AmputeeMoonlightbyPeggyBuxton©John knew his mother was standing the doorway of his bedroom. The night wasn’t that dark. He flipped the sheet back making his nocturnal activity even more obvious. “You’re so delicious,” he moaned softly as his hand slowly traveled the full length of his thick shaft. “Not as hot as my mother. Nothing could be as sweet as her pussy.”Julie had been watching as she had for the last few nights. Her hand was under her short nightgown, fingers wet and moving as quietly as possible. He wants me she thought to herself. A crutch began to slip from under her arm, and she caught it just in time. She placed it gently against the wall in the hallway. Her fingers remained inside her.”I love that Mom has just one leg,” he moaned a little louder than necessary. He squeezed the shaft on the next stroke. A large wad of cum landed on his chest, then another on his stomach. He rolled onto his side facing the wall. Thoughts of her easily replaced the ones of the recent nasty divorce.John had filled Julie’s dreams since long before returning home for a weeklong visit. His divorce from Connie was final. Maybe she would have a chance at her oldest son. She finished a small release silently then moved the crutch from the wall to under her arm. She took a few steps towards her room, paused, and then turned back. In the dim light, his naked body glowed. A drop of nectar rolled along the top of her thigh. She sighed in silence and turned to leave again.”Mom-m.”The mattress sagged as she sat beside him, her stump closest to his body. “Darlin’,” she cooed as she stroked his arm. “What?”He rolled over and lay on his back. “I was having the most wonderful dream.””What was it about?””You.” His erection began to return quickly.”You shouldn’t have such thoughts.” Her hand rubbed his stomach, gradually moving lower. “I remember washing you when you were little.” A fingertip mussed the hair near the shaft. “You’re such a lovely man.””Touch it,” he whispered.”I shouldn’t.” The same fingertip now rubbed along the bottom side of the shaft, teasing the warm flesh. “I suppose you want to touch me.””You were watching me. You were touching yourself.””Yes dear. I guess I’m a little horny.” She laughed. “Did you ever think your Mom got that way?””Uh-huh. Do you like men?””What a question.” Her fingers tightened around the still gooey shaft and began to stroke. “It seems like I’m late to this party.” She chuckled.He rolled onto his side and let a few fingers touch between her thighs. A fingertip slipped inside then hooked her clitoris and toyed it. “I like it shaved, like yours is.””Have you been with anyone missing a leg?””Unfortunately, no.” His hand moved from between her thighs and fondled the end of her short stump. “I’ve thought about this, a lot.” He continued to fondle. “There wasn’t any problem with it that required amputation, was there?”She shook her head. “Your father didn’t understand. I wanted him to, but…” She leaned down and kissed the swollen head without taking it in her mouth. “Don’t hate me.”He continued to fondle. “How could I?””It would be easy…believe me. A few men stopped talking to me after I told them what I did.” Her hand moved faster. Her grip tightened. “It’s nice you don’t cum quickly. I bet ladies enjoy you.”He sat. His lips almost touched hers. They could feel each other’s desire. “I want you.” His lips touched hers before she could reply. Her tongue pressed into his mouth as she placed his hand over her breast.”Uh-huh,” she groaned deeply into his partially open mouth.”Here?”She broke free from his mouth. His hand still held her breast. “My bed is bigger.””Probably not big enough.” He laughed, and then stood. He took her hand and pulled. “You’ll make it hard for me to leave here.””That might be a good thing. Bring that cock with you.” She crutched from the room.The toilet flushed, and he made his way into her bed.”We don’t have to worry about making babies.” She giggled then pulled him atop her. “We have days, so don’t hurry.” She raised her only knee along his side and rubbed her crotch against him. “Do you have any favorite things I should do?” She ground against him again and wrapped her single leg around him.”Love the way that feels.””Good.” She slapped him on the ass. “Can I…can I suck you? I love a cock in my mouth. I love to talk dirty.” She moved her hips enough that he dipped a little inside her. “Fuck my cunt first. I want to taste myself on you.” She smiled and shoved her pussy around the warm shaft several times before pulling herself free.”I expect to be able to return the favor. I like to eat pussy.””Why did it take all these years? At last, we seem to be starting.” She took most of the shaft in her mouth, squeezed her lips against the flesh. “Ah, I loved to taste myself on your cock.” She continued.