The Cruise

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Theresa and Molly had been roommates for about four years. They had known each other since high school, growing up in the same city and going to the same all girls catholic high school in Boston. Molly became a nurse and Theresa became a financial advisor and fiduciary. The two woman, now in their 30s, have established careers and are just waiting to find the right guys and have families.

In the time they had been roommates, Molly had become a bit jealous of Theresa. Theresa as it turns out, became quite rich in the last couple years. She managed to get several very wealthy clients and between commission and pay, she found herself worth several million dollars. She could buy just about anything she wanted, go anywhere she wanted, but she never even considered it. She still though of herself as “struggling middle class.”

Molly, on the other hand, was a nurse. She loved being a nurse. She was training to be a “Nurse Practitioner” that can take on some of the responsibilities of an MD. This extra education will allow her to make more money and be a better nurse.

Theresa and Molly have been best friends for about 15 years with all the trust and give and take any relationship of that longevity has. They “loved” each other. They dreamed that they would raise their families together, their husbands would be friends. Sadly, Molly was starting to see this dream slip away. As Theresa became surrounded by richer and richer people, they had less and less in in common.

Theresa had also ended a relationship about a couple months back to Brad. From any view, Brad was using Theresa for her money. The cruise that was scheduled in two weeks was bought and paid for by Theresa for Brad’s birthday.

Theresa was checking her email and received some preregistration information about what she would need for the cruise. She silently cursed Brad, “That bastard,” she didn’t even like cruises, but Brad wanted it. She was furious with herself. What was she thinking? Cruise? She got seasick!

She called out: “Molly, come here I want you to see something.”

Molly came into Theresa’s office and looked at the email. “Didn’t you cancel that?”

Theresa replied “No, I forgot about it. Now I’m passed the cancel date.”

Molly asked “What are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll give the tickets to someone. Do you want them?”

Molly answered “What am I going to do on a cruise? I haven’t dated anyone in months. Who would I take?”

Theresa thought for a second, “Molly, don’t you have some vacation time banked? Do you think you can get away? Want to go together? Its all paid for, all inclusive. It will just go to waste if I don’t use the tickets and we should have a vacation.”

Molly answered “I have whole weeks I haven’t taken. I’m pretty sure I can get out of work, but I will still need to study for my exam.”

Theresa answered, “Promise, I’m not going to go wild. I’m not in my 20s anymore, but wouldn’t it be nice to get away from housework, job, and everything? You may even be able to focus better studying.”

“That’s sounds great. I’ll put in for vacation tomorrow morning.”

Theresa asked, “You know I get seasick, can you find something for me? I hate the feeling of dramamine when I take it. If its going to affect how I feel, can I at least get something that feels good? Can you find something in one of your books?”

“Sure, I’ll look, it will probably be prescription, but I know a doctor who’ll write it.”

A week later, Molly and Theresa were getting all the things they needed for the cruise next week. Molly produced a prescription for an anti-nausea medicine. Molly warned Theresa that the drug is not typically used in the U.S. for sea sickness, it is used for it in other countries, but in the U.S. it is used for nausea after chemo-therapy. There are some side effects, its a strong narcotic but at this very low dose, you can hardly know you are on it. The drug is scopolamine. You need to limit how much you drink, one or two drinks MAX. I really recommend taking dramamine. There are some urban legends about scolpomine being used for “mind control” but, that’s just because it is a strong drug. Any narcotic or even alcohol in strong enough dosages will have similar effects.

Theresa listened to her friend but didn’t focus too hard. Theresa didn’t think she would be drinking much anyway. She really thought she would merely be using the gym, pool, and sleeping. That was her ideal vacation.

When they got back to the apartment, Molly said to Theresa, I made sure we had one or two extra pills. I wanted you to london escort agency try one before we go to see if you tolerated it better than dramamine. Also, there is a rare occurrence of a rash and dry mouth. We are in for the night, so let’s take one now and see how you feel in about an hour. Theresa agreed and took one of the pills.

