A Walk to Remember

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The moonlight hit her face just right to show her wrinkled forehead, showing the effort she was making to not give a hint of the anguish though it clearly shone in her eyes. Her beautiful tan skin with that freckle right above her right lip and the effortless smile as she looked at him could not hide the sadness in her eyes. He always made her smile. He did not have to do much to accomplish that – his presence alone did it. But today he was moving away. This was not a sudden decision. From the moment they met, it was clear. He was going to move far away by the end of the month. The first moment you feel a connection, the inevitable end is the farthest thing from your mind. They refused to acknowledge it explicitly. However, they had a deal in place. Bringing sex into the equation would just make it worse. The end would be unbearable then. They tried to keep it platonic. For 28 days. Tonight was it. He was flying out tomorrow noon. He had said goodbye to everyone else earlier in the day and had kept aside his last few hours in the city for her. Just so that he could soak in every aspect of her before he had to leave. He wished she could go with him. But her responsibilities kept her here. They walked the pier like they had done on many of the nights before. Neither of them were fans of the romantic candle lit dinner. They had always walked. They would then stop by at any place open at the hour, just to rest their feet enough to be able to walk till dawn. But this time it was different. She could not chat to her heart’s content like before. He could not playfully roll his eyes at her only to draw her close and kiss her forehead and whisper into her ear to go on. She had never felt this wanted, secure, and special.

They seemed to have their gazes fixed on the waves in the ocean. One, two, three. She would then turn to him to catch a quick glimpse and aver her eyes before she started crying. He did the same. He could not bear the thought that her radiant face was being betrayed by her eyes today because of him. He wished he could take that sorrow away from her. They reached the end of the pier and stood there in silence for what seemed like hours. He slowly moved toward her, taking her hand in his as if to signal to her that it was all going to be fine. This was his gesture for being there for her as long as he breathed. That touch was almost unbearable for her. She could not be strong anymore. Quickly turning to him, she jumped into his arms, and started to cry into his chest, feeling his heart beat faster in helplessness. He wrapped his arms around her as tightly as he could despite knowing it was a promise he could not keep. He had to leave in a few hours. But not yet.

They did not say a word to each other. Both took the time to finally let the feeling sink in. This is it. There was nothing they could do about it. After a few minutes, she looked up at him. The strain of trying to stay strong for her was clearly visible. He looked at her, his arms still wrapped tightly around her as though to keep her close for as long as he can. A smile came over her face. She decided that for this moment, right here, he was all there was. There was no flight tomorrow, there was no distance, this was her world. Right now. Right here. He tilted her head and slightly raised his eyebrows in surprise. Just as soon as he had done that, the smile did what it had done from the moment he had laid his eyes on her – melt away everything that had occupied his mind. It was just her there. Her lovely brown eyes looking at him, and that smile – that smile could change worlds and he’d know.

He let go of her and brought his hands to her face. She had always had short hair but for him she had let it grow. She had always boasted to him about her “sacrifice”. “I cancelled my appointment. For you!” Then playfully tug at her hair to show how much kurtköy escort it had grown, for him. This was the closest to professing her feelings she had gotten thus far. He knew this was her way of saying it. His way was to take her immediately into his arms and run his fingers through her hair and to whisper into her ear “Count these. That’s how much I love having you in my arms right now”. She knew what he meant. These memories played out in their heads right now as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ears. She smiled again and asked “How much?” He smiled in return and ran his fingers through her hair and enthusiastically said “THIS MUCH!” Both of them laughed for a second at their goofiness. She yelled “doofus” and he immediately retorted “brat”.

“Maybe we could sit down somewhere?” She said, turning her gaze back to the ocean.

He simply nodded and took her hand, leading her towards the beach.

They knew it was going to be a cold night, so they had their coats on and she had taken a shawl for earlier. They found a spot right next to the pillars of the pier that gave a good view of the ocean in front of them and the stars above yet offered some privacy. She spread the shawl across the sand and sat down, looking at him to come join her. She saw his silhouette across the night-sky in the moonlight. He wasn’t much taller than her and had shaved off his beard the day after they had met. He later confessed that it was because of a passing remark she had made about liking clean-shaven men. The boy needed a tan though. But it was his eyes that she loved. The kindness in them was nothing like she had seen before and they hadn’t lied. He was the kindest person she had ever known.

