Part 2 to First Time I shared My Dad


Part 2 to First Time I shared My DadThe Night I Shared my Dad part2The three of us sat all cuddled up on the couch in our living room. As I laid against my dad his arm wrapped around me I thought of what just had happened. Especially of what Lisa had done, her and I had only kissed and played with our tittys but she had fingered my pussy tonight. It had felt so good to orgasm on her fingers and the feelings that ran thru me as we had passionately kissed like never before. At the time I wasn’t for sure whether it was feelings that came directly from Lisa or was it just cause my dad was near. But I was about to find out as you will see.We all sat on the couch for about an hour or so and then dad suggested we all move into his bedroom. We all climbed the stairs together each of us grabbing some part of the other lolDad had Lisa’s tits I had dad’s cock and Lisa’s hand was all over my butt. Dad usher us to the bedroom but Lisa peeled off and said she had to pee so she ran to the bathroom. Dad and I took off what little clothes we still had on and climbed into that big king bed.As dad and I cuddled I gave him one of my looks and dad asked ” Is something on your mind princess? ” I told my dad about the feeling I got when I was embracing Lisa and he just smiled and said ” Let your heart guide you princess ” and he added ” What ever path you chose to walk down he would always be by my side.” Lisa came into the bedroom right about then and we both watched her getting out of her clothes I am pretty sure there was a sparkle in my eye as she did.Lisa got on the other side of dad and for a mintue or two we all just laid there. Until Lisa said ” I am so glad I came home with you Missy.” I looked over at her ” You will always be welcomed into my home Lisa as well as into my heart.” We both met over dad and kissed once again. Our kiss was interrupted by dad’s growing cock lol I looked again into Lisa eyes and told her ” Why don’t you take this for a ride. ” Lisa wasted no time on jumping on top of dad and that little slut took hold of his cock, placed it at her pussy and she literally slammed herself down onto his cock causing us all to let out a moan as dad’s cock filled her full all at once.Lisa leaned forward and kissed dad on his lips as she got use to his cock. I took my hand and was rubbing her back as she slowly started to move back and forth on my dad’s cock.Lisa slowly build up to a good pace as dad’s cock slipped in and out of her pussy. Lisa leaned up and back onto my dads cock and started to grind her pussy hard down onto his dick.I slipped forward a little and rubbed my fingers over those big hard nipples of hers. I leaned forward and traced my tongue around her one nipple then sucked it into my mouth where I suckled on her tit as she rode daddy’s cock.Lisa cradled my head into her arm as she pulled me tighter to her breast then she bent forward and kissed the top of my head . In the mean time I felt daddy’s hand go between my legs and he started to play with my pussy. My dad’s cock must have started to get to Lisa cause she left go of my head and really went to town grinding her pussy down onto his cock.I laid down toward her butt to watch my dad’s cock slide in and out of her pussy, dad could still reach my pussy which was wett with my own juices. Dad had 2 fingers in my pussy and he was using his thumb on my clit rubbing it back and forth on my hard clit.I heard Lisa telling my dad that his cock felt so good and that he was going to make her cum.Dad removed his hand from my pussy and I left out a little whimper hoping that he would put it back in. But I saw his hands go to Lisa’s butt and he started to pull her harder and deeper onto his cock every now and then kocaeli escort he would pull Lisa’s butt cheeks apart and her ass hole would wink at me. I reached out and rubbed his balls and said ” Fuck her daddy Fuck her hard “I heard a long loud moan with a little scream in it escape from Lisa as she started to cum all over my dad’s cock. Globs of her juices came flowing from her as she was rocked by orgasm after orgasm. Dad wasn’t far behind and he lifted his hips up and drove his cock up straight and deep and I heard him moan as he filled Lisa full of his cum. I watched some of his cum escape from her pussy and run down his cock and onto his balls where I scooped some up with my fingers and licked them clean.Lisa leaned down and passionately kissed my dad as she slowly came down off the high she was feeling. I sat up and rubbed her back as she just laid there on top of my dad still shaking from her orgasm. Lisa started to cry I leaned in and asked her why ” Missy I never felt anything like that before.” she managed to get out between her little sobs of joy. My dad’s arms came up and folded around Lisa’s back and he pulled her tighter into his body. I started to kiss Lisa on the back of her neck telling her ” It’s ok my princess daddy has you and will always love you.” I could see Lisa had her