Never Two without Three


Never Two without ThreeI was attending a party, at a pub in a town near where I live.Yes, I was dressed up; a black and white frilly skirt that hung to just above mid-thigh, denim knee high boots and a tiny tube top.I was here because someone at work mentioned this place, not recommended you understand, no; he was complaining about it. He spent about twenty minutes telling us on our lunch hour that every thursday night it was tranny night. His precious pub turned “gay” every thursday.Okay, so he’s an arsehole, we all know, but he doesn’t know that I’m a crossdressing, cock-craving, fuck puppet. If he did, i’m certain he’d support me and not be so crass or bigotted.Anyway; So i’m at this event and I’m having a great time. I usually feel way too self-conscious about being out in public dressed, but I felt instantly at ease here. Everyone was friendly and just having a really good time.I had been bought many drinks both by admirers and fellow gurls. But there was one guy who was giving me a lot of attention, unwanted attention.His name was Jerome, I knew that because he kept repeating it over and over. He was literally following me anywhere I went, asking me all kinds of dumb questions like my star sign or favourite colour.In the end I had to tell him to fuck off multiple times and tried to make it clear that I just wanted to chill out and have fun. He then came out with the greatest comeback ever; that I didn’t like black guys.Now this was funny. I’m not one of these gurls that quivers over black cock, I like any cock, white, black, chinese, hairy, smooth, big, small, some I’m not allowed to mention. Hell, I’d try the Incredible Hulks!I laughed in his face and said it definately wasn’t that!He then started to poke fun, saying how I wouldn’t be able to take him or he’d make me scream with what he could do to me.I again, laughed in his face. This is where the story becomes odd; although this guy was really annoying, I did find him quite attractive. His assertiveness and his manner where pretty convincing and like I said; I’d had a few drinks.I made him a wager, that if he could get me to make a “pleasurable” noise, then I’d be his for the night. But if I got through the night without a peep, he’d buy me food and a taxi home.I was very confident I was going to win this.He spent the next half hour slowly touching my ears and the occasional sly ass grab. Not a single noise from me.I was about to go to the loo when I felt something slide down my legs. I looked down to see my panties had fallen down!I bent over to pick them up and I felt a warmth between my ass cheeks. Yep, you guessed it, I gasped in surprise. The second I made that noise I knew what it meant.Jerome won the bet and I lost a good pair of pants.We arrived at his place about eleven, give or take some. He warned me that he flat shared and his flatmate Chris was always up late. I shrugged and said it didn’t bother me. We’d be in his room afterall.Upon entering, I realised his flat was a studio. All he had was a tv in the corner and two pull out sofa beds. Chris was sitting on the one at the far wall.I was about to say Hi, but Jerome just said;”I got me a old sissy!” and walked over to Chris to high five him.I was about to ask what the hell was going on when Jerome sat down and told me to dance.I stared at him for a bit and he smiled, winked and gave a mock-upset face. It made me laugh so I did a little dance, making sure that my skirt lifted uo just a bit to show off my ass cheeks.”You my type of girl, Kit.” Jerome said. “How about a little roleplay?”So after a few things which I won’t bore you with, we had our scene set; I was not allowed to move. I was to stay on my hands and knees at all times.Chris was going to watch. Jerome was going to “teach” me to afyon escort be a good whore, as that’s what I was; a whore.After a little warm up, things got pretty intense.”Moan like a girl, bitch!” Jerome shouted, spitting on my face afterwards. I obeyed, I moaned and gasped like a good little whore, but I didn’t do good enough as a hand slapped me across the face.”You fucking playing around? You want me to teach you to moan like a slut?” He grabbed my cheeks with his hand, my mouth puckered up and I tried to say sorry.”Sowwy” my voice whimpered.”Stupid fucking whore.” He said, looking to something behind me and nodding.”I’ll teach you to answer back and I’ll teach you how to moan peoperly.” He smiled wickedly.”You’ll be screaming so much, you’ll be begging me to shut your mouth up with my fat fucking cock!”He let go of my face and I felt a cold liquid on my exposed asshole, then laughter.”Chris is gonna ride you for a bit, that ok bitch?”I nodded and made a noise.”The fuck you say?” He shouted, his hand lifting my head up so our eyes met.”Yes, sir.” I said, pathetically.And then, Chris entered me. No warning, barely any struggle. His wide helmet popped inside my ass and I could feel the width of his shaft expand my anus.I gasped and squeeled.They laughed. Jerome the loudest.”Oh fuck!” I heard the voice behind