A Bet is a Bet My GF Lost PT2

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A Bet is a Bet My GF Lost PT2Chapter 3: “Fight-or-flight”Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion. I could see the movements of her throat, as she was swallowing his huge load of thick cum right in front of me. My only thought was that she would have his cum inside her body for some time now, I could even picture her belly full of it by now. It made me furious to think that I had never been close to any of this. Every suggestion of oral sex or to leave out a condom during sex was vehemently denied by her. But for an unknown reason, she turned into a submissive doll for this buff asshole tonight.She licked her lips after swallowing like she normally did after enjoying some ice-cream at her favorite ice cream parlor. Her face looked awfully smeared. The tears that ran down her cute cheeks, as he was forcing his cock down her throat, left trails of eyeliner that looked like streams of ink running down from her innocent blue eyes. Additionally, a mixture of his cum and her own saliva disfigured her beautiful face even more, to the point it brought tears to my eyes. Nevertheless, beyond the mess on her face, I could recognize she was happy. She smiled and leaned over to kiss my forehead.”Sorry.” she whispered after her lips detached again.”Come back slut, we are not done yet!” the big guy commanded, as he snapped the fingers of his left hand.Sarah only nodded obediently and left me alone again. As she went back to him, my eyes were locked on her cute little butt, bouncing in her tight leggings. She stopped next to him and he did not hesitate to powerfully slap her ass with one of his strong hands, grabbing it roughly directly afterward. The sound of his hand hitting her tiny butt and hearing her squeal and laugh, woke me up from my paralysis. He dug his fingers deep into one of her ass cheeks and pulled her petite body towards him, pointing his other hand towards me, as I finally stood up from my chair.”You can pick her up when I’m done with her until then get the fuck out of here, loser!” he said laughing mockingly and pinched her ass, making her shriek again.I was shivering from anger. The adrenaline rushing through my veins made my heart pound crazily. My fists were still clenched from all the suppressed rage during the last few minutes. With white knuckles and red face, I was standing in front of my chair, looking into the eyes of the asshole groping my loving girlfriend. I was breathing heavily, feeling like my heart would jump out of my chest at any minute. This had to be the famous “fight-or-flight response” they were teaching us about in biology class.Suddenly, I realized we were not alone. People were gathering around us and started laughing after I got up from my chair. My mind was blanking out the presence of the other party guests, right after Sarah got down on her knees. I felt embarrassed. The tension in my body was gone in an instant, after I could see several cell-phones directed at me or Sarah, to record what would happen next. Everybody was hoping for a fight, nerdy student vs bodybuilder, but it seemed like nobody was betting on me to win.All my anger turned into fear. I started panicking and ran out of the room, squeezing myself through a crowd of laughing faces and phone cameras, until I reached the patio door. It felt like a horror movie until I could finally step outside into the garden, where apparently no one had realized what had happened inside yet. After closing the door behind me, everything turned silent again. Even though it was a warm summer evening, only a few people gathered outside. Nobody paid attention to me storming out into the garden, panting and with tears in my eyes. Small groups of people were just standing around, being engaged in conversations. I sat down alone on a secluded wooden bench that was located near the hedge marking the border to the neighbor’s garden. Sitting down, all my emotions just brake through at once. The tears began running down my face, trickling down on the illegal bahis lawn from my chin, as I was sitting there in a hunched posture, sobbing heavily. I tried to conceal my suffering by hiding my sad face with my hands, even though nobody around seemed to care anyway.I don’t remember how long I have been sitting there. My mind was playing tricks on me, by reminding me of how lovely Sarah had been in the past. For some reason, the moment of her, undressing in front of me for the first time, came to my mind. We had been together for a few weeks already and I was too scared to make a move. One evening, while watching the last season of breaking bad together in my room, she suddenly got up from the couch between episodes and turned around to look at me. She wore a tight-fitting red dress that covered her firm butt and revealed a little bit of cleavage as well. Down below, black leggings that fit like a second skin, completed her outfit.She slowly lifted the dress over her head to reveal her flat belly and beautiful breasts in an almost transparent bra. I was completely stunned and didn’t know how to react, as she was looking at me with a playful smile.”Don’t you want to touch me sweetie?” she asked in a seductive voice while climbing onto my lap with her slim legs widely spread. “What…what are you… doing?!” I gasped, paralyzed by surprise.”Don’t be shy.” she