Your Apartment…Part 1


Your Apartment…Part 1Your apartment….You had left your door unlocked so that I could meet you at your place after work. When you walk up the stairs, you hear some strange noises. Wondering what’s going on, you wait near the top of the stairs and listen for a minute. Right away you realize that I’m moaning and it’s not one voice you’re hearing but two. As you walk around the corner you see me and another girl on the couch together. The girl has her hand between by legs and I’m sucking on her tits. You watch for a minute, absently rubbing your cock through your pants, until I happen to look up and see you standing there. I smile at you, as I tell you I brought you a surprise, but that I couldn’t wait to try it out. Not waiting for your response I go back to sucking on her tits. You keep watching as we continue to kiss and fondle each other on the couch. After a few minutes, I tell the girl to lean back and let me have some fun. It doesn’t take me very long to have her legs spread wide open karaman escort and three fingers sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Soon I feel your hand on the back of my head and it dawns on me what you want. I get on all fours and lightly start to tongue her pussy. Beginning with licking her hard throbbing clit, before spitting all over her pussy getting it really wet and sticky. Unable to help myself I slide my tongue into her pussy, making sure to wiggle it all around, in and out, making her scream and moan with pleasure.I jump a little bit when I feel you start to work something into my ass, until I realize that it’s a butt plug. As soon as it’s in, you start to mess with it, pulling it in and out, stopping only to spank my ass. By this time, the girl is begging me to make her cum, to lick her harder and stick my tongue farther into her slutty pussy. Eager to please, I redouble my efforts to make her cum. It’s not long before she’s screaming in a body shaking orgasm. While escort kraman she catches her breath, I feel you start to slide your cock in my pussy and begin to fuck me hard and deep causing me to groan. Your balls are slamming against my ass, as you fuck and spank me. I start to beg you to fuck my ass but you tell me the only way that will happen is if I let our new friend fuck my ass. I want it so bad by now; i turn around on the couch and tell her to get the strap on out of her bag. While she goes to get it, I get on all fours and start to suck on your cock. Spitting all over it, to get it nice in wet before swallowing most it. Well I suck you, I notice that you’re looking at what’s going on behind me, I know she strapping on the dildo and it isn’t long before I feel the plug being slid out of my ass. I’ve got your cock deep in my throat when i feel the head of the dildo start to slide into my ass. Right as she slams the dildo into my ass you grab my head and slam your cock into karaman escort bayan my mouth. I suck your cock really hard as my ass is reamed. Soon the apartment is filled with the sounds of my screaming and the occasional moan from you and the other girl. This continues for a while, when you tell the girl to start to spank my big ass. Every time she smacks my ass, I moan against your cock, feeling it get bigger in my mouth. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, I push back against the dildo and a hard cum is ripped from my body. Before I even have a chance to recover, you tell me to turn around and face the girl. When I turn around I noticed she’s taken a condom off the dildo, and I start to suck her cock. Every once in a while you reach over and rub her clit and pussy. Soon we’re both moaning with pleasure again. I look over and see you standing beside us, watching, stroking your cock. I pull back long enough to tell you to cum all over both of us. She starts to egg you on, telling you what sluts we both are and to shoot you’re hot sticky cum all over us. Just when I start to feel your cum all over us, she begins to cum again; soon we’re both covered and cum and laying exhausted against the couch wondering what will come next.

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