BLACK l****a 6


BLACK l****a 6BLACK l****a 6”Dad, get up. It’s time to go mom will be home any minute,” Lita said as she pushed her dad off her. Jack had spent a lovely afternoon between the legs of his sixteen-year-old daughter, l****a. It had been almost a year since that first night he went to her room. That night started their trip into a world where lust ruled, and a father’s love for his only c***d would rule him in ways that he could not fight.”Aw come on baby, just one more round, you know daddy can’t get enough of his sweet girl,” Jack said as he tried to pull her back to bed.”No dad, we don’t have time. We have to get cleaned up before mom gets here. I don’t know what’s going on but mom sounded like something was wrong, so get up so I can throw these sheets in the wash, we wouldn’t want her to come home to the smell of another woman’s pussy in her bed,” Lita insisted.”Alright, but I’m going to your room after your mom goes to sleep to get some more of the best pussy ever made,” Jack said as he kissed his girl on that special spot on the back of her shoulder. They had just enough time to get cleaned up before they heard Pam’s car pull into the driveway. She killed the engine and sat in the quiet darkness of the night. She was still confused and hurt, and she didn’t have a clue about how to handle things with Jack. The fact that Jack was sleeping with another woman was one thing, but the fact that he had brought his whore to their bed to fuck her, he had crossed the line and she didn’t know if she could forgive him. Pam thought about Jeff and how easy it would have been to let him comfort her. She had done it before, all of those years ago when she and Jack were fighting. Back then it was so easy to let Jeff take away her pain, if only for a few hours. He had been so good to her over these last twenty years, not saying anything to Jack about what went down between them the night before she married Jack. But that was the kind of man he was. Jeff was loyal and loving, and maybe if Jeff had declared his love for her before she got tied up with Jack, life might have been different. But it was what it was, and she had hitched herself to a man that she thought she knew, a man that she thought loved her. However, there she was sitting alone in her car in the dark wondering if she can face the truth about herself, her marriage, her life. Somewhere deep down he knew that what he was doing was wrong, fucking his daughter in the same bed that he shares with her mother, his wife. But Jack couldn’t help himself, fucking l****a had become the center of his world, being with her had become the best part of his life and he was no about to give that up. However, he didn’t know how long he could go on keeping secrets that could destroy them all.She loved him as her dad, but more than anything she loved him as her lover. She felt no guilt or shame. She loved the feeling of a man inside her, and it didn’t matter who the man was her love for good dick always overruled whatever moral compass she might have had. l****a had loved sex from the time she was a young girl. By the time she was thirteen years old she had discovered she had a power over men that was hard for her to understand at first. l****a was such a beautiful c***d with round freckles face, and deep soulful dark eyes. She had long tight curly brown hair that hit in the middle of her back. Being of mix-race, her creamy tan skin was soft and smooth to the touch. Her small body was just started to take on a feminine quality to it. With rounder hips and ass. Her tits seemed to be getting bigger by the day, and the beautiful thick bush that graced her pussy was a compliment to the woman that she would be someday.Pam had started dinner and had gone upstairs to take a shower. When she walked into their bedroom all the happy memories of sharing Jack’s bed was replaced with the sounds of her husband and his whore fucking in their bed. She still didn’t know how she was going to handle things with Jack. She knew she still loved him and she truly wanted her marriage to work. But the anger Pam felt was fresh and new. The betrayal and the hurt were not going away with a smile and a kiss. Pam had to decide right then and there if she was going to fight for the man that she has loved for more the twenty-five years, or was she going to let some two-bit whore come into their home and bornova escort steal her man?Just as Pam was contemplating her next move she heard the shower go on in their private bathroom. She knew it was Jack, Lita did say that her father had come home right before she did. Pam stood in the middle of her bedroom for what seemed to be an eternity trying to decide between running or fighting, but in the end, there was only one choice.Standing under a cool shower Jack recalls the lovely afternoon that he had spent between the legs of his beautiful l****a. Since that first night when he came to her bedroom and all of the many nights that he has come back over and over again to sample the best piece of pussy God ever made Jack has been on a sexual roller coaster ride, one that he was not nearly ready to get off of. Jack knew it was wrong from the very start, but how could he help himself. l****a, his sixteen-year-old daughter had offered him her body. He knew he should have shut her down, the very thought of it should have sickened him to his core. But it didn’t. No, the very idea of getting into his baby girl’s panties was the thing he could not resist. Just as thoughts of Lita started to get him hard all over again he hard the shower door open and close. He had his back to the door so he did not see his wife when she came into the shower. ”Hi,” he heard his wife’s voice as Jack turned around and saw Pam standing there looking as lovely as the day they met.”Pam,” was the only word he could get out as