sissy maker 2


sissy maker 2Its became so clear he was going to keep me as his secret sissythe next morning i had clear instruction waking up dizzy still plugged and the buzzing waking me up my phone ringing daddy texting me”morning cindy , daddy is working until 17 after that i want you getting dinner done as i relax””i want you to go get your order at this store before you come home”i never felt so shyhe finished by sending a pict of me in panty ass up taking his bbc”never forget who is your daddy”i felt like a slut, looking at the picture i was clearly a fag nowgoing to school feeling owned and crazy about continuing Cindy trainingthe school wasnt over but i had to leave if i wanted to be ready at 17i drive to the shop and god i knew i was getting a sexy outfit once i got in the parking lots of a big romance sex shopi was so fucking shy asking for a order”hi how may i help you?”the blond older lady smiling at me”i ….i am here to pock some order…””okay at what names?””….Mike””lets see i have a ”big daddy mike” ””are you cindy?””……yes its this one””dont be shy , i like cute sissy boy myself, its so cute””i bet you are all pretty when your sucking on his fat cock”she was so kinky talking like that to me i felt stupid ”come here i need to help you try tekirdağ escort what he bought and make sure its the right fit”i seriously didnt want her to , i just want to leave with my stuffbut i endup sit on a bench in the changing area , has she locked the door remotely her looking at me undress nervousgod was it weird when she touch my lil cock calling it a sexy small dickgetting a hello kitty medallion plastic thing over my little cock”here we go , so perfect . holding my cage up cock the little hello kitty medaillon clinging on the pink pastic thing ””you know , I have cute sissy boy coming here in secret wanting to make their daddy happy, this is so cute, i love helping you cute sissy be pretty ””he gonna love you so much more now you can concentrate on his cock”lifting my legs talking like this was just normal a very sexy hello kitty one piece body suit getting lifted on my shaved body ”oh he really chose a cute kit for you , my god you are a pretty lil thing ”i felt so tight, my lil cage stretching in front , the obvious cage bulge rub on by her hand asking me if i like my cute lingery”you little cock boi all endup pretty and meeting big older black guys, it makes me so fucking horny helping you submit to him, he is so big i bet you just tekirdağ escort bayan cant stop wanting to please his bbc”i coudnt answer getting back my cloth her looking at me dress up”its ok, you so small , its ok boy, now go out and be a good girl for him”i was at his door 10 min before he got home , i just had time to find the hidden key and get in starting the oven to make him dinnerin my one piece hello kitty with a frilly lacy pattern waiting for him , feeling owned in little cage and young teen lingery making dinner not wanting him to be mad at mei was speechlesshe got in followed by 2 other black older guys smiling wide at me ”hi cindy daddy home , it smell good in here , come here i want you to meet my business partner’s’i was so shy walking toward em in heels , dress like a teen hello kitty slut ”hi cindy iam Paul ””im Peter”shaking both them hands”hi…nice to meet you””she is very cute Mike you were not wrong, its a deal””perfect , cindy get dinner done and bring us beers ok sweathearth””ok daddy…””my god mike she is nice”turning around daddys friend looking at my small smooth ass in the tight pink one piece in heels ass up , so inviting , little pretty dolli fetch beer and was thanks by daddy ”you arent plug? be a good girl escort tekirdağ and go get your plug baby”his friend looked at me drinking beer , watching the newsdaddy having me on his lap ass up, spitting on me, string on the side getting the vibrating plug inside tapping gently on it to go down ”fuck mike she is so nice , i want my cock in her””so no dinner then?””ok ok dinner yes ””go back cindy ,”my suit back plugged walking , feeling i was a doll , 3 guys wanting my boy cunt i loved all the attentioni was cooking when Paul came to the kitcheni felt him rub on my ass i turned and he was so hard under his panti touch him ”wanna have a quick taste?”i look up from my knees nodding his pant going down ”oh shit yes”pumping in my mouth some morebefore getting it back in”okay okay wow i like you””i love your bbc””get dinner done i cant wait cindy, you suck very good”10 minutes later they all eat enjoying the meal and the sissy slut sucking uder the table”mike this is great, i miss judge you””its fine, no harm done”he finish eating first i was help out from under the table and walk to the living room next to the kitchen ”come here slut , just like that little girl”ass up and fuck by paul, the other 2 eating watching me getting fuckdaddy stayed drinking his beer at the tablepete and paul on both end on his sissy daughter having a nice time making me bounce between 2 bbcmoaning and helpless loving bbc so much”hello kitty little wore you feel so good”daddy sipping his beer watching his sissy bitch progress

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