“You’re not my s*ster?”


“You’re not my s*ster?”The following story is true and experienced first hand.My family is something of what you’d call the “Typical urban family”. decent place to live in warm sunny California, comfortable income and not a ton to complain about. Except for the fighting. My family seemed to fight a lot. I grew up with two br*thers and a s*ster. four c***dren, a full time d*d and part time m*m. By the time of this story, all of us were grown and out of high school. I was the youngest of all of us with only a couple of years difference between me and my older s*ster. I was the baby of the family from the day i was born to the present day, always looked at as naive or innocent. What much of my family didn’t seem to understand was because i grew up with three older s*blings, i caught on to things in a different manner. mostly quickly. I began looking at videos and pictures of naked women at a very young age and evaded being caught by anyone in my family for a long time, basically until high school.One thing that should be known about our area of California is that it doesn’t rain too often, but when it does, it tends to downpour.anyway, today was downpour weather, sometime in probably 10th grade, and i sat in my room browsing the sexy things of the internet without much of a care when there was a knock at my door. I didn’t think much of it, i closed my laptop slid it to the side and pulled my pants up to answer. My parents always taught a level of privacy by knocking to all of us, thankfully. I opened the door and stood there was my s*ster. standing 5’8″ in her college years, mostly average in body type with impressive 34D breasts and long dirty blond hair nearing her butt, she looked to my 5′ solid at the time self and tilted one eye brow that made her bright green eyes feel like laser beams.”what?” i asked.”i can hear you, you know.” is all she said and i knew what she meant, but i played the innocent youngling.”hear what?” i said, drifting my eyes away. she walked into my room as i backed up and leaned onto the side of my bed still acting the innocent one.she closed the door and turned and put her hands on her hips to face me, in almost a bad-cop fashion. it became hard for me not to chuckle at her.”If you’re going to watch porn, at least have headphones. or turn down the volume.” she said, almost viciously while still almost whispering.”i still have no idea what you’re talking about.” i still kept the charade going.”uh huh..and what if i opened your laptop right now?” she threatened.I decided to keep pretending, but i thought i would have fun with it.”go ahead.” i answered much to her surprise. her eyes widened a bit and she suddenly seemed hesitant. I was calling her bluff and she wasn’t sure what to expect if she went through with it. she stepped beside me and reached for my computer and slid it slowly toward her. i stood beside her with a devilish grin and she opened the screen to reveal the sinful web-page full of dirty pictures and videos. one particular tab i had open was currently a woman, but not a woman. she had an endowment of a long penis and two shapely balls hanging between her legs. my s*ster’s eyes grew even wider as she stood in bewilderment.”like what you see?” i said, breaking the silence as she stared at the shemale on the screen. her face grew redder and redder and she finally closed the laptop and turned to me with a surprisingly confident expression.”so, you’re not nearly as innocent as you make yourself out to be, little guy.”————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Time went güvenilir bahis siteleri by since that day and not much really changed. the occasional glance while walking the hallway in our house. i was surprised she didn’t snitch on me or tease me more than before.time came around to my 18th birthday. the day after, actually. i was out with friends the day of. the day after, i planned a comfortable get together with all my family. she was very close to 20 years old now. our birthdays were only about three weeks apart oddly enough, with both our older br*thers having more age gap. We sat and played some card games and watched movies and had a good time. slowly as the night went on we all got tired and decided to head to bed. everyone left the living room except me and my s*ster, who wanted to finish this game of cards first. The movie sat in its credits scene as we continued to shuffle through cards but i could feel a sudden tense atmosphere between us and she kept looking up at me and back down to her cards.”what?” i asked to break the silence. it didn’t seem like she wanted to answer.her face grew red as she formed her words slowly; “do you still look at stuff?””huh..?” i replied. it had been quite a while since she caught me. “pictures and videos of..women. not women..you know what i mean.” she said timidly.”well..sure. why?she didn’t really answer