and I swear to god, I almost felt it reaching my belly button. Then without any warning, my tiny gaged dick just started oozing cum out. At first he didn’t notice, I almost didn’t notice it, but him fucking me was shaking my tiny dick all over and I felt my catsuit getting soaked with cum on my thighs. I removed my head from the pillow and got some air, but I couldn’t stop screaming “ARGHH! ARGH…! AH…! You made me ARGH…fucking cum, Luis…AHH! Fuck!”“Mmmm…good little bitch. Cumming already from my black cock breeding that little sweet ass-pussy! Fuck, Caroline, you feel so good!”I felt my hosed legs starting to shake like crazy. I was about to cum again. Ohh yess, I cum in a huge load, spraying even more cum over my catsuit. “ARGHH…! Mmmm!” In that orgasm, my whole body was twitching and shaking and I lost control of myself, and like I sometimes do, just passed out from sheer pleasure. My knees buckled under me and I fell flat down on the bed, and Luis just fell on top of me with his big cock still inside me. I had once more just become a fuckdoll for a guy.Unable to move, I was already so exhausted. He gathered my hosed legs together and sat on top of me, pushing his cock more and more in me. He just kept on fucking me faster than before.“AHH AHH, Mmmm. You’re so fucking beautiful, Caroline! Seeing you all cute in pretty dresses and skirts, and best of all, those pantyhose, with your pretty pink hair. Looking so fucking fine, like an innocent little teen girl. ARGH YESS!”He pulled himself out of me and picked me up and turned me around like a doll. Laying me down with my pussy at the edge of the bed. He picked up my legs and held each of my hosed feet by the side of his head. I felt his big cock pushing in me again. My legs were shaking again, feeling his cock penetrated me once more.“ARGHH! I can’t take…AH…! Anymore, MMMM…LUIS! STOP! AHH…AHH!”He was staring at me as he fucked my pussy, hitting my insides deeper and deeper.“Mmm…Look at that pretty lewd face while I fuck you!”I blushed and leaned my head to the side, not looking at him. He grabbed my hosed feet and spread my legs as far as they could go. He fucked me like a jackhammer – never have I been fucked like this before. My feet wiggled in his hands, and my legs shook violently. Oh yes, I was about to cum for a third time without ever touching my tiny caged dick! My tits where bouncing to the rhythm of his fucking.“AHH! Yess…Fuck meee…AHH…! CUMMING…! ARGHH!”The hot cum sprayed all over because I was getting fucked so hard. I got it on my tits and stomach. My pretty catsuit was getting soaked. Some even hit my face. I was still laying in my orgasm when I got picked up. I grabbed around his neck with my body still twitching. Cum was still oozing out my dick and onto Luis’ six-pack of a stomach. Luis and I locked eyes and I was still moaning. His hands grabbed under my butt and he started fucking me hard again. I wrapped my hosed legs around him. It felt so good rubbing the inside of my pussy with his big black cock. Feeling him half way in my stomach. I tilted my head back and I lost eye contact because of the pleasure of him fucking me while standing up, and hit me so far inside, it felt amazing.I heard him grunting with pleasure, and I was still screaming “AHH! AH…! OH FUCK YESS! MMM…AHHH!”Then with 3 last hard thrusts in my pussy, I felt his big cock let out a huge load of cum inside my pussy.“ARGHHH! Breed that, Caroline. MMMmmm!”Him dumping his cum inside me felt so warm inside my pussy and it made me cum one last time.“ARGH…! AHH!! UHH…! MMmmm!”He put me down on the bed again. I was shaking all over my body. He pulled his big cock out of me. I was covered in my own cum, and now I felt it running out of my pussy. I stood up, but my legs buckled under me and I fell down on the floor. I was so dizzy, but Luis came and picked me up.“Maybe I fucked you a bit too hard, Caroline?”“It’s fine…He-he!”As I stood up, more of Luis’ cum was pouring out of my stretched pussy and was running down my hosed legs. Oh god, I loved cum running down my pantyhose legs.I went to the kitchen and I poured myself a glass of water. I came back and threw myself in bed. Luis was laying beside me all naked – and me still in my catsuit covered in cum. Luis looked at me.“You’re really beautiful, Caroline! I don’t care if you got a dick! I would leave my girlfriend for you. You’re the most innocent looking girl doing the most kinky shit, and you’re stunning looking and you’re so sweet to be with!”“Shhh, Luis…! Thank you for all your kind words, but you’ve got a girlfriend, and I got a girlfriend. If this was some other time in my life, maybe. But I can’t, Luis…sorry!”He smiled at me and was caressing my cum-covered tits. “Ok…Just saying that if you ever need a boyfriend, give me call!”