A Dangerous Game

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Art and Jane were staying in London for two weeks having arrived nearly a week ago from their home in California. They’d been out to lunch with Mavis, an English friend they’d know from home, and it was time to start moving on. They’d talked for about an hour after eating, and the staff at the restaurant wanted to clean up and have a break before dinner.

The idea was that Mavis would spend the night with Jane, while Art went to visit his niece and her husband in Finchley. Art wanted to take a cab, but Jane, always thrifty, proposed taking the bus back to the flat they were renting. Art would hop off and catch the bus to Finchley, the 134, at Fortess Ave.

They’d had a lot to drink over lunch, so they meandered up Regent Street to Oxford Circus where they caught the C2 bus. At Camden Town a crowd got on and several people were standing, then at Fortess Road Art got up, kissed Jane goodbye and hopped off.

A big light skinned black man with a pack sat down beside Jane.

“Was that your husband?” He asked her.


“He shouldn’t leave you alone like that, specially since you have such nice legs.” He smiled at her.

“I’m quite safe, my friend is sitting behind us.” She laughed.

He was quiet for a few minutes, then, “You American?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“You talk funny. Just like girls in the pictures.”

“Where are you from?” She asked him. “You don’t sound English.”

“I’m from Dominica, in the Caribbean. You know where that is?”

Jane told him that she and Art had been to Dominica five or six years ago. They talked about the island and how nice and undeveloped it was. He asked if she’d been to one of the nude beaches. She admitted she had.

“I didn’t see you there.” He told her with a smile.

“How would you know?”

“I think I’d recognize you.” He said and she laughed.

They chatted some more about the Caribbean until Mavis said.

“I think this is our stop coming up.”

Her new friend let Jane out to get off, still talking to her, and he and another man got off too. When Jane looked at the other man curiously, he said,

“That’s my cuz, we go everywhere together, Don’t we cuz?”

The other man mumbled something about where they were going but tagged along behind Mavis, also lugging a pack. Jane asked if they lived nearby, and was told no.

“But aren’t you going to ask us up for a cup of tea?” He asked.

“It’s rather late for tea, isn’t it?” Mavis said.

They were at the door, and Jane put her key in the lock, and feeling adventurous said,

“Oh come on up, maybe we can find something more exciting that tea.” She was still feeling the effect of the wine, and was enjoying this man’s attention. Mavis was having serious doubts, though, but chose not to make a fuss.

The other fellow followed them in and up the stairs. He was older than his friend, with hair graying at the edges, shorter too, and lean. He didn’t have much to say, but when he spoke he sounded well educated.

Jane led the way up the stairs, her long sexy legs showing under her short skirt. She was in her mid-forties, not beautiful, but with her auburn hair men found her very attractive. She heard the man behind her remark,

“Darlin’ you have beautiful legs. Maybe I did see you at that nude beach.”

When they stopped at the top landing she felt his hand just above and inside her knee.

“Behave yourself!” she ordered him with a laugh. “Or I’ll have to throw you out.” But she felt her heart beat a little faster.

She soon learned he was called Toby, and she guessed he was a couple of years younger than her. He was tall, perhaps six foot six, and well built, muscular, and a little on the heavy side but, Jane thought, he was good-looking.

She found a bottle of white wine, but only two wine glasses, so she and Cuz drank out of water glasses.

Mavis was still very dubious of this whole arrangement, but the wine gave her some false comfort. Mavis was a proper English woman, a well educated scholar who had just written a historical novel. She was short, a little bit chubby, but quite attractive with her blond hair and blue eyes. She and her husband had been separated for years, originally because of their work, and because he enjoyed other women, then because it became easy.

She actually found these two men very interesting, and was trying to put them into the context of a new book that was going through her head.

Cuz said they should get going because they hadn’t had anything to eat, so Jane immediately volunteered to order a pizza, and got on the phone. She wondered if she’d done the right thing, but she was enjoying Toby’s company, and while she enjoyed Mavis’s company, she really preferred talking to a man.

There was a sofa that made into a bed by the window, and that’s where Mavis and Cuz were sitting, while Jane sat in a low arm chair that swiveled. It was so low in fact that her skirt rode up, much to Toby’s delight, because he could see a lot of her thigh.

The pizza arrived and bursa escort they continued chatting and laughing until Toby, his stomach full, brought out a small package and asked the women if they minded if he smoked marijuana, and, indeed, if they would like to join him and Cuz in a joint.

