Birth of a Bull (continued)


Birth of a Bull (continued)Now that i knew my place as the owner of both the slut wife, and her sissy husband, work became much very interesting. My amount of time doing my previous tasks decreased, and much of the time I spent running “errands” with the wife. She would give me the husbands keys to the brand new mercedes and i would take her places like the post office, although there were a lot of “quick stops” along the way. The trips usually changed direction after she would pull my cock out of my pants as i was driving and begin to tenderly suck it, at which point i would start to steer the car towards their house, where i would proceed to fuck her in their bedroom (and the kitchen, living room, pool, and everywhere else, for that matter). There were also trips to the lingerie and sex toy store, where she would try on very sexy outfits for me, or we would browse various toys or videos, generally to the shock of the clerks that such a hot wife would be so naughty with a young guy like myself (i could have been her son). The husband would stay at work, generally in chastity (or else he’d be jerking off his little cock in front of the computer) and take care of the backlog we were creating from our escapades. I came in or on her at least once a day, and if it was in her pussy or asshole she would keep it in, and put her panties back on, so she could hold it for her husband to clean out of her when we returned. sometimes when we were feeling generous we came back with a toy for him, once a collar and leash, another time a prostate massager, and my favorite (as it tended to occupy him) a “fucking machine” that was a dildo hooked up to a moving shaft that would penetrate his fuckhole for hours on end while his wife and I played. Once in a while we would also be kind enough to remove him from chastity, so we could spank him with a crop and humiliate his cock, jerking it off into his own mouth while she stretched his ass with toys. he would constantly beg to service and fuck kırşehir escort my bull cock, although i would generally decline unless he was cleaning my cum soaked cock after it left his wife. Later i would stuff his ass with real cock, and I even arranged for a group of men to come ravage his asshole while his wife and I watched. He was leashed to the bannister from the stairway that led to the front door, and bottom floor of the house. We arranged with men we met from the sex shop to come and have their way with him however they desired. It was truly a sight to behold as they walked in the front door to see a chained slave slut husband, with mouth open and ready to service. Anyhow, back to the wife. She was always dressed extra special slutty for me. I loved her pantyhose, thigh high stockings, garter belts, and especially her choice of heels. She always looked very professional, although you could always tell there was a slut beneath the surface. Her breasts were beautiful, they weren’t fake, but had been lifted and were still as gorgeous and perky as a 20 yr olds. i loved to spank them with my cock, especially after cumming all over them and her face, and feel my still mostly erect cock smack against them. She let me do anything to her I wanted, and that free reign was absolutely wonderful for a young horny bull like myself. I really enjoyed taking her out and showing her off in public, letting others ogle and see her with a young stud.. i’d run my hand under her short skirt, or give her a kiss and attract the stares of older slut husbands probably dreaming about having someone like that to fuck their own wives. I also fantasized about fucking other married women, and told this to her. I told her i bet i could pleasure a few of her girlfriends easily, taking them all on at once. Ever since I was pubescent i’ve had an amazing control over orgasm, and erection, and rarely experience what is called a “refractory period”… i could usually instantly get escort kırşehir hard again after cumming. Anyway, one evening, a saturday i believe (which was generally the wife’s “girls night” where friends of hers from the neighborhood would come over to one anothers houses, have drinks, go out, etc.) i was giving her a particularly brutal fucking on the porch by the pool, and had her bent over a chaise lounge, pounding away at her pussy and i looked up and i noticed that two of her girlfriends were standing at the sliding glass door, watching us but not wanting to disturb us. I guess the husband had let them in, which must have been humiliating as he was in chastity and i believe dressed in panties at the time, as he generally liked to be while he knew we were fucking. when she noticed that i had stopped she looked up herself, saw them and turned back to me grinning, and that’s when i knew she had arranged for them to come by. They were both wearing closely cropped, almost skintight, silky summer dresses and one had a wide brimmed straw hat on, both in heels and both impeccable.. very hot. I had met them both before, but i wasn’t sure if either of them knew of the relationship between the wife and I, or if their husbands had similar interests, etc. and it was an incredible feeling to be totally naked, removing my cock from her pussy, dripping her cum from my cock onto the tile of the pool area floor, and seeing these women approach me with wide eyes and smirks on their faces. They both reached down and began to slowly stroke my cock in unison, as they began chatting with wifey .. telling her what a beautiful young stud she had found, and how lovely his cock looks. they said their husbands cocks were so pitiful, and how they’d grown so uninteresting sexually, and spoke of how long they had been craving a really good fucking. Immediately I interupted, “well, then get on your knees and show me how badly you want it”. They were intitially shocked hearing my voice, kırşehir escort bayan and hearing me speak to them like that, but they were quick to kneel down and wifey, still standing, pussy still dripping, held my cock in her hand and slapped it against each of their lips and faces, guiding it into their mouths. they both began to moan a bit, touching each other as well, and i reached down and hiked their tight dresses up around their waists so their lower bodies were exposed.. and both, i noticed, were without panties on. While wifey guided my cock into their mouths, she also got on her knees and took turns sucking, while also touching their now soaking pussies. she told me how she had played with both of their pussies before, but she knew that they both needed some real cock, and knew their husbands couldn’t give that to them, and that now i get to make them my whores too. with that i grabbed the hair of one of the women and guided her around the back of me on her knees to my ass and commanded her to start rimming me while the others sucked. She was quick to spread my ass and begin licking my asshole with abandon. when i was finished i told them both to line up, with their asses in the air, and with wifey’s pussy in their faces, so i could fuck the shit out of them while they were forced to lick her pussy. i took turns on them, pulling out of one and going into the other, on and off for the next hour, even splitting both of their assholes nicely. When i pulled out you could tell a big dick had been plugging them. Finally I came all over wifey’s pussy, and had them lick it off, which made her cum uncontrollably. They all thanked me by cleaning my cock off nicely, and when it was time for them to go home to their husbands (who i imagine to this day still don’t know) they told me how hard they are going to cum for weeks because of this, and how the only cock they will think about when being fucked by their puny husbands was going to be mine. i smiled, looked at wifey, and caught a glimpse of slut hubby, who i guess had been watching the entire time from inside of the house, and mentioned to them to have him see you all out, as I was going to give wifey a good thank you fucking for her nice be continued….

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