A weekend away with Jessica.


A weekend away with Jessica.After our final matric exams. Jessica’s parents as well as mine agreed for us to go away together for a weekend. We hadn’t seen each other since before our final exams as we sat down, studied and gave it our all. We chatted over messages and planned and booked the weekend away to leave the Friday morning and returning the Monday. We finished our last exam the Thursday afternoon and we both were looking forward to seeing each other.After my exam I went home and pack my bags. Once my stepsister and parents were home, we chatted and ate dinner and before I knew it, it was 9pm and I headed to shower and bed. I chatted to Jessica a little before saying goodnight and having a good night’s sleep. The next morning after a quick shower I got dressed and then left to pick up my girlfriend. Once at Jessica’s house, I parked and got out the car to greet her with a big passionate kiss and firm hug hello as we hadn’t seen each other in a while. After our lips aparted I packed her bags into the car and we then started our weekend together. We first headed to the shops to buy food for the weekend with the money our parents gave us.We bought a bit of alcohol as well to have a fun and relaxing weekend. We then set off heading to our 2 sleeper bed and breakfast accommodation.Arriving at the accommodation at 1pm we booked into our room which over looked a dam in the wild. After unpacking the car and the groceries Jessica and I found ourselves in each others arms and we started kissing as we moved into the bedroom. We stripped each other of our clothes and being horny as you can imagine, (not having a ex with each other in 5 weeks) once naked I laid her down on the bed and moved ontop of her, entering my hard throbbing cock into her wet horny puss. I started fucking her hard and rough in missionary position making her moan from the pleasure of my cock hitting the walls of her cunt. Her cunt clinched tighter around my cock as she started to orgasm and simultaneously while Jessica moaned and orgasmed my cock exploded shooting my cum into her puss as we cummed together. After we finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her puss and we both laughed as we were so horny which made us cum within minutes of penatration. It didn’t concern us at all as we both knew that this was the first of many sex sessions we would have this weekend.We then got up made ourselves a big lunch and after eating we sat in the lounge naked together chatting. Although we been dating a while we still found out new things about each other which kept things interesting. At 3pm I pour Jessica and myself a double brandy and coke and a shot of tequila each we drank had a few shot as we continue chatting. Eventually After our 5th shot of tequila a little after 6 30pm Jessica said that she was feeling a bit drunk as She stood up swaying a little as she moved to sit on top of me. Our lips met as we started kissing passionately causing my cock to grow hard. Once hard Jessica guide my cock between her pussy lips and lowered herself down on my lap. She road me back and forth as I grabbed her tight ass and squeezed while enjoying every second of it. She fucked me hard and rough and soon she was moaning as she reached climax and started to orgasm. After she finished orgasmning I lifted her off of me and made her kneel on the couch. I stood behind her and gave her five hard spanks on each cheek of her ass as I listened to her moan from the sting. I then shoved my cock back into her cunt and fucked her deep and rough making her moan more from the pleasure. My cock then exploded, shooting my cum into her sexy tight puss as I fucked her hard in doggy style till it was all out.I pulled my cock out of her puss and I enjoyed the sight of seeing my cum dripping from her puss. She then headed to the bathroom to clean up and a little later we both ended up in the shower together washing each other before heading to bed where we for the first time slept together cuddling each asleep.Then next morning we both woke up rather early just after 6am as we went to bed rather early. We laid in bed naked cuddling each other as we made plans for the day. We came to the dicision that we would spend the day indoors together and have as much fun as we could handle. Jessica had packed in a deck of cards and suggested we play a few games. I agreed to the idea and we then discussed and agreed to make it sexual games and that the winner gets anything they wanted. It then reached 7am and after our discussion and with plenty thoughts in my head my cock was rock hard and I was pretty horny.I moved under the sheets that was covering Jes and myself and I made my way to between her legs. My tounge reached her wet puss as I tokat escort started licking her up and down. It wasn’t long till she placed her hands on the back of my head and started moaning as her body tensed up while I gave her, her first orgasm of the day. After she finished orgasmning I moved up kissing her belly up to her tits where I sucked on her hard sexy nipples before moving higher kissing her neck and then meeting her lips and kissing her as my cock entered into her wet puss. I pushed my cock deep into her puss and laid there ontop of her motionless as we kissed with passion. I decided not to cum yet as I wanted to prolong it and also not to go sensitive as it was going to be plenty of sexual fun during the day. Once our lips aparted we cuddled each other for a little while longer before we got up and made ourselves a big tasty breakfast which we ate while having our first brandy and coke for the day each. After breakfast we let our food settled for a few mins as we discuss which card game we would play first. Jessica said that we should start with rummy, then onto sexual poker as we were going to be naked all day so no need to play strip poker and then later in the afternoon and early evening to play a made up game called sexual Hearts and Jokers. As we let our food settled we discussed what we would win if we won the rummy games. As the games would go quickly we decided to play 5 games of best to 2 and after each game to 2 there would be a little sexual winning and at the end the winner of all 5 sets would get the grand prize. Jessica grand prize that she wanted was for me to fuck her hard and rough in doggy style for about 