Yet Another Company of Women


Yet Another Company of WomenYet Another Company of Womenbybyronbgeo©”This isn’t happening,” said Kyle, almost to himself, although Erika was sitting across from him at her desk. She was very attractive with her raven hair cut short, and a revealing blouse. It was only his first week at the advertising company and twice he’d broken protocol used for filing of forms and memos. His boss, Alexa Martin, said he was careless and wasn’t cut out for the job, but agreeing to spare him only if he were willing to massage and even smell her stinky feet. And the smell was potent. He knew because she’d taken off her shoes during a meeting with him his first day on the job. “So you’ve got to smell her feet to keep your job?” asked Erika with a smirk. The moment Kyle nodded, Erika burst into laughter. It wasn’t the reaction he was hoping for. “That’s Alexa for you,” said Erika, grinning broadly. “Such a wicked sense of humor. Gotta love her.” “It isn’t funny,” said Kyle, angered by the humiliating prospect. “It’s hilarious,” countered Erika, still chuckling. “I can’t believe you’re gonna be smelling her feet. And I’ve been in the same room when she’s taken off her shoes. Woosh. I mean, her feet can wake up a room. I just never thought about someone’s poor face under them.” “I’m not smelling her feet,” announced Kyle. “What do you mean?” asked Erika, surprisingly astonished. “It’s ridiculous,” he explained. “What?” she asked. “You messed up, remember? Alexa could have fired you but she’s giving you another chance. That’s not ridiculous. You should be thanking her. And all she wants is to have a little fun with you, which shouldn’t be too much considering you get to keep your job.” “It’s not right. Maybe I can do something else.” “If it’s what she wants, she’s not changing her mind. Your mistake was admitting you have an issue with foot odor and now she’s exploiting it. You can’t be too surprised.” “I don’t have an issue with that.” “‘Course you do. I don’t think you’d mind half as much if her feet were clean rather than after a day of sweating it up in a pair of smelly old pumps.” “Why would I prefer smelly? Do you like the smell?” “Hey, I didn’t mess up the forms. You have any idea the mess that caused? You doubled the work for some of the women here and they were plenty pissed off.” It was Dana, one of the account managers, who insisted Kyle get fired. But Alexa wanted to humiliate him instead. “There’s always some consequences, Kyle,” continued Erika. “If it’s not Alexa with her feet in your face it’ll be Dana or the others teaching you a lesson for giving them more work. And the consequences could have been unemployment. Like I said, you should be thanking Alexa. The job market’s not that great.” Kyle knew enough about the job market to know he desperately needed this job, which was why the issue of Alexa humiliating him was even a consideration. He would have walked out if he knew he could land another position. But it could take months. And even if he sued for harassment, Alexa could easily lie or even accuse him of harassment. He didn’t like the thought of Dana teaching him a lesson. What did that mean? “You want my advice?” asked Erika. “Suck it up and do what she wants. She likes you, so make use of it.” “I can’t do it.” “Because you have an issue with foot odor,” said Erika. “Like your feet don’t smell. And why wouldn’t her feet stink by the end of the day? They’re feet. What do you expect? It’s not like my feet smell like roses either by the end of the day, but you try wearing a pair of nylons all day and not get really sweaty feet.” He thought Erika was something of a confidante. The moment he’d arrived, she asked how he was doing, inviting him into his office ten minutes previous because she suspected something was troubling him. But now she seemed increasingly hostile as if he were saying all the wrong things. “Why wouldn’t I have an issue?” answered Kyle, upset that Erika would be angry with him. “It’s disgusting.” “All the more reason to smell her feet,” chided Erika. “Or you’re always gonna have an issue with smelly feet.” “Don’t you?” he asked. “This isn’t about me. Man up. You’re the one who screwed up and you’re the one who’s gotta smell her feet. Why can’t you accept that?” Kyle hated it if a woman told him to man up, as if they knew that that meant. It didn’t mean smelling someone’s nasty feet. “I’ll ask her if I can do something else.” “That’ll only make her more determined to get her feet in your face. The more she thinks you hate it, the more she’s gonna insist. Your mistake was revealing you had an issue with smelly feet. Did you make a face when she took her shoes off?” “I don’t have an issue with it,” he insisted. Erika gazed blankly before bursting into laughter again. “You don’t think it should bother me?” asked Kyle. “It’s a bit late to be concerned with what bothers you,” said