She scooched to give him room. They spoke of his trip and how long it will take for him to travel 14000 kms across the world. She kept asking him if he had all his things packed and whether he wanted to catch some sleep before he had to leave. She wanted him to stay but he had more than a day of travel ahead of him. Each time she said it, he just smiled and kissed her forehead. After asking him once more, as he leaned in to kiss her forehead, she blurted out “I am going to miss you so much”. He saw the sadness return to her eyes as though with a vengeance. He wanted to take it away. He had to make her feel better. This time he leaned in and kissed her lips – gently taking her lips into his, lingering a while before looking back at her. She was lost in his kiss and as his lips moved away, her lower lip seemed to try to grasp onto any contact.

She looked at him and whispered “Kiss me again”.

Taking her face into his hands again, this time, he kissed her, feeling every inch of his body aching to make this last forever. She slowly opened her mouth and their tongues explored each other. She suddenly stopped the kiss. He was unsure about what had happened. She sat up straight, took a moment, and then slowly removed her coat. Looking at him as she did, she said “I want you right now. I want you to make me yours.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Don’t you want to?”

“You know there’s nothing more that I want than to have you be mine. But you know I still have to leave?”

“Yes. I have never felt this way with anyone else. This will make us complete in every way. I want this story to be complete.”

He did not say anything else. He looked at her, her white blouse moving in the ocean breeze. She wasn’t the classic beauty. But she had been blessed with good features. Her beautiful brown skin, her radiant eyes, her button nose that she felt was too tiny but which kept her looking playful and young for someone who had crossed the big 3-0 threshold. That smile. He would be lying if he said he had never noticed what was below her face. He had seen her in various attires over the tuzla escort past month to have an idea of what they hid. Her breasts seemed just the right size to cup in his hands. A slender waist and wide hips gave way to a reasonably big taut ass. He always thought it was because of her ethnicity but would immediately shake his head at himself for stereotyping.

She slowly took her coat off. Her breathing getting heavier. Was she sure of what she was going to do? Suddenly she smiled again. Of course, she was. She had thought of doing that each time she had playfully poked his face or dragged him by his arm across city crowds or grazed past his body as they sat together, chatting with friends. She thought of only this moment. Right here, right now. He wasn’t a fitness model but he had taken care of himself well. His touch was gentle and she wanted to feel it all over her and finally rest her hair on his skin. Feel his heart beating not through clothes. Feel his pulse race as he made her his.

Once these thoughts flooded their heads, it did not take too long for the clothes to come off. She had taken off her blouse and pants before pulling him closer to her and unbuttoning his shirt, running her hand over his bare chest as it became visible. As soon as she had helped him out of his shirt, she pushed him onto the sand and jumped on him. Their eyes locked and they just took in the moment for a second. Suddenly, she poked his face to bring him out of his trance. They both giggled before she leaned down to kiss him again. Both their hands roaming over each others’ bodies. She finally brought her hands up along his sides to clutch his hair while he unclasped her bra. As soon as she heard the click, she leaned back to take her bra off. He slowly moved his hands from her sides to trace her breasts. He was right. They looked perfect. Her dark brown areolas surrounding her hard nipple just calling out to him. He took them in his hands, first tracing his fingers over them before rolling them in his fingers, pinching one while cupping the other breast.

She had longed for this and now this was happening. She started feeling his manhood through his pants. She leaned forward to kiss him and slowly scooched down while making a trail of kisses through his body. She could not get enough of contact with his skin. Once she had made her way till his belt, she looked at him and smiled. Her heart was racing. She undid his pants, slowly lowering it and his briefs. His cock sprung out of his briefs and she was taken aback for a quick second. He laid a reassuring hand on head and then helped himself get out of his pants.

