Clever Love


Clever LoveJust reach hotel room after long train journey. Karim a contractual staff of our company suppose to receive me in the station do not turn up and number remain switch off. It was around 7 am in morning. I went to bathroom for fresh up. Got the call from Karim, apologizing for not able to receiving call and be in room with in 1/2 hour. He is well aware that a single call can terminate his job. Karim and I went to factory site which is 60 km from hotel.I wonder that, this Karim try to please me whatever way it’s possible, by carrying my suit case or polishing my shoes etc, but for asking money he never hesitate rather make way to earn max money. He never gives balance of any payment. I can make out that he is poor and clever. He is in mid 50’s.We reach factory, completed my work around 8 pm, by this time I have forgotten & forgiven Karim, we were returning our hotel. All of a sudden our car stops in middle of a road. Our driver informs that engine failure need hours to repair. My nightmare just started, it feel terrible bad out there & helpless. Karim with requesting tone ask me if I can stay in his house for this night as it’s only 2 km from there. I reluctantly accepted offer as better to sleep in car.We reached his home; it’s a small hut with single room and veranda in front. He was overjoyed and let me sit in the bed. I found 2 girls of Karim & 2 wife. Their ages would appox. 18, 24 & 35, and 45. I got a reason to smile. I gave Rs 500 to Karim to bring food for all of us. Both girl (Nagma & Nazma ) by chorus ask for mutton. Karim order both the wife to prepare for dinner.Then Karim whisper in my ears for drinks, I forwarded Rs 500 more. He was extremely happy. It’s a small room with a bed and 14′ color TV with mirror in the wall, two chairs and a table. Nagma and Nazma both were wearing nightie blue & red. Nagma though younger must have a bust of 36 and more heather than Nazma, were as Nazma is quit tall and model like structure both of them watching TV serial with full interest, I make out that both of them were not wearing bra. Their boobs shape is quit visible. Accidentally Nagma’s lot of cleavage can be seen as she bends in excitement by watching TV. I started chit chat and find they both greedy and love wearing dresses like TV stars.Karim brought a bottle of whiskey & mutton for us. In the veranda he serves drinks & in the bahis siteleri canlı corner his wife’s making food for us. Fatima younger wife is extremely fair wearing a sari. Karim bring a chair & table in the veranda for me. I ask Karim, 1 ltr of whiskey is more than enough, who will have it, he replied sir, and you take as much required balance I will have. After two round, I feel relax, enjoying the country side, moonlight and pleasant breeze. Karim might had taken 5/6 peg, started singing local song. He might have tasted foreign liquor after long time. I reserve myself with in 3 pegs. Now Karim mood started to change started abusing his wife for tiny matters.Karim ask Fatima to sit beside him, both of them sit in the floor in front me. I was staring at the beauty Fatima posses. Karim with pride explain how he purchases Fatima from his father 5 years back. Karim suddenly in drunken state stated squeeze right breast of Fatima and stated abusing her for not giving enough pleasure. I was supposed to intervene, but sight of Fatima boob squeeze hold me back. Fatima out of shame put her head down and lot of naked white skin is visible. Karim pours more in his glass. Rasma his first wife intervene, bit aged took glass and bottle guided Karim sit and makes him sit in an isolated place. Fatima was sitting in front of me right boob pop out ¾ portions, I guided my hand to her to hold her boob& put it in her blouse, feeling was really great. She remains still during my act. She asks permission for dinner to be served.Both the girl came running in veranda to sit in the floor had their dinner. Steamed rice & mutton curry. They served me in the table & all had it in the floor except Karim, his food is kept aside with his bottle & glass. Nagma younger one having food with great pleasure but her big boob giving me great feast to my eyes. Me and Nagma few time exchange glances but she acted casual about it, rightly so only asset she had on display. By this time Fatima became normal, are all smiling within them.I was ignoring Karim as continue to drink & abuse his wife’s. Fatima requests me to sleep in bed and females are going to sleep in mat on the floor. Fatima gave me a lungi to change as I was in formal dress. This seems to be a challenge for me; I have never been in a lugi in my life time. Bathing in cold water was a different experience canlı bahis feeling fresh. I somehow wore lugi and decide to remain top less if somehow able to seduce anybody