Young guy blows strangers at the beach.


Young guy blows strangers at the beach.When I was young, I found a playgirl magazine. It started my fascination and love of cock. I would masturbate to the thoughts of all those beautiful cocks. Soon, I wanted more and found myself searching it out. I lived near the beach and often would go down to the edge of the sand and jerk off, dreaming about sucking cock. Even as a k**, I knew there was a “gay” part of the beach. As my desire and courage increased, I moved closer and closer to that area.I was a young, fit and attractive k**. Although I was nervous, I didn’t think it would be hard to find a guy to hook up with. I started hanging out on the edge of the “gay” area and under my breath, as guys would walk by, say “want a blow job.” Several guys would look at me but keep going. Soon an older guy came by on a bicycle. He was about 40 or 50, I didn’t know for sure, alittle heavy, but nice. I said my line and he circled back to me. My heart raced as he asked, “did I hear you right?” I said again, “do you want a blowjob” he said, “I would love one, where do you want to go?” I didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri know actually. I had not thought that far ahead. He suggested we go under a near by pier. It was getting dark and there weren’t a lot of people around. When end we got under the cover of the pier, I started rubbing his cock through his shorts. His cock began to harden under my touch and I was shocked at the size. “Oh, you like that big cock, don’t you?” He said. I was nervous and didn’t answer, I just looked at the sand and rubbed him as I went to my knees. I nervously pulled his waist band down and his cock fell out, semi erect. I was surprised at the grey pubic hairs but his cock drew me in like a magnet. As he hung before me, I ran my tongue from the head of his cock to the base. He tasted different than I had imagined, but I found I loved the taste. I then ran the tip of my tongue along the edge of his cocks head, feeling every ridge and bump. I wanted this and was going to enjoy it! I then took his whole cock into my mouth and immediately felt him harden and almost gag me. mobilbahis I moved my mouth up and down his shaft and he let me know he approved by moaning and stroking the top of my head. I sucked him for what seemed like a long time. I wanted his cum but he wouldn’t let me have it. I began stroking him with one hand and moved the other to his balls, squeezing and stroking then also. I said, “I want your cum!” and that sent him over the edge. He said, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” but I had worked too hard and wanted it too much to stop now. He filled my mouth with his warm semen and I swallowed mouthful after mouthful as his cum continued to ooze out of him. I suddenly felt very cheap and used, although my rock hard cock told me I loved it. He surprised me when he tapped me on the head and said, “we are being watched” as much as I wanted to continue sucking every last dropout of his old cock, I was nervous and looked up. I saw another guy standing near us, he had his cock out of his shorts and was stroking it as he watched us. He appeared to be homeless or at bahis siteleri least very drunk, but I could not help but notice his erection was huge! His hard cock was incredible thick and long, I didn’t think it was real and starred at it. My older guy said, “I think you have another customer” and then pulled up his shorts and left. He left me there on my knees as the homeless drunk guy started talking to himself. “Fucking fag, suck this dick” “yeah, you want this big dick” I surprised myself now by staying on my knees and motioning him to come over. His huge erection moved side to side as he walked towards me. I could not believe the size of him! Even though my mouth still had the taste of the older guys cum in it, I wanted to pleasure this massive piece of manhood.I immediately put my lips on him as his cock stuck straight out at me. The head of his cock stretched my mouth, and I tried to force more of him in. He was too big and my eyes watered as I strained to please him. He kept saying, “fucking fag, suck that dick” over and over as I held on to his hips and forced my mouth down on him. He then pulled it out from between my lips and started stroking it furiously and slapped it against my face. I could not believe the size of him. I tried licking the tip as he stroked it. Without warning, he came and covered me in his hot, sticky sperm.

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