whispered, as she took both of my hands and put them onto her firm breasts.I remember squeezing them softly through the fabric of her bra, remember how I could feel my erection rising with her sitting on top of me. It was the night she took my virginity and I will never forget it.Chapter 4: Where is Sarah?”Hey, are you okay?” a familiar voice asked.I looked up and saw Jenny standing in front of me. She had been the best friend of Sarah since high school and I got along with her pretty good as well. Occasionally she would tease Sarah and me on when we would finally get married, but tonight she probably realized as well that this would never happen.”What do you think? I just had to watch this asshole treat Sarah like shit… and she seemed to like it…have you seen the smile on her face?” I responded, wiped a tear from my face and realized I had to hide a massive erection from the thoughts I just had.”Something is wrong with her, I have never seen her act like this before.” She said, shaking her head slowly in disbelief and taking a huge sip from her drink afterward. Then she looked at me and handed me her plastic cup.”You need this more than me right now.” “Thanks…” I responded silently and took the cup from her.I could see that she was nervous as well and didn’t know how to handle the situation. Probably she wanted to comfort me in a way but realized that there was nothing she could to make me feel better. It was getting awkward as she was standing in front of me, looking around, not knowing what to say anymore. To escape the obligation to hold the conversation I took several sips from the big cup I was holding. It tasted like some strong liquor mixed with a cheap red bull surrogate and it made my throat burn from the alcohol at every sip.”I hope you can settle things with her again, please do something Tim, I know she loves you” she said soft-spoken putting one hand on my shoulder and then turned around to walk away slowly.A few minutes passed, and I could feel the alcohol already. During the time with Jenny, I emptied the whole cup in a matter of moments and I have never been a heavy drinker before. I felt dizzy and repeated Jenny’s words in my head over and over again. She was right, Sarah and I have been together for a long time, our relationship could not be destroyed so easily. I got up from the bench and started to walk through the garden, towards the house again. Even though I was a little unsteady on my feet, my confidence was as high as it had not been for a long time.After opening the patio door again, I entered the living room again and was looking for Sarah illegal bahis siteleri to get her back. She was nowhere to be seen, I searched every room on the ground floor, squeezing through crowds of drunk people that seemed to have already forgotten about what had happened earlier. Like a maniac I took the next best guy by the shoulders and shouted at him:”Where is Sarah? The small blonde girl! I need to talk to her.””What? Who? Ah yeah, I think I know who you mean. He took her, just threw her on his shoulder and carried her up the stairs, warning everybody not to follow them.” the guy answered, confused at first, and then shrugged as if he didn’t care.Before he finished answering, I already pushed him aside and fought my way through the party-mob again, heading for the stairs. At the foot of the stairway, I hesitated for a moment but then began to slowly climb upwards. On my way upstairs, the party music faded, and I could start to hear a variety of noises from above. As I got further up, it sounded like a mixture of someone clapping, a slatted frame creaking at the edge of breaking, and a high-pitched squealing of a kind that I had never heard before. Following the noises, I ended up at a bedroom door that was left ajar, so that I could peak inside unnoticed and see what was going on.From the noises I heard before, I could already imagine what was going, but seeing it for myself gave me another punch to the stomach. They were on a king-sized bed together. Sarah was on all fours, facing the bedroom door, her eyes closed tightly, and face contorted with pain. It was still smeared with a mixture of his cum and her make-up, and her mouth was opened to scream and moan at the same time. She was completely naked now and her body was drenched in sweat, making her skin shine in the dimmed light of the room. I couldn’t tell if she was having an orgasm, because I had never seen her face like this, let alone hear such noises from her.Right behind her, I saw him. He was on his knees with his muscular upper body in an upright position, thrusting his hips against Sarah’s butt fast and hard. One of his hands grabbed Sarah’s beautiful blonde hair and forced her to bend her back for him, as their bodies banged together repeatedly with a loud clapping noise. His other hand was positioned on Sarah’s hip to pull her tiny body towards his cock with every thrust.I was too shocked and hurt to interrupt them, but I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to see what was going on. So, I just got down on my knees and watched him fuck my girl in front of me. In my mind, I was picturing his cock penetrating her tight little pussy, while I could see Sarah’s face a few meters away from me. From my position, it was impossible to see him entering her but seeing her face and their bodies banging together was more evidence than