bahis firmaları Erika. “You made a mistake and Alexa let you off the hook, despite others wanting you out because they don’t think someone with a penis should work here. And now she just wants to have a little fun. And why shouldn’t she? She’s well within her rights. She did you a solid. Now maybe you can shut up, stop complaining and return the favor. Who cares if it’s not on your list of favorite things to do, but she wants it and that’s enough. You’re not exactly in a position to choose what you want.” The reality of his predicament was slowly sinking in. It was becoming harder to resist.Erika chuckled. “Besides, it’s pretty funny when you think about it. Bet you never thought you’d be smelling someone’s feet your first week on the job. But that’s Alexa’s sense of humor for you. Sometimes you never know with her. But it all seems fitting actually, considering the confusion and all.” “Fitting?” he asked, trying to contain his anger. “You smelling her feet. Her sweaty, cheesy feet in your face. I’d almost feel bad if you didn’t kind of deserve it … considering the mess with the forms.” It wasn’t what he deserved, but what were his options? “You don’t think she’d consider something else?” “Wow,” answered Erika. “The more you talk, the more I realize how much you deserve this.” “Well, thanks for your advice,” he answered, standing up. He couldn’t believe she’d counseled him to accept the situation. “Look,” said Erika, “if it’s not Alexa, who likes you, dishing out a little punishment, it’ll be Dana and the women who don’t want you here dishing it out. I’d say consider yourself lucky you got your job, go let her have some fun with you and move on.” If there were alternatives, they seemed worse. What kind of punishment would Dana dish out, and why were they so keen on punishment? “My advice, if you care to listen, is don’t let her think you hate it. Get into it. Smell her feet and pretend you love it. Thank her for it even. ‘Cause the more into it you are, the less she’s gonna want to do it. Make faces and you can be sure she’ll find a way to make you do it again. She gets off on making people do things they hate.” How was he going to pretend he loved it? It was horrible. He was sure she rarely changed her pantyhose. How else could her feet smell so pungent? “Did she wear her old red pumps today?” asked Erika with a broad grin. Kyle turned and nodded. “Wow, you’re in for it,” she replied before chuckling. “She’s not making it easy ’cause her feet are gonna totally stink but, like I said, let her think you love it.” “I can’t. Why is this happening?” “You know how annoying you sound?” she asked, disgust on her face. “Smell her feet. Big deal. They’ll stink but let her have a few laughs. It’s all in good fun. And if you’re smart, you’ll pretend to have fun too and maybe you won’t have to keep smelling her feet whenever you mess up.” He couldn’t mess up again. It was too humiliating, which Erika made worse by chuckling. He still felt he could trust her, even if he didn’t like her advice. He wanted his job and realized it could mean doing things he hated. “You have only yourself to blame, Kyle. I know it’s not what you want to hear.” “I understand. Thanks.” He was about to leave when he remembered to ask what Dana had in for him. “What’s the punishment Dana would dish out?” he asked. “I don’t know,” she answered with a shrug and a grin. “Probably wind up with your pants around your ankles, standing in the corner during a sales meeting while Dana tells us what a stupid idea it was to hire you and how men are lazy and don’t care about doing things right while the rest of us try not to giggle.” Kyle flushed red at the thought. The place was beginning to sound a bit crazy. Maybe it was better to leave. “They’d find some way to have a little fun,” she added. “We try to keep things lively.””I’m not letting them do that,” he said, anger overcoming embarrassment. “If they want your pants around you ankles, that’s their decision. It’s not up to you. But I don’t know what they’d do, and besides you’re smelling Alexa’s feet later and I’m sure Dana will get a kick out of hearing that and find it a hilariously suitable punishment for the trouble you caused. So get it done and the sooner things get back to normal even though we have a guy working here.” Kyle nodded, too embarrassed to look at her he walked out of her office. He never expected such things at an all-female company. Maybe it was for the best a man didn’t work there. He should have known it was too good to be true. It was the first day on the job when Alexa met with him. She discussed her expectations, and the importance of paying attention to detail. She’d been resting her feet up on the desk, which he didn’t mind because she had shapely legs, a nice figure and not bad looking either. tipobet He suspected she was in her forties though she looked 35. He hadn’t realized she’d kicked