Wrong House

Gina Valentina

Wrong HouseI wasn’t sure exactly what woke me up but as I lay there in my darkened bedroom I heard it again, movement in the office that I’d set up down the hall. Someone or something was in my house. Quietly I rolled over and opened the nightstand drawer beside my bed. After a quick search my fingers ran over the cold steel of the large revolver inside. The heft of the big Smith and Wesson .44 was comforting as I pulled it out even as I was hoping not to actually need it. Then I heard it again, this time a muffled whisper that I couldn’t make out but definitely a person. I rolled out of my bed as quietly as I could and snuck over to my bedroom door. The hall was dark but I could see brief flashes of light coming from the office doorway.Slowly I tiptoed down the hall until I reached the doorway to the office. Now I could definitely hear at least one person shuffling around inside. I took a deep breath as I reached around the doorframe and found the light switch. Flipping the switch I moved into the doorway, the large pistol at the ready, “Don’t fucking move!”The sudden brightness in the room must’ve momentarily disoriented the intruders as they just stood there for a moment. There was two of them, the first was a tall skinny black k** wearing jeans that were sagging halfway down his ass and a dirty brown hoodie. He was holding a backpack in one hand and my laptop in the other. His partner appeared to be much smaller but wearing black sweatpants and hoodie but was facing away from me.”Put my shit down motherfucker”, I ordered the first, “and don’t you drop my fucking laptop!” I could see the fear on his face as he did as he was told. Honestly looking back I could understand his fear, there he was caught robbing a house by some big old white dude wearing only a pair of boxer briefs and holding a gun straight out of a Dirty Harry movie. To the other I commanded, “You, put your hands up and turn the fuck around.”As the other thief turned I was shocked by what I saw. She was only a little lighter skinned than her partner but from what I could tell, very pretty.”You dumbasses picked the wrong fucking house”, I yelled at them. “Get those fucking hoodies off so I can see you.””Hey man, we’re sorry”, the lanky k** started to say.”Boy”, I interrupted, “shut the fuck up and do as I said. Now get them off and toss them over here.”The girl started to unzip her hoodie but he decided to be defiant, “I ain’t giving you my shit!”I pulled back the hammer on the .44 and pointed it right at his face. “You’ll do as your fucking told or I’ll blow a hole in your face so big you’re momma won’t know who you are!””Fuck you man, you can’t do that, we ain’t got no weapons so you can’t shoot us”, he exclaimed and took a step towards me menacingly.”Wrong again, boy”, I explained, “here in Florida we have Castle Law, meaning I can shoot you for breaking into my house. Besides, by the time the cops get here to collect your bodies, you’ll be armed.””Curtis, quit bein’ stupid and do what the man says”, the girl spoke up for the first time as she peeled off her sweat jacket and tossed it to the floor at my feet. She was wearing a tight light blue tank top underneath that showed off her petite figure and her firm looking breasts. She had shoulder length curly black hair and was indeed very attractive. “I’d listen to your girlfriend if I were you, boy”, I advised.The k** took a step back and started to undo his jacket, “Shit, she ain’t my girlfriend, she’s my sister.” Resigned to his fate he tossed his hoodie on top of hers. He wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath and without the baggy sweat jacket I could see that he was fairly well built and sporting several tattoos.”What’s your name, girl?””Tiesha”, she answered, “Tiesha Johnson.””Well, Tiesha Johnson, come over here and empty the pockets of these hoodies. I want to make sure that you don’t have anymore of my shit before I decide what to do with you two.” Nervously she came over to me and did illegal bahis as she was told. He didn’t have anything in his, but out of her jacket came the wallet that I’d left on my desk the night before. “Put that back where you found it.”She scurried back to the desk and set the wallet down on top of my laptop. “We’re sorry mister, please let us go now, you got all your stuff.””How do I know that”, I asked. Now that the adrenaline of catching two intruders in my house was starting to wear off, the knowledge that I now had these two completely under my control was setting in. “Why don’t you two take off those pants so I can make sure none of my shit is in your pockets.”Again, Curtis began to balk, “I ain’t takin’ off my pants for no cracker!”Two steps forward and I slapped the k** on the side of the head with the six inch barrel of the .44, “Now!”With her brother bent over clutching the side of his head the young black girl slowly slid the sweatpants that she wore down over the cheeks of her ass and stepped out of them. There were tears beginning to form in her eyes as she kicked the garment over to land at my feet. “Curtis, do what the man says or he gonna hurt us both.” She looked so cute standing there in her tank top and pink thong panties that I could feel a little blood starting to gather in my cock. “Turn around”, I ordered and was treated to a great view of her firm ass