Caught Shaving


Caught ShavingCaught ShavingTrue StoryMy Norwegian wife, Karoline is the stereotypical Scandinavian blond bomb shell, great body, sense of humour, just pure sex on legs. Her 18 year old daughter, Astrid is an absolute stunner. With long shapely legs, an unblemished firm body, she is a mirror image of my wife 20 years ago. No guys, I was never been tempted to touch. Look yes, touch no. Sex with my wife is so great I wouldn’t jeopardise our relationship for an attempt that is sure to fail. I’m twice Astrid’s age and she is fighting off younger more hansom guys, richer and probably with bigger equipment. By the way Astrid is my step daughter. My wife is due back from Stavanger tomorrow and Astrid is at work till 6, so I have an hour of ‘me time’. Karoline has promised to make up for the last two weeks away and has arranged with Astrid to make herself scares at the weekend. muğla escort Karoline has a high sex drive and I’m eagerly waiting her return. She only asks that I shave my dick and balls. However I can keep the strip above my dick. Apparently it adds friction to her clit when we make love! I‘ve just soaped my groin and having no movable mirror in the bathroom, I lie on our bed where I can see everything in the mirrors on her dressing table. Sc**** around my anus and scrotum, a swish of the blade in a bowl of water, I then concentrate on the shaft. The warm water, my holding/fondling and the thought of the weekend ahead causes my dick to harden. I wipe the remaining shaving foam off and take a long slow wank. I’m enjoying the sight of my dick looking longer than usual. Suddenly I hear a moan, my head snaps towards the door to see Astrid eskişehir escort with one hand mauling her covered breasts and the other rubbing her pussy through her pants. I grab a pillow to cover up and apologise. She walks up between my knees and takes the pillow. She places it on the floor before she kneels. Her pretty face and kissable lips are only inches from my dick. “I’ve never seen a man shave his dick before,” she says. “It looks sexy the way you hold yourself and gently pass the razor over your balls.” Astrid then announces, “I’ve also never seen a man playing with himself. Would you like to continue?” So I take myself in hand and enjoy the excitement of being watched, very closely by my 18 year old step daughter. I can even feel her breath on my shaft as she breathes out. My dick becomes even harder as she politely gaziantep escort asks, “May I?” I release my dick and she starts stroking me. Astrid grips me firmly and starts pumping long and fast, while watching my breathing increase. Then she stops abruptly and starts twisting her hands on my knob and shaft like a pepper grinder. She has me shuddering on the edge for fifteen minutes before she opens her mouth and swallows me. If I thought her hand job was good it is nothing compared to the torment her mouth is causing. She swallows me down her throat and then rapidly bobs her head, followed by her tongue searching out every nerve ending. Karoline is great in bed but Astrid, with her youthful enthusiasm brings another level to oral. She pulls my scrotum down hard as she deepthroats me, holding me motionless down her throat as I explode. Eventually my throbbing dies and she allows me to slide out before taking a deep breath. “I think you enjoyed that, Daddy! May be you will return the favour sometime soon?” She stands and walks to the bedroom door. Turning at the door and smiling she says,” I won’t tell Mommy.”Do you want to know how I returned the favour?

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