Mavis started to protest; it was illegal; she didn’t smoke and so on. But Jane said,

“Oh come on Mavis, give it a try, don’t be a spoilsport.”

So when the joint was passed around Mavis took a drag, and after a coughing fit, said she was already feeling light headed.

“Do you mind if we use your shower?” Toby asked. “There isn’t one where we’re staying.”

Jane asked him, “Where are you staying?”

“Well, actually we’re sleeping out on the heath.” Meaning Hampstead Heath.

“No! Not really!” Jane blurted out. Then, “Please do, do use the shower. I’ll go down and get you a clean towel from the linen closet. You too Cuz?”

So the two men took showers, first Cuz, who came out wearing his jeans, then Toby. Toby came back wearing just a T-shirt. Jane saw him first, but chose not to say anything.

“You can’t imagine how good that feels.” He said to Jane”You should have come in with me.”

“I think you mean I shouldn’t have.” As she went back to her chair.

She couldn’t take her eyes off his huge penis with the head showing from under his T-shirt. Toby smiled at her as he lit another joint, sucked it in, then passed it to her. She took a drag and passed it to Mavis, and as she did she was surprised to see that Cuz had his hand on Mavis’s knee.

After Cuz took a drag he leaned over and kissed Mavis, she was taken aback at first, then responded. Then pushed his hand away and moved away from him on the couch.

Things were starting to get hazy, and Jane suddenly found Toby kneeling beside her chair, and as she turned toward him he kissed her. They French kissed long and hard, tongues meeting, entwining as his hand found her breast and caressed it through her blouse.

Soon Jane’s breast was free and Toby was kissing it, kissing and sucking, and she started to feel the heat between her legs. He swung the chair around so that she was facing Cuz and Mavis, and hold her breast in his hand, said

“Isn’t that a nice titty?”

Cuz got up and walked over to them and said, “That’s a beautiful tit.”

And he leaned over and kissed her nipple, while Mavis looked embarrassed.

Jane felt Toby fumbling under her skirt, finding her moist spot, then trying to feel past her panties for her vagina. Then she heard him whisper something in her ear.

‘What?” She asked.

“TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKIN’ KNICKERS.” He repeated aloud.

“Oh..oh yes, of course.” As she stood up, pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties down and off, and they all got a glimpse of her pubic triangle. She dropped her panties on the floor and sat down again.

Toby’s hand went under her skirt again and she felt his rough hand move to the soft part of her thigh, over the top of her thigh high stockings. When she felt Toby’s fingers exploring her vagina her heart started to pound and she sighed deeply. He pulled back and looked at her as she sat legs open and skirt up around her waist.

When he spun the chair around again so that it was facing Cuz and Mavis, she tried to close her legs and cover herself, but he pushed her leg back over the arm of the chair.

“No, please.” Jane begged him.

“Me and Cuz share everything. Ain’t that the prettiest little thing, Cuz? Here, touch it.”

Mavis watched fascinated as Cuz went over and touched Jane’s moist labia. At his touch Jane gave an involuntary gasp when his finger entered her.

“Smells sweet too,” He said as he sniffed his finger and went back to sit beside Mavis.

Mavis was appalled, she was sure Jane could have stopped Toby, or at least tried to, but she seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. And the man she was sitting beside was absolutely disgusting, she wanted to escape, to run out the door, but in her fascination with the whole situation just sat there.

Toby got up, his penis very obviously erect, took Jane’s hand and led her to the door of what was apparently the bedroom and they went in. Once inside he pushed her roughly back on the bed where she lay with her legs apart.

Toby pushed her skirt back and for a moment looked at the pink slit between her legs, then fell on top of her and shoved his penis roughly into her.

“OH GOD!” She gasped as she felt him penetrate and spread her open.

He started to fuck her hard and deep as she gasped with each thrust:

“Uh..uh..uh..uh….” She went in rhythm with his strokes as she lay with her legs wide open. Jane had never felt anything like this. The heat spread from between her legs through her whole body.

In the living room Cuz and Mavis could hear the pounding.

“They’re really going at it.” Cuz chuckled.

Mavis, sober faced said. “The whole thing is disgusting. I’d leave, but you two would probably both rape Jane.”

“That’s not bursa escort bayan rape, my girl, that’s love!” Cuz laughed.

“You know, Toby hasn’t had a woman in six years,” He went on, “so he’s giving Jane everything that’s been building up inside him.”

