My Best Friend’s Brother

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Hannah and her best friend Amy had quite a special relationship. They’d known each other since middle school and been best friends since. Today, at 24 years old, they still hung out practically every weekend even though neither of them had moved out of their parent’s yet. Both of them were single, and they’ve always enjoyed new sexual experiences together. They went through their first threesomes together, as well as their first facial and their first anal penetration. They both knew they would be comfortable doing practically anything as long as the other one was in the same room.

But now, if things worked out like Hanna wanted, their relationship could turn even more special. Ever since they were little, she’d had a thing for Amy’s older brother John. He was the kind of guy most people wouldn’t think too much about. Hannah didn’t know him very well, but had gotten the impression that he was a bit of an introvert. All she really knew was that he’d studied engineering in college and liked to hit the gym as often as he could.

This Thursday morning, Hannah decided today was the day she’d finally work up the courage to tell John what she felt. She tried to always be honest and didn’t like beating around the bush – so she might as well just do it. But what to say?

“I love you,” she whispered, hoping her parents wouldn’t hear. “No, too creepy. Let’s fuck! Way too straight-forward, even for my taste. I’ve had my eyes on you for a while? Hell no, I’m not a fucking stalker!”

Hannah contemplated what to say as she ate her breakfast. Struggling to make up her mind, she decided to just drop by Amy’s house after work and take it from there. If she could remember correctly, Amy worked late on Thursdays, and so did both her parents – leaving just her brother in the house.

Now that she’d gotten the very basics of her plan worked out, Hannah needed to find a way to make John feel something for her – or at the very least get him horny.

“What better way to make him interested than through my clothes?” Hannah figured. “I’ll pick something that shows off what I’ve got, but still keeps him guessing. It’ll have to be office-appropriate as well.”

Hannah eventually decided on her favorite pair of tight blue jeans and a form-fitting blue t-shirt with just a little bit of cleavage. She was fully aware that her body was nothing special, but she knew very well that she could still pull the “tight-clothes” look off. She wasn’t stick-thin but still a bit on the skinnier side. As Hannah spun around in front of the whole-body mirror she couldn’t help but feel proud of her curves. Her perky ass was being squeezed by her jeans – she didn’t work it out that much, but it somehow stayed round and firm anyways. The t-shirt showed off her slender frame – not to forget her gorgeous 28B boobs that hadn’t sagged a centimeter since she was a teenager.

With the outfit done, Hannah moved on to her makeup. She usually liked to go a bit overboard with her face. Unfortunately, since today was a regular work day, it would have to stay professional. Hannah wasn’t prepared to risk getting fired from the bank where she worked for turning up with the most gorgeous smoky eye-look she could create.

So what to do? It had to be sexy, but still professional. Hannah eventually decided on just putting a little extra effort into her usual daily routine. She applied the basics; primer, foundation, concealer and so on, before moving on to the slightly sexier part. A little bit of blush, a little eyebrow pencil, a fair amount of eyeshadow in different shades of brown, eyeliner on her upper lid, and finally a healthy amount of mascara to finish the look off. She didn’t bother with any lipstick of lip gloss – it just wouldn’t feel right in the office.

“Perfect,” she heard herself remark as she smacked her lips. “Looking hot, Hannah.”

Hannah felt a little self-love in the mornings went a long way, especially a day like today. She knew John wouldn’t be able to resist her looking like this, and that it’d be worth it.

Before leaving for work, Hannah felt that something was wrong with her outfit. It took another thorough look in the mirror before she realized what it was – her cleavage! Of course she couldn’t go to work wearing just a shirt like that. She was already running a bit late and didn’t have time to bring an extra. Hannah threw on a blazer she found in the hall and decided it would have to do.

Hannah’s biggest, (really her only), insecurity was her height, or rather, her lack of height. Hannah was absolutely certain that there wasn’t a single girl in the neighborhood who was shorter than her at 5’2″. How to solve it? With heels, of course. Hannah had developed a habit of wearing some kind of heels practically every day for the last few years. Today, she picked a pair of ankle-high brown leather boots with a four-inch heel. It was the perfect height, quite sexy, but still professional.

“Awesome,” Hannah said to herself, straightening her blazer. “Let’s do this.”