She did not understand her feelings. She had never craved for a cock this much. It was as though her body could not let him go without feeling him completely. She could not go on without giving herself to this man. Taking it in her hands, she touched it delicately. It twitched at her touch. Wrapping her hand around it, she started to stroke it gently.

He was taking it all in. Her touch felt like her smile. It just made him feel content, happy, and oddly free. And then to his surprise, he felt her lips on his cock – enveloping the head, with her tongue swirling around, with caution at first and then with abandon. A slight moan passed his lips. She slowly took each inch in. Then she released it just to run her tongue down the side and end it with a lingering kiss on the head, all the while stroking it. She could feel it throbbing. Nothing had felt this real to her. He lowered her again on his cock, guiding her by placing his hands and grabbing her hair. Then as she came up for the next time, he pulled her closer to him. After kissing her, he swiftly pushed her to his side on the shawl. He was now straddling her. He slowly ran his fingers through her hair and leaned forward to take her tuzla escort breasts in his mouth. She felt his tongue running circles around her nipple, and then she felt him kiss it gently. Taking it in his mouth, he gave it a playful bite and immediately kissed it after as though to make the slight pain go away. He then slowly made his way down her body. Kissing every inch, and stopped just above her panties. He pulled himself up to kiss her lips again. But this time his hands roamed to her pussy, rubbing her clit through her panties – slowly rubbing it while getting aroused by her growing dampness.

He could not wait any longer. Pushing himself down again, he slowly revealed the treasure to himself. With her panties out of the way, he had to taste her. Her glistening pussy lips had to be tasted. He ran his tongue over the whole length of her lips. He felt a shiver run through her under him. He loved the reaction her body was having to his touch. His hands took over hers, their fingers entangled like the rest of their bodies currently were and he pushed his face into her mound. Taking her smell in, he started flicking her clit with his tongue. He could sense her writhing under him. Sucking on her clit, licking her pussy, biting her lips. He paced himself according to how her body responded. He wanted her to feel the pleasure but he wanted her body to need it, desperately. He wanted her to beg him to cum. So each time he felt that she could be close, he would slow down. Finally, she could not bear this any longer. Her body could not go on without cumming. She yelled out to him “Please, let me cum. Please”.

He quickened his pace and kept eating her out while her body shuddered in pleasure, with her senses being taken over by this immense wave of pleasure. Her body arched forward and her toes curled. After a few moments, she collapsed back into the shawl and he looked up at her. A smile came over his face to see her lying there. Her eyes closed. Her breasts moving with each relaxing breath she took.

As she came down from the high, she pulled him back up. They kissed again, this time she could taste herself on his tongue. This was something she never thought would happen. As they continued kissing, her hands found its way to his now hard cock. He felt her stroke his cock and he started to slowly grind against her body. She broke her kiss and whispered “I need you to fuck me now”.

He positioned himself over her and she slowly guided his cock into her. He was very gentle. Letting her feel every inch enter her slowly. Once she had taken it all in, he slowly pulled it out. The first time the cock pulled out completely, a slight frown appeared on her face and her hips thrusted forward as though to keep a hold on it. He put it in again and continued with gentler, slower strokes making sure it never lost contact with her pussy. He then took it out again. She opened her eyes to look at him while he rubbed his shaft over her pussy lips, teasing her clit with his head. He winked at her. Her furrowed brows telling him she wanted it back in. He winked at her again. This time she changed her tactic and made a pouty face at him. “Put it back in, please”.

His cock could not take the teasing anymore too. He rammed in his whole length in one quick move. She winced as she felt it go in. Then he quickened his pace and she let out a moan. He leaned forward and kissed her. Continuing to fuck her, he took her hands in his on their sides and kissed her lips and neck. He could hear her moaning. He knew he was getting close. She yelled for him to keep going. “Please, let me cum again”. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock and he continued fucking her while another wave of pleasure washed over her body. That was enough to push him over the edge too. Both of them lay there moaning in pleasure as their bodies lost control of themselves. He collapsed on her, kissing her passionately.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. He once again saw those radiant eyes he had met 28 days ago, devoid of any sadness. He knew that he would carry the memory of that one look for the rest of his life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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