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Magic Wand

I was laying in bed this morning imagining it to be one of my 17 days off in February.

It would be a beautiful cold clear day out. I wondered what I would do when and idea came to me! I laughed and smiled…PERFECT!

I got up and showered, did my hair and make-up then got dressed. The black stockings with garter and black lace demi bra were a given. My best ‘cum fuck me’

lingerie. Then I guess the short black suede skirt, blue silk blouse and high heels would complete the outfit for the day.

I arrived in the city 2 1/2 hours later getting more and more excited with each passing minute. I gave your office address to the cab driver as he slid into traffic. 12:10pm…perfect timing. Most of your coworkers will be out of the office by 12:30pm, I know you are the last to leave. I arrive at 12:25pm, enter the building and take the elevator to the 13th floor. I can feel the dampness between my legs, my heart is pounding and my breath is quick. I have been waiting to do this for along time. I hope you like my surprise.

I ask for you and am directed down the hall to the left and all the way in the back. As I pass through the large room full of humming computer equipment, I wonder how many people work here and when they will be back. I find the first door open, knowing this will lead to a small anti-room before your office. I notice your door is also open, so very quietly I remove bahis firmaları my coat and leave it on a chair. I slip into your office without a sound, you are deep in thought over something on your desk, obviously trying to solve a problem. I close the door behind me, holding the knob so it will not click and then make sure it is locked.

“Hi John” I say with my best phone voice. You are startled by someone’s presence, when you look up you just stare. Not believing I am really standing there.

“Marianne” you manage to spit out “is that you?”

“Yes, my plaything it is me, I was in the neighborhood and was wondering if you would like a little lunch?” As I started to say this I moved towards your desk unbuttoning my blouse. Just three buttons and I was standing in front of you just out of your reach.

“Wh-wh-what did you have in mind?”

Reaching for my breast I popped each one out of their lacey containers, holding them in my hands and rolling them with my fingers. I ask if these would do for starters.

Speech eludes you, all you can do is nod and mouth the word ‘please.’ I step in closer and your mouth devours my left breast while your hand pinches the nipple of the right. I feel your hands caressing the backs of my legs, working there way up under the hem of my skirt. You pause at the lacey tops of my stockings and suck harder on my tit. Your hand continues up the straps kaçak iddaa of the garter to my ass. Round and plump like you like it. You move your mouth to the other tit as you take my ass and squeeze it between your hands. Then you slid one hand to the hidden folds of my pussy, dipping into the wetness that you have created. I feel you fingers slid back and forth touching my clit then moving on to the opening of my cunt. I throw my head back and moan loudly as I feel two fingers opening me up.

You bring your slippery fingers to your mouth…”MMMMMMM, is this part of lunch?”

Kissing your mouth your fingers still between us I tell you it is the main course.

With one easy motion you raise my skirt to my hips and swing me around so that my ass is on the edge of the desk. You throw my legs over your shoulders and dive into my dripping honeypot. I feel you tongue licking every inch of me, sucking on my clit and sliding in and out of my hot pussy. My heart is pounding again, you are bringing me right to the edge…it feels soooooo good.

You know I am close and you laugh. You stand up and lean over me, kissing me hard on the mouth.

“What do you want Marianne?” you ask.


“Tell me, what do you want. Tell me loud and clear.”

“I want my play thing to fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast. Please fuck me. PLEASE.”

I had not noticed that during this exchange kaçak bahis you had lowered your pants and boxers, that you were ready. With my last please you rammed your throbbing cock into my wanton cunt with one thrust…and I screamed. “FUCK ME”

As you pound my pussy I can feel your balls smacking against my ass. Harder and faster you pump, hands on my tits squeezing them.

“Who are you”

“I am your bitch”


“I am your cum bitch and I will do anything for your”

“That is right. Your are my good bitch. Now squeeze my cock harder, I want to feel how tight you can make it.”

I am in a frenzy now. I need to cum. You are filling my cunt with your big hard cock. You are bringing me to the edge. You know how close I am.

“Cum for me bitch. Cum now all over my hard cock. Release it. You are my cum bitch and I want you to cum…NOW”

And with that my body spasms in a giant orgasm and scream ” ooooh yes John this is for you…fuck yes…for you” A few seconds later I feel you explode inside me…”Now here is my cum for you”…as you shoot load after load into my hot cunt.

We laugh together as we both come down form our highs. You kiss me as you help me off the desk and to clean up.

“uh oh” I say as I point to the wet spot on your print out. ” I hope that is not going to the boss?” And we both laugh again. We straighten up and you help me on with my coat. We have one last hug and kiss as you thank me for a delicious lunch.

As I leave your floor the young receptionist asks if I had found you….”Oh yes I did, thank you, I most certainly did”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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