You like that little Bitch Gay


You like that little Bitch GayNot too many days passed before I emailed him wanting to connect. I knew that the next time we met he would be burying his cock in me and I wanted to make sure we had enough time to plan it so we had a decent amount of to time to explore. I told him that I could entertain him the next few days and he indicated that tomorrow would probably work and he would confirm in the morning. I went to bed that night thinking of what it might be like the following day and hoped that we would get together. I got up the following morning a bit late after my girlfriend had left for work, it was my day off and I was hoping to hear we would be meeting. I checked my email and was happy to see an email from Paul in my inbox. Excitedly I read his email and my pulse quickened when I read he would be free at 11:00 to come over. The timing was great as that would give us several hours and it wouldn’t be a quickie. It also gave me time to get cleaned up. My cock was on the rise just thinking about what was going to happen as I went about getting ready.I went right to work by making myself clean inside and out. I rinsed out my ass until it was squeaky clean and ready for the assault that would be coming in less that a few hours. I also took the time to shave my ass and legs making myself nice and smooth for him. I am a cyclist so this was not out of the norm as far as my GF was concerned and made me feel just a bit slutty and I was sure he would enjoy it. Being all clean and ready, I had nothing to do but wait and anticipate how our meeting would go down. I kept thinking of his manly cock and how hard he would be, how intense it would be to feel him entering me. I was in a constant state of arousal as I waited… Soon, my email beeped and he said he was on the way. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive as I put on a pair of tight black briefs and a t shirt. I stood by the window and waited and before long, he arrived.Parking across the street, he walked up to the front door and I met him. The sun was out and it was a nice spring day and we exchanged pleasantries as I opened to screen door and he came inside. With the front door closed and locked. I walked back to the bed room as he followed. Once inside the bedroom, I closed the door and we stood facing each other. I reached down to feel his cock through his tight jeans and was rewarded by his growing bulge. He pulled my shirt over my head and then quickly removed his as my hands found the button and zipper of his jeans. I unzipped him and he pushed his jeans and briefs down as his magnificent, growing cock sprang free. My eyes were locked on his cock as I slid my shorts to the floor as I stood there, completely naked in front of him. He turned me around and pulled me back to his chest as his arms wrapped around me and his fingers found their way to my nipples. He pinched them hard and I gasped in pain as I felt him grinding his hard cock into my ass cheeks. “You like that you little bitch?” He whispered in my ear. “Yes” I gasped.”I’m going to bury my cock in that tight little ass pussy of your’s”. “Your going to take it all and beg for more”.”Fuck yes I will” I gasped again as he pinched my right nipple hard and slid his hand down to reposition his cock between my legs, with the head now pushing into my balls.I pushed back into him and ground my ass back into his pubic bone and arched my back a little all the while feeling his hard, thick cock between my legs and rubbing over my taint. His hands moved to my shoulders as he stepped back a little and pushed me down to my knees as I turned around to face him. Now I was eye to eye with his great cock as it stood fully erect in front of my face. I placed my hands on his thighs and moved forward, feeling the warmth of his smooth cock slide over my left cheek as my nose went into his balls. I inhaled deeply as I took in the musky scent of his manhood, moving my smooth face over his cock and balls and I became intoxicated with his scent and his still growing cock. My lips parted and I slid my tongue onto his balls and began to lick and tease them with my mouth, kissing them and licking them. I teased his balls for a bit before moving onto the main course, his cock. I let my tongue trace the firm ridge on the underside of his cock from his balls to the tip and was rewarded with a glistening drop of his sweet pre-cum. Savoring the taste and wanting more, my lips parted and moved slowly over the head of his cock.In the moment, I noticed the change inside my mind as my lips slid over his cock head and stretched around the shaft. It felt almost like a release, a release of tension as I assumed my place between his legs as a cocksucker. Every time a hard cock goes into my mouth and I suck and lick to please the man above me, I am reminded of the first cock that entered my