Wonderful wanks and 2 embarrassing ones


Wonderful wanks and 2 embarrassing onesYou will be quite aware from my stories that I love to wank. Not as much as when I was younger, I have slowed down but still cum about once a day. I like to see others masturbating, preferably females, but yeah guys too sometimes. I am going to relates couple of what I recall as special or unusual(for me) wanks but the purpose of this is to see if I can get comments from readers as to their best experiences, or most embarrassing experiences. I have one of each to write about.First was a very memorable and exciting wank just a few years ago in a neighbour ‘s home. Tina was a lovely 35+ years milf I liked and had enjoyed from afar. My second wife and I were friends with her, never saw much of her hubby. My wife showed her round our back garden a while ago and I went upstairs to get a nice view of her walking around quite close and I enjoyed very much the view when she bent to look at flowers etc. a few little pantie flashes, yes did I come watching her, yes of course I did I wish I had some pics of her upskirt panties to share , but I didn’t have time and didn’t want to risk being seen.Tina and hubby had to go away for the weekend to visit mum so I was asked to go round and feed the cat and goldfish. I agreed (did I have the thought about panty drawer? You ask) you bet I did. I lust after the Tina milf!Come the weekend I had forgotten the task but my wife said I’m off to the hairdresser but don’t forget Tina’s pets. Excellent I thought, I can take my time if wifey’s out, have a peruse of Tina’s undies. A naughty thought making a twinge or two in my pants. I fed the pets and went to Tina’s marital bed. You can tellImmediately which is the right side from the items on view. With bated breath I open the top draw near the bed, first place to try,! Yes. Now I’m nor a major expect on ladies panty draws. I don’t do this very often. But I know usually there are two scenarios. 1. A very tidy arrangement all in matching sets very neat maybe all wrapped in boxes or bags etc. This tells me Do sakarya escort bayan not touch! 2. A real jumble no idea what’s in here. All good to go for it.! Caution however always tells me to go to the back and underneath. Why, they probably not been worn for a while and possible forgotten. You do however want something nice, something that’s definitely been worn, maybe light staining, something nice to the touch! Ok I picked a pair that I was happy with. Dick now nice and warm and hard.I made sure the drawer didn’t look disturbed but felt something hard underneath. What’s that? OM Generous God. The biggest dildo vibrator I had seen!! Tina, Tina you are a naughty girl! More that just erect now my heart was booming with lustI took up a nice position on Tina’s side of the bed trousers and pants slid down to knees, what to do with this lovely item? What would you do dear reader? …. well I opened my mouth and I slid this lovely pink monster in as far as I could without gagging! This thing in my mouth has been(many times?) in my lively Tina’s cunt. What immense joy, what a find! I was in my mind tasting her pussy juices , her cum!,My other hand was stroking my cock – the tip already wet ,the sides had pre cum dripping down. I wanted to see what this thing could do. Pressed one of the buttons, it is alive! Slow throbbing intermittent! That will do for me I don’t need much now.Placed the gently throbbing monster between my legs so the tip was just under my ball sack. Ooh lovely vibrations that did it guys and gals, I’m going to come. And I’m doing it now in those Tina panties. Wow …. I think best ever wank to date. Now to tidy up. Turn off monster, return where found. I want to keep pants, but given where they were I feel I would like to put them back. My present to Tina, my seed in her pants in her bedside drawer. Nice thought. No don’t get hard again, we have to tidy and go!,Yes lovely warm thought very naughty my seed to stay with Tina. My generous tribute to Tina had found its home over the gusset, all escort sakarya the gusset was wet. I folded them up gusset in the middle kissed them goodbye and put them at the back of the drawer. I hope they see her body again soon I thought.Ok I wrote more on that than intended, sorry but I enjoyed that event immensely so recall it easily and even thought Tina moved away a few years later I have a photo of her. An exciting wank that turn into an embarrassing situation I will relay next. It’s not quite the most embarrassing wank, when my mum saw me, that I will tell later. But it was cringeworthy at the time. All these things are true but this tale from when I was just 18 has been told to no one.(hey it’s now going public)I had been been just a few weeks at work when I was befriended by Peter. He was a good 10 years older than me of German birth but living here for most of his life.we met at his hometown discuss a problem customer we had in common. Once done we had a couple of beers and the conversation came round to sex. I asked where Maria his wife was and he said she was not feeling well. She may be down later, he added.Peter was very friendly and polite on the surface but from the start I felt that there was something about him I didn’t really like. Duplicitous, May be the word, crafty.He told he liked to know his neighbors secrets. (German spy amongst us?) he said he’d been watching the milf over the road and she was having regular sex with the married guy next door, he had seen them he said. He added it’s always more arousing when you know the people doing it isn’t it? He then asked me as it was just the two of us if I wanted to watch some porn. He had a new vhs player. He said he had some really hard German films, excellent quality. I didn’t have a video player and had never seen any really proper porn or if I had the quality was so poor and blurred it ruined it.As promised his film was excellent, not only crisp clear color extremely arousing content. Tabu Cabaret! Lots of short very intense sex acts sakarya escort in a small theatre where r the audience got so aroused they all started fucking each other. A guy stood at the front of the stage and quickly jerked off spraying the Audience. You get the idea really hard and hot. I was very aroused, never seen anything as powerfully sexual. Just as you got into used to what was going down , another scene came on even more ecstatic, my cock was so hard but I tried to hide it. After 10 mins or so Peter said he was going upstairs to check on how Maria was. With him gone I watched the porn more closely, to be honest I couldn’t look away. The images so very orgasmic. I had on my work suit trousers, light grey and felt that the films were definitely going to make me ejaculate, and soon! I was alone and didn’t want to embarrass myself by coming in my tight light coloured trousers. God I can’t help myself can’t stop I quickly unhooked the pants and pulled them and my briefs down quickly. I grabbed my new hanky from the pocket just, I mean just in time to catch the powerful jet of hot semen. I was shaking with the intensity of the orgasm. With hindsight I couldn’t call this masturbation, my cock reacted to the imagery, yes it was squeezed into tight pants and I may have squeezed my legs together a bit but this was involuntary. All my hands did was to remove clothing quickly to avoid stains and provide a catcher for the inevitable and unstoppable emission.I used the dry bits on the hanky to clean up my still twitching cock. I waited a minute on two, since as the erection fades more semen creeps out. Once I was satisfied that it was clear I dressed and sat and relaxed. Phew got away with that, never expected to have to do that in the house of practically strangers! Whilst they were in! Unthinkable! Relaxed and sated still watching the film, another stirring perhaps in the groin but much less intense. Peter returned a few minutes later, surprisingly he was wearing a white bath robe. That’s more comfy he said. Did you enjoy the film? I said it’s the best I’ve ever seen, very erotic. Peter replied most people including Maria find that part so damned arousing the have to wank to it. Really I said, well it is very hot. I know you like it he said as we saw you come……..

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