“He-he. Thanks Luis…! Good night!”He turned off the lights, “Good night, Caroline!”I gently moved myself back close into Luis’ body. I felt his big strong arm around me and we spooned. “Thank you, Luis!”He kissed the back of my head, and like I always do after a good fucking, I fell asleep like a baby.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~I woke up feeling a bit hungover. Luis was gone and had left breakfast on a trolley table next to my bed. I got some food in me and some orange juice. I saw next to the glass of juice lay the key to my chastity belt. I unlocked my dick and it felt pretty good being out of it. I could feel my pussy sore from Luis’ big cock fucking me last night. There were white stains all over my black opaque catsuit. I must admit I was pretty drunk last night, but I remember most of it. Then the front door opened and Luis entered the room in shorts, t-shirt, and some running sneakers. He saw me sitting on the side of the bed.“Good Morning!”“Morning!” And he went into the kitchen.There was this awkward silence in the room. You know when you’re drunk, everything is on top of the world. And the next day, you feel ashamed and embarrassed what you’d done the night before!That’s what I felt like at this very moment!I got done eating and was feeling dirty from last night, so I went to the bathroom. I took my cum-covered catsuit off and made myself a hot bubble bath.An hour had passed and I washed the inside of my pussy good. I soaped my body and my light pink hair and rinsed myself in hot water. I had forgotten my bag in the living room, so I whipped a towel around my hair and walked out naked. Luis was sitting and watching TV. I felt his eyes looked at me when escort osmaniye I went to my bag. I found a black dress, in kinda of a Victorian style. I stepped into the dress and pulled it up my body. It had lace around the neck and shoulders; the rest of it was in silk. The skirt part of the dress was long in the back and just above my knees in front. Then I found a black garter belt with 2 straps in front and back. I pulled it over my bum and adjusted it. This was Margret’s garter belt, so it was a fine quality with lace and patterns. Then I picked out some purple stockings. I glanced over at Luis and saw him staring at me. Even if it all felt a little awkward, it was still nice knowing he’d looked. As I put on a show for him as I put my stockings on in the most sexy way, stretching my legs and pointing my toes, I saw his jaw drop.Ohh Yes, My tiny dick got a boner thinking about the hot fucking I got yesterday!‘No…stop! You better focus on this last driving lesson. And I really need to take my hormone drops.’I stood up and quickly attached the garter belt straps to my purple stockings with reinforced toes. I picked up my makeup bag and went to the bathroom again and locked the door.‘Really Caroline, stop thinking about sex all the time!’I found my drops and quickly took 5 drops. I then did my makeup with a hint of purple eye shadow today and a light pink color for my lips. I blow-dried my hair and made a braided ponytail. I sprayed myself with perfume and put on my black glasses. As I unlocked the door, I bumped into Luis. He looked down and I looked up. Our eyes met and we just stood there staring what felt like a minute, but was only like 10 seconds. He cleared his throat.“Ehh Hi…”I blushed “Hi…”“You are really beautiful like always!” And out came this stupid giggle “He-he…he…” He smiled at me.Oh god, he was so hot! Standing there all sweaty from his run.“I’m gonna take a shower and then we can leave. Ok?”“Yes…Sure…sounds good!”He got in the shower and I needed a cup of coffee. I made myself a cup and started packing all my stuff so I would be ready to go. I washed my diamond plug and chastity belt. I was about done when Luis came out of the shower. And of course, he came out naked too. Now I was the one staring at his big black cock flopping around as he walked into the bedroom to put clothes on! I followed him to the bedroom, and stood leaned up the doorway. He sat down on the bed and saw me staring at him. He smiled and started to touch his cock. I really wanted to so bad.“Sorry…don’t get this the wrong way, Luis. I love your cock…but last night was a one-night thing. We both had way too much to drink. I’ve got a girlfriend and you’ve got one. I’ll leave now…meet me in the lobby!”He looked a bit bummed out, but said “I’m sorry! And you’re so right! I hope everything is good between us?”I smiled and nodded, then left the room. I put my black high-heeled ankle boots with the peep-toe on. I picked up my bag, purse and leather jacket and went down to the lobby of the hotel. Luis came down 15 minutes later and we handed in the keycards and left the hotel.I of course drove the car again, but this time we were going back home. It would take about 5 hours and this would include the last driving lessons before taking the test. Me and Luis didn’t talk very much in those 5 hours. He actually slept for 3 of them and stared at my legs for maybe 2 hours, and not many words were exchanged.