5 to 10 mins or depending on how long I would last. My grand prize was for her to suck and choke on my cock and swallow my cum as I squirt deep to the back of her throat. We wear both happy with the grand prizes and the other sub prizes we would come up with as the game went on. We sat down at the table a bit after 10am and started the first game.Not being all that good at rummy I lost the first two games, meaning that Jessica won the first set. She move her chair back as she told me she wants me to eat her cake for a minute as her first sub prize. I moved to her and kneeled down on the floor between her legs. I pulled her to the edge of the chair and started lick her puss up and down. She started moaning as I licked her clit and as my hands wear placed on her toned thighs I could feel her legs twitching as she enjoyed me muffing her. I then stopped and as I stood up I gave her a kiss and went back to my chair to play the next set.Jessica one the next set as well 2 games to 1 and this time she asked me if I could sucked her hard nipples. I walked up to her and leaned down.I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it making her moan. As I moved over to her left tit and sucked on her nipple she placed both her hands on the back of my head holding me to her tit as she moaned while I sucked. After sucking her left nipple I gave her another kiss before sitting down to started playing the 3rd set. I finally managed to win the 3rd set 2 games to 0 and I decided that I wanted to watch Jes finger herself. We moved so that I could see her full body while sitting on the chair and she started off by running her right hand down her body and too her wet cunt. Her middle finger rubbed up and down her pussy. I listened to her giving off soft moans of pleasure as I watched her playing with her cunt. She then entered her middle finger into her wet cunt and started fingering herself back and forth for a while till stopping, which made me extremely hard and horny. We moved back to play the next set. My cock was throbbing and I couldn’t wait to be inside her wet puss. However I won the first game but Jessica then won the next two games and winning the grand prize 3 sets to 1. We then stood up and Jes placed her hand around my hard cock and led me to the bedroom. She kneeled down like a bitch on her hands and knees and asked if I could first spank her before I fuck her. I said sure thing baby as I stood behind her looking down at her wet puss and tight little ass hole and I then let my right hand crash down hard onto her ass. My left then followed and I gave her 10 hard spanks on her sexy ass as she moaned. I then shoved my throbbing hard cock into her puss, and easily slid back and forth as she was soaking wet. I fucked her hard and rough making her scream as I gripped her hips and pulled her back into me as I thrusted hard and deep forwards into her wet puss. She screamed as I fucked her and started to orgasm from the pleasure. After she finished cumming I neared cumming and I started fucking her as trabzon escort deep and as hard as I could. My balls then release their tension as my cock exploded shooting my cum into her puss as I fucked her. I thrusted in and out till all my cum had squirted into Jessica. I then pulled out of her and she fell down onto her belly with her legs semi spread. I could see her puss with my cum wanting to ooze out of it. I laid down next to her on the bed as she turned her head to give me a kiss and say thank you. I was happy as she really seemed to enjoy the rough fuck. She soon stood up and went to the bathroom and as she walked I saw my cum drip out of her puss which made me more horny. Once she finished wiping her puss it was 11 15am and we decided to have two drinks before moving onto poker. We sipped on our drinks and chatted as we looked at each others naked bodies. My cock remain just a bit more than semi hard as I was real horny. As it reached midday and we started finishing our 4th drink for the day we discussed the rules for the poker. We agreed that we would bet sexual things that we could do to each other and after each game act it out. Meaning the game could go on as long as we wanted. I poured us another drink esch as Jessica shuffled the cards and dealt the first hand. I was dealt an A 10 of suit and decide to bet small saying I’m willing to finger her for a while. To my suprise Jessica countered the bet by saying she would suck me in exchange for me to muff her if she won. I agreed with her call and we opened the flop. 10 4 K it was. Having a pair of 10s I bet saying I would muff you as well as suck your nipple in exchange for you deepthroating my cock for a minute or two and Jes agreed and called. The next card was a 4 and we both checked. The river card was a 9 leaving  10 4 K 4 9 in the table giving me 2 pairs. I decided not to place any more bets but Jessica did otherwise betting that she would deepthroat me and I could cum in her throat in exchange for me to eat her until she cums. I called her and it turned out she won with a flush.I moved to between her legs and started muffing her. I tasted my cum in her puss as I licked her with passion. Stimulating her clit with my tounge she soon started moaning as she orgasmed. After she finished I shuffled and dealt the next hand which I won and Jes played with my hard cock for a short while. We both won a few small bets, (hand jobs, foundling, spanking kissing etc) and then Jessica made a bet when I was dealt a pair of 9s.It was on the flop ( K J 6)  when she bet that she would suck my cock, deepthroat me and gag on my cock the way I like it and when I near cumming I could either come down her throat or all over her face in exchange for another hard rough fuck in missionary and edge of bed positions but I’m not allowed to cum. After a quick discussion we agreed and said that’s basically all in that she’s betting. I said awesome and called. She opened her cards and she had a K 8 putting her in the lead over my two 9s. The next card put her in a stronger position as it was a 8 giving her two pairs. And then the river card was a 9 giving me a trip 9 to win the hand. She immediately moved to me and dropped to her knees. She took my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking me back and forth. As she was deepthroating me I place my hands on the back of her head and I then