face buried into the side of his face and shoulder of my dad just like I have done so many times. I looked down at my dad who just smiled and closed his eyes as he mouthed to me with his lips ” I love you “Lisa laid there with my dad for what seemed like the longest time me rubbing her back or kissing her neck and ears all the while daddy just held her tight. Finally Lisa kind of rolled off of him I could see her eyes were still full of tears and as she said ” Excuse me ” Lisa slipped off my dad and off of the bed. I moved up to my dad’s face and gave him an kiss and told him I would be right back. I followed Lisa to the bathroom where I found her sitting on the throne as dad called it lol. I cradled her head like she had did mine and I asked her if she was alright. Lisa replied ” Yes it just that I never felt anything close to that before. ” ” It was unbelievable and it was like no feeling I ever had before.” ” Almost like all our love in that room rushed into my body at one time. ” Lisa looked up at me with her red tear filled eyes and said ” Thank you Missy for sharing something as special as that. ” I took her head into my hand and our lips met in a passionate kiss.I left Lisa to compose herself and returned to my dad and climbed up a long side of him and laid my head down on his chest dad asked me ” Is Lisa alright? ” I looked into my dads eyes and told him ” You just don’t know how much love flows from you to another when you make love do you. ” Dad looked over at me and he replied ” Princess always remember this sex is just sex till your able to make 2 hearts beat as one.” I laid my head back onto his chest as I heard his heart and mine beating as one.Lisa returned into the bedroom and this time she crawled in behind me and wrapped her arms around me and looked over me to my dad and said ” I see why Missy loves you so much.” Lisa laid her head down on my chest just like I had mine on my dads. We all laid like that for awhile till I felt that need start to flow thru my body, I ran my hand down to my dad’s still wett cock from Lisa’s pussy as I felt a little throb from it I eased on down till my lips met his cock and I planted kisses all over his cock. I started to lick Lisa’s juices from his cock, it didn’t take long before dad was up and ready to go again so I climbed on down in his big bed and I got on my hands and knees and started to work his cock into escort kocaeli my mouth. I looked up to see Lisa rubbing my dad’s six pak stomach kind of tracing the outline with her fingers. Dad had his head tucked along side Lisa as they both watched me work on his now fully hard cock.I saw Lisa slip from the bed again but I was to busy st that moment as I just love sucking daddy’s cock. I started to bob my head up and down his cock kind of tracing his large vein with my tongue every now and then along with flicking my tongue all over the head of his cock.I felt someone touch me from behind it was Lisa slipping her fingers into me from behind. I moaned softly as I felt her fingers slip into my pussy and I felt her lips start planting little kisses all over my butt. Lisa removed her fingers and her lips and I then felt something slipping into my pussy from behind and Mmmmmm it felt so good. I turned a little to see that Lisa had an strap on cock around her waist as she slowly fill my pussy full from behind.I started to moan more as Lisa started to fuck me with her fake cock. It didn’t feel like the real thing but close enough as she slipped it deeper and harder into my pussy. My pussy must have been enjoying it cause you could hear wett sounds coming from it as she fucked me.I just kept sucking daddy’s cock. I t got to where Lisa was matching me as I sucked on his cock when my mouth went down on his cock her fake cock went deep in my wet hole. I wanted to taste daddy’s cum so bad so I took an finger and pressed right below his balls and kind of rubbed my finger back and forth there while moving my mouth on his cock. I used my hand on his cock as I removed my mouth and gave an quick glance at Lisa and told her ” Fuck me fuck me Lisa! ” when I said that I heard dad give an moan and as his cum shot from his cock, my pussy let go with one of my wettest orgasm ever my pussy kind of forced that fake cock out and my juices squirted back at Lisa who just put that cock back into my pussy and kept fucking me I was lost in a world of total pleasure as my pussy just kept cumming and cumming .I screamed a little and moaned loudly and took daddy s cum covered cock into my mouth and cleaned it all offs as I came back down to earth. I finished the last few drops just as Lisa slipped that cock from my pussy when she did I left go of daddy’s cock and whipped around and took her into my arms where we locked in a long passionate kiss. Lisa put her arms around me and drew me tighter to her. As Lisa did I felt her heart beating against mine till I felt only one heart beat as if we were sharing an heart. I thought about what dad had said” Princess always