me say as he docked, his hips touching my buttcheeks, then he slid out a little and powered back, thrusting deep.I gasped again.”What I tell you, sissy?” Jerome said, “You gonna learn to be a good bitch, you gonna beg for this.” He grabbed his crotch and slapped my face with his free hand.Chris slapped my ass as he went in and out, swearing and breathing heavily as he did so. He started to go faster after I loosened up a little, my asshole felt like it was on fire, his thrusts were long and hard, almost pulling out of me completely before plunging right back inside.I started to moan loudly, maybe from pain but mostly from being treated like a prostitute, a sex toy, just a doll used to take men’s fluids deep inside my canal.”That’s right, fucking scream you slut!” Jerome sad, becoming excited and fiddling with his zipper. But he didn’t udo it, he was just teasing me. His crotch was just a few inches from me face now, my nose just grazing his jeans when Chris ploughed into me.”You like that?” Chris said, slapping my ass again.”Mhmm.” I mumbled, another thrust.”Man ask you a question, slut! You hear him?” Jerome exclaimed, once again grabbing my cheeks.I nodded, aware that my eyes were watery.This seemed to excite jerome even more. He laughed silently and looked at Chris, then back to me as he poked a finger in between my puckered lips. I sucked.Chris became fast, moaning hard and suddenly, a warm gush filled my hole and a heavy sigh of relief came from behind me. His cock pulled out of my ass and I tried to clench, but my muscles refused to work, I felt warm liquid run out from my hole and dribble down to my tight ballsack, where it finally dripped onto the bed.I also sighed with relief, though Jerome’s finger was still in my mouth.”Sorry J.” Chris said, “Fucking bitch is tight as fuck, I couldn’t hold it!” He laughed.”All good man,” Jerome replied. “Go get your phone and ask Phil if he wants a turn.”He looked back to me, his eyes wide.”Phil is going to fuck you now, hear?” He shook my face a little, “You’ll like Phil, slut. He’s the type you bitches crave.” He paused for a moment and gave me a questionable look.”You don’t make enough noise. We’ll change that. Phil will make you scream and i’m gonna shut your dirty whore mouth with my big black dick.”I’d realised then that perhaps I’d asked for more than I’d bargained for. He took his finger out of my mouth and told me to stay where I was. He left escort afyon the room and I assume went to talk to Chris.After about fifteen minutes, I really needed to pee. I hadn’t moved at all, cum dangled from my limp cock, where it had trickled drown from my ass and balls. My anus felt a little tighter now, almost back to normal.A door bell chimed.My heart skipped as a few seconds later I heard laughing and muffled voices getting closer.”…In here, she a good girl but needs lessons, man, you know?” Jerome said as he entered.Chris followed, I knew it was Chris as he had no trousers on, just his boxers. Following Chris was Phil; a monster of a man. Obviously he was a body builder, I swear that either one of his arms was as thick as my thigh, probably thicker. He was very tall, shaven headed and had tribal tattoos all around his neck.He bent down a little to get a better view of me, I turned my gaze away.”Don’t be lookin’ away from your customer!” Jerome spat.”Bitch needs manners.” Phil said, his voice deep and throaty.”You know it, man. She needs that little ass pounded like a fucking olympic champ.””Fucking break her in two dude.” Chris chimed in, I noticed he was holding up his mobile phone, recording everything.Phil walked around, stooping to look under me as I craned on my hands and knees. When he got to my rear his big hands clasped my bum cheek and caressed.”Who came in her?” Phil asked and he ran a finger around my starfish and gently slid it inside.Chris raised his hand but didn’t speak, he was panning around me with the phone.I felt Phil push his finger all the way in, twisting and wiggling it inside me.”Damn, she’s still tight after your fat dick?” Phil laughed.”Tellin’ you b*o, this bitch gonna last us a time.” Jerome said.Phil’s finger came out of my ass and his hand cupped my clitty and balls.”Look at those, fuck!” He rubbed my smooth dick and sack, pulling slightly.Jerome appeared at my face again, giving me the look he gave me when we first met.”You ready for Phil, slut? He a big boy.” He looked a little concerned.”I need to pee.” I croaked.His concerned look vanished instantly.”Don’t you go talking like that to me, the fuck you think you are?” He pushed my head.He nodded to Phil, who then began to take off his jeans.”See what this bitch can take.” Jerome said.I hung my head and waited for the cold lube to hit my ass. But it never happened. Phil slapped his slightly hard cock on my ass and wiped it around, Chris was over there too, filming of course. I felt Phil’s dick slap upwards into my balls, then he grabbed my clitty and began to rub them together.”Mmm, yeah. I’m about set.” He said.”Phil is big, you got it? He goin in slightly