mouth. I was just a k** and had fooled around with a few neighbor boys by showing each other our little dicks, comparing them, stroking them and feeling the release before we could even ejaculate. My neighbors older brother directed us from time to time but never really showed his cock that I can remember. One afternoon that changed, and with it, my obsession with big hard cocks began.We had been playing it their basement and had our pants down with our little boners out when the older brother came down stairs and saw what we were doing. It was not too big of a deal as we had all done this before, but what happened next was different. The older brother told me to come with him and we walked into the basement bathroom. It was small and cramped and he proceeded to lay down on his back and pulled his pants and underwear down, revealing his hard cock.. It was so much bigger than mine as I looked at it in fascination, the afternoon sunlight shining through the window and illuminating every vein and the big, shiny cock head. He told me to take it in my hand and stroke it which I did. He had watched and directed his brother and I do this so it seemed natural at the time. I do remember that it filled my hand and seemed huge to me hatay escort bayan as I stroked his shaft as instructed. I was watching his big cock move inside my hand as his body tensed when he said, “Put it in your mouth, open your mouth and put it in.” I obediently leaned forward and did as instructed, opening my mouth and taking him into it. He seemed to really enjoy the way it felt and I was tasting and feeling the texture of his smooth cock head and the skin of his shaft in my mouth. It was so different and exciting to see and feel him get harder and more aroused from this. My mouth came off his cock and he stroked it furiously until he came all over his stomach. I had never seen a cock ejaculate and it amazed me as his cock shot stream after stream of hot, sticky, cum all over. The feel of his big shaft, the taste of his cock in my mouth, and the visual of his hot cum shooting all over forever stuck with me, and probably has much to do with why I love sucking big cocks and swallowing big loads of cum.So fast forward to this moment and here I was, Paul’s cock in my mouth, on my knees naked, and loving every moment of it like some cock crazed whore who can’t get enough. I licked his cock head, my tongue tracing the rim of his head as I worked my lips down the shaft until he was buried in my throat. Gaging, I would come up for air as I concentrated on taking him deeper each time, feeling him fill my mouth and throat. I fell into that familiar trance where having a big cock violate my mouth and throat aroused me and made me want more and more. Paul’s cock was rock hard and dripping with my saliva and throat slime when he pulled my mouth off his cock and told me to get up on the bed. “I’m going to eat that ass pussy or yours now you horny bitch.” I say a word as I got up from my knees on the floor and moved to the foot of the bed and got on my hands and knees. Exposed, I arched my back and felt him drop to his knees, eye level with my up turned ass. “Fuck yeah bitch.” he said as his hands smacked my ass cheeks before he grabbed them and pulled them apart, revealing my tightly clenched, smooth hole. His strong hands kneaded and pulled at my cheeks and his fingers moved over my hole, teasing it and making it twitch. “Look at your horny little pussy twitch.” He said just before he slapped my ass hard with his hand causing me to squeal with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He continued to slap my ass cheeks and grope them, teasing me and making me groan with pleasure. Then his hands pulled my cheeks apart and I could feel him move in closer, his hot breath on my hole just before the tip of his tongue licked across it. I felt so submissive to be there on my knees, my ass spread and fully exposed by this powerful man behind me as his tongue started to move around my hole, licking, teasing, and pushing at it. He buried his face in my ass as he pushed his tongue in and out of my asshole the same way that I would eat my girlfriends pussy. It felt amazing and was really turning me on as I pushed back on his tongue and began to grind my ass on his face.”You like me eating your ass pussy don’t you?” he said. “Fuck yeah, it feels so good… I love the way you are eating my ass.””From now on, you will refer to it as your pussy.” He stated as a mater of fact. “This is now MY pussy, I own it and your ass, you are my little slut bitch! Got it?””Yes sir, you own my pussy, it all yours.” I reached back with my hands and spread my cheeks for him, my ass up in the air and my back arched.He began to slide his finger over my now wet pussy, teasing it. He spit onto my hole and then pushed his finger slowly into me. I couldn’t help but groan with pleasure as his