–oOOo–She was already cooking pancakes when he entered the kitchen. A long apron d****d around her neck and down the front of her naked body. Crutches leaned against the wall several feet away. The short stump wavered in space next to the long slim leg. He paused behind her, undressed. His erection slipped between her thighs and rubbed against her pussy.”You’re insatiable,” she cooed, leaning her head back and rubbing it against his face. “I like that.” Without looking, she flipped two pancakes.”I don’t remember hearing you complain,” he teased, and then slipped a hand along her buttock and over the stump. He squeezed the end and then massaged.Her hips pressed against him and moved slowly about, grinding. “I need you. Its been so long since anyone wanted me…the way you do.” She continued to grind slowly. “Without my leg a year. Your father’s gone since before that.” She moaned softly. “You know what it’s like…now that Connie is out of your life. Lonely in bed.””She was never as good as you were last night.” His erection finished swelling and now as large as ever. “You excite me in ways that no woman has.””Really?” She dropped the pancakes on the serving plate already filled with others, turned the stove off, and twisted in his arms. “Damn apron,” she groaned. He lifted it over her head, dropped it on the floor, and let himself enter her. “They’ll get cold. We need our energy for…””For fucking the rest of the morning?”She sucked his tongue for a moment and wiggled against the firmness that filled her. “I don’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mind them cold.” She ground and moaned as she leaned against him for balance. “Oh baby-y,” she drawled. “Ah-h,” she said in a low voice as she felt him begin to gush. “Ah-h,” she roared as her orgasm began.He pulled away slightly. “I didn’t know pancakes could be so exciting.” He laughed. “Maybe you could put that sweet ass of yours on the table, and I could feast on you.” He giggled and held the bottle of syrup up as she cleared the space, sat where his plate had been, and spread her thighs wide.”Darling, we will have fun together.” She leaned back on both hands as he began to lick.”No other men? What, just ’cause of your missing leg?””Oh, God-d,” she moaned a few times, watching him feast. “There was one. He lived overseas, and we never met. I’ve seen a few give me that look as if they’d want to ravish me. I wouldn’t have let them.””Why?”She d****d the full leg over his shoulder, watching his head move about between her thighs. “After Max, the guy overseas, I again began having thoughts about you. I’d fantasize then I would have the most intense orgasms…like none before. I don’t know why.””Did you ever think about Julie or Robert like that?””Your brother and sister? Nah. You always had a special place in my heart, maybe because you were my first c***d. Have you seen Julie lately?””No. Is she okay?””She’s like this.” She waved a hand over the stump. “She and Robert live together.””Her leg…for the same reason as you? It’s nice they are roommates.””Uh-huh. Dear, they are more than roommates.” She chuckled.His mouth d****d open for a moment. “Oh-h,” he said. “I should have seen that coming. I caught them together a few times. I thought he was lucky. She’s so lovely.””After I had my leg…off, well she and I talked a lot about my feelings…about why I wanted to be this way. She confided that she’d had similar thoughts since seeing some people missing a leg as a c***d. I told her how to make it happen.””At a hospital?””Yeah. Used to be the only way to force an amputation was an accident. Lately, there are doctors willing to help. Robert seems to like her that way too.””He and I used to sneak peeks of Ms. Martin, the pharmacist. We’d talk for hours about someday being with a woman missing a leg. I never lost that feeling…that desire. She walked so well with crutches. I loved the way only one leg appeared below her dress.””Do you love me only ’cause I have one leg?””Shush, no way. I used to dream about you and me living together. I was so jealous of Dad. I’d hear you two at night. I wanted to be in bed with you so much.””Did you and Julie talk about Ms. Martin?””No. I had no idea that was in her mind. I sometimes dreamed of her and me, you know, but usually it was you in my dreams.” He nibbled between her thighs. “I wanted what happened last night. I knew you were there at the door both nights. I wanted that more than I can tell you.””What will happen at the end of the week?””What do you want to happen?””I guess I don’t want you to leave. But, I will always be twenty years older than you are. Someday, I’ll be old, gray, and not very desirable.” She reached down and mussed his hair, removed her leg from his shoulder.John sat up and leaned back looking at Julie still sitting with thighs still spread. “We’ll enjoy each other. I can get a job here. I started putting out feelers last week. I quit before I left.””You did?””I never told you the whole truth about why I left Connie. You’d lost your leg, and I was going crazy thinking about you. One night, she was giving me a bad time about something to do with her legs. She thought her thighs were getting too fat. I k**ded her about how she could get rid of them. She yelled something about you having one leg. I yelled something about how I’d love her more if she were that way…if she were like you. That was the beginning of the end for