I needed. Suddenly, he stopped. His hand was still taking hold of her hair as he was pulling out his cock. It was still rock hard, so I supposed he was not done with her yet. He got up from behind her and made his way slowly to the edge of the bed. Without saying a word, he dragged Sarah’s head by the hair and turned her body around to make her lie on her back. Roughly, he pulled her hair again and moved her head over the edge of the bed. Sarah was upside down now and he was standing in front of her, his cock almost touching her cute lips again.”If you’re a good slut now, I will fuck your pussy next time, stupid whore.” he announced and let go of her hair.Does that mean he just fucked her ass the whole time? I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Whenever the topic of anal sex came up in a conversation in the past, Sarah would just turn away in disgust. But apparently, she had no problem with giving her anal virginity to a random guy at a party. I was angry and disgusted by the thought that he had been given the privilege to be her first, while I was just sitting there, watching him use her.”I’ll be a good slut, I promise.” she answered canlı bahis siteleri looking up at him with an almost lovestruck expression on her face.He positioned himself above her face and put his dick between her slightly opened lips. Then he leaned forward a bit and pushed his dick all the way down her throat again until his balls pressed against her nostrils. Sarah struggled to breathe and began to cough as he started to fuck her cute face with strong and deep thrusts, forcing his whole cock down her throat repeatedly. She choked and sounded like she was about to puke, while saliva was running out of the corners of her mouth and down her face. The sound of her gagging on his cock seemed to encourage him to fuck her little throat even harder, as his testicles smacked her face with every thrust. I could see in her eyes how much she was struggling not to puke, while more saliva came out of her mouth and even her nose now.He didn’t care about how she was feeling so he just continued to fuck her throat relentlessly. At some point, he stopped and released a deep moan as his cock was buried deep inside her and his balls started twitching. Another load of his thick cum was forced down her throat and Sarah struggled to keep it all inside. It came out of her mouth and nose at the same time after she started coughing helplessly under him. It felt like an eternity for me watching him cum down her throat again, and I couldn’t help but recognize that I had an erection looking at him use her as his little cumbucket. I was ashamed of myself but continued to watch.After he finished inside her mouth, he pulled his cock out and directly started to collect his clothes again. Sarah was still lying on the bed trying to catch her breath, still coughing up cum that dripped on the floor beneath her. He started to get dressed again, without paying any attention to her anymore. I knew I had to get away as soon as possible now before he would see me peeking at them. When he put on his shirt I slowly stood up and started to retreat when I heard him talk to her again.”I’ll text you if I need a slut to empty my balls again, next time I’ll take your pussy.”I could not hear her response anymore, because I was already halfway down the stairs again and wanted to get home as fast as possible now. After arriving downstairs again, I directly headed for the door and left the party.Chapter 5: Home againAt home, I took off my clothes and directly went to bed, still thinking about what had just happened. It was impossible to just go to sleep after what I just had witnessed. I don’t remember how long I laid there on my back, staring at the empty ceiling and not being able to have a clear thought. After some time, I heard someone unlocking the door. Sarah must have finally returned from the party, but I was asking myself why she would come to me instead of spending the night somewhere else. She went straight to the bathroom and took a shower, while I started pretending to sleep. She entered the bedroom in silently sneaked around the bed to enter at her side. Under the sheets, she cuddled up against me and put her arms around me.”Are you still awake sweetie?” she whispered.I pretended to sleep at first and hesitated if I should answer at all.”Yeah… couldn’t sleep.” I responded after some time.”I’m so sorry sweetie, it was just a stupid bet and I have had a few drinks too much.” she whispered apologetically.”Did you sleep with him?” I asked directly, without addressing her apology to see if she would be honest with me.”No of course not, after you went outside he left the party and I went for drinks with Jenny and the other girls. Apart from that stupid bet nothing happened, I swear sweetie” she responded in an appalled tone as if my question was completely absurd.”Okay, let’s try to get some sleep, we can talk tomorrow” I whispered, trying to remain calm with my heart racing from anger after she had lied to me.”Love you, sweetie!” she responded, kissing the back of my head.Then she just turned around and happily went to sleep. I was awake for the rest of the night, fighting the images that reoccurred in my head. What should I do now? Sarah was still with me, but obviously, I had lost her to another man tonight.

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