Sandy Ch. 02

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That night I left Sandy, after giving her $300.00. I had actually tried to give her more but she wouldn’t take it. “You have made this one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. I feel guilty taking any money from you, but I do really need it.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “Take the extra money.”

“Rob, I want to see you again and again. I don’t want to send you broke and never see you again.”

“Sweetheart you don’t have to worry. I’d rob a bank if necessary to be with you again.”

“Well, that had better not be necessary,” she laughed and then added, with a longing look in her eyes, “You will see me again, won’t you?”

I leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips, “Try and stop me!”


So there I was, driving home in my car thinking to myself as I drove “how could this have been so good and why was I feeling like this. After all, it was a paid for fuck!”

But it didn’t matter how I reasoned it. I was stoked on this woman!

The next day I had to drive to Muswellbrook, about a four hour drive into the country. I hate having to work Saturdays, but business is business. Anyway it is a lovely drive and Muswellbrook is a pretty town, situated in the Hunter Valley, one of the premium wine producing areas of New South Wales. Having left home very early, I was just pulling into the car park of the shopping centre I was to look at, at about 9am, and my mobile phone rang.

It was her!

“Rob, I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything important, but I just had to ring and tell you how much I enjoyed last night and how much it meant to me.”

I was gobsmacked! Then I remembered her financial position.

“Hang up and I’ll call you back,” I said.

“What? Oh thank you,” she replied, and hung up.

I called her straight back.

“This is an entirely unexpected pleasure,” I said when she answered; “You were the last person I expected to hear from.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Well, putting this as delicately as I can, it was a financial arrangement when it’s all said and done.”

I heard a sharp intake of breath and what sounded like a stifled sob.

“Oh, you think I’m just a cheap slut! A whore! Well I’m sorry I bothered you!”

“Hey, whoa! Stop! That’s not what I think at all. I’m flattered that you would want to contact me. In fact I’m over the moon. I just didn’t think that you would.”

“And why not?” she asked. Then she answered her own question. “It’s because of the paying thing, isn’t it?”

“Well, I guess so. Look let’s just forget this part of the conversation took place and start again. I’m flattered you rang and I want to see you again. So when can I?”

“I’m sorry Rob. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I rang. I should have remembered about the paying arrangement. It’s just that I had such a wonderful time last night and I wanted to tell you. I haven’t enjoyed sex, like last night, since I can’t remember when. And I wanted to be sure I’d see you bursa escort again.”

“Sandy, rest assured you’ll see me again. As soon as you like. How about tonight, I’ll be back in Sydney by six.”

“Why, where are you?” she asked.

“I’m in Muswellbrook, had to come up here to look at a shopping centre.”

“Oh bugger,” she said.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“The kids are going out with my girlfriend and her kids and I thought you might come over and make love to me again. We did make love, didn’t we Rob?” she almost pleaded.

“Yes honey, we did make love and I would give anything to be there and do it again. But this is work and I had to be here.”

“I wouldn’t want more money Rob. I just wanted to see you again. Is that silly?”

“No sillier than how I felt when I left you last night. Look, can you get someone to look after the kids tonight? If you can, how about I take you out for dinner and we’ll discuss everything.”

“I can’t promise, but I’ll try. I might prevail on David’s (her ex-husband) parents. They love having the kids and understand I have a life. I’ll ring you later and confirm. OK?”

“Sure,” I said “but just let it ring two or three times and hang up, I’ll ring you back.”

I heard the little intake of breath, like a stifled sob. “Thank you for being so thoughtful.”

“It’s OK hon. I’ll talk to you soon, I hope.”


I knocked on her door that evening, as arranged, at 6.30.

If she was breathtaking the night before, she was radiantly beautiful now!

Once more I was gobsmacked!

“You look devastating!”

“Why thank you kind sir. You look pretty swish yourself,” she smiled.

I had gone to the effort. Shirt and tie, smart jacket and slacks, but she was amazing.

She was wearing a simple suit. The skirt was about mid thigh, showing those fantastic legs. The jacket, undone enough to reveal a lacy semi transparent top, fitted around her waste, accentuating her beautiful figure.

“That suit is perfect for you,” I exclaimed.

“I’m glad you think so,” she said dryly, “it’s my fourteen year old daughters. I don’t have any really nice clothes to wear, so I borrowed Kim’s.”

“Well, I’d hate to think Kim would look as good as you do, in that suit. Anyway I’ve got a surprise for you. We’re going to Star City (Sydney’s only casino) to see the Rocky Horror Show.”

She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me. Then she pulled her head back, looked at me and planted her mouth firmly on mine, her tongue snaking its way into my mouth. I responded likewise and we engaged on a passionate exchange on her doorstep.

After what seemed like an eternity, we broke apart. “Unless you want me to pull you inside and fuck your brains out, we’d better stop this,” she grinned.

I grinned back. “Honey I’ve got a cabbie mate of mine picking us up any minute so we don’t have the time.”

With that there was the sound of a horn blowing and Steve was bursa escort bayan in the driveway.

