A good morning after work.


A good morning after work.I work the late shift as a nurse. As I got off work and left the parking lot, I stopped at the light and there didn’t seem to be anyone else around. I thought I was the only car moving in the state! No one else was awake yet. lolAs I left the green light, a little white car passed me. I have never been a big fan of imports, but this car had the wing on the trunk and ground effects. It looked really cool to me. So I sped up to see who was driving. It was a black k**, probably around 20 or 21. Young and actually good looking. I never was attracted to any blacks before, but his skin tone and smooth, good looks somehow got me thinking. At the next light, we stopped as it just turned red. We had our windows down and I had a perfect view into his window. He looked over and smiled at me and my heart leaped. He was very handsome. Full lipped and skin the color of coffee with the right amount of cream. When the light turned green, I pulled away and noticed he wasn’t going as fast as me, so I slowed down. We got to the next light just in time for red. I acted like I didn’t see him and casually glanced over. He was staring at me. I started to get spooked a little. Then he hollered over, “Good morning, Ma’am!”. I was taken for a moment. I wasn’t expecting anything like that. So we chatted till green and left again. I lingered behind this time. I saw the light up ahead turn green and I wanted to stop again. He pulled away and I flashed my lights once. His break lights came on and we managed to go slow enough to get the red again.I pulled up next to him and looked down. He was smiling. He seemed to be reading my thoughts. Or he was just curious, too. kocaeli escort All we did was exchange a few words and I kept glancing down into his seat. He was wearing a tanktop that fit him really well and a pair of black shorts. His shorts were riding a little high on his thigh. And his thigh looked delicious! I looked back up into his eyes and he was smiling at me. When the light turned green, he pulled ahead rather quick. I knew there was only one light left in town and I figured I would lose sight of him then. I kept up speed and the next light was green. He went through it and I thought, “Damn!”! The next thing I knew, I was beside him again and when I looked in, he had pulled his shorts leg to one side and his penis was laying on the seat. It looked very inviting, laying there, a few veins sticking out and a very nice head.As I watched him, leaving town, he reached down and picked it up. It was semi soft, but had to be 7 or 8 inches long. I turned on my dome light and looked over at him and nodded. He smiled and pulled ahead of me and came into my lane. His turn signal cam on to turn right on a side street where quite a few parking lots are. I signaled and turned and followed him into a lot. It was dark with a few security lights at the other end. I stopped and ho circled and pulled up alongside me. I told him to get out and he walked around to my passenger door and got in. Sitting there chatting about this and that had my heart pounding because I knew what I wanted to do. He knew also because he half turned towards me and in the dash lights, I could see the tip of his monster peeking out at me from the leg of his shorts. I was amazed that it seemed escort kocaeli bigger right next to me than when it was in his car seat. He reclined the seat a little and leaned back, scooting his butt towards me, which made his shorts ride up further and his meat just slid out. Those shorts seemed loose and stretchy. I had to touch that thing. I reached over and rubbed my finger from the tip back and it started growing. I had never seen a cock that big before except in pictures. Now I had one all to myself.I pulled the helm of his shorts down and moved them to the side. His whole being was laid out right in front of me. I turned in the seat towards him and grasped his length with my left hand with my right arm on the seat back.My hand wouldn’t go around it. Between my thumb and finger was an inch space or more. I lowered my head and just near it I could feel the heat from it. He smelled so good and was very inviting. I ran my tongue around the head, getting an idea of the size. I licked my lips, trying to get them as wet as I could because I knew this was going to be a job. I put my mouth over the tip and started short strokes from the tip down to see how much I needed to open up for him. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and after 3 tries, the rim around his cock head slipped inside my lips.I had never had anything that size in me anywhere before. I had the head and about an inch or 2 in my mouth and still could put one hand over the other around the shaft and still wasn’t touching his abdomen. I was in heaven at that point. What also excited me was that he was being a gentleman about it. Not grabbing or pushy. Just laying back and enjoying. I tongued kocaeli escort bayan his hole while stroking his rod. His pre-cum was leaking a little and it tasted great. There seemed to be more than I am accustomed to, but all was good. I pulled his head out and I didn’t realize it was that packed into my mouth. It popped pretty load, which made me giggle. I licked my way down him and lifted his sack. It was all shaved. Bare with no stubble! I worked one side into my mouth and stroked him. I was probably acting like a starved MILF to him. And I have to admit, I was! I felt his sack tighten and I knew he was getting close. So I moved back up and put about half the head between my lips. For the first time, he touched me. His hand rested on the back of my head as his breath shortened. I worked his shaft with both hands as I tongued his slit, which was really putting out some jizz. All of a sudden, he arched his back and gasped! He still had his hand on my head, which forced him into my mouth deeper than I had been before. My tongue went under his cock as my lips suctioned around him. He was sealed tight! Then the first spurt hit the back of my throat. That boy seemed like he came a coke can full on the first. I didn’t even need to swallow because it short all the way back. My tonsils were drenched in his black seed. The next spurt I was ready for and pulled back some and caught it all on my tongue. In all, he spurted 9 times and I caught 8 of him. There was more than enough for me to hold in my mouth and work it around. It tasted great!He started to get soft at this point and I could comfortably fit him in my mouth without much trouble. I managed to get 6 or 7 inches in and smoothly pull back out. I had a great time that morning! That was last Tuesday. We exchanged numbers and I am thinking about making him a regular side stop on my way home. Wait till next time. I might get the guts to do more. If I can!

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