Master Bator , Jorge the Masseur


Master Bator , Jorge the Masseur”…ooohh Darling, this feels sooooo smooth…. You have never shaved me before, and got me all slimy! Now baby… while you fuck me good, you can tell me about that surprise you have been telling me since we arrived to this resort….”Full of lust, the hot woman was getting in all fours to show her husband her new clean look, when a clear KNOCK – KNOCK – KNOCK ! came from the door. She barely had the time to grab one of the diminute towels to half-cover herself, as her husband opened the door letting the stranger into the room without any warning. As she sat on the bed, she felt absolutely conscious that the little cloth covered only her crotch, and that both her breasts were in full display… ….and she loved it!Smiling broadly, the stocky man presented himself as Jorge, the masseur ordered for Mrs Scanlon. Without stopping, he just extended his massage kit at the edge of the large bed, and in a way she could not resist, directed her to lay on her stomach. Snatching the little towel from her hands, he dutifully extended it over her propped luscious ass. “We want the Lady at ease, so let’s cover her up…” he mischieviously added.He disrobed to a minuscule thong, similar to those worn by strippers, and straddled her legs resting his weight over her calf muscles. Extending his arms, he began working at the top of her shoulders, dutifully kneading her smooth flesh.She was absolutely conscious that the minuscule towel did not but frame her just-shaven crack, and that the man over her did have a first-row sight of her glistening vagina. If she was hot before, the awkwardness of the fast advance of the happenings had her on the verge of cumming then and there. At his first stroke to her shoulders, she clearly felt the masseur’s bulge sliding along the opening between her buttocks, and to her thrill, he left it there from then on.As he kneaded her upper spine, he dry-humped her generous ass, rubbing his rapidly growing manhood along the opening between her sturdy buttocks. She could FEEL his erection extending the feeble fabric of his thong, dragging what she felt as a mammoth erection along the welcoming separation between her buttocks.Knowing her husband was there witnessing this only made her steam even more! Impossible to hold back, she began rocking her hips up, meeting the masseur’s humps, so in a few minutes they were dry-fucking like wild a****ls!She saw hubby approaching, freezing. Heavily breathing, she looked him in the eye as he got closer… He kneeled down by her, smiled sweetly and kissed her lovingly on her lips. He caressed her trembling buttocks, and in the most unexpected move, he went around the masseur, pulled the side elastic of his thong and pulled his oozing erection out! Keeping eye contact with her, he smeared the man’s cock with a generous blob of massage cream, and separating her ass with one hand, tugged the stranger’s cock until his bulgy knob was at entrance of her pussy.Blowing her a kiss, he pushed the man’s ass, so she felt the thick cock, deep inside her at once… She didn’t realize how big his cock was. It felt to be ten inches and very thick around. Her eyes flew open and a silent moan escaped her mouth, she has never had anything this big inside of her before, and she loves it.Her hubby keeps pushing on the man’s ass till his cock is alanya escort in as far as his wife’s tight wet pussy can take. She can’t believe how much she took and there still is two inches outside of her pussy. She felt a little discomfort, but oh does it feel so good. Please she beg for him to fuck her. Not caring that her husband was there. She tried to move her hips and ass to start a fucking motion again, but all of his weight is on her.Her husband takes his hands off the masseurs ass and told him to go ahead and fuck his wife. Jorge starts to pull his cock out and Sue whines “NO” don’t take it out. Jorge tells her “I am not Mrs. “ and then thrust hard into her again. Sue moans load this time “more, more give me more”. Her husband comes around to her again and kisses her deep. He reaches under her to her tits and grabs one in each hand and feels how hard her nipples are. He grabs them and pinches them and pulls them.Jorge has now got a good rhythm going, fucking her hard with each thrust. He tells the Mrs. to pull her hubbies cock out and stoke him. Sue reaches forwards and undoes his belt and zipper and pulls out his very hard cock. This must really turn you on honey , she said while stroking his cock. You haven’t been this hard in a long time. I am so turned on seeing you take his big ten inch cock. Oh honey let me take care of this for you. She pulls him closer by his cock until her lips are at his cock head. She reaches around and grabs his ass and pulls him all the way into her mouth. All the while Jorge just keeps fucking Sue’s pussy hard and deep.For the first time in her life, Sue was being fucked by two cocks at the same time, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth and she was loving it. She is having one long continuous orgasm.Her husband takes her head in his hands and starts to fuck her mouth harder and faster, trying to keep pace with the masseur. Both of them thrusting in and pulling out at the same time. In and out, in and out keeping Sue on her orgasmic high.They can’t keep this up for long and soon they both are cumming too. Jorge depositing his cum deep in her pussy and Craig cumming in her mouth and holding her head tight so she swallows it all.Both men pull their still hard cocks out of Sue and watch as her body still shakes from her orgasms. They see her ass quivering so temptingly. Looking at each other they know what they want to do.Jorge lays down on the bed next to Sue, and they both place their hands on her and lift her up onto him. His big ten inch cock sticking straight up, Craig takes hold of Jorge’s cock and aims it at his wife’s dripping pussy as Jorge lowers her down on it. Sue screams as it hits bottom with still and inch or so to go. They both put their hands on her ass push her all the way down. His cock pushes through her cervix. She scream again in pain and pleasure, but doesn’t try and move. Jorge holds her in place by her ass his fingers holding tight and spreading her cheeks apart for Craig to see his cock all the way inside his wife’s pussy and also see her small puckered asshole.Craig climbs onto the bed behind her and looks at his wife’s ass, the ass that he’s wanted for so long but that she would never give him. He picks up the massage oil and pores some on his cock and strokes it in and then some on Sue’s asshole. Sue feels this and knows escort alanya what is going to happen and tries to crawl away, but Jorge holds her tight. Craig moves