The Lovers

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This story explores the ground between incest, as a red hot fantasy, on the one hand and the true love, which exists between human beings, who just happen to be family members, on the other hand.

This story deals with appearance and reality, with fantasy and fact – with what lies in between. It deals with what lies underneath and is allowed to be exercised and exorcised.



My name is David and I love incest. There I said it.

This is the story of a love triangle between a flaky and arty poseur; a career driven corporate lawyer; and a crazy chain smoking hooker. I am the flaky one and my two older sisters are the lawyer and the hooker.

I am the runt of the family, but I am a lovable runt. I have always shared a close and special relationship with my two sisters. I think I must have gasped and fell for them, as soon as I was old enough to recognise them. And I was their precious kid brother. I was their lovable runt.

It was all quite innocent at first. I was in puppy love and had a wide-eyed crush on both of my sisters. They cared for me in return, but they loved to tease me about my affection for them. Everybody knew I had a thing for them.

I was 19 when I reached the conclusion that incest was the only choice for me. I wanted my mother, my grandmother and an aunt. I actually worked up the nerve to date a much older woman named Sarah, who looked and dressed like my mother. I shocked my parents, and made my two sisters snicker behind their hands, when I brought Sarah home for a family dinner one night. I was clearly a weirdo in everyone’s eyes, but a lovable weirdo. Sarah didn’t stick around for long.

I was, of course, obsessively in love with my two older sisters. They were both so beautiful.

My sisters were the ones who forced the truth out of me and confirmed everyone’s suspicions. They kept pestering me about my incestuous desires.

“Ewwwww David,” was their response when I admitted it. But then they both broke into a grin and burst into laughter.

“I like sleazy girls as well,” I announced solemnly.

“You’re such a creep David.”

“I know, but I can’t help it,” I responded, feeling gloomy and hopeless.

My sisters just laughed at me.

Everybody knew I liked incest. My sisters made sure of that and people just kept talking about it.

I actually tried asking my divorced aunt Jenny out on a date once, but she laughed, slapped my face and told my mother. I copped a tongue lashing from my parents. Then I tried to kiss my lovely grandmother on the lips one night after a family dinner. She just looked at me, confused and passed the information on. I ended up getting another tongue lashing.

I think my parents breathed a sigh of relief when I moved away and went to college. I went away so horny, with my tail between my legs – I hadn’t taken any of my family members to bed. I received laughter, slaps and tongue lashings instead of the soft blow jobs and intercourse I craved.

I bought heaps of mainstream movies featuring incestuous relationships. I had books and magazines. I had a huge collection. I was also an aspiring writer, so I could detail my fantasies in short stories and post them online, but it wasn’t enough. It all left me so frustrated.

I had a hunger I couldn’t satisfy – I needed my mother, my grandmother and my aunt, but most of all I needed my two sisters.



“Do you want to have dinner with me,” I asked my older sister Tess.

“Are you asking me out on a date,” Tess asked, breaking into a surprised smile.

“Yes I am,” I said, feeling self-conscious, but determined to present a self-assured front.

Tess rose from her chair and came out from behind her desk. She stood in front of me and looked me up and down. Her eyes rested on mine and she asked me again.

“You’re asking me out on a date?”

“Yes, I am Tess,” I said, feeling even more self-conscious, still desperate to keep my composure.

My sister regarded me with a delighted expression on her face. She crossed her arms, sat down on the edge of her desk and looked at me silently with a grin.

“That’s why you came up here? Did mom tell you Dan and I broke up?”

“Yeah, mom told me this morning.”

“And you thought you’d try your luck, now that Dan’s out of the picture?”

“Yes, that’s why I’m here Tess.”

My sister laughed and stood up. She took a step towards me.

“And where would you take me David? Do you have a restaurant in mind?”

“Yes,” I said feeling a bit more confident because she hadn’t rejected me outright. “I have a reservation for two at Julian’s tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night – wow, you don’t give a girl much notice, do you? What if I have something else lined up for tomorrow – then what?”

“Just cancel it Tess.”

My sister laughed, pleased by my approach. She looked at me for a moment and nibbled at her bottom lip.

“Thanks for the offer David,” she finally bahis firmaları said, ready to return to her desk, “but I already have a date lined up for tomorrow night. The guy’s not my little brother either, which helps.”