held her down on my cock. She gagged twice then I released her to catch her breath. Grabbing her hair and the back of her head I started to mouth fuck her roughly, shoving my cock deep into her throat bring myself to the vurge of cumming. I then pulled my cock out of her mouth and tilted her head back as I started jerking my cock while aiming it at her face. She closed her eyes as my cock exploded shooting my hot cum over her face. After the last of cum shot out of my cock I wipe my cock on Jessica’s cheek and looked down at my cum covering her sexy face. I took her hand and led her to the bathroom, where I switched on the shower and guided her in to wash my cum off her face. Hopping in behind her we then both washed each other and exchanged plenty passionate kisses and laughs as I told her how sexy she looked with my cum over her face. We then decided to end all the rest of the games for the day and after we showered we made our way naked to the lounge where we had a number more drinks. We made dinner a little after 7pm where I stared at her sexy ass and body. After eating we sat on the couch together where we watched a movie and had a few more drinks. While watching step up Jessica stood up and danced in front of me on a few occasions. As she danced I stared at her sexy ass, boobs and watch how her horny escort bayan pussy lips opened as she crouched down in front of me. Once she sat down next to me again she placed her hand on my semi hard cock and jerked me till I was fully hard and then stopped and gave me a kiss. As her lips aparted she said we should role play, that I should pretend to be Channing Tattum and she would be Megan Fox once again. I gladly agreed to the idea as we continue watching the rest of the movie. It was clear that my girlfriend had a huge crush on Channing Tattum as she seem to be getting more and more horny as the movie went on. The movie ended and Jessica then took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She laid me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, lowering herself down onto my hard cock. Her puss was soaking wet as it guided over my cock. She road me back and forth, her sexy tits bouncing up and down as she fucked me and she soon reach climax and started to orgasm. After she finished orgasmning she laid down to kiss me and I rolled us over so I could be on top in missionary position. I gave her a few deep hard thrusts into her puss before moving down to pleasure her with my tounge.I licked her puss up and down stimulating her clit, her moans soon became louder as her body tensed up and she had another orgasm. After she finished cumming a 2nd time I shoved my cock back into her wet cunt and started fucking her hard and deep in missionary position. I soon kneeled between her legs and lifted them into the air and over my shoulders as I fucked her harder and deeper, hitting her inner walls. Her back arched, her moans became louder again and her puss clinch tighter around my cock as I brought her to another orgasm. After she finished orgasmning I pulled out of her puss and started fingering her. Entering my middle and index fingers into her cunt I bent them towards her G spot and once finding her G spot and fingering her, Jessica started having multiple orgasms from all the pleasure. She moan and grabbed my hand as I finger fucked her pussy till she finished cumming. She then asked me to fuck her hard and rough. I turned her onto her hands and knees and gave her two hard spanks on her sexy tight ass before entering my cock back into her horny puss. My left hand grabbed her hair as my right hand found its way around her waist and I started fucking her hard and rough in doggy style position. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck she screamed as she reached climax again and orgasmed as I punish her horny puss with my cock. I continued fucking deep, hard and rough after her orgasm until I ran out of breath. I then pulled out and laid down on my back. Jessica climbed on top of me once again and her wet puss guide over and down onto my hard cock. I was taking real long to cum as I had already cummed twice earlier but it didn’t concern Jessica as she started riding me back and forth. Her tits bouncing up and down as she road me as I stared at her sexy body. My cock then reached the vurge of exploding when I pulled her down to kiss me. As our lips met and mouths locked, she slowed down the way she was riding me and my cock exploded shooting my hot cum into her puss as we kissed. I thrusted my hips upwards into her as my cock shot my cum out. Our lips aparted after I finished cumming and Jessica slowly removed her cum filled puss from my cock. My cum dripped out of her puss as she lowered herself down onto my belly to lean down and give me another kiss and said thank you for the amazing sex. I said she’s welcome and thanked her as well before we both got up and went to the bathroom to have a hot shower together. I washed her body as I couldn’t let go of Jessica’s sexy body. And just before switching off the water to get out I turn her to me, my hands placed on her sexy ass and we exchanged a big passionate kiss before getting out and drying off. After we were dry we found ourselves cuddling in bed and soon falling asleep together.The next morning waking up we were both rather sensitive from all the rough sex. But knowing that December holidays were around the corner and that we both would be going away with our parents to separate places we decide to have one more fuck before getting up to get ready to leave. I moved ontop of Jessica’s and slowly entered my cock into her puss. Our mouths locked as we kissed while I slowly moved up and down on her in missionary position. Kissing each others necks and nibbles our ears as I gave long slow deep thrusts into her tight pussy. I then close her leg pushing them together, with my legs outside hers, making her puss more tight as i made love to her. I looked her in the eyes as her head tilted back and her back arched as my cock exploded shooting my hot cum into her puss one last time for the weekend. We both moaned as I pushed my cock deep inside her puss for my cum to fill her up. After the last of my cum had shot out I gave Jes a big thank you kiss for an unforgettable weekend with her, one I will never forget.

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