Awakening an innocent wife 12


Awakening an innocent wife 12Phil and his mum held each other, kissing each other’s necksm licking each other’s lips, Phils big prick still hard.he bent his knees slightly letting his cock slip between her thighs ,feeling her cunt lips on each side of his pole,her twat soaking.he moved back and to, rubbing her oversized throbbing clit. She moaned sexilyFuck me now, please fuck your mummy, make me your slut ,pleaseNot yet , I’ll fuck you soon. But in front of the group, I want them all to see you submit.first I’m going to cane you, you will beg me in front of them all, now go and sit down ,legs open and play with that dick you call a clit!She walked to the seats and he watched that fantastic arse jiggleHe walked naked to the small corridor next to the bar, he caught rogers eye and beckoned him over, Roger glanced don saying something, the heads of a a couple appeared,Phil shook his head in wonder, how did he do it! It was Phils old geography teacher and wife, a total bully who had caned Phil everyday for two weeks, well revenge would be had!” how the fuck kırşehir escort did you get him involved Roger? He always seemed so straight” ” long story, I’ll tell you another time, but carol and your mum played a blinder hahaa, I remember you telling me how he hurt you, so I got revenge haha. Now you can too, his wife is a great fuck! ” Phil told Phil of the time with his mum he’d not witnessed and of his plans and what he wanted Roger to do” you really are a dirty fucker Phil, that’s why everyone likes you lol” Phil returned to his beautiful mummy sex toy, she was still stroking her throbbing clit. He sat beside her telling her to stop. He put his arms round her and kissed her full soft lips lovinglyWhy have you shaved your cunt? I prefer them nice and hairyTina told me too, she likes to use a small whip on me me, she says it sounds better nakedYou know the deal I have with Roger means that as soon as I’ve fucked you ,I become his number two, that means everybody submits to me, only he can Dom me unless I agree, so I think tina will be taken kırşehir escort bayan down a peg or two. We’re going in there now, I’m going to fuck you’re cunt and arse, I know you don’t allow that but you’ll ask me ,to show your submission, Pattie hesitated, then slowly noddedGood, I also want you to spank , Josie order her to call you mummy at all times.make her lick my come from your cunt. You will become her primary female domme I know you are sub usually ,can you do it?Oh yes darling, me and carol often swap roles, but don’t tell Roger! She giggled like a naughty girl, Phil ached with love for this remarkable womanLet’s go you filthy slut, time for me to degrade you in front of your friends He took her hand and walked into the bar, things had moved on! Women and some men were being spanked,caned and flogged a man Phil recognised as a bully from school, or was until Phil had taught him a lesson, was bent over being fucked while he licked the arse hole of a beautiful blonde. He recognised her immediately, it was bully boys sister escort kırşehir and the man who’s prick was battering his ring was her husband. With a wicked grin he thought he would shag her while her brother licked his ballsHe looked over to his recently shy wife, she was sliding up and down her bosses cock whilst his wife sucked and bit her bouncing tits, his daughter was slapping her red arse while fingering her bum hole Slowly a strange quiet descended on the room as everybody noticed who had joined them” the time we have all talked about has come, our beautiful number one slut is finally going to show what a filthy, depraved slut she is” Phil heard Roger behind himTo Phils surprise his mum spoke up” jojo get off that cock and come to mummy” His wife looked shocked but obeyed, he was overjoyed.pattie kissed her sons wife her tongue forcing itself into the young wife’s mouth, she soon kissed back.his mumpuled backCan you still taste his spunk in my mouth, well soon you will taste it from my cuntPhil turned and saw tina ,eyes lustfilled, her big tits on view, her bald pussy with two of her fingers rammed insideI hope you’re going to be hard on her Phil, it’s what she wants, Phil kissed her ,feeling those tits roughly.she moaned into his mouth, I love you too you know that you darling boy, but go and break your mum

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