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~We arrived home at my apartment. We got out of the car and he handed me my bag from the trunk.“So remember, Friday at 10 is your driving test and I’ll pick you up a half hour before!”“Sounds good, Luis! Have a nice ride home!”“Thanks!”I picked up my bag and was about to walk in, when I heard footsteps behind. I turned around and saw Luis jogging to me.“What now, Luis?”He picked my hand and held it. “Ehh…”I could see he was nervous.“Ok, here it goes. I’m sorry for being a jerk about the ehh…You know…”I nodded and rolled my eyes. “Yeah, I know. And?”He took a deep breath and exhaled. “I really like you, Caroline! You are smart, sweet, pretty, and with the sexiest small nylon feet. And I’ve been thinking of this all day in the car while glancing at those pretty purple stocking legs of yours. I meant what I said last night. I want to be your boyfriend! I would leave my girlfriend in a heartbeat for you, Caroline! I feel happy when I’m with you!”It was all heart-warming to hear. “Thank you for saying what you really think! I can tell you really mean it…”“But…?”“I got a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a week now. And maybe there is some stuff you need to figure out about your future with your girlfriend!? If you really feel that about me, Then maybe you shouldn’t be with your girl, but maybe focus on moving on!? Sorry…I just blabbering on now…But I can’t!”He squeezed my hand gently and pulled me in for a hug. “Thank for a fantastic week, Caroline. I really enjoyed our time and I wish you the best. I guess I’ll see you on Friday for the big day!” He let go of me and I smiled.“Yes, Luis. I’ll be ready. Cya!”He drove off and I walked into my apartment.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~The elevator was broken, so I had to take the stairs. I came up and just threw myself on my sofa, turning on the TV and I fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up hours later. The TV was still running and it was 01:26 night-time. I went to the kitchen and took a glass a ‘Pink’. And as I did, I saw a note on the table. I read it and it said…“Dear Caroline.The last week while you been away. The more I see we don’t work as partners. I’ve met someone else and I’m staying at Frank’s. I really appreciated the time with you and I maybe needed that more than anything. But we are too different. I’m sorry to break it off like this. But you deserve better than a scumbag like me.Hugs from Roxy”The bottle of ‘Pink’ I held in my hand, I threw it against the wall and it smashed to pieces. I was fucking angry that she was dumping me like this. I burst into tears. It really hurt me inside. I felt my mascara running as I cried.“Stop the crying! Stop!” I said to myself, but it didn’t help – I started crying again. I felt so lonely. Then I heard my doorbell rang. I walked over to the front door and opened it. It was Jan standing in front of me.“Are you ok? I heard a loud noise. Just wanted to make sure!”And again I cried. “I’m sorry! I threw a bottle in my anger…And…and…” I cried even more.He came inside and led me over to the sofa. “Sit down. I’ll clean the bottle up!”“Thanks, That’s so kind of you!”He started cleaning it up. “So your girlfriend dumped you?”I was still sobbing a bit, but it felt nice talking to someone, even if it was Jan. “How did you know?”He took a washcloth and wiped the floor. “I saw the note on the table!”I stood up and walked into the kitchen to get another bottle of ‘Pink’. “Yeah, she did! But fuck her, right?”He rinsed the cloth in the sink and went to wipe the floor one more time. “Sorry to hear that! It’s always tough. Wasn’t funny when my wife left me, so I know the feeling!”That actually helped my broken heart. Because I remembered Karin. And she just sucked my tiny dick on my driver’s license trip! Oh god, that felt so nice to cum in her mouth.“It really sucks! Well if your here anyway, can I offer you something to drink, Jan?”He was finished wiping the floor. “Sure…I’ll take a beer if you’ve got one?”I opened the fridge and grabbed a beer for him. “Here you go, Jan. Let’s sit down!”“Thanks Caroline!”We both sat down on the sofa on each side. He glanced at my purple nylon legs. Mmmm, it never gets old for me, and I still get so horny from it.