DaveA few years back I got a call out of the blue from a bloke that I used to work with from some twenty years ago. Dave was a electrician, I was an apprentice at the time he was the first man I had crush on. Dave was what I would consider a 100% straight bloke that always bragged about his conquests with women, but he had the uncanny knack of being in his underwear when I called. Dave was your average man, six foot tall with broad shoulders and torso, he was quit hairy and had a type of Mexican moustache. He did turn me on and I use to have a wank about him, thinking about it now I would say I was quiet obsessed with him.Anyways it was a good few years later when I met him again, I had a work order to visit his address, I wondered if it was the same bloke. When I called around I instantly found out it was, Dave hadn’t changed much he made me a drink and we stood and talked a bit about the passed, Dave mentioned he’d divorced his wife and asked if I was married, I answered, well to be perfectly honest Dave I bat for the other team, Dave replied that he wasn’t surprised as he thought there was something amiss when we use to work together, in what way I asked him. He mentioned one incident when we were fishing a internal cable down a wall, we were working in very close proximity and he felt that I’d rubbed my cock up against his hand. I admitted I’d always done stuff like that, he laughed and replied I fucking thought so, I then went on to tell düzce escort him I’d had a crush on him, he came back with well to be perfectly honest to you if you’d made a move I would have, seriously I said, yep seriously he replied. Dave said he would of made a move but he thought I was to young.Dave started to touch his cock as we spoke more he asked me if i still had a crush on me, well Dave I still have the have the odd wank when I’m thinking about you, Dave pulled his flies down and got his uncut cock out, It was cut and a nice size, I reached into his flies and pulled his balls out, are they fully loaded I said, as I can remember you saying once that you never wank as you’ve always got a cunt to sort it out, well I got your cunt now as he felt and squeezed my arse.Dave took his trousers off and went and sat down, come and get your lips around this he said, well how could I refuse a request like that. I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and gently sucked it, I slid my hands up his shirt and I squeezed his nipples, this hips rose up and he thrust his cock further into my mouth, ahhh fucking suck it he moaned. Do you wanna go to upstairs he asked, I replied are you gonna fuck me, to fucking true he said, Right I replied I’ll get some lube from the van. As I went out to the van Dave made his way upstairs, on return I joined him in the bedroom, he was lying on his side and wanking his hard cock, I sat on the edge of the bed for escort düzce a few minutes and watched him while undoing my clothes, I stood up and undid my trousers and slipped them off, Dave didn’t take his eyes off me, I slipped my briefs off to reveal my hard cock, Dave immediately replied, for fucks sake that is some fucking cock you’ve got there, hope your not thinking of shoving that up my arse, if I’d know you had a weapon like that back in the day I certainly would have got you into bed, Dave took it in his hand in wonderment, he came towards me and rubbed his lips on my bell end before he took it in his mouth and sucked it. I got on the bed with Dave he laid back and I went to town on his cock again taking his shaft right down to his balls, suck that spunk outa my balls, suck it and suck it good. This was one of my fantasies that had come true so I wasn’t going to wasted it, fucking suck it hard Dave said again and stick your finger up my arse. He seemed pretty desperate to be with someone, I’ve got the feeling I’m going to get the full force of all his pent up frustrations. His cock was that hard it had a slight curve in it, he kept forcing it down my throat with the thrusts from his hips. Dave ordered me off the bed, then he got off, he stood with his legs apart, he was looking down at his cock with sliver dripping out of his mouth, he was lubing his cock with spit ready to fuck may arse, I handed him the lube and told him it would düzce escort bayan be better, he squirted it on his bell end and rubbed it down his shaft, I took the lube and did my arse, he asked me to bend over the bed and proceeded to penetrate my arse, he certainly knew what he was doing as the first thrust penetrated me deep, he gave me 3 or 4 hard separate thrusts and paused at full penetration, like that he said, oh yes Dave I relied, he carried on the deep thrusting my arse until he withdrew it, he gripped his shaft and started to stab his cock into my arse, fuck this was rough and it was making my arse sore, He pushed me onto the bed face down and mounted my arse again and real gave me a good hard fucking, breathless he asked me if i wanted his spunk in my arse, please Dave, fill it up. Dave went on pounding my arse until he finally shot his load with an ecstatic very loud moan. I’ve felt a a mans spunk go into my arse only on a couple of occasions, But Dave’s I felt every squirt, fuck I said to Dave when was that last time you shot your load, well over a week ago he said, he flopped on top of me on the bed, that was fucking good he said.I turned over and my cock was still hard, I started to wank it and Dave said let me finish you off, he opened his mouth near the end of my cock, he carried on wanking me until I shot my load, some spunk went into his mouth and some onto his face, it dripped onto his hairy chest, he swallowed the spunk in his mouth and wiped the spunk from his face and chest with his hand then licked it off. I’d not seen Dave in a good twenty years, he could have been the first man I’d have sex with, I wish he would have been with that performance.

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