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Work Rest PlayI run my own garden maintenance business on the south coast, I was doing a 3 day job for a Dutch couple Inga and Claude last month, their property is a sprawling single story villa with electric gated entrance and totally secluded gardens to the rear, they were away for a few days and happy for me to get on in their absence I had a massive area of decking to finish and they asked me to stay overnight for security .Inga had arranged for her sister to call in while they were away. Inga was around mid 50’s still very horny she often sunbathed topless when I was working on site she was proud of her body she got a real thrill in showing off her body.It was hot around 30 degrees I was in cut off jeans and getting on well with the decking I heard the electric gates opening it must be Inga’s sister she came round and introduce her self she was around 30 tall blonde and with a real hour glass figure she was braless and dressed in a low cut summer dress the day had just got a whole lot better.Hi I’m Inga’s sister Jo, good to meet you and nice kiss on both cheeks, her large breast pressed against me “ Well Inga wasn’t lying she said I would enjoy the eye- candy !” She carefully checked bahis siteleri me out running eyes over me and lingering on my now bulging shorts, she just was very horny and very easy to get on with just like Inga“ Now is there anything I can get you “ “ Well there’s an offer ! Jo I am fine I’ve finished for the day it’s to hot to be honest I’m going to stop now and start early in the morning when it’s cooler”.Jo smiled “great let me cook dinner later” but I’ve got to cool down must get in the poolMy bedroom over looked the pool Jo made her way to the pool she was now topless and she dropped into the pool she looked fantastic all over tan and huge breasts the coolness of the water increased her nipples this was looking promising,I dropped my shorts and unsurprisingly I was semi hard on I jumped in the shower and freshened up , I put a huge towel on the bed and stretched out the days work in the heat had hit me and I drifted off in to a welcome sleep I came too about 30 mins later with a raging hard onI heard Jo in the kitchen making dinner I drifted off again into a dozeJo’s voice woke me again she was sat on the bed with phone in hand talking to Inga I looked down to see I was canlı bahis still sporting a huge hard on she was smiling and laughing talking to her sister“ Inga everything is fine Tom is fine yes, I will look after him” with a big smile on her face she grabbed my cock and slowly started to stroke me.“ You know what I’m like he is in the best of hands” with a huge laugh “ he has some aches which I am helping him with as we speak, Ok Inga have a good trip” she clicked the phone off.She continued to stroke my long shaft now using both hands and digging in her long nails“ What a lovely cock it’s been a while since I wrapped my hands around such a beauty, my hubby is not so blessed …………..Are you OK”“ Jo I have never been better ““Inga’s going to be so jealous” with that she picked up mobile and took a video of her hand wanking me off. “ That’s going to make Inga smile “ as she hit the send button.Jo stood up and stepped out of dress she bent down and whispered in my ear “ Fuck me with your big cock now as hard as you like” she rolled on her back my hands were all over her tits felt amazing I slipped three fingers into her cunt she was dripping moist I eased to the edge of the bed güvenilir bahis and stood at the foot of the bed easing my aching cock into her cunt lips she was tight hot and moist she grabbed my lower back then my arse and dug her nails in I eased her legs up to my shoulders and started to pump her slowly at first then into a rhythm harder and harder she took it all loving it“ Go deeper Go deeper “ “ Fuck Me” “ Oh babe that is fantastic” I pumped kept a fast rhythm for 15 mins I felt her gush and she shook with pleasure she screamed “ Go deeper Go deeper “I was still pumping away she was dripping I took my cock out and pulled her forward Jo sat up and stroked my cock in front of me very soon unable to hold my cum any longer I shot my load over her smiling face the cum splattered her face her tongue licked her lips and dripped on to her tits she looked fantastic.“ Your good Inga’s going to be so jealous”Her phone rang it was her hubby“ Hi babe how you doing ?” her face still dripping with my cum “ Oh I’ve had a good day thanks it’s just got better and better big smile …….. delayed yep yep no problem, listen I’ll stop over at Inca’s tonight yes they’ve had a gardener guy in his made a bit of a mess so I’ll stop over and get all cleaned up before Inca gets back no problem see you later babes luv you” big smile and a wink,Jo clicked off the phone“ Ok I’ve got a pass !hope your going to fuck me senseless again

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