finger went deeper into my very willing and hungry ass. He would pull it out and tease me with it, circling it around my pussy hole before spiting on it and pushing it back in. This continued for a while as he would slap my ass, lick and spit on my pussy and finger it. He soon had another finger worked into me and I began to relax a little and I could feel my pussy opening up.”I love this hot ass of yours, I could play with it for hours.” He said just before he put his lips around my hole and started to suck it. He had his face buried in my ass and was eating me like it was his last meal. I felt so fucking good and was making me so horny that my cock was rock hard and leaking pre cum all over the bed. He had his fingers in me and was pushing and pulling at my hole, opening me up, spitting on them as I pushed back on them like a slut. “Thats it you horny little bitch, fuck my fingers.” “You ready for my big cock in your pussy?” He asked. “Oh yes, I want your big cock in me!” I pleaded as he pulled his fingers from my ass. I was expecting him to mount me at this point and braced for the onslaught but he had something else in mind. He leaned forward and brought his wet fingers up to my mouth and pushed them in. He said, “Thats is slut, taste your ass pussy, taste your ass juice and suck my fingers clean.” Like a starving whore I sucked and licked at his fingers as he pushed them into my mouth until all four were in there. They were covered with my spit as he removed them and proceeded to smear them all over my face as he pulled me around.”Suck my cock.” He commanded.Instantly my mouth found his hard cock and I opened wide to take him into my mouth. He stood at the foot of the bed while I, on my hands and knees, sucked him. His right hand came down under my chin while the left found the back of my up turned head. Holding me in place he pushed his cock into my mouth. I opened up wide and tried to concentrate as he pushed past my tonsils and into my throat. He held it there for a moment before pulling back and pushing it in further until his short pubes were touching my nose. I couldn’t help but gag a little as his cock filled my throat before he relented and pulled his cock out. “Get my cock all wet with your throat slime, that’s the only lube your gonna get bitch.” My mouth was watering from the assault as I gasped for air and opened up escort hatay to take him down my throat again. My lips stretched over the thick shaft as his cock head entered my throat. He pushed his cock in deeper until his balls were pressing into my chin and then began fucking my mouth. He pushed in and out of my mouth between my gasps and gags, sometimes pulling all the way out of my gaping mouth. His cock glistened with my spit that would hang in strings between the tip and my lips before he shoved it back into my throat. He would reach back and slap my ass and push his fingers into my pussy while pounding my mouth.Groaning, gagging, sloppy wet blow job sounds were the only thing to be heard along with the occasional slap on my ass while he pumped the thick, sticky spit and slim from my throat. I fell into a trance as his delicious cock filled my mouth and he continued to tease my now very hungry ass. My cock was rock hard and bouncing as he pumped my mouth. Soon, with my spit and drool hanging from my chin, he pulled his wet, coated cock out and smeared the spit on my face. Strings of spit hung from is wet cock as he took it in his hand and stroked it.”Turn around, it’s time to finally make you my bitch.” He said. “I want your cock in me so bad.” I groaned.I turned around on the bed and arched my back with my chest on the bed. I spread my hands on the sheets as I felt him move up behind me. He spit on my hole and began to slide his shaft between my cheeks, his cock head sliding over my pussy, teasing it. He took a firm grip of his cock and began pushing at my tight hole. I tried to relax my sphincter as his fat cock head pushed and shoved into it. I tightened up just at the wrong time as he painfully shoved. I shot off the tip of his cock with a yelp and fell face down and my hole throbbed in pain. I gasped “Your cock is so big, I think I need to be loosed up a little more.””You better learn to take my cock bitch.” “Now get back on your knees and arch that back.” He demanded.I was afraid that he was going to try and just shove it in again when I felt a hard smack on my ass but was relieved when I felt him spread my cheeks and tongue my sore hole. He spit and began to finger my ass with first one finger before inserting a few more. The pain was subsiding and I began to relax and enjoy how he was working my pussy open with his mouth and fingers. Before long, I was relaxed enough to try it again.He moved up behind me and pushed my knees apart with his legs while smacking my ass with his left hand. Gripping my ass now, I felt the head of his cock