“Tell him you can’t make it Tess,” I said. “Come out with me instead.”

“Wow, you’re persistent,” she said, looking at me more seriously. “David, I don’t think I can go out on a date with you. You’re my brother.”

“Just call him Tess and tell him you can’t make it.”

“David, you should ask Brandi out. I’m sure she’ll say yes and give you what you want.”

Tess had mentioned my other older sister. I did want to date Brandi, but I was there for Tess.

“Just call him Tess – please.”

Tess laughed softly and stared at me for a long moment. Suddenly, she reached for the phone and punched in the number. She looked away. She turned and walked across her office as she spoke.

“Hi Michael – it’s me Tess. Look, I can’t make it to dinner tomorrow night. Yes, there’s something urgent and I can’t get out of it. Yes, I know. Yes, let’s re-schedule it. When? Oh, let me give you a call Michael. Yes, of course I’ll call you. Yes, I know, you’ve been waiting to go out with me for ages – you and everybody else Michael. Yes I know. Look I have to go Michael – I’ll call you later.”

Tess hung up and put the phone back down in the receiver. She turned back to me.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” she said. “This is such a crazy idea David – completely mad. This is something Brandi would do – something completely stupid.”

“But you’ll come to dinner with me?”

Tess stood there nibbling her lip again, regarding me.


“Yes, okay David. I’ll go out on a date with you tomorrow night, just to shut you up, but you can’t tell anyone about this. You have to promise: don’t tell anyone ever.”

“I swear – I won’t tell anyone Tess.”

“Oh god, you better not. Now just go David, before I regain my sanity and change my mind.”

“Will I pick you up or meet you there Tess?”

“There David – now please go. I have to get back to work.”

“Okay, I’ll see you there at 7 Tess.”

“Yes, 7pm – sounds good.”

I left my sister’s office, closing the door behind me. I smiled and nodded at Tess’s personal assistant and went out into the hall. I was in an elevator a minute later.

I was grinning like a fool and strangers regarded me with caution, as I started skipping down the street. I couldn’t believe Tess was going to have dinner with me, and had cancelled another date to fit me in. I never thought it possible. I was sure my older sister was going to flatly refuse me and reject my invitation on the spot. But she said yes and I hadn’t applied much pressure either. I was so pleased.

I stopped in at a noisy city bar on the way, had a drink and thought of Tess. I was still on cloud nine. But then my self-assurance began to totter. Tess can be quite unpredictable at times. Was she going to call me at any moment, tell me she had regained her sanity and was cancelling our date for tomorrow night? I looked at my phone, as it lay there on the bar. It didn’t ring.

I guess I should give you a bit more background, don’t you think?

Tess, Brandi and I are blood family, as I’ve already said. Tess is 7 years older than I am and Brandi is 5 years older. Tess is 30 years old, Brandi is 28 and I am 23. I am apparently a baby, as Tess and Brandi like to tell me, when they want to tease and taunt me in front of other people.

I hadn’t seen Tess at all, over the last few years, because I was away at college up north and hadn’t been home in a long while. She spent a lot of time in New York or gallivanting around Europe on business, so we were never in the same place at the same time. I never saw Brandi either. She was busy provoking outrage, really playing the “black sheep of the family” and causing all sorts of dramas, from what my mother told me. Finally, I returned to the city to share a place with a couple of friends, after I finished my studies. I got to see Tess and Brandi again and all the old feelings re-surfaced.

Tess noticed the way I was mooning over her, at a recent family dinner. She declared that I still was in love with her and still had a crush on her. She was right and everybody laughed at me, while I went bright red. My family knew I had a thing for my older sisters and were reasonably indulgent. It was usually regarded as an old family joke.

“Wait a second, I thought he had the hots for me,” my other sister Brandi had announced. “His tongue’s been hanging out all night.”

This well placed taunt caused me to blush even more. A roar of laughter erupted around the table.

“Oh no, he’s wants me more than he wants you Brandi. Isn’t that right David?”

“Oh, is that right, is it Tess,” Brandi shot back.

“Yes it is Brandi.”

“Right, well we’ll see about that,” Brandi muttered under her breath.

There was an awkward pause. An old family joke had kaçak iddaa been taken a few steps too far.

“Girls, please. I don’t want another fight, and over something so silly as well,” my mother had said, angrily.