About an hour later Theresa admitted that she had a slight euphoric feeling, she liked how it felt. She said to Molly, “I think I can feel it kicking in, ever so slightly. If I wasn’t trying to feel an effect, I don’t think I would never have known. So far so good. This is MUCH better than dramamine.”

Theresa usually took a 5mg TCH gummy to sleep at night. Without thinking, Theresa took her gummy after dinner. After about an hour, Theresa became very very relaxed. She said to Molly “Wow, between the seasick medicine and my gummy, I feel great.”

Molly hadn’t considered the gummy with the prescription, she was going to keep an eye on her friend tonight.

While they watched TV, Molly wanted to try some tests. To test how potentially dangerous the drug was, she asked Theresa some questions. “Theresa what’s the PIN of your ATM card?”

Theresa answered “7539”

Molly became concerned. “Theresa, write me a check for $100,000 dollars.”

Theresa said “sure,” and got up to get her checkbook, wrote the check, and handed it to Molly.

Molly said to Theresa that she should go to bed, she said OK, and went.

The next morning, Molly was concerned. She asked Theresa how she slept. Theresa answered “I slept great, I don’t even remember going to bed. I must have fell asleep watching T.V.”

Molly spoke “Theresa, you were wide awake until you went to bed. You said how relaxed you felt.”

Theresa replied “I don’t remember that.”

Molly continued, “I think you shouldn’t take the seasick stuff that I got you, I don’t trust it.”

Theresa looked at her friend quizzically, “what do you mean?”

“I asked you for your ATM PIN and a check for $100,000 dollars.”

Theresa laughed “You’re joking.”

Molly replied “7539” and gave the check back to Theresa. Molly said that the gummy probably had some interactions.

Theresa replied, “I feel great today, hmm, if the pills last 24 hours, and it only happens when I take my gummy, then I think I’m OK. Besides, you’re with me. It will be just us two in the room at night.”

Molly was unsure, but Theresa didn’t seem phased. She asked Theresa for the $100,000 check back to which Theresa responded, “nice try, but no chance.”

Molly was satisfied that Theresa was herself again and relaxed a bit.

A week later they found their room on the ship. Cruise ship cabins are not very spacious, even the more expensive ones. At least they had a balcony and a desk. Theresa can sit on the balcony and Molly can study at the desk.

The whistle blew and they were on their way. It was exciting.

The first day they set out to explore the ship. There were a lot of shows, a lot of restaurants, stores, and more. Theresa found a gym that she liked and they set out to look at the pools.

First up was the pool, Molly and Theresa donned their bathing suits and headed out. Molly was about 5’7″ in her 20s she would have been called a blond bombshell, but now in her 30s she’s trimmed down a bit and was way more fit. She actually preferred her body now over her 20 something self. Theresa was different, she was about 5’3″ and lean, with small breasts, she had olive italian skin and has always been built like this and would probably always would. Molly wore a one piece while Theresa wore a white bikini.

At the pool they did their share of swimming and laying in the sun. Laying in the sun always made Molly feel sexy. It was hot, she sweated a little and it just felt great all over. Theresa was amazed at how well the seasick pill was working. No “fog” of dramamine and she could actually enjoy the cruise without being nauseous.

After a few hours of total relaxation, the two women decided to get lunch. The Caribbean restaurant was their destination. Molly got spicy fried snapper and a mojito, while Theresa got Bacalao a la Vizcaina and allowed herself a glass of white wine (being cautious of the seasick medicine).

After lunch they browsed the shops. Molly found a beautiful pair of pear earrings and matching necklace. Inlaid with gold they were really expensive. She joked to Theresa “You should buy these for me.” The response from Theresa was immediate and shocking to Molly.

She said “OK” and attempted to buy them.

Molly escort london stopped her by saying “Don’t buy them Theresa.” Molly had to get Theresa back to the cabin for a nap or something to let the alcohol wear off. Apparently even a (admittedly larger) glass of chardonnay was enough to trigger the suggestive state.

