Blackmailed, Chapter One


Blackmailed, Chapter OneI guess I asked for it. I am a 48 year old woman, and somehow my sex drive, always strong, is stronger now than it was in college. I am fairly happily married, except that my husband is no longer able to penetrate me, and was never too imaginative in bed, anyway. I am in pretty good shape, reasonably attractive, and have had a few lovers over the last 3 years, but have finally met my soul mate. Or the sexual equivalent, anyway…Through the course of our work, we had talked on the phone for weeks before we ever met. I was always a sucker for a sexy voice, and his can be as smooth as a caress on bare skin. We exchanged personal phone numbers, and talked and sent text messages frequently over the next few weeks. He made it his business to learn everything about me, rapidly realizing that I was a natural-born submissive. My darkest fantasies had been largely unfulfilled, so by the time we finally met, I was hooked. Being a white woman from the south, I was dismayed to find out that he was black, and nearly ended our affair before it even started. I had never so much as kissed a black man, much less fucked one! By that time, though, I was already involved, and needed his dominance too much.He is gorgeous. 6’1″, well defined muscles, and a huge cock that can bring me exquisite pleasure, or agony, as he chooses. We have known each other for a year now, and even though I had always secretly wanted a master, I am strong-willed, and used to getting my own way. He punishes me often, and in an endless variety of ways, and I am gradually learning that to even try to defy him only prolongs the inevitable. He has beaten me, humiliated me, and ****d my ass, but the punishment I fear the most is the easiest one for him to dish out. If I cross the line, he simply iskenderun escort ignores me, and within days, I am begging for forgiveness.He likes to push my boundaries, and enjoys fucking me in places where we could easily be caught, and in ways that make me uncomfortable. Even though we knew it was foolish and risky, last week he came to my house. My husband works nights, and my c***dren were both asleep, though, so we chanced it. My son, in college, sleeps on the far side of the house, but my teenage daughter’s room is right next to mine. I knew that we had to be quiet, but he doesn’t always make that easy. I let him in the side door, and he allowed me to kiss him for a few minutes, before dragging me to my bedroom. Once inside, he ordered me to strip naked. Then he demanded that I turn the overhead light on. Before I thought about the consequences, I told him no, that I was afraid that someone would notice the light on in the middle of the night. The words were barely out of my mouth before he grabbed me by the arm, escorted me to the back door, and calmly told me to go outside, stark naked, of course, and bring him a switch off of a tree in the backyard.My master knows that a mild spanking only gives me pleasure, so when he does whip me, he makes sure that it’s painful enough to be a real punishment, as well as an aphrodisiac. He usually uses his hand, but the tree switch had the dual benefit of causing me more pain, and being quieter than either his belt or his hand. Even so, he took me in the master bathroom, and made me bend over the vanity, so that any noise we made would be less likely to carry to the rest of the house. Then he proceeded to wear me out, laying welt after welt on my bottom and thighs. I knew better than to cry out, but couldn’t escort iskenderun hold still, and after the first dozen lashes of the switch, was writhing in agony and pleasure, tears streaming down my face. He warned me once, but my ass and legs were on fire, and I continued to squirm and try to dodge the blows. Because of my inability to follow directions, he forced me to spread my legs, and delivered a few more well-placed blows between my thighs. When he finally decided I’d gotten his message about obedience, he caught a handful of my hair in his hand, and pulled me to my bed. “On the bed, on your hands and knees” was his stern command.My pussy was so wet from the whipping that his huge cock slid in easily, even though it was still a tight fit. Because I’d already been punished, he allowed me to close my legs while he fucked me from behind, making the pressure on my swollen clitoris unbearably delicious. I’d learned the hard way that his cock was too big to cause me anything but pain when he fucked my ass, so he reserved that for my most severe punishments. For now, though, he used the juices from my cunt to lube my tight asshole, and finger-fucked me there, while his dick moved slowly in and out of my pussy. I lost track of how many times I came, but finally he pulled out of me, and pointed to the floor. I knew he never came inside me, and what was expected of me. He sat on the edge of the bed, and I knelt between his legs and licked my juices off of his dick, and then sucked his balls while he jacked off. He began to moan, and I knew he was getting close, but he suddenly stood up, and bent over the bed. Once again, no words were necessary, and he spread his cheeks with his hands, indicating that I was to lick his asshole. I lovingly licked all around iskenderun escort bayan the opening, but after a few minutes, he told me to quit playing around, and get my tongue as far up his ass as it would go. I willingly complied, but it didn’t take long of that before he turned around, took me by the hair, and came all over my face.His spasms had barely subsided, though, before I was stunned to hear the sound of hands clapping, slowly. I twisted around, still on my knees, and to my horror, saw my teenage daughter standing by the door, a wide smile on her face. “Nice show – I’m impressed” she laughed, as she leaned back against the bedroom door. “Of course, judging by the marks all over your ass, you must have done something wrong, Mother dear” she smirked. My lover sat back down on the bed, a lazy smile on his face, as well. He’d seen several pictures of my daughter, and had always had a thing for her, even though he was twenty-five years older. I’d always told him that she was too young and naive, and wouldn’t want anything to do with him, even though I knew deep down that she wasn’t that innocent. “I guess you probably don’t want me telling Dad about this little party, so we’re going to have some new rules around here. For starters, you’ll be cleaning my room for me now, Mother, and my boyfriend and I will have sex whenever and wherever we want. Including right here in your bed.” My daughter continued to map out our new relationship, telling me what a hypocrite I was for punishing her for looking at pornography. “Now, whenever I feel the urge to look at porn, you’ll put on a show for me. With this guy, or whoever else I feel like bringing home. That work for you?” she asked of my master. “Absolutely,” he said, “and if you want, I’ll start right now by licking that sweet pussy of yours, while your whore of a mother gets back to work on my asshole!”For a few moments, I was too shocked to move, but then my master handed my new mistress the switch, and I slowly bent back over the bed, and prepared for my new life of servitude…

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