As she walked out bahis firmaları the door, Hannah was careful not to wake her parents. She got into her car and drove off to work.


At 5PM, Hannah left the office. She’d been there earlier than usual that morning and figured she needed all the extra time she could get today. Hannah didn’t bother going home and drove straight to Amy’s house. John opened the door just like she’d predicted.

“Hi John,” she said and stepped inside, not even waiting for him to invite her in. “Is Amy home?”

“Uh,” John replied, hesitating for a moment. “Don’t think so. She’ll probably be another hour or so.”

“Mind if I stay here and wait for her?”

Hannah wasn’t expecting “no” for an answer. She’d already hung her blazer up on a hanger and put her handbag down by the door.

“Sure,” John answered and started walking up the stairs to his room. “I’d keep you company if I wasn’t busy, but just let me know if you need anything!”


Hannah didn’t bother taking her shoes off. She walked up the stairs, through the living room and into Amy’s bedroom. It certainly wasn’t big, just a desk with a spinning office chair in the far end, a couple of wardrobes and a makeup table in the other, and a queen-size bed standing against the left wall.

Hannah sat down in the bed and started thinking of what to do. Maybe she should just go for it, and improvise as she went? It almost felt a too little high-risk for her taste. On the other hand, she’d probably come off as more natural and spontaneous than if she was going through some kind of manuscript inside her head.

“Improvisation it is, then,” Hannah thought to herself. “Here goes nothing.”

Hannah made sure her clothes looked okay. She pulled her pants up, tugged at her shirt a bit to show more skin, and pushed her boobs up a little in hopes of making them look bigger.

“Hey John,” she shouted across the house. “Come here!”

A few seconds later, he turned up and stood in the doorway.

“What’s up?”

“Can I just talk to you for a minute?”

“Uh… sure. Just don’t take too long, I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

“I’ll be quick then,” Hannah said, stood up and started walking around the room.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked, already restless.

Hannah had long ago decided to quit being subtle, and that it’d probably be best if she just went for it.

“I’ve had a bit of a thing for you for the last few years,” she said, while looking into his eyes.

That was a big lie. The first time Hannah had fantasized about John, she couldn’t have been much older than twelve.

“C’mon, is this some kind of joke?” he asked, looking a bit shocked. “Is my sister in on this? Where’s the hidden camera?”

“No, John,” Hannah replied. “I’m dead serious. I’ve wanted to fuck you for almost as long as I’ve known what ‘fucking’ means.”

There it was. She’d dropped both the bombs – she’d been interested in him for a while, and she wanted to fuck him. She just had to hope he’d be feeling the same way.

“Really?” he asked.

Hannah could notice his shock turning into a smile, and eventually a little pride. He stood up straight and crossed his arms before closing the bedroom door behind him.

“Really,” Hannah told him and took a step closer.

“Have you told my sister?”

“Oh no,” Hannah laughed. “I thought I’d try to keep it between the two of us.”

It looked like he was starting to loosen up a bit. Hannah placed a finger on his chest and started tracing it up and down while they spoke.

“So, how about that thing you were in the middle of?” she asked.

“Jerking off,” he quickly interrupted her, “but I think you’ll do the trick.”

“Perfect,” she giggled and wrapped her arms around him.

Hannah didn’t have time to start kissing him before John placed his hands under her legs and lifted her up. Hannah giggled, before crossing her legs behind his back. This was probably a good thing – he was much taller than her, and she barely reached up to him even with her high heels.

Hannah leaned in to start kissing John, and he instantly responded with an even more intense kiss than she’d given him. She placed a hand on his head, rubbing his short, scruffy hair, before letting it wander down between her legs and down to his crotch. Hannah started rubbing it and felt he was already rock hard.

As soon as Hannah had discovered his dick, John placed her back down on the bed. He quickly pulled his gym shorts to the floor but left his underwear to Hannah. She looked him in the eyes before tugging them to the floor. His dick pointed right at her, rock hard, just like she’d felt.

“Get on your back,” Hannah said, and stood up to give John a kiss. “I wanna suck your cock!”

John did just as he was told. He laid down in the bed, pulled off his shirt and started stroking his dick slowly. Hannah climbed up next to him and leaned down over his crotch. She kaçak iddaa tossed her dark blonde hair over one shoulder before wrapping her lips around his rod. Hannah started bobbing up and down right away.