Back in the cabin Molly suggested a short nap so that they can enjoy the night.

As she was trying to go to sleep, Molly, still in a semi aroused state, from laying in by the pool, tried to quietly masturbate. She imagined one of the guys from the pool. Tall, tanned, muscular, and very handsome. They had made eye contact a couple times. As she rubbed her clit, her state went from aroused to very turned on, she imagined him going down on her. She imagined looking down and seeing him looking up. What shocked her and really got her going was, in her mind, she didn’t see him licking her pussy. She saw Theresa! In her very turned-on state, she wasn’t thinking clearly. She called out to her very suggestible friend.

“Theresa, come here and lick my pussy, suck my clit, make me cum. Take your time, make it great.”

Theresa got up out of bed, kneeled in from of her friend and proceeded to do as she was told. Molly could feel Theresa’s hot breath between her legs. The first touch of her tongue was electric. Her tongue worked around and penetrated her, Molly had never felt this overwhelmed with sexual energy. She was not thinking clearly at all. When Theresa sucked her clit, she could feel a massive orgasm building. Theresa must have sensed this and backed off. Just before she lost the feeling Theresa resumed sucking her clit. This lasted for about 15 minutes riding on the edge. Then finally Theresa pushed through and brought Molly to a screaming, sweating, convulsing, orgasm that left her with the jitters. As she regained her composure, she told Theresa to wash her face and rinse her mouth with mouth wash and then go to bed.

They both fell soundly asleep for about an hour.

Molly woke up panicking. She had just taken advantage of her friend. She seriously violated her and crossed the line. She raped her friend. Surely Theresa will hate her.

Theresa, waking up, stretched, and said “That was a great nap. Weird, the last thing I remember was eating lunch. Then the afternoon got fuzzy. What happened?”

Molly replied, “We went shopping and I pointed out a some earrings and a necklace that were very expensive and I joked that you should buy them for me. When you started to buy them, I figured I best get you back here where you would be safe until the alcohol wore off.”

Theresa hugged her friend and said “You’re such a good friend. Thanks. Can you imagine what could have happened if I was like that with some guy on a cruise? No telling what would happen.”

Molly spoke: “Maybe you shouldn’t take the seasick pill, its too dangerous.”

Theresa replied, “No, I have to, otherwise I’ll be sick or feeling crap from the dramamine.”

Molly replied, “Theresa, to be honest, I was very tempted to let you buy the jewelry for me. I really liked them. I don’t know if I’ll always be able to resist the temptation. Having someone who’ll do what anything you say is kind of scary.”

Theresa laughed, “I trust you. If this were you instead or me, I’m pretty sure I’d have some harmless fun at your expense, take pictures and laugh when I show them to you. Maybe get a video of you clucking like a chicken or doing a strip tease on the main deck. It would be hilarious.”

Molly felt a little better about that, Theresa didn’t know what happened but at least understood that her friend wasn’t going to be perfect, but she did trust her to keep her safe. Molly needed to clarify something. “You mean, you’d have me do a strip tease on the main deck? You bitch! I’ll get you tonight for even thinking of it.”

Theresa laughed some more. “You’re such a goody two shoes, I know you’d never do anything.”

Molly asked, “Well, how do you know I won’t take all your money or something worse?” trying to mask her guilt.

Theresa noted the more serious tone and looked Molly directly in her eyes. “Because I know you. We’ve been friends for more than half our lives, If I can’t trust you, I’m in this world alone and that would be worse than anything you could do to me.”

Molly admitted the same thing to Theresa, with that out of the way, they decided to go to one of the shows on the ship. Molly noted a comedy night with an “Adult Hypnotist” along with the other good comedians. Molly suggested it to Theresa, getting london escorts the joke, Theresa answered, “What? Are you looking for ideas?”

Molly answered, “What if I am?” with a smile.

Theresa answered, “OK, have as much fun with me as you want, I won’t remember and I won’t care. Just make sure I wake up in our cabin.”