us.””What’d you expect…that she’d willingly become an amputee?””She used to pretend to be. It was foreplay for her. That was before we got married. Not afterwards. I was going through one of my periods where my amputee fantasy was at a peak. I had no control, and it just came flying out. Other than Robert, I’ve never actually known anyone that shared those feelings.””No one?””No. I’ve written to a few on the Internet, but I’ve never met any. I even tried to find amputee women to meet. Then, you…you lost your leg. My dream woman now was an amputee. I didn’t care about anyone else…no one.””How does reality match the fantasy?” She rubbed the end of her stump.”I could ask you the same question about having one leg.” John laughed. “The reality was even better with you.””Having one leg, having you next to me, both are fantastic.””Why one leg? Have you ever thought about both legs or an arm?””Yeah. I’ve considered all the combinations.” She laughed. “For a while, I thought your sister would have both legs amputated. Maybe that was just a passing fantasy for her. How about you, have you ever thought of me missing both legs…or maybe with a shorter stump? Maybe with it completely off.” Her foot stroked his thigh. “Maybe you’d like to have just one leg.””Talk like this gets me stirred up, a lot.”Her foot moved between his legs and rubbed along his shaft. “Which part?” The toes curled around and toyed with the head.”All of it. She wanted both legs…””Uh-huh.” She nodded slowly as she replied. Her tongue strolled over her lower lip. The foot rubbed more forcefully then pulled away. Her toes rubbed along the top of one thigh. “Maybe if your stump ended about here.””I’ve never told anyone…””Not even your brother?””No one. Last night…when you told me…me about how, why, you’re an amputee… I was in heaven. There’d always been rumors that it was possible…that people actually had it done. I always thought it was just tall tales…that it wasn’t really possible.”Her toes moved slightly higher along John’s thigh. “Maybe about here…nearly all gone. That’s how I almost did mine. I like just enough to move about, but not all gone.” Her toes rubbed against the thigh. “You don’t need a leg for your job. We could match.””Mom-m…” He started, but never finished. She stood and crutched down the hallway. He followed, his erection bobbing with each step.”Bring it here,” she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cooed, pulling a finger through the air several times towards her. She dropped the crutches by the bed and settled with her thighs spread. “Make me crazy.”He lay between her thighs, his back arched, his lips on hers, then slid smoothly inside. His tongue joined hers and played. Her foot rested on his back. The stump rubbed his thigh. He made long slow strokes. She watched his eyes. She made sounds that let him know how much she enjoyed what he was doing.”Image if both were off,” she whispered. “If there were nothing in the way of my cunt.”He suddenly slammed against her driving himself even deeper, then again.”Yeah honey. I’d be that way for you.”His tongue explored then his face pulled back. “Just so I’m with you…next to you…always.” His thrusting continued. “I love you with one leg. That’s my fantasy. I’d never keep you from having more off.” One hand moved lower and held the stump. “It’s nice this length.” His thrusts softened and slowed yet continued. “With your foot on my back, it’s like your legs are gone.”–oOOo–John was insatiable around Julie. He didn’t care she was his mother. After all, she had been his fantasy long before the amputation. Now, he would probably never look at another woman the same. He did not care she was past fifty, and he was almost thirty-three. It was good that his brother Robert was shacking up with his younger sister Susan, because she was a close second. Susan was also an amputee by choice, and he wondered what she looked like naked. It had been a while since they last had sex together.When he returned from the bathroom Julie was sprawled suggestively across the bed, playing with her stump. John was sure there could never be a more exciting woman.”Would you want me more if both legs were completely off?” She dragged a finger across the top of one thigh then the other. “Think how exposed my pussy would be.””Are you sure?””I’d do it for you.”John’s erection bobbed up and down a few times as he pictured how she would look. “Would it be hard to arrange?””At that hospital all you have to do is ask. The surgery happens almost instantly. Would you like to watch?” Julie inserted several fingers and began to pump. “That makes my cunt be on fire. Love that word almost as much as stump.””I would love to help the surgeon…feel the blade of the scalpel cut through the flesh, feel the saw against the bone. Is that wrong?””No, but it makes me want more amputations so you could help with each.”John sat beside her on the bed and took a table knife from a plate on the nightstand where she had finished a piece of toast. He held it up so she could see before pulling the dull side across her thigh several times. “It’s easier than I