sliding over the crack of my ass and teasing my hole. I felt his warm spit dripping onto my pussy and his cock when he paused, his fat cock head resting at the entrance. He pushed at my hole and I felt the head of his cock starting to pry me apart. I tried to relax my sphincter as he entered me. Panting, I focused on my breathing as he kept pushing into me.”Fuck it’s so big.” I moaned as the head of his cock made it’s way into my ass, finally slipping past my tight sphincter. I tried to catch my breath and get used to it as he continued to push into me. Slowly, more of his shaft slid into me before he pulled it out, only to push it back in. He worked my hole open, pushing, pulling, as I began to relax and get used to the assault. As I opened up to him, his cock began to feel amazing, filling me, stretching my ass open and sliding deeper into me.I was almost like an out of body experience, me on my knees, him behind me impaling me on his cock as each inch disappeared into my ass, I couldn’t help but start to push back, taking him deeper.”You like that cock don’t you?” he said as I groaned, “That’s it bitch, fuck my cock.”I pushed back, feeling his cock slide deeper into me like a hungry whore. His shaft filled me up as I felt his cock head push deep into me until he was all the way in and my cheeks were up against his thighs. He paused for a moment, holding onto my hips and grinding his cock into me, it was like heaven and my cock was rock hard and dripping. Slowly he began to pull his cock out of my tightly gripping ass as it clung to his shaft, trying to hold him inside me before he pushed it back in until it was buried again. And so began the rhythm, his thick cock pushing in and out of my ass. I was really beginning to feel good as my sphincter adjusted to his size and I began moaning as he pumped into me, arching my back and gripping the sheets as he fucked me.He leaned forward with every inch in me and said into my ear “You like my cock in your boy cunt don’t you?” “Fuck yes!” I replied, “It feel s amazing.” He slowly withdrew it and as the tip popped out he said, “Turn around and suck it, taste your ass pussy on my cock.” I turned around on my hands and knees and saw his glistening cock at the foot of the bed as moved my face towards it. It was rock hard and throbbing as I hungrily opened my mouth and took him into my mouth. He cock was so warm from being inside me, it was delicious as my tongue tasted my ass juice, spit and his pre cum that coated it. I felt complete submission as I performed such a nasty act, sucking a mans cock that had just been in my ass, but it didn’t repulse me, it was quite the opposite and that surprised me.I couldn’t get enough of his hot cock, I licked and sucked every single inch clean and took him deep into my throat as he reached back and put his fingers into my ass, prying me open again. He pulled his cock from my mouth and spun me around with my ass up in the air again at the foot of the bed.I felt his mouth on my pussy again as he pushed and pulled at it with his tongue and mouth, sucking and tonguing me into oblivion. He had his hand around my cock and balls and used them to pull my ass onto his mouth. He seemed to be enjoying eating me out as much as I enjoyed sucking my juices off his cock.He moved up behind me again and I felt him slapping his cock on my hole and him dripping his spit onto it. He pressed the thick head of his cock against my now willing hole and with one stroke he was back hatay escort inside me balls deep. With one hand on my hip and the other smacking my ass, he began pumping into my as before. I fell into a trance as he pounded into me, his balls slapping into mine as he fucked my now hungry ass pussy. No words were spoken, just our grunts and groans as positions shifted and he drilled into me. He would pull his cock out and instinctively I would whip around and to devour it with my mouth, tasting the juice that was being whipped up into a slippery cream made from our spit, pre cum, and my ass juice. Then back to fucking he would go, pounding away, pushing, probing, grinding as the heavenly assault on my ass continued.I began to clamp my ass around his cock every time he withdrew and relaxed it as he pushed in. Every stroke, in-relaxed, out-tightened… gripping his cock and clinging to it as he would pull back. “Your such a hungry slut, milking my cock with that pussy!” He moaned, “Keep it up and I’m gonna cum!”The pace slowed and before long, he pulled out and flopped onto the bed on his back sweating. I curled up beside him and slid my head down his chest and abs to his cock. I teased and licked him as he caught his breath and re grouped. My pussy felt empty without his cock filling it as it twitched from the assault it had received. Soon I was sucking his cock with gusto again, savoring the hard shaft and thick head in my mouth before he pulled my