Cousin Debbie Tries Anal


The story you are about to read is true and is recounted to the best of my memory. The names, for obvious reasons, have been changed. The events described happened nearly thirty years ago, before the Internet, before “Movie Taverns”, before AIDS. The youth of today don’t know what they’re missing. Drive-in theaters rocked.

This posting contains scenes of incest including anal sex between cousins, so if that’s not your bag of tea, move along, nothing to see here for you. As required by Literotica, all characters were over 18 years of age when the events happened.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


I was home on leave from the military and had run into my cousin Debbie at a family get-together. Debbie and I had always been close growing up, and it was really nice to see her again. She had recently turned 18 and was getting ready for college, and was excited about the prospect.

Damned if the girl didn’t look good, too! Standing about 5’3″ with short, wavy brown hair, big brown eyes and a big dimpled smile, she was wearing a pale yellow halter-style sundress that came barely to her knees and left a big expanse of her nicely tanned back bare. Not what you’d call slender, but a long way from chubby, she was nicely curved in the right places. Her smallish, obviously unfettered breasts bobbed enticingly behind the thin material of her sundress. I mentally chided myself for noticing, after all, she was my cousin.

Tiring of the small talk with family, I asked Debbie if she wanted to go take in a movie or something.

“Sure,” was her enthusiastic reply. After a quick check of the newspaper listings we decided to go to a nearby drive-in theater and enjoy the summer evening. We said our goodbyes to family and piled into my pickup truck for the short drive to the theater, Debbie sitting in the center of the seat, not quite close enough that our thighs were touching, but still close. This wasn’t unusual behavior for her, it wasn’t uncommon for her to lean up against me on the sofa when we were watching TV at her house or mine, and we’d even been known to walk hand-in-hand on occasion. It wasn’t anything we thought about or made a big deal over, we just did it, and always had since we were little kids.

Arriving at the drive-in a few minutes before dusk, we found a good spot to park and made our way down to the snack bar, where we picked up a bucket of popcorn (extra butter) and a couple of cold drinks. We made it back to the truck just as they started showing previews on the big screen. We climbed in, Debbie again opting to sit in the middle of the seat. She was holding the popcorn bucket in her lap, and I couldn’t help but notice that the hem of her sundress had ridden about halfway up her tanned thighs. I adjusted the volume on the speaker, and we settled in to watch the movies.

The first movie was “The Postman Always Rings Twice” and was, to say the least, rather steamy. At some point about half-way through the movie I casually draped my arm over Debbie’s shoulders, and she snuggled up contentedly, resting her hand on my knee. I heard and felt her give a soft sigh and glanced over at her, our eyes meeting.

Don’t ask me why I did it, I don’t think I even consciously thought about it. I just leaned over and kissed her. Just a light brush of lips, nothing more. Her eyes widened, then she reached up and pulled my head back to hers and our lips met again.

Her lips were warm, soft, and moist, her tongue inquisitive, and the kiss deepened. She moaned into my mouth and my cock rapidly became uncomfortably erect. I brought my free hand up her side, and when she didn’t object, cupped her small breast through the thin material of her halter top, feeling her nipple swell into a stiff peak beneath my palm. She let me fondle her breast for a second, then suddenly she gripped my wrist and moved my hand away from her breast, only to surprise me by placing my hand on the inside of her left thigh. We broke the kiss apart for a second.

“Debbie, I…,” I started to say, and she lifted a finger to my lips.

“Don’t say anything, Bill. Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort Just kiss me again.”

Hey, I was in the military, I knew how to follow orders. I kissed her again. As our tongues slid together I started to slide my palm along the smooth, soft flesh of her inner thigh, but she closed her legs, not tightly, just enough to let me know that she wanted my hand right where it was, and that was OK with me too. The kiss went on and on, and I was loving it. I had a little experience with women, had been through a few girlfriends and was certainly no virgin, but my sweet little cousin was the best kisser I had ever been around. I was content to go on for as long as she wanted.

Debbie pulled back, gazing at me. Her lips were slightly puffy and she was breathing hard. She licked her lips.

Nodding towards the back of the pickup truck, she asked, “So, um, is there a bed under that camper shell?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Or at least, what passes for one. There’s a mattress, and a couple of blankets and pillows. I set it up for camping.”

She laid her hand gently directly on the bulge in my Bermuda shorts. Squeezing softly, she nodded once and then softly said, “Maybe we’ll get back there in a little bit.” She started undoing my shorts. “First I want to see what’s under here.” OK, call me totally flabbergasted, but hey, I was a typical horny 19-year-old male, she was a sexy girl I had known all my life, and I wasn’t about to stop her. I wanted to see where this was going to lead.

