Between the hours of 2 and 4, how many were they?


Between the hours of 2 and 4, how many were they?I stretched my hand out and took the drink he was offering. It was after two in the morning, and most of out guests had left, I was very drunk and it showed, but continued to drink, and this man was offering me more, actually more than more, I think it was a quadruple tipple of hard alcohol, enough I a sure, to make me drop into a position, where he could relieve himself inside the hostess, and I took the drink and swallowed it, handing the glass back to him with a wry smile on my lips, ‘Same again, I am almost there’, I said, and reached forward, staggering slightly, and grasped his balls, squeezing them, ‘Mmmmm, Fucking nice set, Fancy a Fuck’?As I tried to move on past, with my hand working his balls, he dropped his kütahya escort down my back and grabbed a handful of bare bum. I stopped as he worked my warm flesh, and I released his cock and leant on the counter, feeling my hemline climb to my waist, and warm air touch my wet cunt.He was breathing heavily as he pushed inside me, one, two, three insertions and his sperm was flowing down my inner thigh, thick, globular and yellowish, a sure indication it had been contained in his ball sack for a long time, and now being released on the hostess, he had relished since his arrival and noted my slutty dress sense, a great conclusion to his night.I stood bent over the counter top in a semi-stupor, half asleep and not too sure what was happening, when he started escort kütahya again, this time more slowly and harder, but this time he was inside me and the Fuck felt more fulfilling.I was moving in unison with him now and working myself on his cock, not caring if I did appear whorish, I was close to cumming and that was my aim, when the kitchen door opened and he walked in.Still bent over and resting on my arms, being fucked, and trying to focus on the man I thought was behind me, giving me one, left me slightly confused, if he stood there, in front of me, who was in my pussy reaming it in every direction and making my hips jive to his tune?I stole a look behind and a complete stranger was taking his turn inside my willing cunt, how many more were kütahya escort bayan waiting?I felt my dress drop and cover my exposed genitalia, my stocking were sperm soaked from other liaisons, though how many was anyone’s guess, it was past four in the morning and I had been in this drunken state, in my kitchen for around two hours, but all these questions could wait, I was tired and wanted bed, so I pushed off the counter top and brushed past my first inseminator, out into the living room, where some more men sat in conversation, said goodnight, and went upstairs to bed.Undressing in my bathroom, clearly showed I had entertained many men as I slept in my semi standing position, as the semen was copious, and as I sat on the side of my bed, naked and dirty, I smiled knowingly, my supple feminine form had pleasured so many, all I needed now was a good old fashioned finger frigging, to bring all this seed deeper into my fallopian tubes, so I masturbated, determined to cum and dip into those pools lying deep inside my cunt.

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