remember this sex is just sex till your able to make 2 hearts beat as one.” This must be what he meant as that all so warm, safe , secure feeling entered my body as we embraced.Well for the next couple days we ran around as 3. Saturday night we all jumped in my dad’s 68 Camaro and Lisa and I dressed liked sluts showed dad’s car and ourselves off. Mostly just cruising and then parking the car Lisa and I on the hood while dad is off talking cars with everyone. Before Lisa and I returned back to school we both had fallen deeply in love with each other. For the first time in my life I felt warm,safe,secure and so loved when I was in Lisa’s arms. Now we would return home to party with dad just about every other weekend as mom was always gone then. The first time back we had a repeat of our 3way but after that we just all hung out and had fun. Lisa and I especially loved our Saturday night car fun with dad.Lisa and I had been home on those weekends about 3 times and when the next weekend came and we returned home and Saturday night kocaeli escort bayan rolled around, Lisa and I were standing out in the drive as dad back that car out. Dad got out of his car came over to open my door like he always did letting me and Lisa get in but this time he left me in and closed the door.Dad turned to Lisa and said ” You 2 don’t need me, ” ” I trust you with my daughters heart.”” I believe that I can trust you with my other baby as well.” and dad tossed the keys to Lisa and he walked away he added ” Careful now she kinds of slips in second every now and then.” I watched dad walk back to the house as Lisa got in, knowing full well he had just given me his princess away. Lisa never did ever slip in second gear neither.Well the days turned to months and Lisa and I were so very happy especially as we were about to graduate from college. Lisa and I called dad and asked him if maybe he would like to join us in a road trip down to Florida kind of like one more final fling. Dad said that would be nice and hell we all will go down in the Camaro. So plans were made to leave on a Friday but my mom dragged my dad to some dam work dinner of hers so we all couldn’t leave till Saturday morning.Lisa said that would be ok she would just hang around her house and drive down to mine come Saturday morning. Well my dad woke me up Saturday morning at about 2am I asked what we getting an early start but he just hung his head and said ” No you have a phone call. “It was Lisa’s mom seemed that Lisa had went out with some friends and they had gotten in a car wreck and my Lisa had gotten herself killed.I was a total mess I had just lost some one so close and so dear. As I stood there crying in daddy’s arms my mom looked out heir bedroom door. I screamed at the top of my lungs ” You fucking bitch it’s all your fault ” ” Now I suppose your gonna take daddy away from me”I buried my face into dads chest and cried dad kind of motioned mom back into the bedroom.I blamed my mom for Lisa’s death as if she wouldn’t dragged my dad to her dinner date we would have left Friday instead of on Saturday. The next day mom said ” Sorry for the lose of your friend.” and I won’t be attending the funeral as I have to work and walked away.I hated her more than ever now. It was her fault that I lost my Lisa. I couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with her and when I saw her around my dad my jealousy turned to pure hate.Dad and I attend Lisa funeral where we kind of hung back till every one else had left. Dad walked me up to her grave site where we both said our good byes to her and we each laid a single red rose on top her coffin. I turned to my dad who once again put those strong big arms around me and as I cried deeply into his chest,he whispered in my ear ” There there princess daddy has you.” ” No one can hurt you as long as i am near.” I felt his arms go around me making me feel safe and secure. When this tragic accident happened I felt I had lost everything except for my dad and my fears were that I would lose him and I would no longer be safe and secure.I carried hate in my mind for many many years blaming my mom for Lisa.But I know she had nothing to do with it and only recently I found out she had not known even about the love Lisa and I shared. Nor did she know that I had shared dad with Lisa, it seemed that dad was able to keep one secret from her. Mom and I have talked and we are going to try to put everything behind us and start fresh. Because instead of blaming her I know now that she cares.As to my dad’s 68 Camaro he still has her and always will. Dad doesn’t drive her any where just pulls her out of the garage maybe each year, He has rebuilt the tranny and the engine thru the years but the old girl still slips in second gear. Will he ever get rid of it? He tells me he never will for there was only one so sweet and dear who never left her slip out of second gear.LISA we both miss you and wish you were hereLove Missy

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