I gasped in pleasure as her fingers closed around my shaft. Debbie leaned in for another kiss, and as our lips and tongues met, her thumb swirled over the sensitive head of my cock, lubricated by the liberal amount of pre-cum that was already oozing out there. Believe me, at this point I was in heaven, and didn’t care in the least that Debbie was my cousin, especially with her hand stroking my cock!

But if I thought that felt good, nothing on earth could have prepared me for the sensation of Debbie suddenly leaning over and taking my cock in her mouth! After swirling her tongue around the head a few times, she slowly, so very slowly took the whole thing in until her lips were firmly seated around the very base. Now, I’m no monster in the cock department, just a respectable girth and a very average length, but this was the first time I had been around a girl who took more than a couple inches into her mouth. The sensation was amazing to me.

She was just getting started. Drawing back, sucking gently in a pulsating manner, it took her even longer to slide her lips back up my shaft than she had spent taking it in. A few tongue swirls around the head, and she started the process over again, using long, drawn out full-length strokes, all the way in her mouth, almost all the way out. She was moving so agonizingly slowly that I could remember each stroke ten times for every time I actually felt it. Every time she sensed me starting to get close, she would simply stop, holding my cock gently in her mouth, until I calmed, then she’d start the same tortuous routine over again. It was without a doubt the slowest, gentlest, most incredible blowjob I had ever experienced, and finally, I could take no more.

“Debbie,” I panted. “If you don’t stop, right now, I’m going to come.”

She let my cock slip from her lips with a soft, wet plop. “Really?,” she asked.

“Yes, really,” I gasped.

“Good,” she smirked and rapidly engulfed my shaft to the root, sucking hard for the first time. I was undone. The orgasm seemed to well up all the way from my toes, and I exploded into her mouth with a roar, loosing what seemed like jet after jet of semen. She moaned and swallowed it down as quickly as I could provide it, then held the head of my cock in her mouth, milking the shaft gently with her hand until I was totally spent and beginning to go soft again.

Debbie sat back up and kissed me, deeply. I could taste the remnants of my own semen in her mouth and didn’t care. I put my hand back on her inner thigh, and this time she didn’t stop me as I slid my palm up the warm, soft skin, higher and higher until my fingers encountered the crotch of her panties, hot and slick with her juices. She opened her legs wider in invitation, and my nostrils flared at the sweet, musky scent of a woman aroused.

I was in no hurry now, and determined to tease her and draw it out. Making no effort to go underneath her panties, I began to trace her pussy lips through the sodden material, staying away from the top of her slit and the sensitive nub there, just sliding my fingers up and down. Her hips began to gently rock, and she moaned into my mouth, trying to bring my fingers closer to where she wanted them. Her breath was beginning to quicken. I pulled her panties aside, finally, and toyed with the bottom of her slit, then pressed a slick fingertip lightly against her anus.

You would have thought I had touched her with a hot poker! She jumped, breaking the kiss enough to gasp “Ah, fuck!” as her body convulsed once, twice, three times, my wet fingertip slipping into her ass to the first knuckle easily. Her contractions continued to squeeze my finger for several more pulses as she slowly came down from her orgasm. I let my finger slip out of her ass.

“Like that, did you?” I asked.

She reached up and cupped my chin in her hand. “I had no idea that touching my butt hole could feel so good. Oh, Bill… I am going to fuck your brains out tonight, cousin,” she whispered. “Any questions?”

I thought about it. “Want to get in the back of the truck?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she replied. I slid open the oversized sliding window between the cab and the camper and she quickly scrambled through it.

I had to piss like a racehorse. “Go ahead and get comfy back there, I’ll be right back,” I called. I practically ran down to the restrooms, got my business done, and got back to the truck. By the time I got inside the camper and pulled the door shut behind me, my delectable little cousin was nude and waiting for me on the mattress. My eyes took her in hungrily in the dim light.

Her breasts were small, barely a handful each, each tipped with a dark pink aureola. Her nipples poked up stiffly like pencil erasers. Her belly had a gentle curving swell to it, and at the base of her belly was a sparse triangle of dark brown hair. Her pussy lips, swollen and puffy, peeked out, then parted to show a glistening pinkness between them as she spread her legs wider invitingly. I quickly shed my sneakers, shirt, shorts and boxers. My cock was beginning to swell again as I lay beside her and kissed her deeply.