As John’s moans grew louder and louder, Hannah realized she hadn’t taken any of her clothes off yet. She started unbuckling her black leather belt while sucking, and eventually pulled her pants down to her knees. She pulled her boots off and threw them across the room before pulling her pants all the way down. Now, her ass was covered in nothing but her light-blue thong.

“Fucking hell, you’re a good cocksucker,” John suddenly moaned. “Let me get inside your pussy before I waste my load in your mouth!”

Hannah took it as a compliment and quickly let his cock pop out of her mouth. She stepped off the bed and waited for John to join her. He stood up in front of her, and leaned down to give her a kiss. When he pulled his head back up, Hannah lifted her arms into the air as an invite to pull off her shirt. John did just that and took a step back to admire her petite body. Hannah reached behind her back, unhooked her bra, and let it fall to the floor. She could see the horniness in John’s eyes as she swiftly pulled off her panties.

“My God, you’re hot,” he whispered before yet again lifting Hannah up into the air.

This time, he walked over to Amy’s computer desk. He spun her black leather chair around to face them before gently laying Hannah down in it on her back. She spread her legs as far apart as she could, giving John the best possible view of her entire body. He quickly aligned his dick with her shaved pussy.

“Give it to m-” Hannah started, but her begging turned into moans when John quickly slid his cock inside her. “Fuuuuuuuck!”

John seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, because his pace was unusually fast. He thrust as far inside as he could every time. With his dick coming in at about seven inches, Hannah could really feel it. Fortunately, he knew how to use it properly, and was already hitting all the right spots.

“Rub my clit, John,” Hannah begged.

He slowed down his pace considerably before placing his right thumb on her clit. Hannah’s breathing got quicker and quicker as he rubbed it insanely fast. She could feel herself coming close to orgasm after just a few minutes.

Suddenly, John pulled out. Hannah was left feeling extremely empty inside as she laid in the chair, trying to catch her breath. She’d been so close to climaxing, and he pulls out – just like that? She couldn’t keep herself from rubbing her clit herself.

“Get on your knees,” John told her.

Hannah stood up and was just about to get down on the floor, when John placed a hand on her chest.

“In the chair,” he whispered and gave her ass a slap.

Hannah giggled a little, before doing like she’d been told. She squeezed her legs together and leaned the upper part of her chest against the backrest of the chair. John spread her ass cheeks apart before sliding in yet again. He was a bit more gentle than before, putting more effort into each thrust instead of just going as fast as he could.

“Don’t forget my clit,” Hannah complained.

“Sorry,” he muttered under his breath.

John quickly stuck his hand in between her legs and fumbled around looking for her clit. He didn’t find it, and moved on to a different plan of attack. He wrapped his arm around her midriff, instead coming between her legs from the front. The very moment John touched her clit, Hannah loud out a deep sigh of relief. It seemed to make him understand he’d found it, because he started rubbing it just as fast as before.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Hannah moaned.

By this point, John was starting to pick up his pace again. His hips were smashing against her ass with each thrust, making a “slap” sound echo across the room. Hannah prayed to God that Amy wouldn’t come home earlier than John expected.

She didn’t have time to finish her thought before wave after wave of pleasure started flooding her senses. Hannah had gotten caught up in her thinking, and hadn’t noticed the fact that she was just about to cum. She felt herself losing her balance as John started thrusting a little softer. If she were to guess, she’d probably let out one constant moan during her orgasm – but there was really no way for her to know, since practically everything around her disappeared when she came.

Suddenly, just seconds after Hannah was starting to regain her balance, John slapped her ass. He slapped it quite hard and let out a loud “fuck” before grabbing Hannah by her arm. Knowing what was coming, she hurried to kneel down in front of his throbbing cock. She stuck her tongue out and squeezed her eyes shut, and gave the underside of his tip a series of quick tongue flicks.

Without any warning whatsoever, the bedroom door swung open. Hannah flinched at the sudden noise and opened her eyes. The moment she saw Amy standing in the doorway, they both screamed. Amy slammed the door shut and started kaçak bahis muttering curse words outside.

Hannah suddenly felt something burn insanely painfully in her left eye. She realized she’d jerked her head when Amy opened the door, and John’s first shot had landed diagonally across her face, ending up in her eye and continuing into her hair.

