Banging the neighbor


Banging the neighborI tried to be nice, but really did not like my neighbors. They had a yappy dog and seemed to always have crying c***dren. One afternoon, I received a text from Lisa. She said she needed my help right away and to please come over. I was annoyed but went over and knocked on the door. She answered the door completely soaked. I quickly noticed that her wet white shirt was clinging to her big tits and her nipples were standing straight up.She led me into the bathroom and I saw that one of the nozzles had come loose and it was shooting water everywhere. I got in the tub and threaded it back in while it shot water all over both of us. I finally got it in and the water to stop squirting everywhere. We were both now completely soaked. She had on a pair of shorts and her shirt. I could tell that she did not have anything on under her clothes. I was in shorts and a shirt also and was equally soaked. She said she was about to get in the shower when this happened so she just pulled on the clothes that were there. She thanked me for helping.Her hard nipples were standing straight up. I could see a dark bush through her wet shorts. I told her she should get some warm clothes on. She said she was fine so I commented that I assumed she was cold because her nipples looked like they were going to rip through her shirt. She asked if that was why my dick was hard. burdur escort I then realized my wet shorts made my hard cock obvious. I laughed and said that her wet clothes made her look sexy, of course that made me hard. She shocked me when she pulled her clothes off. She asked if that was better.She had nice creamy white tits with big nipples. Her pussy was covered with a big thick black bush. Her nipples looked like erasures standing straight up. I decided to join her nudity and pulled my clothes off, leaving my hard cock standing straight up. I reached over and began playing with her tits, twisting and pulling on those amazing nipples. I leaned over and began nibbling and sucking on her nipples. She held my head tight against her tits as she moaned.After a few minutes, she suggested we move into the other room. She sat on the couch and I began licking and kissing my way down from her tits. I kissed and licked all around her pussy, digging into the hair. I finally got my tongue into her pussy and licked her juices as I licked her hair. I probed her pussy lips with my tongue, exploring everywhere. I licked up to her clit and took it into my mouth. She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed as she began to thrash around into her orgasm. She kept grunting and moaning until she shoved me away. She said she could not take that anymore and said she needed escort burdur to feel my cock in her pussy.I quickly moved up and rammed my hard cock into her juicy pussy. I leaned over and continued sucking on her tits while I pounded her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled my head into her tits. I grunted as I continued to pound her pussy. She began to shake again and I felt a gush of warm juices soaking my cock and squirting all over us. This put me over the edge and I began to cum. Oh god yes, shoot your cum in me, she shouted. I blew my cum deep in her pussy, shooting rope after rope of cum in her.After I was completely drained, I rolled off of her and laid on the couch. She leaned over and began sucking my cock. She licked our juices off of it and began sucking my soft cock. I told her I would need a break. She said that she did not have any plans for the afternoon so could just continue to lick and suck on me until I was ready for another round. We moved around to the floor where I laid on my back. She climbed on top of me and began licking my cock. I pulled her over me so that I could get to her pussy. She straddled my face and I could see my cum leaking from her. He black bush was all wet and sticky. I pulled her down so I could eat her creampie.I sucked and licked her juicy cum filled pussy. I sucked her bush into my mouth to burdur escort bayan get all of the cum that had stuck in it. I dug my tongue deep in her pussy and sucked on it as she pushed gobs of my cum into my mouth. This got me hard as she continued to suck on my cock. After a few minutes of sucking on her pussy, she clamped her legs and had another orgasm. She shook for several minutes and then collapsed on me to catch her breath.Once she had recovered, she moved around and sat on my hard cock. She impaled herself on me in one thrust. She began to ride up and down on my cock. I reached up and pulled and twisted her nipples as she moaned. After a little while, I sat up and grabbed her ass. She wrapped her arms around me and continued to ride up and down on my cock. I was getting close to cumming so I rolled over and put her on her back. I fucked her hard. I was dripping with sweat as I continued to pound into her. She started to talk dirty. “Shove that big hard cock into my sloppy pussy, use me like a whore, shoot your cum into me, use my cum dumpster cunt.” This put me over the edge. I yelled out as I unleashed another load of cum deep in her juicy pussy.After I was completely spent, I rolled off of her and collapsed. She went back to licking my cock. I told her it was done. She said that she just wanted to get every drop of cum off of me. She licked my cock and balls until I was completely clean. I pushed her over and began eating her creampie. Once I had her completely clean, I decided I should get up and go home. She suggested I stop by again sometime. I think I may start to like my neighbor.

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