off her heels until he caught a whiff, the smell of leather with undertones of something vinegary and cheesy. There was something a little nauseating about it and he inadvertently wrinkled his nose, holding a hand to his nose as he inched the seat back. It didn’t help. The smell of her nylon-encased feet was still pretty pungent. The way she wiggled her toes annoyed him. Didn’t she realize how they smelled? “Are you alright?” she asked, crossing her legs and flexing her nylon-clad toes some more. “Yeah, so I guess I’ll just get to work,” he said, standing, ready to leave. “Sit down,” she insisted. “There’s more to discuss.” He sat, reluctantly. “Would you mind?” he suggested, gesturing to her feet. He didn’t want to embarrass her, but the smell was too potent to ignore. “What do you mean?” she asked, reading something on her monitor before turning, glancing at her feet before turning to him, her right eye arched. “Got a problem with me resting my feet on my desk after a long day?” she asked. Kyle regretted bringing it up. “No,” he replied. “Then what is it?” she asked sternly, making him feel foolish. “Nothing,” he answered, his gaze to the floor. “I mean it’s my desk and my feet are killing me, I see no reason I can’t air them out a bit. Lord knows they need a little air.” “No problem,” he said, hoping to change the subject. “Oh, I see what it is,” she said with a knowing grin. “It’s the smell.” Kyle neither confirmed nor denied, but Alexa knew. “You’ve got a problem with how they smell, don’t you?” He nodded. It was true. Alexa shook her head. “I’m on my feet all day in shoes that don’t breathe, running to meetings, and you think my feet won’t stink? Am I supposed to feel guilty about that?” “No. Not at all. I’m sorry.” “You’re lucky then I don’t expect you to give me a foot rub,” she said, her anger dissolving into a few chuckles. The thought of rubbing her feet made him even more nauseous. He always hated feet, even on beautiful women. It was usually easy to ignore them, but the way she flexed her size 9 feet and wiggled her toes made them difficult to ignore. “I’ve had assistants who’d happily rub my feet, but I’m not expecting it, though I won’t refuse a nice foot rub if you offer me one. It would be really awesome if you did, but again I’m not expecting it. Though it’s a nice gesture and a good way to start our professional relationship.” Alexa grinned, as if she took pleasure in his discomfort. But he couldn’t get the thought of her feet out of his head. “But you have too much of an issue with foot odor to offer,” she noted with a snort. “I don’t,” he answered before realizing it would have been better to have said nothing. “And will you offer a lady a nice, relaxing foot massage?” she asked. How could she even think it appropriate to ask him? She called it professional but what was professional about insisting on such a thing? “That’s what I thought,” she added after a moment of silence, crossing her feet again. “You’ve got a complex about foot odor.”Kyle didn’t know whether to agree or deny it. “Just my luck. First guy to work here in ages and he’s got an issue with stinky feet, like I’m supposed to have toes that smell like roses with the long hours I put in. So just when I need a root rub the most, it’ll be too much for you to handle some natural end of the day foot odor.” Alexa shook her head dismissively before turning to the job discussion. It was a relief to talk about business. The meeting ended amicably enough, although she never put her shoes back on and seemed to enjoy sustaining the meeting as long as possible. Although Alexa had a penchant for forms and deadlines, Kyle felt confidant he was prepared. The next day, no one was more surprised than he to discover he’d failed to submit some update forms, although there wasn’t much to report yet for his accounts. Alexa sounded furious over the intercom, insisting he hurry to her office. “Sit down,” she said imperiously as he approached her desk. He sat. “There wasn’t much for you to remember, Kyle, but you still couldn’t do it,” she began. “I don’t any of that in my notes,” he answered, flipping through his pad of paper. “It’s all on the form list. Suffice it to say I’m more than bit disappointed.” She grinned as she leaned back, hoisting her legs onto the desk before using her feet to pry off her pumps. The stink was even more pungent than before, the undertone of sharp cheddar more unmistakable. And the nylon soles looked filthy. “Luckily for you,” she continued, as she flexed her toes again, “there are ways to get back on my good side, Kyle.” He knew what she was suggesting, but he didn’t want to believe it. “I’d been wondering if I’d made a mistake in hiring tipobet güvenilir mi you, but I’m sure I didn’t.” Was she threatening him, he wondered. The though of touching her feet turned his stomach, but what if his job was at stake.”Well,” she asked with a