“Where’s he been that there weren’t any women?” Mavis asked him.

“We both just got out of prison.”

“In prison, really? No wonder. And you, you were in jail too?”

Mavis was starting to find this fascinating. Lots of material for a book here.

Cuz went on to explain that he’d been fiddling the books for a big West End operator. When the police started to investigate the boss had turned on him and had only got a year, while he’d been inside for three years.

“And Toby, what had Toby done?”

“You really want to know?” Cuz asked.

“Of course, why not?”

“Murder. He caught his wife in bed with his business partner and lost his temper. He probably would have just walked out if they hadn’t laughed at him. He walked into the kitchen and got a knife and did ’em both. Then dialed 999.”

Cuz leaned over and kissed Mavis. The whole thing had her in an emotional turmoil. That was a murderer in there fucking Jane, yet being with a man just out of prison excited her. He kissed her again, but when he put his hand on her breast she pushed it away.

“No, I’m sorry.” She said.

“What’s the matter, do I frighten you?”

“No, it’s just that I don’t want that. Not now.”

They were silent for a moment and could hear the rhythmic pounding from the bedroom. He smiled, “I guess Toby’s luckier than me.”

“Yes, I noticed that.” Mavis said. “I’m afraid Jane’s a bit of a slut.”

“Toby has a way with women. He can tell if they’re ready.”

They talked some more, Cuz telling Mavis about prison life. The transactions that took place, even though money was forbidden to the convicts; the regimentation; the games they played to frustrate the prison staff; the sex games.

“You mean to say that you had sex with the younger prisoners?”

“Of course. And they enjoyed it when they got used to it. They could make money and had guys who protected them.”

“That’s shocking.” Mavis said.

In the bedroom there was a pause while Jane took her skirt off and would have taken everything off but Toby was too anxious and soon she was back on her back and he started to pound her vagina with his huge penis.

On and on it went, bang..bang..bang……….Jane grunting like an animal with each thrust. Suddenly the phone beside the bed rang and at first she was going to ignore it. She didn’t want to interrupt her pleasure, but then she realized that it might be Art and he might think something was wrong and come dashing over.

She lifted the receiver. “Hello?” her voice quavering in spite of herself.

It was Art. “Are you okay?” He asked. “You sounded funny.”

“I’m okay. Why did you call?”

“Just to make sure you got back to the flat, and to see if you’re okay.”

Toby had been still up to that point, but then he pulled in and out of her quickly.

“Uh..ooh.” She gasped. “Uh..I’m fine.” She was on the verge of an orgasm and wanted to get this over.

“You do sound different, my love. You’re sure there’s nothing wrong?”

“Well, actually, Mavis and I were fooling around. I didn’t want to tell you, but….”


Toby couldn’t hold back. He started to fuck her again.

“Yes,yes. Oh fuck yes.” She felt the heat spread through her vagina and throughout her body.

“Aaaaaah…..Oh shit that’s good. ” She was almost in tears the orgasm was so fine. “Fuck — fuck — I, I’m…oh so good.”

Art couldn’t believe it. He was getting hard listening to her with “Mavis”.

“Hey, I’d better let you two enjoy yourselves. Bye.” And he hung up.

Jane was still enjoying the warmth of her feeling when Toby started to move faster. She felt him quickly his pace and his hot sperm splattered inside her.

He lay on top of her and she wrapped her legs around him, loving the warm that filled her. They continued to kiss as his penis started to become flaccid. They lay locked together until she realized that he’d fallen asleep. She tried to rouse him, but he lay like a dead weight on top of her.

Jane gave up trying to push Toby off her, so she called: “Help!”

There was no response, so she called again. “Help me please!”

In the living room they’d turned the television on to drown out the noise, but Mavis heard Jane call, and together she and Cuz went into the bedroom.

“Will you get this dead man off me?” Jane asked them.

For a moment Mavis was taken aback at ‘dead man’ but realized what the problem was. She was surprised that Jane still had her stockings on and her bra was hanging open. They told Jane to lay her leg down flat, then rolled Toby over it. He didn’t wake up, but grunted as he rolled over on his back, his now limp penis still dripping.

Jane lay on her back, her exposed vagina open and leaking Toby’s sperm. Mavis stood escort bursa looking at it in fascination. She’d never seen another woman’s slit before, and this was open and red with the white juice oozing from it. Jane noticed her staring and closed her legs and rolled over on her side.