cheeks separated only by the thin pink string that was wedged between them. “Damn, for a thief, you got a nice ass.””Don’t be lookin’ at my sister that way”, Curtis protested.”Shut up boy, and get those fucking jeans off”, I yelled back at him and threatened to pistol whip him again.His sister pleaded with a shaky voice, “Do what he says Curtis.”Reluctantly he dropped his jeans to the floor and kicked them over to join her sweatpants. “Get down on your knees boy”, I commanded. Once he complied I explained to his sister that there were some plastic zip ties in my desk drawer. I then instructed her to put one around each of her brothers wrists and then another connecting them into a set of makeshift handcuffs. “What are you going to do”, she asked nervously as she finished tightening the connecting tie. “Come here”, I told her pointing to a spot beside me to my left. She did as I said and I d****d my arm around her shoulders with my hand on top on her left breast. “The way I see it, you have a couple of ways out of this.” I squeezed her firm tit through her tank top and bra making her wince at the contact. “I can call the police, they’ve been looking for the assholes who’ve been breaking into houses in this neighborhood. You and your brother will go to jail, probably for a long time, or you can help me to forget that this ever happened.”This got her brothers attention, “If you touch my sister I will kill you motherfucker!” His face twisted in anger as he struggled against his binds and tried to get to his feet. A quick kick to the side of his head put him back on the floor.”Stop”, Tiesha screamed, “don’t hurt him anymore, please.””You’re choice girl, me or the police”, I hissed and squeezed her breast again.”Tiesha”, the young criminal on the floor started to whine.The young girl looked down at the floor and answered in a whisper, “okay.””Okay what?””Don’t call the police.””Alright then, why don’t you show me those titties.” I gave her another squeeze and then took my arm away so she could get her top off.Nervously she pulled the tank top over her head and stood there in just her thong and black bra, which I motioned for her to remove as well. She reached behind her back and undid the strap. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she slumped her shoulders forward and let the material slide down her arms to fall to the floor at her feet. Her tits were nice and firm, standing out proudly in youthful defiance of gravity and tipped with puffy nipples that were nearly jet black. I reached over and took one nipple between my fingers and illegal bahis siteleri gave it a cruel twist. “Very nice.” She kept her gaze locked on the floor while I played with her tits, refusing to look at me. “Get down on your knees”, I told her and gently pushed down on her shoulder.I could see the anger in her brothers face as I instructed her to pull down my underwear and to suck my cock. I just smiled back at him and with my free hand I pulled her head into my crotch. Hesitantly she opened her mouth as I pressed her lips against the head of my prick. I pushed a couple inches of my meat into her warm mouth. “Suck it bitch, get me nice and hard so I can fuck that nigger pussy.” That made her brother squirm.She obviously had never sucked a dick before the way she kept gagging on it, but she soon had me rock hard anyway. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock into her throat making her gag even harder. When I pulled back out she gasped for air and drool dripped down onto her tits. “Stand up”, I told her, “and take off those panties.”She stood up and peeled off her pink thong revealing her bush of curly black hair. I slid my hand down her belly and pushed my finger between her furry lips. Her pussy was absolutely soaked and a soft sigh escaped her lips as I rubbed my finger up and down the length of her slit. “Damn boy, looks like she likes this big white dick”, I said to her brother with a grin. I pushed her back down onto her knees and pushed my dick back into her mouth. I fucked her face again for another couple of minutes before telling her to turn around and bend over. I knelt behind her upturned ass and rubbed the head of my prick along the furrow of her hot wet cunt. She moaned each time my helmet passed across her clit. I lined up against her slick entrance and pushed in a couple of inches into her tight canal. She was no virgin but she was very tight. “Uhgh”, she grunted as I pulled back and forced another inch or two into her. I pulled back again and rammed all eight inches into her tight box. “Uhgh, fuck!”Slowly I began to fuck her with long deep strokes. There were tears streaming down her face, but her pussy told a different tale. The silky walls of her twat gripped and seemingly milked my rod as it pumped in and out of her. She grunted and whimpered with each thrust but gradually she began to fuck me back, urging me to fuck her harder and harder until the room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping flesh. “Damn, this is some fine fucking pussy”, I said to Curtis as I slammed my rod into the hot juicy cunt of his sister. “Why don’t you get those underwear off boy.””Why”, he asked as he watched us intently, “You gonna make me fuck my sister too?” He tried to feign disgust, but his voice and the large tent in his boxers betrayed his true feelings on the