expected.””With a spinal anesthesia, I can watch. I want to see the severed part pulled away and set aside.””Maybe we start lower.” John moved the knife a few inches above the knee. “Here?””Uh-huh. We could do two, maybe three amputations on that thigh.””Yes, good.” John pulled the knife around the leg. “Nurse, saw please.” He mimicked the buzzing saw before pulling at the knee. “Suture it for me,” he said to the imaginary nurse. “I’ll hold the flaps of skin together.”They were so aroused that all they could do was to have sex again. Where the fantasy had come from John was not sure, but they both had enjoyed it greatly. First, he was on top then she, and back several times. They were wild, crazed, and could not get enough. Finally, they were sprawled on their backs, gasping for air.”Maybe you should lose a leg,” Julie said, still on her back.”How much of it?””Mid thigh looks better on a man than at the hip.””Marry me and I will.” He rolled over and d****d an arm over her chest, kissed her lips, sucked a nipple. “Who else would share your fantasies as much?””That was incredibility exciting.” She held the knife up. “Would you really want to help?””They wouldn’t let me.””So, would you settle for second best and have an amputation?” She kissed his lips.–oOOo–It had been nearly a year since John last saw Susan or Robert. No one had bothered to explain she had gained weight, or just how much. Growing up the three c***dren had all been slender. Now, they were standing in Julie’s foyer and John was staring at a chubby lady with one leg. He struggled to wrap his head around how she had become.”Two-fifty, just so you know,” Susan said, pulling her shirt from her jeans and letting the belly spill over the waistband. The left pants leg was trimmed and tailored to fit the very short stump of thigh. “Well?””I’d have to say that Robert’s one damn lucky man.” John wrapped his arms around his sister and kissed her deeply. Only she did not have any teeth, something that had not been apparent when he was just talking with her.”Yeah. What can I say?” Susan laughed.”Any other surprises?””What, like I had my twat sewn closed?” She laughed. “Nah. I figured this is good enough.””Hey,” Robert said, “you’ve got Mom so keep your hands off Susan.”John had trouble taking his eyes off his sister. She was nothing like before, but maybe she was even prettier. He had dated a few women that weighed about as much and enjoyed everything about them. John might have stayed with them if only they weren’t already married. One was just under two-hundred, the others a bit larger than Susan. He grabbed at her belly and played with the roll of fat. “Do I have to?””Sugar, baby,” Julie cooed, “I had no idea you liked fat chicks.””I’ve broaden my horizons.” John let go and gave their mother a deep, passionate kiss.”Ho-boy,” Julie moaned. “I’d forgotten you were into some of that. I remember when Georgia would come over and not be wearing her dentures…””I didn’t know you knew.””Shit, darling. You would be sporting wood for hours.” Julie swatted her son on the bottom. “Someone needs to get the grill started.”John and Robert went out to the patio by the swimming pool while Julie and Susan went to the kitchen to make the burger patties and cook the fries.–oOOo–Robert lifted the lid to the larger barbecue grill. “Sorry about Connie,” he said to John regarding the divorce. Everything was spotless. He test started the burners. Everything worked.John opened two bottles of beer and handed one to Robert. “Love the changes Susan’s made.””Yeah. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I remember when we would sneak down to the pharmacy and watch old lady Smith walking around on her crutches. Never saw her stump and we’d talk about what it was like, and if her husband liked to fuck her.””Oh, man. I’ve never forgotten about her. Connie was a bitch. She was all into crazy sex until after the wedding, then I’d have to bribe her to get a piece of ass. It didn’t take long to realized just how fucked up she really was. So I filed for divorce and moved.”Report Storythought she was pretending to be missing a leg?””Uh-huh. All the time. It was like her foreplay. That too ended with the wedding.”Robert sipped from the bottle. “Once Mom found the surgeon why didn’t Connie go there?””Cause she knew it was something I wanted her to do. She was spiteful, and I was blinded by the idea she wanted to be an amputee. Brother, was I ever wrong. Doesn’t matter anymore. I really wanted Mom anyway.””I know, and lately she’s had the hots for you, too.” Robert guzzled the rest of the beer and asked for another. “Isn’t Susan something else with the extra weight? We used to get it on, but now Susan can’t get enough. I might need some help.” Robert laughed.”I guess others would think we’re a fucked up family. I doubt many would understand.”Robert laughed. “Last month I was having beer with a guy I barely knew. Maybe he had too many. Anyway, he let it slip that his sister and he now live together. They recently moved here to have some freedom from family members.””I don’t guess she’s an amputee?””Nah. A few women here know about why Mom and Susan had the amputations and have, too. It’s not out in the open. Maybe one day it will be. What’s big around here is gaining weight on purpose. Wow. Some of the girls we went to high school with are bigger than Susan.””You fucked any?””Nope, and I’m not. There’s no way I’m messing up things with Susan any more than you would with Mom.””Right about that.”Robert started the burners and closed the lid.