soft, so he going to swell up big inside your ass. You better learn to scream, whore.” Jerome whispered to me.If Phil was only semi-hard now, holy shit his dick was big!It almost felt like a fist being shoved into my ass, the lube and Chris’ cum made it go in easier, but it still hurt like fuck. I gasped and moaned loudly. Jerome whooped. Phile didn’t start slow, he was pushing and pulling me back within seconds, I felt his huge cock getting bigger, swelling up inside my ass, it was like a balloon. I started to pant, quite loudly, Phil’s thrusts were getting painful, the lube and cum were fine for his member when it was going in, but now it was hard, it was almost like he was riding me raw. I couldn’t hold on and my bladder gave in, probably due to the giant piece of man pipe that was inside me, I peed right there, as I was being ridden.Luckily, Chris squirted more lube onto his cock in between thrusts, Phil swore loudly and told his to squirt more, but all over my ass. Phil then rubbed it on, making my butt glisten like two orbs, his large, veiny manhood afyon escort bayan firing hard between them.”She just pissed everywhere man!” Chris said, his phone filming my still pissing cock. Urine doesn’t come out easily or fast when your ass is being assualted by what feels like a teenagers arm.I started to moan and squeel uncontrollably when Phil picked up the pace, ramming me harder and faster, Chris was gasping with delight. Jerome began to unzip his jeans and unleash his cock he’d been boasting about, but before I saw it, Phil shifted up, his knnes either side of my hips now, he drove his massive dick down like a drill into me, the force of it making my head shake up and down. He jabbed in and out like a fucking rabbit, his huge hands under my ribs and pulling me hard, impaling me on his man-rod.At this point, Jerome’s black dick slapped me in the face.”Shut the fuck up bitch, neighbours’ll hear you!”It was then I realised I was screaming. Jerome crammed his meat into my mouth. I took it with pleasure.His dark skin glided easily into my willing mouth, my pink lips wrapped around his cylinder and my tongue carressed the smooth bell-end.Phil, realising the spit-roast, became even more ruthless, the noises he made were like a wild a****ls’. His thrust became shorter and much more intense, the base of his cock stretching my ass to the point it felt it was going to split.”Gonna cum, gonna cum!” Phil screamed.”Cum in the bitch!” Chris yelled.”Breed her man, fucking breed her!” Jerome said.I felt like someone had shoved a super-soaker water gun up my ass and emptied the tank. The amount of cum that shot out of Phils penis was Godly, it hit the walls of my insides and it felt like being flicked with a finger, hard. Many times. He pulsated, swelled and gasped, eachtime a jet of sweet man-nectar fired into my ass. Phil lowered to his knees, but didn’t pull out. His dick was still twitching and still too big to come out without him physically removing it.I, of course, moaned loudly as this happened, my mouth stuffed with black cock and the hot cum inside me made my own little clitty come alive, the more Phil twitched, the harder it got, the more Jerome pushed inside my mouth, the more slurping noises I made, the more saliva dribbled from my lips, the more my cock began to orgasm.It was the best orgasm I’d ever had; a huge cock blocking my anus and another in my gob, I came hard, ass clenching and contracting around the thick meat of Phil, slowly pushing him out. My dick throbbed violently and cum shot down onto the sofa, I made many noises, I think my eyes even crossed, but i think that was to do with the unexpected mouthful of semen that had just shot itself down my throat. I tried to back away, but Jerome had his hands on the back of my head, holding me in place as he thrust deeply in my mouth. Phil, slid out of my hole, my ass expelled a massive gush of cum, it bubbled out noisily, splattering it everywhere and then turning into a trickle. My gaping ass pulsed, widening and contracting. It was bright red around the rim, except for the glossy liquid that seeped out and down my skin.My own cock hung, used and worn out. A contactless orgasm had apparently exhausted it and the result was a yummy puddle of white sissy-cum.I’d swallowed every drop of Jerome’s juice. Every drop except the little that bulbed up as he pulled his cock up, this orb of cum, he wiped down my cheek.The three men, exhausted, walked over to the couch in the corner and slumped down, letting out sighs. Chris was skipping the video already and watching moments of my fucking.I collapsed on the sofa, having been commanded to stay on my hands and knees for so long had left me aching. But satisfied.Ten minutes later, the door closed behind me and I stood in the street in my tiny skirt and tube top, my snipped panties in my hand and a breeze around my bare clit and ass, even colder onthe still damp cum that ran down my legs.I walked home, swinging my hips and a huge smile on my face.

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