matter. “Because I have the gun and I told you to”, was my only explanation.I could tell that Tiesha was getting close by the way the walls of her cunt worked my rod so I told her to play with her clit while I fucked her. She did as she was told and was soon bucking and writhing on the floor as she came. That did it for me too, I could feel the jizz boiling in my balls. Just as her orgasm began to subside I pulled out and flipped her over onto her back. With my dick in hand I gave it a couple of stroked and painted the outside of her cunt with my seed. The white creamy cum stood out tangled in her black pubes.”Your turn boy, stay on your knees and get over here!” I stood up and pointed to the spot between Tiesha’s legs with the barrel of the .44.”Man, you’re one sick fuckin’ cracker”, he complained as he hobbled over on his knees. His stiff prick was almost as long as mine swinging wildly in front of him. “You have no idea”, I assured him with a wicked grin. Once he was in place and looking down at his sisters sloppy cunt I broke the news to him. “Clean my dick.”He raised his hands which were still tied behind his canlı bahis siteleri back as if to ask how he was to do that tied up.”Use your fucking mouth boy, and I better not feel any fucking teeth.”This time the disgust on his face was real, “I ain’t sucking no dick!”I tapped him on the head with the barrel of the .44, and then a second time a little harder, “Clean it.” The young intruder opened his mouth finally and I guided my still semi hard prick inside. “That’s it boy, suck your sisters juices off of my big white dick.” I grabbed his head and began to face fuck the k** as my hard on began to return. “Shit, boy, you might actually be better at this than your sister.” I pulled my hard cock from his mouth, “not bad boy, now clean your sister!” I pushed his head down between her spread thighs and into her well fucked twat. He didn’t complain but just began to lick my cum from her wiry bush. As he ate my cum from his sisters cunt I walked over to my desk and grabbed the bottle of lotion that I normally used for late night jack off sessions in front of the computer. I squirted a couple of pumps into my hand and slathered the slippery cream along the length of my hard prick. Kneeling behind the boy I lined up and with one push I forced my cock into the boys unsuspecting asshole. His scream was muffled by his sisters twat as my balls slapped his taint. He tried to scoot forward and away from my intruding member but I grabbed him by the zip tie that held his wrists together. “Keep eatin’ that pussy boy”, I snarled and pumped into him again. I’d never even thought of fucking another man before, but I have to admit that his asshole did feel pretty good. Each thrust brought a grunt or a small cry from the teenager as I fucked him hard. Curtis may not have been enjoying the treatment that I was giving his tight asshole but Tiesha was certainly enjoying his tongue as she came again, whimpering with pleasure as she wrapped her legs around his head and squeezed him tight to her pussy. Having just cum with Tiesha I was able to pound her brothers once virgin asshole for quite a while, long enough for her to cum two more times before I filled his poop chute with my hot seed. I rested a moment with my prick beginning to soften in his ass before pulling out and getting back to my feet. “Okay boy, that’s enough”, I told him as I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him up to his knees.He looked down, ashamed at the puddle of white cream on my floor, evidence that he had cum while I fucked his ass. “Clean that fucking mess off of my floor.”Without a word he bent over and licked up his cum. Once the floor was cleaned to my satisfaction I cut loose the zip ties around his wrists. “Both of you get dressed.” I handed each of them their clothes after I checked all of the pockets, there wasn’t anymore of my stuff in them. Curtis did have a small bag of pot in his jeans, I considered keeping it, but I didn’t. After they dressed I led them at gunpoint to the front door. “If I see either of you two in this neighborhood again I’ll invite all of my boys over to pull a train on both of your asses. Now get the fuck out of here!” I watched as they left my driveway and started walking down the street before closing and locking the door. Not five minutes later I heard the whoop of a police siren. It had to be them. I smiled and went back to bed.Two days later I ran into a cop friend of mine at the local diner. As we finished out coffees he told me, “Tom, we caught the ones who.ve been breaking into the houses up your way.””Oh yeah”, I replied trying not to let on just how much I knew about the whole thing. “Where’d you find them?””Not far from your place actually, a brother and sister team. Fred caught them walking down the street at three in the morning smoking a joint. When we brought them in their fingerprints matched up with the ones from a couple of your neighbors houses.””Damn, that was a lucky break.””Not so lucky for the rookie”, Billy chuckled, “We made him do the cavity search on the brother.””Davey’s son?””Yup, and you’ll never guess what happened.”Ok yeah, what?””When he had the k** bend over, he had cum leaking from his asshole.”Coffee hurts when it shoots out of your nose.

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