Fortunately, John had noticed and quickly grabbed her head. He turned it around toward him before aiming the rest of his shots very carefully. Hannah had gotten cum in her eye numerous times before, and knew to take it like a gentlewoman. She started blinking as fast as she could manage but didn’t move an inch. John splatter his long, thick lines of white jizz across her face. His load was quite big, and left neat lines of cum stretching across both her cheeks. As he dribbled a bit towards the end, Hannah felt little droplets of sperm land on both her thighs and tits.

The moment he’d stopped shooting, Hannah licked the lasts drops of cum from his dick before standing up. Even though she didn’t want to show it, she was in a hurry to wash the burning cum out of her eye. She began scooping up the cum splattered across her cheeks and put it in her mouth. While swallowing it, she made sure to keep eye contact with John. She quickly grabbed a hair tie from Amy’s bedside table and tied her hair into a messy bun.

“God damn,” he panted. “You’re good at this, Hannah.”

“I know,” she replied seductively, as she kept scooping cum into her mouth. “I’m gonna borrow your shower.”

Amy would most likely be sitting in the living room, which was just outside her bedroom. She’d seen Hannah naked and cum-covered many times before so she didn’t bother covering up. She just opened the door, covered her boobs with one arm, and walked out.

Just like she’d predicted, Amy was sitting with her arms crossed in the sofa facing her bedroom door. Hannah looked at her as she licked her fingers that were sticky from all the cum she’d touched.

“Hi there, sexy,” Amy remarked, in a surprisingly bitter voice.

“Hey there,” Hannah replied, trying to sound a little happier than Amy had.

Even though she might’ve sounded mad, Hannah knew she really wasn’t. They’d been through too much together for her to get angry at her for fucking her brother. She knew their relationship was like this sometimes – a little special, so to speak.

“Where you going?” Amy asked as Hannah kept walking through the hallway, still entirely naked.

“Taking a shower,” Hannah yelled as she shut the bathroom door behind her.

Hannah made sure her bun was holding her hair in place before stepping into the shower. She quickly stuck her face under the running water in an effort to wash the cum out of her eye. Even though her makeup would get totally ruined, if it hadn’t been already, she had to get it out somehow.

Just a few seconds after she’d turned on the water, Hannah heard a high-pitched screech coming from the living room.

“Cover up John, for fucks sake!” she heard Amy shout.

“Sorry!” he shouted back, and kept walking.

“And where are YOU going?”

“To the shower,” John answered, like it was no big deal.

“It’s busy,” Amy informed him in a more composed manner than before.

“Oh, I know,” John remarked with a laugh.

Hannah couldn’t keep herself from laughing. Amy shouted a volley of curse words at him, but it sounded like he just kept walking. As John opened the bathroom door, she could hear him laughing as well.

“Welcome,” Hannah giggled and slid the shower curtain open.

“Thanks, baby.”

John stepped right in before pushing Hannah up against the wall to kiss her. She was getting absolutely crazy horny. She’d just fucked her best friend’s brother in her best friend’s bedroom, and here she was, making out with him in their shower.

“You wanna fuck me again, John?” she whispered.

“Hell yeah,” he responded, and immediately spun her around.

Hannah braced herself against the tiled wall and stuck her ass out. John turned the shower head away from himself before placing both his hands on her ass cheeks and spreading them. He took his time, making sure to get a good view of her pretty ass. Hannah could barely take it. She wanted his cock, right now!

“Fuck me then,” she complained.

Hannah didn’t need to tell him more than once. He immediately squatted down to get his dick level with her pussy before thrusting upward sliding his cock all the way inside. She let out a long, purring sound as he started pounding her. Hannah kept her legs squeezed together, both to keep her balance as her body was rocked by the intensity of John’s thrusts, and to make it look better. John seemed to like what he saw, because his pace was unmatched. Hannah could feel both her ass and her entire body shaking each time John shoved his dick as far inside her as he could.

It didn’t take long before John started breathing heavier and heavier. Hannah was afraid of losing her balance if she turned around, so she kept her face close to the wall. Instead, John leaned down to her and placed his mouth right by her ear.

“I’m gonna cum again, baby,” he panted as he slowed down slightly. “Where do you want it?”

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