An exhibitionist wife – Bank holiday fun.


An exhibitionist wife – Bank holiday fun.Last Sunday we decided to take advantage of the hot weather and go for a drive in the countryside. We left mid afternoon and headed for a forest a few miles down the motorway where we’d been a few times before and had managed to have some dirty fun out of doors and were both hopeful that we could find somewhere private enough to indulge in some sexy outdoor activities.As soon as we arrived Mrs O commented on the amount of people about and no matter how far into the forest we went there seemed to be families and ramblers everywhere making it almost impossible to get any privacy so we reluctantly decided to give up on the idea and just have a regular day out instead.We stayed out until early evening and then made our way home avoiding the motorway and taking a more scenic route, passing through villages we’d never heard of until we came to one whose name seemed familiar. As we passed through Mrs O suddenly remembered why it sounded familiar, it was a place her hairdresser had told her about that was quite well known as it had a park that was popular with the dogging community. As soon as she said this i suggested we take a quick look around to see if we could find it and much to my delight Mrs O agreed so we went off toward the park described by her hairdresser which turned out to be a wooded area with rize escort a small car park and picnic area.As we drove in there were already a couple of cars parked at one end and a couple of guys standing by a path that led into the woods. As we pulled over the guys looked in our direction then quickly went off up the path until they disappeared from sight. Mrs O told me that her hairdresser had told her that most of the action took place in the woods so i suggested we took a look but Mrs O seemed a bit reluctant but after a bit of nagging and a promise that we would keep our distance she finally agreed so we got out of the car and walked up the path that the guys had taken a few minutes before.The sun had almost set and the further we got into the woods the darker it became and we were having trouble finding our way. I was just about to suggest going back when i suddenly heard voices in the distance so we headed toward them finally coming to the edge of a clearing where we stopped behind some bushes. As we peered into the clearing i saw a woman standing still with her hands raised while a man pulled her dress over her head. As he did this another guy was groping her breasts and rubbing her pussy through the material of her panties. All this was happening inside a loose circle of five men and a woman. At least three of sakarya escort the men were openly masturbating while another stood behind the woman squeezing her breasts through her top.I reached over and put my hand up the back of Mrs O’s dress and she bent forward and parted her legs allowing me to slip my fingers inside her and she pushed back as i began to finger fuck her pussy. By this time the woman in the circle was now naked and on her knees with a cock in her mouth and another in her hand while the crowd around her urged her on. It was at this point that i saw Mrs O put her hand over her mouth before turning to me and whispering that the woman in the middle was one of the girls who worked at the hairdressers! All of a sudden Mrs O said she wanted to leave in case the woman saw and recognised her so she suggested that we make our way back to the car and finish our session there. All the way back Mrs O kept telling me how turned on she was and how she needed fucking.The car park now had a few more people there than when we ‘d first arrived and it seemed that every one of them turned and looked as we emerged from the woods and made our way to the car. I opened the back door and got inside and started to take off my clothes urging Mrs O to do the same but instead of getting in she turned and faced the small crowd escort bayan on the other side of the car park and very slowly lifted her dress over her head finally throwing it into the car.The guys on the other side started to make their way toward us as she undid her bra and dropped it onto the back seat before leaning back onto the car and putting her hand inside her panties. She rubbed herself for a few seconds then slipped her panties off then she reached onside the car and pulled me out by the hand.Se pushed me back against the car and fell to her knees guiding my cock into her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth as the three guys and one girl stood within touching distance. She stood up and we changed places and I entered her sopping pussy as she reclined over the boot of the car. I fucked her good and hard until she came loudly and i withdrew and came over her pussy and stomach. As i pulled back one of the guys stepped forward and stood in front of her wanking, eventually coming over her legs as she looked him straight in the eye. The girl had her hand down the front of her jeans as her boyfriend lifted her top revealing her breasts as another guy came. The last guy moved in front of Mrs O and reached between her legs burying his fingers inside her as he moaned and shot his load over her stomach. He tried to pull back but Mrs O held his hand there and he fingered her to orgasm.Mrs O cleaned herself up with her panties and my t shirt and we made our way home. The guys told us that there’s always something going on most Saturdays and we promised we’d go back soon.I’ll tell you when we do.

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