forwards and brings his cock to her ass and pushes.Sue’s ass does not give and Craig pushes hard, still nothing. He pushes one more time and pop , his cock head goes in. this is the tightest place his cock has ever felt.He needs to feel it all , so he pushes hard and his cock slides in more. One more push one more inch. And with each inch Sue moans loader. Finally one more push and he is all the way in her ass.Sue could not believe the feeling of having two cocks in her . One in her pussy pushing through her cervix the other in deep in her ass. The feeling was almost unbearable, then all at once they both started to pull out. Right to the tips of their cocks and then in all the way. “Uggggggghh” oh yes give it to me, Sue screamed.And they did, they both kept up a hard fast rhythm, in and out at the same time.In and out , in and out bringing Sue closer and closer to orgasm. An orgasm not only in her pussy but in her ass too. Sue could not believe the pleasure and pain she was having, her orgasm building and almost cresting and then starting all over, again and again till she past out.Both Craig and Jorge came at the same time filling Sue with their cum. Sue came to as they were cumming in her making her orgasm again. They held their hard cocks deep inside her till they started to get soft, pulling them out at the same time leaving her feel empty.They got Sue to her knees, head down and ass up. With her spreading her ass wide open so they can see their cum running out of her well used holes. Seeing this Jorge reached out and ran his hands over her pussy to get them wet with their cum and then he started to message her big round ass cheeks. Kneading her ass and running his thumbs over her ass hole and down to her pussy. He kept this up till she was well relaxed then started rubbing her pussy harder and faster and working his fingers in on each stroke. Going deep with each upward stroke until he had four fingers two knuckles deep and stopped stroking. He held his hand there feeling the tightness of her pussy around his fingers. He felt her start to rock back and forward on his fingers, pushing back harder and further each time taking more of his hand. She kept this up until “pop” and a scream from her, and his hand was in her pussy up to his wrist.Sue stopped moving and Jorge held his hand still, just basking in the feel of her very tight pussy wrapped around his hand. Jorge starts to twist his hand around left to right and back just feeling her pussy contract on his hand. Jorge keeps this up and begins to make a fist of his hand. And pushes even deeper, half way up his arm stretching her pussy so wide open that it almost felt like she was giving birth. Craig just stood there not believing what he was seeing, and getting turned on and hard again. Jorge starts to move his fist and arm in and out of Sue’s pussy fucking her like she’s never been fucked before.Craig tells Jorge “don’t forget her ass”. Jorge turns to Craig, and he says do her ass too. Jorge turns back to Sue and brings his other hand up to Sue’s ass hole and runs his fingers over it working one in with an in and out motion. Adding another and keeps fucking her in both holes. alanya escort bayan Jorge fucks her like this for a minute or two and then adds another. All this time Sue is moaning and pushing back to Jorge. After a few more minutes he adds another finger. Craig can not believe she is taking this and not trying to get away. Craig moves in front of Sue and lifts her head so she is looking at his hard cock. She just opens her mouth and moans and at the same time Craig shoves his cock all the way into her mouth. Sue now had all of her holes filled and wanted more, so Jorge moved his thumb into place and pushed. Sue pushed back even hard and again “pop” his hand was in. Sue kept pushing till she took half of this arm too. Craig couldn’t take watching this any more and came again down Sue’s throat. Sue felt this and had another orgasm too and fell forward. Jorge’s hands popped out of Sue and he stood and came all over her ass without even touching his cock.Sue moans that she feels like she is wide open. Craig moves back around her and looks at her and says “ that is because your ass and pussy are gaping wide open”.Sue reaches down with both her hands to feel for herself , and what she found made her gasp “oh my god, they are wide open. What have you done to me”. Craig goes to her to comfort her, “its alright they will go back to normal soon”. but he notices that Sue hasn’t taken her hands away from her well used holes but is rubbing them and putting her fingers inside. He whispers in her ear “do it baby, put your hands up your pussy and ass”. I can’t do that, yes you can. She pushes her hands in, and they just slide in with no trouble. Jorge and Craig watch her fist herself and can not help but get hard again. Sue is laying on her side so Craig lays in front of her and kisses her passionately. At the same time he pushes his cock into her occupied pussy, right past her wrist and into her tightly squeezed fist. Jorge you have to try this too. So Jorge lays himself down behind Sue and takes his cock places it along Sues other arm and pushes himself into her other fist deep inside her ass.With her own hands and their cocks in her, Sue felt really stuffed. She starts squeeze tighter around their cocks and move her hands as much as she can. Both of the men feel her hand moving on their cocks and cannot believe that she is actually giving them hand jobs while deep inside her like this. They both lay there not moving and let Sue do all the work. Sue moved her hands and soon had them close to cumming and herself too. They all climaxed with one great orgasm and lay there totally exhausted.Both men pulled their soft cocks from Sue and pulled her hands out of her pussy and ass too. They were all sweaty and sticky from the cum so Craig and Jorge picked up Sue and carried her to the bathroom and to the shower . They all got into the big oversized hotel shower. They washed Sue clean and themselves also and then dried her off and laid her down in the unused bed. Jorge got dressed and was ready to leave when Craig came over to pay him and give him a big tip. But Jorge said no I can not take this. Why asked Craig. Because you let me fuck your wife and all I was her for was to give her a nice relaxing massage. Well you did do that, look how relaxed she is. He would still not take the money but he did get their phone number and address. And then he was gone.Craig turned and went over to his sleeping Sue, and noticed a big smile on her face.He got into bed behind her and spooned her. She pushed her ass back at him and said “Thank You”, and fell back to sleedeleted

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