I had strong feelings for Brandi and I was physically attracted to her, but Tess was right. I was in love with Tess more than Brandi, at that period in my life. At least I thought so.

At the time it seemed to be a hopeless situation, from my point of view. Tess had been with a boring older banker named Dan for nearly a year and she had moved in with him. They were starting to talk about getting engaged. At the time I threw my hands in the air, looked up and cursed the heavens – I didn’t think I had any chance with my eldest sister.

But then the incredible happened: Tess and Dan broke up – she moved out of his place and found an apartment downtown. I don’t know why the breakup occurred, but Tess may have been to blame – she did love guys and sex. It was tough for a man to hold Tess down long enough to put a ring on her finger. She must have cheated: bless her sweet heart. I loved her for it.

So I had an opportunity – a slim chance to actually do something and get the result I was hoping for.

On the spur of the moment I drove into the city and visited Tess at work, determined to ask her out to dinner. Tess was a high powered lawyer and she was usually never available, but as luck would have it she was there and could see me. I walked in there and confronted my sister, made my pitch and she agreed.

As I had a second drink it occurred to me: was Tess just humouring me? Was our date a real date, or was my sister just treating it as a joke? Did she just see it as a chance for a brother and sister to catch up, have a laugh and ultimately affirm a purely Platonic relationship?

Please God, surely that wasn’t the case, as I was in love with Tess. I didn’t want a Platonic relationship with my sister. I didn’t care about dirty words like incest. I loved and craved Tess. I needed her like I needed food, or water, or air. I didn’t care about society’s judgement. I just hoped Tess felt the same way I did – there was a big question mark: did Tess feel the same way I did? I suddenly felt depressed.


It was the next evening and I arrived at the restaurant at 6.30pm and waited for our table to become available. I was seated at 6.46pm and sipped a glass of champagne, as I waited for my sister to arrive.

I had spent a few hours taking care of every possible area of grooming concern. Normally, I bummed around in my beaten shapeless clothing. I liked to appear shabby like an art graduate and pseudo-beat writer was supposed to look. I knew Tess though – she would want me to make a real effort for her and look and smell nice and that’s exactly what I did. I felt awkward though.

At 7.40pm the doorman opened the door and in sauntered Tess. The eyes of at least a dozen men moved automatically in her direction and followed her as she walked between the tables towards me. I couldn’t believe she was actually there! She didn’t call and chicken out.

My sister’s Auburn coloured hair was pinned up, which exposed the soft pale skin of her neck and shoulders. She wore a short sleeveless, backless glittering silver dress, which plunged in the front. She wore emeralds and diamonds which flashed in the subdued restaurant light and highlighted her striking blue-green eyes. She looked so beautiful.

“Hi David, I’m sorry I’m late,” she said as I jumped to my feet, almost knocking my chair over in my effort to kiss her softly on the cheek. She grinned.

She smelt so good. I sat down again, before Tess saw the erection quickly growing in my pants.

“What are you drinking David, champagne?”

“Yes, it’s quite nice,” I said and then got the attention of the waiter by clicking my fingers at him. He filled her glass as she gazed at me.

“You look perfectly dressed and groomed tonight,” Tess said appreciatively. “How do I look?”

“You look beautiful Tess.”

She smiled and then lifted the glass to her lips.

“I hope this doesn’t feel awkward Tess,” I asked, instantly regretting my words.

“No actually David, it doesn’t feel awkward at all,” Tess replied, reaching out to stroke my hand. “I know how you feel about me.”

“So, this is a date,” I asked softly.

“Yes it is David. But you have to promise that this is between us two. You can’t tell anyone, particularly Brandi.”

“No, I won’t tell anyone Tess – does this mean…”

“Uh huh, it does,” Tess said, looking me right in the eyes. “This is a date like any other date, even if you are my kid brother. Play your cards right David, because I’m keeping score. You may hit the jackpot tonight.”

I gasped and my sister laughed. My cock just got that much harder.

The entrees arrived and we carefully picked at our food. I had to remember that I wasn’t devouring a burger and fries. I did need to show some finesse.

I looked for a conversation kaçak bahis topic and I tried choosing her work. Tess shot me down. She didn’t want to talk about work. I talked about my poetry and art for a while and sounded like a pretentious clown. I was sure I was fucking this up big time.