he watched her walk slowly towards him. It had been months since they had last been together. No matter how many times he would have mind-blowing sex with his daughter, there would always be this pull between Jack and Pam that would cause all other relationships to pale when he saw her. She still had the hottest body he had ever seen, and the best black pussy he had ever fucked.”I know it’s been a while since we have spent any time together, I think its time we rectify the matter, don’t you?” she said as she wrapped herself around her husband’s naked body. Just as it is with Lita, Jack could never turn down Pam’s good pussy. Slamming his wife up against the wall Jack buries himself deep inside her. He had nearly forgotten just how good she could make his dick feel. Something that l****a no doubt got from her mother. Pounding her relentlessly Jack seemed to capture the early years of their marriage when they were fucking three or four times a night. Lita had been seething with anger all night, well at least every since her mother got home. l****a never thought that she was capable of hating her mom, but there she was angry that her mother was upstairs with her father/lover, it was all she could to keep her temper under control.”OH JACK PLEASE,” Pam screamed out as Jack use his dick like a jackhammer on his wife’s pussy. He had pulled her out of the shower and laid her down on the bathroom floor. Pleasing both her legs on top of his shoulders, Jack once again went in for the kill. It had been too long since Jack had made love to Pam in this manner, hard, relenting. This was usually reserve for l****a. The screams of her mother instantly caught l****a’s attention. She sat up on the sofa and listened carefully and again she heard Pam cry out, and she continue to listen. Lita heard her mother’s cries once again only this time she heard her cries more clearly because she had moved from the sofa where she was flipping through one of her teen magazines and had walked down the long darken hall to her parent’s bedroom door. She walked into the dimly lit room and saw that neither her mom or dad was around. Lita thought she must have been hearing things when she saw the bathroom door partly open and she heard it again.”Oh please Jack fuck me harder baby, harder baby harder,” Pam screamed at the top of her lungs. It was something she never thought she would hear. After all, Jack had assured his daughter that he was no longer fucking her mother. While she never wanted to see it, she could not help herself. She watched as her father made love to her mother.He might not have admitted, but he enjoyed fucking his wife. Yes, it had been a long time since they have had that deep connection, Jack had been so tied up with their daughter and what she was given him until he nearly forgot how good escort bornova sex could be between him and Pam. He had missed the look on her beautiful face when she was about to cum for him, or the sound she made when his dick would hit the back of her cunt. At that moment there was nothing on this earth that felt more right then being on that bathroom floor on top of his Pam and fucking one of the best pussies he’s ever had. ”OH BABY CUM FOR DADDY BABY, THAT’S IT THAT’S MY GIRL,” she heard him say, and it made her blood run cold. ‘How could he do that to her,’ Lita thought to herself. How could he be with her when she knew damn well that Jack loved her. Mother or not, Jack belonged to her now. l****a had heard enough, she eased herself out of her parent’s bedroom and went back into the living room. She was so angry at her parents, more so with Jack than with Pam. l****a knew she had to do something, something that would get Jack’s attention, something that would make him listen when she said that she wanted Pam gone for good. Lita knew that Jack would be coming to her bed later that night, it would be then that she would set down the new rules, her new rules.What seemed to be a normal night turned out to be far from business as usual. Dinner was usually a relaxing time. It was family time, time for Jack, Pam, and l****a to come together as a family. However, there was this unspoken tension in the air. With every passing hour, Lita became more and more enraged at what she saw go down between her parents. Her dad fucking her mom just hours after taking her to bed did not go down well at all. She knew that once her mother was in bed and fast asleep that he would be at her door begging to get back in her bed.He had noticed Lita had kept her distance, even when Pam was out of the room and Jack would try to plant a kiss on Lita’s shoulder, Lita rebuffed him. Even when he tried to touch her, she slapped his hand away given Jack a look that said she was not happy.She looked at her bedside clock it was ten-fifty, and she knew he would be knocking on her door at any minutes. She was already in bed waiting for him. Lita made sure she looked the way just the way her father liked. He always liked finding her already in bed naked, with a white sheet covering her beautiful treasure. As much as l****a hated the thought of hurting him, he needed to be taught a lesson. He needed to know that she was not about to share him with any other woman, including her mother.When she heard the soft knock on her door Lita knew it was time. ”Come in daddy,” she said as she sat up in bed. Jack opened the door and slipped in quietly. He saw her there in the dim light waiting for him. He smiles as he begins to remove his underwear. ”No daddy, stop,” he heard her say as his shorts hit the floor.”Why, what’s wrong baby?””Did you think that you would get away with it, that I wouldn’t find out about you did?” Clearly, she was upset about something, but what Jack didn’t seem to have a clue.What are you talking about l****a, get away with what?” he asked as he stood there hard and