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My last girlfriend was a lovely girl but very straight laced where it came to sex. You know the sort of thing; lights off, lay back and fuck. I liked being with her, but our sex life was so boring and no matter what I suggested, she would say that she was not interested and accuse me of being a pervert. Anyway, we broke up and I missed her for a while – until I met Angela.

Angela turned out to be completely different, in that here was a girl who was really into sex, and In fact it was a little unnerving to be with someone that was so up for it after so long with someone so cold.

“Come back to my place and you’re gonna get it,” Angela told me at the end of our first date and she even sucked my cock in the cab on the way back. I tried to stop her, whispering that the driver could see her but she just pulled her lips tighter round my throbbing cock and then said “good.” Then she wanked me hard into her open mouth, looking the driver straight in the eyes via the rear view mirror, I could not help unloading in her mouth, Angela finished licking it all up just as we pulled up at her place, we climbed out of the cab and gave the driver a big canlı bahis tip. How we did not crash on the journey home is anyone’s guess.

We got up to her flat and as soon as we had the door closed Angela went for me big time!!

I protested that I needed a little recovery time, so Angela said she would put a little show on for me to speed things along a little. We went through to her bedroom and she stripped off as I lay on the bed. She had the most lithe body I had ever seen in my life, the sweetest looking fanny, so good to the taste. She lay with her slightly open legs towards me, dancing her fingers all over her smooth fanny, before sliding them inside and fingering herself off in front of me. The room was filled with the smell of sex and soon I began to grow again.

Angela then plucked a vibrator out of her bedside drawer and fucked herself with it whilst telling me how much she wanted my hard throbbing cock inside her instead.

“Or would you rather be in here?” she smiled as she gently slipped the small vibe into her asshole, I could not believe my eyes as she sank it deep into herself, all the time looking me in the eyes bahis siteleri and cooing to herself with pleasure. This did it for me. I was hard again in a matter of seconds and jumping up onto the bed.

I took hold of the vibrator and fucked her ass with it for a several strokes as she fondled my cock. It was such a turn-on watching her reactions as I pumped it in and out of her at different speeds; I found that she liked it best hard and fast.

“Stick you’re hard cock in my arse,” she told me, and turned over onto her front. As I lay in between her legs and rested my cock in the groove of her pert arse. Angela ground back against me and moaned excitedly. “There’s some love oil in that drawer,” she said, so I pulled out the bottle and poured some directly onto her arsehole. She yelped as the cold oil hit her but my fingers soon warmed it up as I massaged her tight little hole and all the way up over her cheeks until she was glistening and slippery.

I steered in between her cheeks and my hard throbbing cock slipped into her with ease. Angela loved the feeling of me in her from behind and she cried out as she pushed back against me until bahis şirketleri she had my whole cock inside her.

“Oh fuck, yeah” she moaned and she slowly pumped back and forth on my rock hard cock, milking me with her tight arsehole. “You like fucking me in the arse?” she asked me and I told her I did. “Good, because I fucking love it,” she replied and started bashing back against me, taking as much as she could, as hard as she could screaming out loud with pleasure.

It was the dirtiest sex I had ever known and her arsehole felt wonderfully tight. I held her cheeks apart, ploughing my cock into her as deep as it could go, loving her tight warmth around me. She relaxed as I thrust inside her and clenched as I withdrew so that she was constantly pulling at my cock with her arsehole and this had me losing control of my orgasm in next to no time. As soon as I felt my cock start to twitch I pulled out of her and came all over her slippery hole and cheeks. Angela stayed in that position and brought herself to orgasm with her fingers in front of me as my come dribbled down over her.

We collapsed into each others arms, feeling the warmth of our sex and the scents overcome us. It was the most amazing feeling. I had never imagined sex could be this great and it was all thanks to the woman in my arms. I never realised what I had been missing until I met Angela.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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