Forty five minutes later I was holding the door open as Sandy alighted from the cab. Her short skirt slid higher and I was sure I got a glimpse of bare pusssy. As I paid Steve he apologised for not being able to take us home due to a prior booking and whispered, “Shit, she’s hot mate. You lucky bastard!”


The show was great. A remake of the old sixties hit show. Our seats were at a table right at the front and I’d organised a couple of bottles of champagne. During the course of the evening Sandy kept squeezing my thigh and occasionally brushing her hand across my now semi-permanent hard-on. In the darkness of our table I let my hand drop onto her thigh and slowly trailed it up under her short skirt. I touched bare flesh and she shuddered slightly.

I was right! No panties!

She turned towards me, smiled and gave my member a good hard squeeze. “I can’t wait to get that inside me,” she whispered.

I nearly blew my load then and there!

As we filed out of the theatre I asked her if she’d like a coffee or something to eat.

Her hand in mine she just looked at me and said “I just want to get you home and screw you ’til the sun comes up!”

I had no sooner given the taxi driver our destination and she was kissing me passionately, her tongue intertwining with mine, her hands grabbing at my cock through my pants as we groped at each other. I let my hands wander all over her body, my left hand feeling her breasts, squeezing her hardened nipples. My right hand trailing up under her short skirt to her naked pussy. She was sopping wet! It must have been soaking into her skirt she was so wet!

She broke our kissing. Pushed my hand away from her cunt. Unzipped my fly and extricated my raging hard-on from my trousers. She bent down and started sucking, taking all of my cock down her throat then pulling up to the head and back down again, her hand working up and down my shaft

I looked up at the rear vision mirror to see the cab driver adjusting it to get a better view of the action.

I didn’t care. I was in heaven!

We came to the toll booth on the motorway. The driver stopped to pay the toll.

Sandy just kept on stroking and sucking!

I don’t know who was the most amazed. Me, the cab driver or the toll collector!

As we neared the end of the motorway I could feel my orgasm building. The driver wanted directions and I was about to blow!

“Right onto Windsor road,” I croaked as I erupted down Sandy’s throat. My orgasm was exquisite. The pleasure I felt as my hips bucked against her willing mouth was excruciatingly beautiful. The cum spewed out of my cock in what seemed to be an endless torrent, but probably wasn’t any more than a spoonful. My cock seemed to be lodged in her throat as she swallowed every last drop and sucked me ’til there wasn’t a skerrick left.

She lifted her face escort bursa out of my lap, zipped me back up, smiled and said, “I’ve never done that before but I’ve often fantasized about it. Fuck, it’s made me horny. And wet. You’d better be ready to fuck me senseless when we get to my place!”

I thought the cab driver was going to have apoplexy!


As soon as we were inside the front door Sandy started tearing at my clothes. I pushed her away, up against the hallway wall and dropped to my knees. With one hand against her torso I quickly pushed her skirt up around her waist baring her beautiful shaved cunt. Without hesitating I clamped my mouth hard down on her mound, lapping at her wetness, my teeth nibbling at her clit. Her hands grasped me around my head pulling me hard into her cunt. She orgasmed almost immediately, her body shuddering as the orgasm tore through her and me lapping furiously at the juices that poured from her. Her now familiar mutterings, of almost inaudible obscenities, escaped from her lips as her orgasm began to subside. I felt her body begin to go limp.

Still holding her against the wall, I unbuckled my trousers and let them fall to the floor, my undies following. I guided my now rampant cock into her slippery love tunnel, pushing it home to the hilt and slamming her butt cheeks hard against the wall. Sandy responded by thrusting her pelvis at me, her cunt grinding hard down on my cock. She threw her arms around, grabbing my buttocks and me pulling me even harder into her. We kept this furious pace going for what seemed ages but was probably only a few minutes until I felt her body begin to stiffen and I knew she was about to orgasm again. I slammed my cock into her as hard as I could and held it there and she screamed.

“You fucking bastard, pump me! Fuck me! Slam that cock of yours into me!”

Still I held myself rigid, deep inside her as she tried to thrust herself off the wall and onto my cock.

Then it happened. Another orgasm tore through her.

This time her reaction was different.

She held me tightly, pressed her mouth to mine and kissed me passionately, but gently. The kiss went on and on as her orgasm subsided.

I started to move in and out of her again, slowly and gently and her body responded in the same manner. The juices were pouring out of her now, my whole groin area was saturated.

We slid to the floor, never disengaging, the slow fucking and kissing continuing.

I could feel my own orgasm building, slowly, deliciously. That beautiful feeling in your whole body when one of those mind blowing, body shattering orgasms approach. Every nerve ending in your body experiencing that exquisite feeling.

I blew! It felt like my cock was a fire hose, so much spunk coming out!

I held her tightly, kept kissing her passionately as her own body responded with another intense orgasm, our two bodies shuddering and shaking with each other as we spent our passion.

Eventually Sandy looked up at me from the floor and smiled.

“That was the perfect end to a perfect evening,” she said.

I smiled back at her and could only agree.

I think I was falling in love!

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