“Relax David,” Tess said, smiling. “Just be natural.”

I laughed, then sighed and mooned over her like love-struck kid.

We finally talked about my latest goings on, but it wasn’t working because her beauty caused my brain to stop functioning and my voice to stutter. The conversation broke down. I just ended up smiling at my Tess and sighed again like a delirious crush would.

My sister had a cheeky expression on her beautiful face. She stirred her entree fork in the rich white seafood sauce and slipped the tip of the fork between her lips and sucked the sauce off. She smiled at me and winked. I of course looked at her, all wide-eyed and tongue-tied like a damned fool.

“Tess – am I making any progress points wise,” I asked desperately.

“You’re not doing too badly,” Tess said softly.

I smiled happily. Tess slowly leant forward as she started a conversation. I was honestly trying to listen to her attentively and follow what she was saying. I managed to respond. She had leant forward and I could almost see down her dress. I saw the tops of her beautiful breasts. Was she even wearing a fucking bra?

Meanwhile, my sister’s still stirred the tip of her entree fork in the seafood sauce and gently sucked the sauce off. I had the dirtiest thoughts running through my mind – thoughts of Tess licking and sucking dribbling semen from the tip of my cock. Jesus H Christ, I had to get a bit of focus. I tuned in again:

“And it got really full, hard and red,” Tess said, laughing, her eyes sparkling. “It just exploded everywhere. I got it all over me, remember?”


“David, remember? The strawberry shake we made together when you were younger. The machine blew up and I got strawberry shake everywhere.”

“Oh shit, oh yeah.”

“Yes David – I just kept stirring that mixture up, really working it with my hand for ages until the mixture was so hard and thick. No wonder the machine blew up. I got it all over my face and hands David. Do you remember David? Hey, are you listening? Earth to David, come in David?”

I grinned – red faced – at Tess and she broke into laughter.

Our dinners arrived and we enjoyed our beautiful meals. I got beef and my sister got chicken. They were such exquisitely presented dishes on the gleaming white plates.

We changed tact in our conversation. Tess decided to tell me about her breakup with Dan. She adopted a quiet and confessional tone of voice. She picked at her food as she talked.

“It’s really my fault.”

“No, I’m sure it’s his fault Tess.”

“No David, I’m the one who cheated on him. He caught me with another guy. Dan came home and found me and another guy doing it in our bed. I can’t even remember the guys name David.”

“Well, Dan didn’t deserve you. He just wasn’t the one.”

“That’s a sweet thing to say David. I’m just a bit of a slut David. I always have been.”

“That’s not true Tess.”

“David, it’s true,” Tess said smiling. “I’ve slept with so many men, I’ve lost count.”

I knew I should have argued with my sister, but I had a hard cock and I stared at her again. I was so infatuated. Tess’s promiscuity and her sexual experience were just two of the reasons I was so attracted to her.

Surely she knew I was turned on. I felt ashamed of myself.

“Brandi and I never get on, and we fight all the time, but we’re just the same. We’re both into men.”

“But Brandi’s work is so different to yours Tess.”

“Is it?”

“Of course,” I replied.

“I do a damned good job David, but do you know why all the firm’s male clients want to work with me, rather than someone else?”

“Why, Tess?”

“Because I seal the deal in bed David – that’s what I always do.”

“Wow,” I said, as I looked at my sister’s sparkling eyes and sexy smile.

“I take them to bed and keep them there until the deal is done, and I have their signature on the dotted line. I could tell you some wild stories David. Being a hard worker and a man-eater are turning me into a top earner in my field.”

I wasn’t too sure what to say.

“I’m not the only man-eater on the block. There are others like me out there – people who are smart, good at their jobs and yet seal the deal in bed. It is the ultimate in customer service. I’ll fuck your brains out night after night, if you’re a valued client of mine. It’s good business David.”

“I think you’re a great lawyer and really smart Tess. You don’t have to sleep with people, if you don’t want to.”

“I know I’m a great lawyer and really smart,” Tess said, looking at me like I was a fool. “You don’t understand David. I love sleeping with my clients. I love it, that’s who I am. That’s who Brandi is as well. Don’t you get it?”

There was another pause.

“You’re so beautiful Tess, so wonderful,” I finally said.

“You really mean that, don’t you,” Tess said softly.

“Of course, Tess.”

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