half smile, stretching her feet toward Kyle. “What are you waiting for?” He hesitated, covering his nose. “You really have quite a complex about the smell. We’re gonna have to confront that at some point.” Kyle still couldn’t get himself to touch her feet. “Look,” she began, her irritation clear. “You’re lucky I don’t have you rub one foot while pressing your nose to the toes of the other foot, which is what you should be doing seeing there’s no other way to deal with a complex like yours than by spending some time smelling my feet, but I just want a good foot rub. Your complex, we’ll address another time and we’re going to address it because it’ll get in the way of our working relationship otherwise. I can’t have an employee making faces every time I slip off my shoes. I deserve better than that.” Kyle reached for one of her feet, the warm, sweaty nylon slippery in his hand. He recoiled, feeling foolish for doing so. “Or maybe we need to address that complex now,” she mused. But Kyle grabbed both feet in his hands and began to squeeze. “There you go,” she said, leaning back in her chair, eyes closed. “I needed this.” He enjoyed her moans of pleasure, although he kept his head turned, trying to breathe only through his mouth. It didn’t always work, the unforgiving stink still finding his nose. Although his hands got tired, she urged him on. “Keep going. And squeeze the toes too. Not too hard. That’s it.” After half an hour, Kyle’s became visibly exhausted. Alexa noticed. “Why don’t you get on the floor,” she advised. “You can lean against the desk.” “That’s OK,” he answered, uncomfortable about being literally at her feet. “It’s not a request. I want you on the floor,” she insisted, her voice stern. “Right here. I can’t have you tiring out.” He hesitated, but complied. As he sat on the floor, she swung her feet off the desk, crossed her legs before extending a nylon foot toward his face. He grabbed it and began rubbing, her toes only a foot from his face. She leaned back, smiling again as she told Kyle where to press and what to squeeze. The stink of her feet was still pungent, although he managed to hold an arm to his nose to keep from inhaling it. “I’ve had better foot rubs,” she concluded, a half hour later. “But it was decent. I’m sure you can do better next time.” She implied he’d be doing it again, but it wasn’t his intention. When she dismissed him with a wave of the hand, he was happy to climb to his feet. “Well, what do you say,” she asked with a grin. “See you tomorrow?” he asked. “No,” she said, glowering. “I let you rub my feet, though if I knew better I’d listen to Dana and think about letting you go. But I gave you a chance to make good. So what do you say to giving me that foot rub?” “Thanks?” he asked. “Like you mean it,” she replied with a shake of the head. “Thank you,” he said, feeling humiliated as he turned and walked out of her office. The following day was going to be a new beginning for Kyle. Everything went smoothly. Even Dana greeted him in the hallway. And then he heard the rumbling of confusion outside his office. It was Dana who peered into his office holding a form. She was tall, slender and looked Amazonian in her anger. “Did you send this?” she demanded, throwing it to his desk. He recognized the form as one he’d sent out. “I think so,” he replied, wishing he hadn’t. “Next time send the right one. We’ve been wasting a ton of time on the wrong form and have to start over.” “Sorry.” “Try to do something right,” she added before storming from his office. It was Alexa’s secretary Beth, a pretty but quiet girl with penetrating eyes, who called him. His presence was required immediately. He dreaded the outcome, although he couldn’t fathom why they got so upset about forms. He was prepared to plead to keep his job. Alexa didn’t say anything until he sat down. She stood up, walking around the desk until she was standing right in front of him. “Five minutes ago I decided to let you go,” she told him. His intentions had been good. Couldn’t they see that? How could he persuade her to let him stay? “But I realized maybe there’s a different learning curve for men and maybe you need a little more time to make good.” “Thanks,” he answered, relieved. She nodded. “But I expect you here at 6. Not only are you going to give me a better foot rub than last time you’re going to smell my feet too.” She waited for her request to sink in before walking back behind her desk with a triumphant grin. “I told you we’d get a chance to work on your stinky foot complex. And lucky for you, same pantyhose.” “Can I just give you two or three foot rubs instead?” “No,” she said emphatically. “You need to thoroughly smell my feet. That is if I’m keeping you on. I can’t have you here if you have this issue with how my feet smell. It won’t work. It just makes things … awkward.”

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