but put down her cards and just stared at me for a few moments. seemingly contemplating something.”what is it?” i asked.”I want to see you naked.” she blurted out.”whoa, what??” i was confused. this came out of no where for both of us.”I didn’t stutter, did I?””well..n-no but.. why do you want to see me naked?”We’ve kept you naive of something for a long time.” she seemed adamant that she was leading to something. and the curiosity skyrocketed in my mind.”what do you mean?””our family has a couple secrets that we’ve kept well guarded. even from you. even the other two.” she explained.”okay? but what does that have to do with you seeing me naked?””Br*, i need you to trust me. And i need to see you naked. Take off your clothes.”I hesitated but slowly complied. i stood up and took off my shirt and then she stopped me.”wait. your room. lets go.” she said. we stood up and turned off the TV and walked to my room. she sat on the bed and turned to look at me as i closed the door. she waved her hand in a gesture to continue. i tossed my shirt to the floor and undid my pants, sliding them aside as well. i stood in nothing but underwear and my entire body felt a tingling sense of nervousness. she nodded to me letting me know to continue more, and so i did. i slid down my underwear, exposing my penis to her. i wasn’t small. respectable seven inches fully erect, but what stood out was my girth. nearing almost two inches from one side to the other. low below it was my well sized balls with a well trimmed tuft of hair surrounding it all. I wasn’t hard, but the sexual tension had made me grown a little. she took a deep breath as she looked onto my size.”good. that’s one secret i don’t have to worry about.” she said.”what do you mean?” i asked nervously. “Is there something wrong with me?””no. quite the contrary. you’re great. I’m surprised you don’t have a girlfriend, with that tucked away?” she teased.”So..why did you want to see me naked then?” this time i wasn’t playing innocent. i was genuinely confused.she stood up and slid off her shirt, exposing her bright lace pink bra, and 34D breasts. i could feel the surge of heat flow through my crotch and i began to grow.”proper response.” she said. “i need you to think back, little br*. have you ever seen me naked?” she mobilbahis asked.the more i thought about it, the less i had actually seen of her. shirtless, maybe, but never more than that. i shook my head after a moment of thought.”good.” she said and sighed. “it’s hard to keep such a secret from everyone but our parents.””what are you talking-“”hush. im getting to it.” she interupted. “do you enjoy watching shemale porn?” i could only nod. “is it your favorite?” i nodded again. i stood at full mast now, thinking about the things ive seen in videos or pictures.a few moments of silence flew over us and she extended her hand for mine. “i need you to trust me, okay br*?” i nodded again and reached for her hand, when she grabbed my wrist and tugged my arm and set my hand on her breast. the heat inside me grew tenfold as i stared in awe of what my own s*ster was doing right now.”i need you to squeeze.” she ordered. i obeyed and pressed down on her soft bra. she let go of my hand and told me to unsnap her bra for her. i reached behind her and undid the clip and she dropped her bra to the floor. her big breasts were now in the open and hung like sandbags with her nipples inverted and large pink areolas splayed out. i could’t believe my eyes at how perfect they looked. no blemished skin or stretch marks even though she grew well endowed from a young age.”squeeze again.” she said. i moved my hand back up and gently pressed on her left breast. I focused on how tender they were. she let out a soft moan and grabbed my other arm and guided it to her right. i played with her tits slowly and moved my thumbs over her nipples. i had never seen inverted nipples in person. i had played with breasts before in high school but nothing as large or unique as hers. “okay.” she said, gently pushing me away from her to stop my playing. “now i need you to close your eyes, and wait for when i say to look. this is something that must remain a secret between us. got it?””i promise” i said, and closed my eyes.i heard her shuffling around on the bed and then stop. “you promise not to tell anyone?””yes.””open your eyes.”i opened my eyes and couldnt believe what i was looking at. she layed on the bed completely naked. she supported herself on her elbows and her large breasts hung to the side. as i glanced over her smooth body I examined her curvaceous waist and firm stomach. moving to her voluptuous hips and slooth shaved legs…and large penis._____________________________________________________________________________________________”what the?!” i nearly yelled and she jumped up and sshhed me quickly.”i said secret!” she stated, her face the brightest red i’d ever seen