With a couple


With a coupleAround the beginning of 2016 I was headed out to Arizona and posted a few cl ads. I was looking to watch a couple and masturbate nothing really more but was open to it. I would be out there for a few months so I planned ahead of time. I had a few responses but nothing real or very attractive at that. So after reposting it a few times I finally found a couple named Trevor and Serina with a fairly pretty Columbian lady. We emailed for about a day or two and I told them I would be out to Az in a week.We exchanged contact info about 4 days before I headed out that way. We exchanged photos here and their nothing naughty just normal pics. we decided to meet and greet at a casino and have a drink or two. I waited kind of anxiously to see them in person at the casino. When they arrived I was happy to see they were the people in the photos an Above average sized white male and a 5’4″ Columbian woman. we had sat at a table and had some drinks and had small talk. His wife had some amazing cleavage that was hard not to stare at. They asked if I would be available during the weekend to watch them go at it. I agreed although it was only monday and I was already felt like wanking it. I was very anxious to watch them with the curves uşak escort on her body watchcing her get filled would be amazing. When they left watching her walk away in her tight blue dress was giving me an erection seeing her ass crack outline and her big ass bouncing I was feeling way to excited.Later that night I got back to my hotel pulled out my fleshlight and shoved my cock in it just thinking of her ass I had to get one off. The rest of that week I waited until Saturday night to cum. Once saturday came we texted and decided to do this at my hotel room. I gave them the address and room number and 25 minutes later they had arrived He was wearing a tank top and jeans and she had on a black skirt and a t shirt and some black heels. Serina took off her heels and sat on the bed and we had some drinks and talked then Trevor told her to lay on her stomach and pull down her skirt when she did that she had on white laced panties. As Trevor started removing his pants and briefs I did the same and pulled a chair by the bed. Trevor then pulled her panties off and threw them on the floor and shoved his fingers in her pussy.As Trevor pulled his fingers out her pussy he stood up and his cock was stiff it was average sized length uşak escort bayan size but was thick with a large mushroom head. He positioned serina in doggy style and slid right in. I was sitting at an angle from the side of the bed so I could see him go in and out of her. He only had her doggy for a few minutes before flipping her over and going in her missionary as he was fucking her I went to grab her panties put them on my shaft and started beating off. My cock didn’t take long to get fully erect. Watching this curvy columbain lady getting pounded was just amazing.Trevor then flipped over is wife and she began bouncing her ass on his cock. At this point I felt close to coming I took her panties off my cock stood up and started jerking it hard I put more lube on my cock to beat it faster. As her ass bounced it was like her asshole was winking at me this drove me crazy! Trevor grabbed and smacked her ass then stuck a finger in her asshole. He then pulled his finger out and told me “fuck her fat ass” I almost came when I heard that I got right behind her as he was in her pussy and positioned my erect cock outside her asshole they both sat still as I pushed the head of my cock in her asshole. It took a moment to escort uşak break the seal of her ass. One final push and I was in.. I let out a huge moan as they started moving again I was still for a little trying to hold my load. He began thrusting hard and fast and I slid out her asshole and he told me put it in her pussy Im going to cum. I was hesitent because double vag would be cock to cock contact but at the same time I it sounded amazing. So I went in her pussy as well and we both began fucking her. I could feel how hard he was in her when I entered he yelled im cumming and when he said that I didnt hold back either I let my load out first then a few moments later I felt him pulsing in her. I rolled off her and she went to the bathroom. Trevor fell asleep moments later I went to the restroom after serina then came out and laid on the couch in the hotel and went to sleep.The next morning I was up about 8:00 a.m and they were still asleep. I had morning wood of course even after that amazing night. I walked over to the bed and moved the blanket off of serina I opened her legs and she began to wake up . I asked her if I could get a quick one off before they leave. She told me to go for it. I imminently pulled out my meat and put it in her pussy. She didnt move much or make much noise but it didn’t bother me because I was just needing to nut in her. It didn’t take long before I drained my balls inside her. I got off her and eventually they both were awake and left.

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