Afternoon Delight

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We’re in the park, and I’m pretty sure there’s no one else around. It’s hard to tell because Laura’s tongue in my mouth and her tits pressed up mine are a little distracting. I’m into racy sex – I’ve already eaten her out in the bathroom of our favorite bar – but she’s always upping the ante.

What started as an innocent lunch in the park, has taken a more interesting turn. She’s sitting on the picnic table, lunch abandoned. Her tongue is making slow circles in my mouth and I’ve got my left hand underneath her shirt, inside her bra, rubbing her little brown nipples while she makes these inaudible sighs in my mouth.

My other hand is up her skirt. Having already pushed the moist crotch of her panties aside, my two fingers are thrusting inside her as my thumb makes slow circles around the rubbery knub of her clit. She spreads her legs wider, opening herself up to me and I get a little rougher now, my fingers making a little slapping sound as I thrust faster and faster into her. The sighs and moans are no longer soundless and she takes her mouth away from mine and throws her head back as I continue to fuck her with my fingers. In and out, I look down and see that not only are my fingers covered with her juices, but there is also a creamy wetness on my knuckles.

Her legs are splayed and her head is back. I pull up her thin cotton tank top and move her bra aside. Her lovely little tits always give me an excited tingle in my cunt. Small, but perky, they are the perfect mouthful. With her bra no longer in the way, I take her right tit in my mouth and rhythmically lick her nipple while she leans in and breathes warm and wet against my neck. She’s grinding against my fingers, lifting her ass up off the wooden picnic table bahis firmaları and reaching up to meet my fingers so they go in as deep as possible. My index and middle finger are pressed tightly together and I curve them up so I can touch the area near her g-spot. She’s enjoying this, but this is not the way that she is going to come. I want her in my mouth.

No longer caring about getting caught, I pull my fingers out of her, place my hands on her shoulders and gently push her back so she is lying down on the table and I can focus on her pussy exclusively. Reaching up underneath her skirt, I pull her panties off her hips and down her legs and now she is all mine. I can see her, the outline of her pink, glistening folds, her brown little bush trimmed, but not too short. She knows I love the contrast of those wiry hairs with the soft slickness of her pussy – to press my nose against her fur while I probe those delicate folds with my tongue.

Kneeling down between her legs, I start at her knee, nibbling gently and working towards her inner thigh. I rub my cheeks on the incredible softness of legs. I can smell her, a musky, wonderful smell. I breathe it in and exhale a hot breath on her pussy, which makes her gasp in delight. I spend a moment making a few slow cursory licks to the soft fold in between her leg and pussy, and then move to her other knee and repeat the process.

There, in front of her, my knees in the sand surrounding the picnic table, I’m taken out of the experience. Until I met her, I never thought of myself as bisexual or a lesbian. I’d always found women attractive, and had even masturbated to fantasies about lesbian sex, but I never thought that I would act on these impulses – they were strictly kaçak iddaa fantasies. One night, a few drinks and a conversation about our unsatisfying sex lives had changed all that though. As much as I loved my boyfriend, he just didn’t want sex as much as I did, and when we did have sex it was never like it was with Laura. With Laura sex was hot, passionate, uninhibited and well…everything that I had always fantasized that sex with another woman would be like.

Back to the matter at hand…She’s had enough of my teasing and nibbling. She leans forward, grabbing the back of my head with both hands. In one quick motion she draws her legs up to her chest and forces my face to her pussy. I want it too and I do not resist. I eat her cunt like a starving man who’s just had a plate of food put in front of him. Long firm strokes from her asshole to the top of her pussy lead to more concentrated attention on her clit. I slide my hands under her ass cheeks, cupping and kneading them while I suck her clit into my mouth and rhythmically pummel it with my tongue. My lips, nose and chin are wet with her juices. I’m in heaven.

She brings her legs down now, her thighs pressing against either side of my face and her legs resting on my shoulders. Still focusing on her clit, I slide my hands out from underneath her ass cheeks. With my right hand, I insert two fingers inside her tight hole and begin to rhythmically fuck her again. I slide my left hand down the elastic waistband of my own skirt, inside my panties and begin rubbing myself. I surprise myself with how wet I am. The cotton of my underwear is soaked and my fingers glide easily in between by pussy lips and clit.

Laura’s close to orgasm now – I can feel her pussy tensing kaçak bahis in my mouth. She bucks her hips and grinds herself against my face. I’m totally surrounded by her. Legs on either side of my face, my mouth pressed against her second mouth, my nose pressed into her bush, my fingers in her warm, wet cunt. It’s hard to breathe but I won’t stop until she’s finished. I take her engorged clit gently between my lips, suck it and then slide my tongue into her cunt.

Repeating the process, with a consistent, firm lick, I’m finally read to let her come and I know just what will push her over the edge. I slide my fingers out of her pussy, wet and completely coated in her juices. Still sucking her clit, I take my index finger and gently press it inside her asshole. Her hands now press harder against the back of my head, her hips buck even more wildly and even though her thighs are pressed tightly on either side of my head, I can hear her moaning, “Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming…please, please, please don’t stop.” Stopping is the last thing I have in mind.

I continue those quick lapping strokes at her clit, my finger filling up tight little asshole. She shudders and gasps and I continue licking through it all. When the movement subsides, and I know she is done, I slide my finger out her asshole, but continue to gently, slowly lick her slit. I wait for her sign, and as she sits up and pulls me towards her, I stand up. She takes my face in her hands, damp from her juices and the heat between her legs. She takes a finger, slowly tracing a circle around my wet lips. She pushes her finger in between my lips and I suck it for just a moment. She slides her finger out of my mouth, takes my face back in her hands and pulls me in for a long, slow kiss. Our tongues press together and I taste not her mouth and her pussy and savor the feeling of her warm breasts pushed against me. Then she pushes my hair aside and whispers in my ear, “Your turn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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