her.i could only point to her erect member in awe. “you…!””yes. stop freaking out. i want to explain.” she said before i could continue.i shook my head and stopped her. “you..you’re a shemale?” i asked.”well, yes. but different than that..” she said.”what do you mean?””i’m not your s*ster.” she said timidly.”you’re….you’re not my s*ster?””i was once your br*ther.” she said carefully this time.she sat back down on the bed and I sat on my knees on the floor, looking at her well grown set of balls and a long penis that made me feel inadequate. It wasn’t rock hard but it was no where near completely flaccid. it hung maybe 7 inches as it was when i’d only manage 7 inches hard.”can i..touch it?” i asked nervously. she could only nod in response. i reached up and lifted it with one hand. god, it felt heavy. the girth may have been about the same as my own, but just the length was astounding. i slowly moved it from side to side and slowly became braver, and began bahis siteleri to move my hand up and down, rubbing the shaft as i felt it slowly grow. i could hear her exhaling heavily and inhaling sharply. i was turning her on and i wanted to see how much i could do. I had always enjoyed straight porn and of course shemale porn, but i had come to the conclusion of my bisexual curiousity. i had once played with a boy at school before.i couldn’t just touch any longer, touching every shape of her enormous cock made me want it more. slowly, i moved my face closer and took in its amazing smell. i gently extended my tongue and teased her head with it. her gasp gave me a sign that i was doing something right. but just then she stopped me.”okay whoa whoa wait.” she said quickly. “i don’t think we should be doing this.””why not?” i answered, still gripping her length.”what if someone finds out?” “they won’t. i can keep secrets, you know that.”she hesitated and took a deep breath. “fine. please be gentle though… it’s extremely sensitive because of the hormones.””hormones?” i asked, as i stroked her cock slowly.she struggled to explain through her gasps; “when i was little, and you were too young to remember, i began being girlish. and i hated the idea of being a boy. i wanted to be a girl. *gasp* careful! …anyway, m*m and d*d agreed to begin a hormone treatment that would take years to complete. it would’ve made me female.””would’ve?””I…couldn’t complete the treatment. i stopped when i just turned 18 because i love being female but…” she stopped, looking down at her own enormous cock.”you wanted to keep this.” i said for her.”sort of.. i hated the idea of surgery to make a vagina. my breasts are from the hormones too..they’re natural.” she completed.i couldn’t keep myself anymore. i nodded and opened my mouth and slowly slid her large tip in. her cock now was a stiff nine and a half inches long with almost a solid two inch wide shaft. i socked the tip slowly and firmly, as i stroked up and down her lengthy veiny member. her head rolled back as she breathed heavily and she grabbed her own breasts enjoying the sensations.”oohh..my god br*. i’ve never had someone do this to me…don’t stop.” she moaned. i tried to move more of her into my mouth but gagged a moment and moved backward. i still sucked only about an inch and a half inside my mouth but began to jack off her length vigorously. her moans grew heavily and i could feel her heat rise. i reached down with one hand and massaged her great balls when i felt them tighten and she held her breath. before i calculated what was happening, i felt her hot sticky semen rush out into my mouth. i grabbed her cock in surprise and did my best to keep it in my mouth. i tasted sweet and creamy with almost a lemony flavor and i swallowed all that i could. still her cock tightened in my lips and more gushed out onto my tongue and down my throat. i couldn’t contain it any more and moved back to catch my breath, still she came over my face and finally subsided as her length hung once again.i wiped the cum off my mouth and licked my hands clean. she sat breathing heavily and apologized.”im so sorry..did i hurt you?” she said.”are you k**ding?” i said with a large happy smile. “that was amazing. god, no wonder you don’t want to get rid of that thing. it’s impressive!” i exclaimed.she looked down to my naked body, seeing my cock was at all seven inches of attention.”Can we do this more often?” she asked. “that was..the first time i’d been with anybody else.”i looked up at her. she seemed almost sad, and i stood up and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips she wasn’t expecting. she wrapped her arms around me as i gently caressed her body. one hand softly touching her breast, while the other drifted down and massaged her length again. i felt it growing firmly and quickly, and soon our cocks pressed against eachother closely.”anytime.” i answered.

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