by my fair skin. In the room both girls laid on the floor mat. Now I can see their panty line clearly as usual they are engrossed with TV. I can hear some slang language used by Karim outside the room. I ignore them and concentrate both the girls bum. They seem ready to use but I have to satisfy myself only hard on. Then I realize negative side of lungi, a huge tent happen in front of me. As I was struggling to cope with the situation Fatima & Rasma enter the room, all four ladies look at tent, girls giggle & smile looking at each other. Karim enter room try to drag Fatima outside room, she refuses and again Rasma save her by taking Karim outside the room. Then all of sudden Fatima closed the door ask girls to switch off the TV. She switch on the dim light put off the tube I went to door to have a puff before sleep, Fatima escorted me to close the door, drag me right side of veranda.As only moonlight is the only source helping the vision I followed her blindly, we are standing in right side of the house then suddenly she indicated left end I find Karim fully naked standing a hand in his back and Rasma giving him a blowjob, he was yelling in pleasure, I light up a cigarette in my mouth and ask Fatima do he fuck you in the open, she remain silent, it’s explain everything. Rasma is fully nude Karim is fucking her in missionary style. My bulge reaches max. On seeing this Fatima simply come under my lungi, within a few second she started sucking it; pleasure is immense so I closed down my eyes to feel it. She show me all possible talent she got, I know that fucking her in this condition is not possible better to release good in her mouth suddenly around 30 feet away. I find Karim urinating beside a tree, he ask me for a cigarette, I replied no, I do not have any, he inquired about Fatima, I told him may be inside the room. He was stammering in words due to high alcohol consumption. By this time Fatima come inside lungi fully we were stand still till he finish his activity. That one minute seem an hour with fear & guilt hovering in my mind.We casually went inside room, both girls chatting within themselves. I sit in bed with huge bulge and ask them, someone can bahis siteleri share bed as their lot of space in the bed. Nagma jump in the bed to accommodate them to sleep in relax way. My formula of fucking Fatima fails miserably. I closed my eyes enjoy the moment with Fatima around ten min have passed. Nagma came near to me, whisper, sir will you give me Rs 300. I asked why? She replied I like to purchase a strap less bra. I remain silent for few second. Ask her the size, she replied 36, asked her how many bra you have? She replied only one for outside. I told her I can give you, provided you show me your boob, she replied you can do whatever you like with my boobs as long as you pay me for that bra. I look toward down ward both eyes closed. I simply took her nightie off her. Put my mouth in let nipple and squeezed the right one freely. She also closed her eyes to enjoy this sucking. After ten minute, I guided her toward my penis, she took untied my lungi, told her suck it without making any noises signal her, when I will press right boob mean slow sucking and left one means first sucking, and both pressing means withdraw her mouth. She is better than Fatima, after 15 min I can longer hold I give a double pressing. I ask don’t you need fancy pant; she said of course it may cost Rs 200. I told her to lay down put her panty aside, I ask her r u virgin? She replied what does it mean? I ask her to have my tool inside you for few minutes; she replied OK. What the big deal. I instructed her to spread her leg as much possible; I put tool in position and kept my hand in her mouth. As I jerkin, her eyes rolls tears, within few second I got full access. There no stopping back, I was fucking her with full force.Then I find Fatima undress herself, slept beside Nagma, ask me to discharge in her pussy as she wish to be mother of fair baby, Nagma unused cunt giving me utmost pleasure. But I obliged Fatima by fucking her last 5 min and discharge all cum in her womb. It was astonishing sight two girl spread their legs for me. I was bit tiered, its 2 a.m. only. I ask them stay nude, they both comply my words. I light a cigarette and played with both the boobs. I feel sleepy a bit passed out.When I open my eyes I found Nazma sucking my penis, Nagma & Fatima smiling, I composed myself ask what do you want ? She ask for a jorjet sari, I ask her to spread her legs it’s around 5 o’clock, she also virgin. I fuck her in and out for 15 min and pour all cum in Fatima. I played all nasty game with them. I hand over cash to them for all belonging they want. I gifted Fatima my one of mobile to stay in touch.

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