“Those are some fantastic legs, Caroline! I love that your purple stockings are so shiny in the light!”I blushed, and it felt great hearing that the man I hated suddenly found my silky smooth nylon stockings legs fantastic was just the best feeling.“Thanks Jan. I appreciate it…”I crossed my leg over the other with my black high-heeled ankle boots with peep-toe. He was staring at my reinforced nylon toes sticking through the peep-toe. I looked down at his crotch and saw a bulge in his pants. I bit my lip thinking about how his cock would look and taste in my mouth.“Jan…”His eyes shifted his view from my nylon toes to my eyes. “Hmm…?”“I could really smoke a joint right now. And I don’t have anymore!”He got up. “Don’t worry, I’ll just go make a couple of joints, then we can smoke!”I nodded and smiled politely, “Ok thanks!”He walked out of my apartment and closed the osmaniye escort bayan door. Then I could use the bathroom. So I entered the bathroom, held up my dress and sat down to pee. When I was finished, I washed my hands and sat back down on the sofa, and waited for Jan. The TV was still running, but was muted, and some love flick was on. Then the screen turned black. I looked at the TV. And then a white text started to appear.Hello Caroline.From today, I will film your apartment 24/7. You’re gonna do everything I tell you to. Or…There came a long pause with the screen only black again.Then a little clip appeared on the screen. It was filmed from the ceiling, and looked like a girl masturbating at first. She had light pink hair. Just like me. And she was moaning, and sounded just like me. Then the girl tilted her head back in pleasure. And it was me. Masturbating my tiny dick in my white floral dress and pink stockings. My heart started racing. But how…The clip disappeared into a black screen again. Then a picture appeared as me as a boy. It was an old old profile picture from a dating site. And a text came under the picture….I know it is you Brian.The screen became black again. My mind was racing and I thought about who it could be. I mean, sure, Jan installed them…but maybe the detectors where switched out by someone? And if it was Jan, why didn’t he mentioned it to me? Then he knows it’s me that stole his wife’s Karins pantyhose. He said at the party that he would beat that boy up if he ever caught him.Then more text appeared.If you tell a single soul about you being recorded, this will be sent to your real mother. Your address will be posted on Facebook with pictures of all. Maybe someone would come and beat that fucking sissy ass. Or maybe someone would come and fuck it. So if you don’t wanna live in fear, I suggest you just do as I say. Till next timeGreetings from your LordMy body started shaking of fear. I took some deep breaths. “Ok, easy now! If you just do as you’re told, everything will be fine!”Another 5 minutes passed by before Jan came back. He held 2 joints in his hand. He smiled at me and lit one of the joints. “Is something wrong, Caroline? You look a little pale?”I tried smiling, but just an awkward mouth movement happened. “Eh…Yeah. I am fine! Can I smoke?”He passed me the joint and I took some big puffs and passed it back to him. I exhaled and I already felt more relaxed. “Thank you, Jan!”He smoked some and also drank from his beer. “I’m sorry if I acted like an asshole and tried to kiss and grope you last time I was here!”I could not think about that right now, and didn’t really hear what he said, because my thoughts where on my Lord. “What…? Oh that…! It doesn’t matter!”He moved closer to me. “Did you know I like women in pantyhose? I remember my wife sometimes wore some. Though I never told her I liked it!” He passed the joint again and I puffed some more.“That’s nice…”As I was thinking of what to do about my situation, I felt Jan’s hand on my purple nylonclad knee. And gently started rubbing it.“Funny story. Did you know that a k** once stole my wife’s pantyhose from the washline?”My heart was racing again. My face turned red, but I played dumb. “What…Really?”“Yeah! I caught him in the act! He took a pair of red and white opaque pantyhose. Oh, she looked good in those! Come to think of it, you had white opaque pantyhose on that day at the party, right? You know, when I met you the first time over by Michael’s, right?”‘Ohh no no no noo…! He knows it’s me!’ I kept acting dumb. “I can’t remember that…it’s a while ago now!”“Well I remember because you looked so good in those!”I blushed and passed the joint back to him.