Mistis’ Adventures Part 92


Mistis’ Adventures Part 92Meanwhile, Cathy was having a VERY good day at work, in HER estimation. She had 2 living, breathing dolls to play with, and to cuddle and love to her fullest. Her natural maternal instincts were at “Warp Drive.” She was so overcome with love for the 2 infants, that tears flowed down her cheeks, as her emotions took over. THESE were HER niece and nephew. THEY were partially HERS, and would be FOREVER!!! Every time she went into the 2 rooms, she would hug, kiss, and THANK her 2 sisters for what they had brought into the world. Nobody took her actions the wrong way, instead, they were amazed at the AMOUNT of love that seemed to flow from her. Her love was only matched by the Mothers, themselves. Both sisters seemed to simply dote on their offspring. It was like that with the whole family, as well. All agreed that it would take a miracle for them NOT to be spoiled rotten. Cathy had received a phone call early in the afternoon. Robbi and her had spoken, with something being said that made Cathy, which was how she told EVERYONE to address her, laugh. They had heard Cathy say her younger sister’s name. Cathy went around, doing her work, pausing to smile at times, and chuckle at other times. Once she actually broke out in laughter. She was having something funny going on. They hoped she would share it with them, sometime.Mrs. Honey came in early that day. She had arrived at 6:00, instead of at her usual 6:30. She had gone directly to Betty’s room, and then to the nursery, and back to Betty’s room. Sharon was in with her, so she was seeing both sisters at the same time. Cathy had come out to do her “End of Shift” reports, and rejoined them. There had been much laughter coming from the room, piquing the curiosity of everyone on the floor. Mrs. Honey had sent Cathy home, telling her that SHE wanted a complete rundown on the night’s events. The family was informed quietly when they arrived to visit. THEY had enjoyed what the 2 sisters, and Glenda had told them about Cathy, as well.Cathy arrived at the farm a little early, Billy had cooked their supper, and it was a delight. He had cooked a standing rib roast, with potatoes, carrots, and onions, and had made a super, brown gravy to accompany it. He also had green beans, and a very large peach pie. He, during the day, had stopped during his work, and bought a 5 quart container of ice cream. He had brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and made tea and Kool-Aid. This time it was strawberry. He had also put a bottle of red wine out, and opened it, to allow it to “breathe.” They only imbibed in alcohol on special occasions.Cathy looked to see what treats her “hubby” had prepared, and was surprised that it was such a feast. She told him what Robbi had told her, making him laugh, also. “THAT sounds like the Robbi that WE know and love. What do you bet that SHE comes in and is naked in 10 minutes or less.” Billy asked. Cathy refused to bet. She had very little doubt as to what Robbi would do.Supper was ready to be put on the table, and it was decided to use the Dining Room for the occasion, so they set the table, even down to linen napkins, instead of paper. Billy took glasses out of the cabinet, placing 3 at each place. One for water, one for wine, and one for other beverages. Cathy took a bucket and tongs from the counter, and filled it with ice, and setting it back in the freezer, so it wouldn’t melt. It was just now 15 to 7, so they decided to go up and take a shower, and give Billy a chance to dress. Cathy reminded him that Robbi had stipulated that THEY would be naked. They went up and undressed. Billy, as usual, was so turned on by seeing his bride in her altogether, insisted on having a “quickie,” that lasted almost 15 minutes, and making Cathy cum numerous times, before Billy unloaded inside of her. They went to take their shower, trabzon escort with Cathy taking a short side trip to the toilet to clean herself, and douche, and went back to get Billy dressed. Billy insisted, by throwing her on the bed, to her NOT too loud protestations, and fucked her the second time, with her jokingly telling him, “what a mess you made of my pussy.” He offered to lick it clean for her, but, Cathy knew full well what would happen, THEN, and declined his offer. Billy dressed, and they had one last, at least for a little while, kiss. Cathy AND Billy both mused often, as to how they were so lucky to have met, AND married, the loves of their lives. It was all Billy could manage NOT to attack her for the third time, as he watched her touch up her pussy with a razor, and dab cologne on her wrists, under her ears, and a special application to her Mons Pubis. He teased her that that would be the sweetest smelling pussy in the county, tonight.They arrived back downstairs just in time to hear Robbi pulling in front of the house, followed by the sound of a deeper motor, probably using “glass packs.” The sound was almost a rumble. They stood side by side so they would be seen as the door opened. Cathy had let her hair down, loose, and brushed it to a gleam. Her nipples were standing up, fully, in anticipation of being seen by a prefect stranger.The door opened. Billy looked, and nodded, to Cathy. Sometime, in the car, or between the car and the house, Robbi had lost her clothes. She was completely naked. THIS is why she had told Cathy, on the phone, earlier, to be naked when she got there. She introduced Bruce to them, and told them a little about him. She admitted that it was lucky she carried a container of “wet wipes’ because they had stopped just up the road, and she had got in the back of the pickup, to let Bruce fuck her. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly had driven by, and told them that they were going to the mall for a little bit, and Sue and Rick were busy enough that they wouldn’t be missed. Sharon admitted that she was so overjoyed that Bruce was an independent bachelor, that she couldn’t wait to let him sample her charms. She had been tempted to give him some of her pussy in the parking lot, but the Security Guard would probably object.Billy shook his hand, and Cathy kissed and hugged him, rubbing against him, until she got a “rise” from him. He had looked at Billy, and then Robbi. “Robbi told him, “If you want, we will BOTH be at your beck and call. We both look forward to spending some intimate time with you. Whichever you chose, Billy will take care of the other of us. It’s the way of our family. We share EVERYTHING.”They invited Bruce to freshen up, telling him that EVERY bedroom had its own complete bathroom. He had to use the bathroom, and wash up, and was advised to take not only his shoes off, but, ALL his clothes. Billy started undressing as he went up the stairs. A few more minutes and he came down, as naked as the rest of them. Cathy agreed with what Robbi had told her. He WAS a very handsome, and WELL-BUILT man. He was also proving to be a well mannered gentleman. He held the chair to seat Robbi, as did Billy for Cathy. They ate the meal that was prepared, and he complimented Cathy, unaware that it was BILLY that had done the cooking. Cathy thanked him, but, admitted that it was Billy, NOT HER, that had done the cooking. He apologized, and complimented BILLY for the sumptuous meal. IT WAS PERFECT, down to his choice of wines. He and Billy went into the living room, and Robbi and Cathy made their short work of cleaning the table and kitchen. Bruce was again amazed at the efficiency of their work.He had been discussing outdoor sports with Billy, and the girls joined them, expressing their equal interest. Billy had taught Cathy to shoot, during the time that they were escort trabzon dating, and told him that she and Robbi, BOTH were excellent marksmen. Billy bragged on the girls abilities, and told him that ALL the women in their family, except for Cathy’s Mom, enjoyed the outdoors, and SHE enjoyed camping and fishing. Abe had mentioned it several times to him. That and OTHER fact about her.They sat and talked for a while, about their interests, their hopes, and their dreams. He told them about his family, and his lineage, and some of the customs they had. Billy and Cathy were both enthralled at his stories. He mentioned that his Grandmother painted, as well as his Mother, but chose completely different subjects. His Mother painted landscapes, Native Culture, and wildlife. She particularly enjoyed painting birds, like the French Naturist had done. His Grandmother chose to paint cryptids. Namely thunderbirds, and sasquatches, which SHE referred to as “boogers.” Robbi told them that the screen-saver on his computer was one that his Grandmother had seen, NUMEROUS times. At hearing this, Billy told him, “WE need to TALK.” Bruce, understanding fully, nodded his head.Robbi asked Bruce which of them he had chosen for his next tryst. Bruce, not quite believing what he was hearing, asked, “What do you mean, who do I choose? I’m here as a guest. I take what is offered, and make NO demands of my hosts. I must conduct myself as a gentleman at ALL times.” Billy, knowing that Bruce was unaware of their lifestyle, told him, “You can go upstairs with Cathy, as your partner. She is VERY willing to have sex with you, or you can go upstairs and have sex with Robbi some more. Either will fulfill your every wish. Both are willing, and talented partners, and wish to join you in bed for as long as YOU want. In other words, they BOTH want you to fuck them, as many times, and in any position, oral, anal, or vaginal, as you wish. And BOTH want you to cum INSIDE of them, EVERY TIME!!!”Bruce, who had been admiring both women all evening, finally asked Cathy to go with him. She rose and pulled him to her, to give him a long, hot, wet kiss, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. This made him respond as she knew it would. His dick was standing straight and hard. She was tempted to put him on the floor and jump his bones on the spot. “She purred at him, “If you don’t mind an audience, we can do everything we wish right here. Give ’em a minute, or less, and Billy will be throwing the meat to Robbi, too. By the way. I LOVE having someone watch me take a hard cock in my ass, my mouth, and especially my PUSSY!!! I just hope YOU can give it to me all 3 ways, tonight.” Tomorrow the students would be there, and she was told that she would be off