–oOOo–Julie got the ground beef from the fridge. It was already defrosted and just needed to be shaped into patties. Susan was ripping the lettuce apart. She had already put buns on a platter along with the condiments.”Is he good?” Susan said to her mother.”Oh, yeah-h,” she drawled. “Curled my toes in a major way. I lost track of how often we did it. My cunt still feels likes John’s in there.””I think he liked my new appearance.””You’re right about that. I knew he would appreciate your mouth after Georgia. He used to close his bedroom door and pound meat after she left.””I was surprised he enjoyed my weight gain. Nothing compared to Robert, but still… Would you if he asked?””I would, but you know I’ve never been able to gain more than a few pounds. What do you think they are talking about?” Julie pressed the patty cutter into the meet then put each on a plate one by one.”Mom, is John what you really want?””Well, I could keep on picking up men at the bar…losers, every damn one of them. I get more out of my fuckin’ dildo, and it leaves me alone when I’m through with it. Shit, baby. You’ve seen what those men are like.””I know. I know. I’ve been though my share. I’d have better luck if I was a lesbian. Wonder what sucking pussy is like?”–oOOo–The patties sizzled on the grill, almost finished cooking. Buns were prepared according to their own tastes. Understandable. Susan stood on the one barefoot with weight on her crutches. She noticed John looking so she grabbed a handful of fat and teased him with it. To hell with the rules. Besides, John was after Julie and not about to do anything to mess that up. She grinned enough to flash her gums.”Do you wear your dentures much?” John said to Susan.”At work, and most everywhere except home. I just let everything hang out there.” She laughed and let her belly fall back down with tremors shaking the flesh.”Tell him your goal?” Julie said to Susan.”Three-hundred. That should be enough.””Why not cut the other leg off?” John said to Susan.”Robert and I are talking about it. We recently bought a TiLite wheelchair; the kind most paraplegics use. Lightweight. Sturdy. Doesn’t fold up. Ridged. I’ve starting to use it. No one thinks it’s weird for me to be in it. Maybe you should lose a leg.””That’s what I told him,” Julie said. “I’d really like it if we both were.”Robert moved the cooked patties from the grill onto each bun, then turned the flame off and closed the lid. They all sat at the picnic table and began to eat.”Hey, bro, would you really?” Robert said to John.”Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve thought about it. I’ve watched a few videos of actual amputations…above the knee. When I do I find myself wanting to watch my own.””I’d be there to hold your hand,” Julie said, then chuckled. “I think that’d be hot watching them separate the leg and set it aside. Cranks my motor thinking about that.””That’s a little sick,” Robert said. “I’d probably puke on it, and they’d have to cut some extra off.” He ate a few bites of burger and a fry. “I love to look at hers, but it’s not something I want.”John and his mother held hands while they ate. Sometimes they would let go but would when the hand was free again.”Have you discussed the future?” Robert said to John.”Nothing wrong with being with an older woman. I doubt anyone around here knows we’re related. Big fuckin’ rip if they do.” John drank more beer, got a little drunker. “I’ll quit and find work here. Not like stocking auto parts is a career. I’ll find something I can do on one leg.””Want any c***dren?” Susan said.”No way, besides my hysterectomy solved that problem.” Julie laughed.”Have you set a date?””Shit, sister,” John roared, “this is all new. Give us a few days.” He laughed.–oOOo–Robert and Susan left earlier than expected. That was okay. John and his mother had other plans. He watched as she finished cleaning the kitchen. He loved seeing her with one leg and undressed. Her body was lovely, nicely shaped, still firm flesh. That stump excited him greatly. He rubbed himself a few times.”Save some cock for me,” she said. Talking nasty excited her. It was almost foreplay.”What do I need to do to have my leg amputated?””You should wait until you’re settled in.””I told you I’ve already quit. I just need to move my shit here. There’s nothing much more than will fit in my car trunk.””You seem to have this all worked out in your head. Do I get a say?””Sure, Mom. I just thought…””It’s what I want, too. I have for a while. I’m just happy you want me.” She put the last plate away and closed the cabinet. “How about you fuck my brains out?” She sn

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