“Thank you, Jan!”His hand was stroking down my nylon leg and towards my black high-heeled ankle boots. “Those legs are amazing, Caroline. Mmmm…and you can just see those pretty nylon toes through the peep-toes. Wow…”And as always, my crossed nylon leg was gently swinging from side to side. The one guy who said he would beat me up for being a ‘sissy stealing little faggot boy’ was now drooling over my purple nylon stockings legs! It felt amazing, and a lot of the fear was turning into excitement! I don’t think he knows it’s me, but on the other hand, if he knew and was toying with me, I don’t care anymore. I was high and tipsy – those combined made me so fucking horny!His hand reached my swinging foot’s heel. He unzipped the heel on the inside and pulled my moist nylon feet out. His other hand held my nylon leg up. He dropped the heel on the ground and started massaging my nylon foot.“Ohh…Wow. Mmmm Jan!”He smiled at me and said “I thought you might like that! I loved to massage my wife’s pantyhose feet!”I was making gentle moaning sounds as he rubbed my nylon foot. “Mmm…! You’re…Ahh…Really good, Ah…Jan!”He grabbed my other foot and put it on his lap and also pulled the heel off. He was now rubbing both my sweaty nylon feet that had been in those heels all day and half the night.“I can tell you like it…He-he. You know what I love to do?”“AH…! Mmmm…! What do you…Mmm…like to do?”“I loved sticking my nose in between my wife’s pantyhose feet and sniff the scent. And I gotta say that I really wanna sniff your sweaty dirty nylon toes. If I may have the honors?”I squeezed my dress between my legs as I didn’t want my tiny erect dick to show.“If you want to, go ahead and smell my sweet and smelly nylon feet…”I didn’t even finish the whole sentence before he lifted my feet and put my stinky nylon toes between his nose. He sniffed and smelled them so much – and it still felt amazing seeing Jan smelling my nylon toes.“Argh…Mmmmm…! God, those smell divine! I even smell a little perfume mixed with your sweet smelly toes. So much better than my wife’s…Ahh!”I don’t know why, but it turned me on so much seeing Jan being so much into my nylon feet.“Mmmm Jan…AH…I’m getting so…Ahh, so hot right now!”Jan lifted up my other nylon foot and started rubbing his face into both of my feet, inhaling the scent of my smelly feet. I felt that my ass was showing as he lifted my feet, so I tried to cover my ass with my dress, but I couldn’t before he stuck his eyes over my nylon toes. His eyes instantly got wider when he saw my ass.“Wow…! My god, that is one fine smooth curvy ass you’ve got there! And you’re in stockings with a garter belt. Classy girl…Mmmm!”He put my feet back onto his lap and was now caressing my nylon legs slowly, from my nylon toes to my thighs.“Mmm…that feels very nice…Ahh!”My tiny dick was fully erect from him touching my legs. Good thing you really couldn’t see my erect dick in this dress!“Oh Caroline. It’s for sure my pleasure!”He tried to slide his hand further up my thigh and under my dress. I wanted him to touch me all over, but I was too scared to take that chance if he just now was going to find out that I have a tiny penis. I enjoyed it, but as he reached the top of my stockings, I stopped his hand.“I really like, and I mean REALLY like when you touch my legs and feet! Don’t take this the wrong way, but I am not looking for sex right now! I really appreciate you coming here and checking up on me and just to be with me. Even if it’s just cuddling with my legs. Thanks again for making me feel better!”I saw the disappointment in his face. “That’s fine…I just wanted to take the shot! Don’t wanna be an asshole again. To think that an old guy like me have a chance with a beautiful girl as yourself is crazy. I understand!”He still looked a bit sad and I felt bad for him. I saw his huge bulge in his pants, and I don’t know why, but my nylon toes were slowly touching his cock outside his pants.He stared a lot as my nylon foot was grinding up and down his cock outside his pants. “Maybe you don’t need sex…! Mmmm…maybe just a little help?” He smiled and was still looking at my nylon feet. “Ohh wow! I can’t believe your sexy feet are touching my cock! Mmmm!”I looked at Jan enjoying my nylon feet on his cock. I really don’t think it’s him talking to me on the TV. He looks genuinely happy! It turned me on that I was giving this angry asshole enjoyment with my feet. Then in the middle of all my thoughts, I heard him breathing heavier and he cummed right there. I saw a huge wet spot form on the inner side of his pants. He blushed quickly stood up.“This is so embarrassing! I’m so sorry for this, Caroline…I…I…”I smiled at him. “It, it’s fine, Jan. I’ll take that as a compliment!”He looked a bit ashamed. “I’ve gotta go. Again, I’m very sorry!” And he stormed out of my apartment.I don’t know why I kept flirting with him. I’m starting to believe that I’m maybe a real slut. And maybe I do have some sort of sex addiction problem.The TV screen went black again. Yes, more text appeared..

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