After the first kiss, I dipped my head to her breasts, sucking and nuzzling each in turn, Debbie arching her back to press them deeper into my mouth. I kissed lower, down across her belly, finally positioning myself between her legs. Cupping her buttocks, I lifted her slightly. Her smell was intoxicating as I drew her pussy closer to my face, and she gasped as I blew warm air against her damp flesh. I parted her folds with my thumbs and started by flicking just the tip of my tongue against her tightly puckered anus, eliciting a gasp from her as she fisted the blanket on either side of her hips. Slowly, slowly I let my tongue drag higher, swirling between her labia and savoring the taste of her sweet young pussy. Her hips were beginning to rock as I licked up and down her slit, avoiding her clit entirely but paying a lot of attention to her labia, perineum and puckered little rosebud. On every pass by the entrance to her vagina, I drove my tongue in as deeply as I could. I did the same with her anus, probing it with my tongue on every pass.

“Oh God that feels good,” she gasped, spreading her legs even wider, as my tongue swirled up and down her molten core, over and over. Soon her breath was coming in short little pants, and this time on the upward stroke I began to run my tongue around and around and over her clit while sliding a finger, slick with her juices, as deeply into her tightly puckered nether-hole as I could.

“Holy shit, don’t stop, ah FUCK that’s so good oh my god OHMYGOD I’m…I’m….” and with that she squealed and exploded, her hips bucking wildly, her sphincter spasmodically clamping around my finger, tsunami waves of powerful orgasm crashing through her body. Little did she know that I never expected that kind of response from giving her anal attention. While curious about it, I had never experienced anal sex before, but after seeing her reaction, I was eager to try it, and before she could come down from her high, I flipped her over on her belly and urged her up onto her hands and knees.

She was soaking wet, and the head of my cock was slick with pre-cum. I dragged the head of my cock up between her pussy lips and she started to press back against me, but I had other plans. I guided my shaft to her puckered little backdoor, and with just a little pressure, the head popped into her ass easily.

She gave out a little yelp as my cock popped past her sphincter, and gasped out “Oh my God, I’ve never done that before. Damn, go easy!”

“Want me to stop?” I asked, silently hoping she’d say no.

“No, no, I want to try it. But that’s a hell of a lot bigger than your finger. Let me get used to it, it stings a little, OK?”

I remained still, holding her hips, and after a moment she began to push back against me just a little. Another inch of my cock disappeared into her ass. She groaned and clenched down tight on my cock for just a second, then panted, “OK, push it in. SLOW….”

I took a firm grip on her hips and began to slowly push my cock up her ass. She panted and squirmed but didn’t say another word until I was buried to the hilt in her hot, tight little back door, my balls pressed up against her dripping pussy.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” she chanted. “Just hold it there for a minute…and please tell me there isn’t any more to go in!”

“That’s all of it,” I replied.

“FUCK! It’s enough…I’ve never felt so fucking FULL….”

I pulled back, just an inch, and slowly pushed back into her, feeling her ass clenching and releasing on my cock. “How’s that, Deb?”

“Yeah. Do that again,” she replied, and this time I pulled back halfway before starting the slow slide into her rectum, a little bit faster than before. Her entire body was trembling, her face buried in the pillow, her voice muffled. “More…oh god, more…”

This time I pulled nearly all the way out, just the head inside of her, then suddenly pushed my cock into her ass, hard and fast. She let out a loud keening sound and her hips started to buck against me, not waiting for me, fucking her ass up and down on my cock. “Oh shit fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!” she cried as we established a rhythm, my cock pounding into her ass in full-length strokes. I slid one hand around and began to rub a fingertip over her clit, and that was all it took to push her over the edge, another orgasm coursing through her body as my balls began to tighten. She pushed back especially hard, her sphincter tightening, and I couldn’t hold back and joined her in orgasm, shooting my load into the hot depths of her bowels. Exhausted, we both collapsed forward, and I rolled off to one side as she lay on her belly, panting.

After she caught her breath, Debbie propped up on one elbow, her fingers toying with the hair on my lower belly just above my groin. “God, I loved that, Bill! I’ve never done that before and had no idea it could feel so good or make me come so hard…,” her voice kind of trailed off.

“I never tried it either, Deb,” I confessed. “But I sure did like it!”

“Well, um, Bill, like I said, I’d never done that before but, um,” she replied, pausing for a second. “I’ve given blowjobs and handjobs and stuff but I’ve, uh, never had a, uh, no one’s been in my, you know, pussy before either,” she stammered. “Want to be first there too?” she finally blurted out.

I was 19, she was 18. Two horny kids that loved each other, naked together in a pickup camper at the drive-in movies. You can guess what happened next. Yes, I popped her cherry (she yelped, it HURT, but she got over it and came again, hard), and to this date, she’s the only virgin I’ve ever made love to. (OK, I’ve had a few anal virgins since then, but you catch my drift).

It was nearly 20 years after that night before my cousin Debbie and I made love to each other again, but that’s a subject for another story.

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