mouth off his shaft and rolled over onto me. reaching down he grabbed onto my legs and pushed them up as he repositioned between them. With his hands behind my knees, he pushed them up until my knees were at my shoulders and I could feel the tip of his cock brushing over my ass cheeks and pussy. He repositioned his hands and arms under my back and grabbed my shoulders with my legs over his shoulders. The head of his cock was now teasing my pussy and as he had me all tied up like a pretzel, he pushed his fat cock head into me as I lay there, exposed to his manhood and his whims. I felt every single inch of his veiny cock slid into my upturned ass and quivering hole as he pulled at my shoulders, grinding his cock deeper into me. Something about the position clicked with me and it was bliss. His cock had found that sweet spot in my ass and as he continued to grind, he massaged my prostrate and I was in heaven. Our eyes were locked as he ground his cock deep into my belly, his hard abs pushing into my leaking cock, my feet in the air and my face pure bliss. He smiled down at me with a smirk, as if he knew how hot this fuck session was and that he was working me into being a total whore for his cock. “You like this don’t you?” I said, “knowing your turning me into your cock slut!””I can see it in your face, you love my cock and your my bitch now!” He said.”Of course I love it, your cock is amazing!” I gasped as he stroked and ground his cock into me, I reached back and grabbed his hard ass and pulled him into me.His intensity changed as he began driving into me, balls deep, his balls slapping into my ass as he pumped and ground his cock into me. Stroke after stroke he pumped me as his hard abs slapped against my rock hard cock and balls, I could feel it building, deep in my spine and into my balls. The tightening and pressure building in my taint as he pumped away looking down at me smirking.”Oh… my… god… your gonna fuck the cum out of me!” I moaned as he continued fucking me.Every stroke brought me closer, my pussy was quivering and convulsing as he plowed into me over and over, his abs slapping my cock, his cock head buried in my ass, the sweat off his face dripping onto my face… My body contracted like a watch spring being wound to the breaking point until in that ultimate moment, my legs spasmed, my body shook, and my cock erupted as it shot my hot load over my chest and onto my face. Load after load shot from my cock as it covered me. As my ass tightened and convulsed around his cock as I came, I felt him on the brink as he pounded his cock into me. Hard, deep, full length thrusts as the smacking of our bodies sounded through the house. His fingers dug unto my shoulders and I felt his body tense as his cock throbbed inside my ass on the verge of cumming just as he pulled it out and brought it up to my face.With his slime covered cock in his hand, my hungry mouth opened and I waited for him to spray me, to cover me with his cum and mark me as his bitch! Time stood still as he hovered over me, his cock aimed at my mouth, all in slow motion as you could hear the heart beats tic away.He exploded, His cock shot his thick cum right at my open mouth, splattering off my front teeth, shooting into my nose, in my eyes… he came so hard, pumping my mouth full and covering my face as he convulsed above me. I could not get enough of it! Like an starving whore I licked and sucked at every sticky sting of cum and he helped guide it to my mouth with the tip of his cock. Scr****g it from my eye and upper lip into my mouth. Of course I gobbled up every bit of his cum and mine until he collapsed onto the bed all sweaty and spent.We laid there for a while catching our breath and remarking how hot it was and how much we enjoyed it. All the while I was rubbing all the cum over my body and licking my fingers and savoring the taste. I got up and grabbed a wash cloth and came back in the room and handed it to him to clean up. I offered the shower to him but he refused and used a towel to clean up before getting dressed.My pussy felt well used and I could feel and smell the drying cum on my face as we got dressed and talked about getting together again in the future. I walked him to the door and with quick “man hug” he headed out the door as I watched him go. Standing in the doorway, I could still feel his cock buried inside me as my hole tried to close itself up from the reaming it had received. It had been an amazing session and I was already looking forward to the next one as the cum continued to dry on my face. I was going to shower before the GF came home, but decided to savor the cum drying on my face for as long as possible and showered a few hours later.I am looking forward to the next time we can get together. Hopefully it won’t be too long, because I’m addicted to his cock now!

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