“I’ll sleep here tonight” she told them and pulled the covers up to over both her and Toby.

Cuz had also seen Jane’s open vagina, and his penis was hard as a rock as he and Mavis went back to the living room. He grabbed her and kissed her. The sight had affected Mavis too, and even though she tried to resist him, she quickly gave in

Soon Cuz had her panties off and had her lying with her legs apart on the couch. He was fingering her vagina as they kissed.

“Do you have a condom?” Mavis asked him. “I’m not on the pill.”

“No, I don’t.” He replied. “Go see if Jane has one.”

She went into the bedroom where Jane was snuggled up against Toby, and Jane showed her where she had a package beside the bed.

“You come prepared, don’t you?” Mavis smiled.

“You’re damned right, you never know when you’re going to run into a good thing.”

But Mavis noticed she hadn’t used one with Toby.

Mavis hadn’t had any sex in nearly a year, and it was evident.

“Oh, oh. That’s good.” She cried out and Cuz’s penis sank into her moist, ready vagina. “Oh yes……yes………..aaaah.”

Soon he was banging her hard and she was enjoying it. She had one orgasm almost immediately, then another. But Cuz hadn’t had a woman for several years and it was over quickly.

They undressed down to their underwear, then found some blankets and made a satisfactory bed. Soon they were all asleep. But Jane slept fitfully, until early in the morning she was awakened by Toby’s loud snoring as he lay on his back. She’d heard that if you caressed a man’s penis he’s stop snoring, so she reached out and held his penis in her hand.

He didn’t stop snoring at once, but she could feel his penis swelling in her hand. She remembered the wonderful feeling it had given her the night before, and started to stroke it lightly. It really came to life, and the snoring stopped.

Toby rolled over to her and she spread her legs in anticipation. He lifted his body on top of her and she gave a moaning sigh as he again penetrated her vagina. Then slowly he started to move up and down on top of her, and the warmth spread from between her legs until it suffused her whole body.

Jane’s clitoris was tingling and her body jerked spasmodically, her back arching and thrusting her crotch against his body.

“Oh god, oh God……..please,please..harder, harder.” As she reached a second, huge climax

Toby felt her muscles tighten around his penis. Man she was good. He was really pounding her now, and she was reacting with grunts and muttered obscenities.

“Fuck me…….oh,oh….fuck my cunt. I want it. Yes..yes, your cock……your big cock.” And. “Come in me. Fill me,…fill my hole..”

He couldn’t hold off any longer, but did what she wanted. He shot a massive load into her as she spread her legs wide to accept all that he was giving her, and she felt the warm liquid splatter inside her.

They lay locked together for a long time while he kissed and kissed her.

“Sweetheart, you’re a good fuck.” He whispered in her ear.

“I know it.” She replied. “I’ve had a lot of practice. You’re not so bad yourself.”

They kissed again, then lay down and went back to sleep.

Jane woke with a start. It was getting late, nearly eight o’clock and she should get these two men out of here before anyone saw them. But first she had to feed them.

She jumped out of bed and slipped a tee-shirt on, that would do, it was a little late to worry about modesty. Toby was still asleep when she went into the living room to be confronted with Cuz lying on top of Mavis fucking her.

Cuz had woken about half an hour before and feeling this half-naked woman beside him had started to caress her. She’d stirred, rolled over on her back and opened her legs, but was still half asleep. When he’d started to kiss and suck on her breast she’d responded and he’d rolled over on top of her and slipped his penis into her moist vagina.

Mavis groaned with pleasure and spread her legs wider but it took her a moment to realize that he wasn’t wearing a condom.

“Oh God, please stop and put something on.” She begged him, but he just kept plugging away at her.

For Mavis, while she knew what could happen, and could have stopped him, the pleasure was so intense she didn’t want to. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jane go into the kitchen, then felt Cuz’s pace quicken and felt him ejaculating into her vagina. She felt wonderful warmth spread through her body even as she felt the dread of him making her pregnant.

Jane went past them into the bedroom and was pleased to see them fucking again. She closed the bedroom door to find Toby standing in front of her.

She smiled and said “He’s fucking her again.”

“We better do it again, too” Toby said.

“No, there’s no time.” Jane said, but after more kissing and fondling agreed to give him a blowjob. She sat down on the bed as he stood in front of her, and she took his half erect penis in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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