until Monday. The Instructors would be supervising them. Betty and Sharon would be going home and be there by 10 in the morning. She could indulge to her hearts, and her bodies, content. Bruce wasn’t shy, and helped her to the floor, making her comfortable. Robbi and Billy were in front of the sofa, and were engaging in their favorite pastime. Going 69. Bruce was looking at her with open admiration, then bent over to kiss her with as much enthusiasm as she had given him. He stroked her hair as he kissed her, and started fondling her breast. Pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and rolling it slightly, making it harden even more. She had one arm around his neck and the other around his waist, pulling him to her. Her legs were slightly opened, allowing him, if he wanted, to see her pussy. He was directing his attention to other things. He was nibbling at her neck, and kissing her shoulders. SHE was sucking HIS nipples. He was feeling, in a small way, what she felt when a lover sucked HER nipples. His hairless chest and stomach reminded her of how it had felt trabzon escort bayan when Billy had taken her virginity, and the times since, when he would fuck her missionary style. He had grown hair on his stomach and chest, since, but was not as hairy as the other men were. Even Tod was almost as hairy as his Father.As he was kissing her, she was kissing him. Now and again, he would interrupt to kiss her lips, then go to something else. His kisses were as gentle as a butterfly landing on her. She was already wet as she could be, and was moving quickly to her first orgasm with him. He had worked his way down her tummy, and was kissing just above her Mons. He stopped to admire the soft roundness of it, with the neat slit, and her pussy lips peaking out, begging to be kissed and suckled. Her clitty was tingling, and she knew, from the feeling, that it was coming out to play. It took an astute lover to make her respond this way. Lucky for her, her life had been filled with such men. She could feel her juices running down her thighs, already.As if sensing what was happening to her, Bruce moved to kiss her Mons, and tickle her with his tongue, making her buck up to his face, and groan as she came for the first time with him. His tongue slid all the way home, making her cum many more times. He was sucking the juice from her body, as a hummingbird sucks the nectar from a flower. She couldn’t contain herself any more and cried out as she had multiple orgasms, one after the other. Herr knees were well out from her body, as she put her legs around his body, and pulled his face to her vagina. His tongue went even deeper within her. Her eyes went wide, and then closed, in passion, as it seemed that he was licking the inside of her very womb. Her whole body shook as his tongue stroked as deep as she had EVER felt. She was weak from his tongue. What would his cock do to her? She had admired him when he came down the stairs. She had only seen one that was as long, or as thick, as his. That had been the black guy in the sex tests she had been in. He hadn’t fucked HER, but HAD fucked her roommate. She had walked around in a daze for a LONG time after it had happened. She HAD been tempted, after her roommate had called him, and had BEGGED him to fuck her, again. She had watched it the second, and the THIRD time.Bruce kissed her stomach, again, and kneaded her breast squeezing them until the nipples were forced out, so he could lick them some more. He kissed her throat, and under her upraised chin, all the while moving between her legs. Her eyes were still closed, as she felt him grasping under her knees, raising them, and spreading them further apart. She felt something touch the lower part of her body, and felt it sliding inside of her. Her eyes grew wide as she opened to receive his dick inside of her. It was spreading her wider than she had ever felt before, AND going deeper, too. It felt as if she had a balloon inflating inside of her. It made her feel so FULL, but, it felt so NICE. It made her feel warm all over. She felt him pullback, and it tickled, then she felt it going into her, again. Her body went into convulsions. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her heels, and pitched up to meet him. Over and over he thrust into her, with her rising to meet him. All the niceties were gone. THEY were FUCKING!!! He went on, it seemed, for hours, with her hoping it would never end. If THIS is what her roommate had felt, SHE should have tried it. It was like her first time, all over, again. She did everything to stimulate her partner, bucking, twisting, and begging him to PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK HER.!!! He began to thrust even harder, and she screamed out with happiness. She was coming with every stroke he gave her. Billy and Robbi were leaned against the sofa, enjoying the sight they were giving them. Both were smiling broadly. She faintly heard Robbi’s voice. “GOOD, AIN”T HE?” Cathy couldn’t reply. She was too busy groaning. Bruce gave one final thrust, and it felt as a dam bursting inside of her. She screamed one more time and fainted.

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