in need.”You know damn well what I am talking about, you and mom, getting it on on the bathroom floor, what the fuck dad, what, I’m not given you enough?” l****a’s anger was clear and precise.”You saw your mom and me fucking?” he asked.”On the bathroom floor no less,” Lita said. ”What the hell were you doing in our bedroom?” his voice took on a tone that Lita didn’t like.”I heard mom scream, and I thought she was sick or hurt so I came to see if she needed some help. So how was I to know that you were up here fucking my mom since you had just fucked me less than two hours before that,” she said bitterly. ”Oh so you’re mad at me because I fucked my own wife?” Lita could hear the anger in her dad’s voice.”You have no right to fuck her, or any other woman. Not since the first night, you crawled into my bed and gave you the best piece of pussy you have ever had,” she stated a fact that he could not deny.”Well, what do you want me to do Lita, she is my wife, and your mother,” another statement of fact that could be denied.”And that is the problem dad, she is still your wife, and I want her gone.””What does that mean?” the tension in his voice.”I mean just what I said dad, I want mom gone. I am the new and only woman bornova escort bayan in your life. So if you ever even hope of having this again, then you will get mom out this house, for good,” she said as she pulled down the sheet revealing her one true asset, her beautiful body.He was hard and in need of her. Yes, you could say that Jack had gotten all the pussy he could handle in one day, but he wanted more. There was something about his sweet daughter’s pussy that he couldn’t get enough of. Sometimes he would try to fight it, but it was almost as if Lita had cast some kind of spell over him and her pussy was the calling card.”Lita baby, I know we can’t go on like this, but right now I need to be inside you. Please baby just five minutes, let me stick it in you real quick, please baby,” he begged like a two-year-old begging for a new toy.She knew she had him, but she had to play it just right or she could lose whatever leverage she might have over him. ”If you really want me, dad, then you will do what I ask, get rit of mom, and I will give you whatever you want whenever you want it. But until then my cookie is off limits to you,” she said as she covered herself.”Get rid of my wife, Lita how in the hell am I suppose to do that l****a, she’s your mother for Christ sake, don’t you care?” his frustration with his daughter now showing.”I care about you, I care about us and what we have. Mom is in the way of us having the life we want, and I know you still want me, don’ you daddy?” she said in that sweet little girl sexy voice that Jack loved oh so much.” So you’re not going to let me fuck you tonight?” he asked again. ”No, as a matter of fact, you can go back to that cold bed that you share with mom.” she hissed. It was at that moment that Jack lost it, all hope was gone and he could see his long lonely life without his sweet l****a fleshing before his very eyes. ” I don’t know what you want of me, Lita. I love, and all I want to do is to love you. Your mother has nothing to do with us or my love for you,” Jack reasoned. ”Oh I see, you want your cake and eat it too. Mom, your loving wife in your bed, and me, your daughter, who you treat like your whore. You come to my bed when you get bored with mom because you know that I have the best pussy in this house. It’s been almost a year since that first night you came to my room, and I have spoiled you every time by opening my legs and letting you take it, but that stops right here and now. You want this, well you going to have to earn it dad.”Putting back on his boxers, he headed for the door. Jack turned to look at l****a, his sweet baby girl who at the moment he did not know. ”How do you expect me to get rid of your mother?” he asked”I don’t know dad, divorce her, kill her as for all I care, just as long as the bitch goes and never comes back,” she was cold, and she meant every word. ”You don’t mean that I know you don’t,” he mumbled.”You have until the end of the month to get her out of here, or else.””Or else what?” Jack demanded.”Or else I will go to mom and tell her everything..””She will never believe you.” he insisted.”Oh yes she will, especially after I describe in great detail your dick and how you like to use it. And when I tell her how much you love it when I suck your dick just right before you fuck me. Oh, I think I can convince her. Now you get the hell out of my room,” she demanded. He turned and walked out the door and down the hall to the bathroom where he relieved himself while pictures of his sweet Lita played in his head. Once Jack had finished TCB, it was time to deal with l****a’s demands. When he thought about what she wanted him to do, well he just didn’t know if he could do it. How could he tell the only woman that he has ever loved, the woman that he is sure he is still in love with that their marriage is over, and he wanted out. Of course, she could never know the real reason why he was walking away from a twenty-year marriage. That he had taken their sixteen-year-old daughter to bed and that he was addicted to her pussy. What was he going to do, time was running out.l****a laid in her bed alone wondering if she had made the right decision. She knew her dad, and she wondered if he could really make the kind of sacrifice for her. She loved him so, she had to make him see that she was the only woman that could keep him happy. However, there was just one glaring fact that she could not run away from, she was horny and she needed a good dick. Grabbing her cell phone she pushed the button to the only person that she knew would be willing to give her what she needed. TO BE CONTINUED

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