“Don’t worry, what ever I do with you, no one else will know. (she smiled with an evil smile) You may be embarrassed, but that’s your problem.” Molly was a little confused with this banter. Was Theresa encouraging her to take advantage or was she reaffirming that she knew she could be trusted?

Theresa responded “You’re all talk. Hey, the show starts in half an hour, lets try to get good seats.”

The first comedian was “Taylor Tomlinson” she was super funny. The next guy up was “Bob Zany” with dripping sarcasm. Next was the hypnotist. He had his “volunteers” line up and be put under trances. Some of the bits were kind of sexy, he had them strip to their underwear. He had two “strangers” simulate sex. He had two men kiss. Stuff like that, but nothing rated X. All in all, the two women enjoyed the show.

They headed back to the room. Molly started to study and Theresa took her gummy and started getting ready for bed. About an hour later Molly could tell Theresa was getting high. Molly had a plan, and Theresa would have done it to her, so she is going to do it to her.

She grabbed Theresa’s phone and started taking the video. She is going to have a great laugh in the morning. She calls Theresa over and says “Theresa, strip for the camera.” Theresa starts to take off her pajamas looking at the camera, licking her lips and blowing kisses as she does. When she is naked, Molly tells her to do jumping jacks, that would be pretty silly. Then stretch and touch her toes and pose in some yoga positions. The video is hysterical, Theresa will be mortified.

Molly then tells Theresa that she is a tough bitch lesbian to see how she behaves. Suddenly with a crack, Theresa slaps Molly, hard. Molly is in shock. Theresa demands that she take off all her clothes. Molly dazed and heat sweeping over her body, complies immediately without thinking. “Get on your knees” Molly still dazed and suddenly very horny. “Kiss my feet” Molly immediate kisses Theresa’s feet. Theresa laughs at her, “fucking blond sluts loved to be dominated. Kiss my pussy.” Unable to control herself, kisses Theresa’s pussy. Theresa pulls her face in. “Get on your back” Molly lays down. Theresa, on her knees over Molly’s face, looks down at her and slaps her again. “Suck my clit slut.” Molly obeys immediately. Molly has NEVER been slapped in her life, in this moment her whole psyche was just broken by her friend.

Molly barely thinking does her best to bring her friend off. She knows she could stop this at any time, but doesn’t have the emotional strength to. As Theresa builds, she starts talking more. “You blond slut, you love pussy don’t you?”


“You love sucking my clit don’t you?”


“You are my blond slut aren’t you?”

Molly unable to fight for herself, answers “Yes, I’m your slut.”

“You are my pussy slut aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m you’re pussy slut.”

Theresa had a huge orgasm and got off Molly. Theresa, still as a “tough bitch lesbian,” said “You blond bitch, you’re not good enough for me, make yourself cum.” Molly immediately reached between her legs and started masturbating. As she was bringing herself off, Theresa continued. “Molly, you are my blond pussy slut.”


“You will eat my pussy any time, any place, any where, won’t you?”

“Yes, Theresa I’m your blond pussy slut. I love your pussy.”

“Think about it Molly, you are my pet pussy slut. You are my property. I own you. Cum for me and be my slave.”

Molly shuddered and groaned with one her most intense orgasms, fighting to say the words “Theresa I am your slave.”

After that, Theresa said, I’m going to bed slut. You better sleep, slut, I’m going to use you.” With that they kind of both fell asleep.

The next morning, Theresa was back to her old self. They chatted about the night. The last thing Theresa remembers was going to bed and nothing after that. Molly wasn’t sure what happened last night and completely forgot that it was all on video. Sensing everything was back to normal, volunteered to get coffee for them. When she came back to the room, she saw Theresa on the balcony in her bikini enjoying the warm morning sun. As Molly approached she noticed Theresa was watching a video on her phone. She went instantly cold with fear. Theresa looking at the phone, and then looking at Molly, got up, removed the bottom of her bikini, and said “Molly, my pussy slut, make me cum.” Molly, defeated, does as she is told.

This is going to be a very different cruise.

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