Wine Tasting


Wine TastingEver since we met, my Wife and I have used the day after Thanksgiving as a special treat to ourselves, because that’s where we had our first date. A lot of the small wineries are only open this day, and through the weekend for capacity reasons. You can snag some great wines. Of course you can get a little wasted if not careful.That Friday was a partly cloudy day, with the sun peeking out occasionally, and the temperature in the mid 40’s. On our way to the first winery of the day, I told my wife how nice her tits looked in the outfit she was wearing. She was wearing no bra, and her nipples were hard from the cool morning air. I reached over a squeezed them. She immediately noticed my cock was growing.“Calm down,” she said. “The day is just beginning.” Yes it was. We arrived at our first winery, and paid the customary tasting fee. The gal taking the money was bit older and noticed my wife’s nipples sticking out through the material of her shirt. She made a comment to my wife that cellar area was cool, and recommended a sweater or coat if she had one. Of course based upon our past wine tasting experience, we knew about the cooler temp’s in the cellar. But also knew space heaters we strategically placed to limit the coolness of the cellar. We walked towards the cellar, with wine glasses in hand, and didn’t say a word the old gal..When we reached the cellar area, the aroma of wine hit our noses. We started out with white wines, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. After a few tastes, the wine gave us that familiar euphoric feeling. With the warmth of all of the people in the cellar area, and the space heaters, my wife’s nipples returned to their normal full, puffiness. We moved on to the reds. You can’t beat an Oregon Pinot Noir. After getting our glasses filled with the reserve Pinot, we started to walk around the cellar. If you’ve never been in a cellar at a small winery, it’s unbelievable. Wine barrels everywhere. We were between barrels when my wife surprised me and pulled her shirt up exposing her naked tits to me. “Suck my nipples!!” she instructed me. My mouth engulfed her left nipple. I eagerly sucked on it and circled it with my tongue. A small moan escaped from her. I moved to the right nipple and repeated my assault. She was horny. She started making bucking motions with her hips. I pulled off the nipple, pulled her shirt back down, and said, “Remember the day is just beginning…” She looked disappointed briefly, but smiled and grabbed my unmistaken hardness. She kissed me, and whispered in my ear, “I owe you one.”We purchased a few bottles and headed down the road to our next winery. This winery has been around forever. It has a wine cave to age and hold the wine barrels. We grabbed our tastes and followed a tour through the wine caves. We were the last ones in the group, so I decided it was my turn to surprise my wife. I was wearing a pair of Black Levi’s, with no underwear of course, and popped my hard cock through an unbuttoned opening. The white skin and purple head stood out against the dark material. Behind my wife, I pushed to the side of her and brushed my cock against the skin of her hand. She immediately grabbed it and started stroking it as we walked, listening to the winemaker give his presentation on the history of the cave. Now my wife gives experts hand jobs, and she knows my breaking point. I asked her one time how she knows I’m going to spurt, other than looking at my face. She said, “The head of your cock gets shiny and slick.” It must have felt slick, because she stopped stroking it and released her warm hand. The cool air of the cave hit. You could see the steam rising from it. At that point, the tour stopped to look at something. My wife was still in front of me, and spread her legs. I stuck my hard cock between her ass and legs. She was wearing cotton stretch pants, without panties, and I could feel her wetness on my throbbing member. As soon as the tour continued, she released my cock, turned around, dropped to her knees and stuck it in her mouth. She slowly pulled her mouth off it and the cool air hit it once again. She stood up kissed me, and said, “Two can play that game.” She turned around and caught up with the group. After I stuffed my tool back in my pants, and buttoned them, I rejoined the group.We purchased a few more bottles and moved on to our next winery. It was our favorite. After paying the obligatory tasting fee, my wife excused herself and went to the rest room. I was going to join her for some heavy petting, but like I said, this was a small winery and the bathroom fit the winery, small. I headed to the Red wine section. I grabbed a taste of Gammy Noir, another excellent wine, and was looking at print of the winery when I felt my wife tap me on the illegal bahis shoulder. I was a little buzzed, and thought I would get my wife back for the last winery teasing. So, with my free hand, I reached behind me and grabbed her crotch. I noticed immediately, not feeling stretch pants, but a skirt. I turned around immediately, and I was stunned. It wasn’t my wife. I must have turned the same shade of red as the wine I was drinking. I said, “Oh my God. I’m so sorry, I think I’ve have had too many tastes of wine. I thought you were my wife coming back from the bathroom. Please forgive me!” I could see she was stunned as well. After starring at me for what seemed like 10 minutes, she said, “No problem.” Then she shocked me. “I watched the show you and your wife put on at the last two wineries and it’s made me very wet!” she commented. With that, she just walked away. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded.When my wife returned, she must have noticed I was dazed because she asked me if I was all right. I finished my Gammy, and got another. I told my wife, “You aren’t going to believe what just happened.” As she listened to me, her face turned the same color red as the wine. She said, “You know me better than that, I usually grab your ass to get your attention.”She was right. The wine must have gotten to me more than I thought. I excused myself to the restroom. Upon returning, my wife’s smile had returned to her face. We purchased a couple bottles, and headed to the next winery.As we entered the tasting room, my wife noticed some homemade Christmas Knick Knack’s someone was peddling, and she told me she would meet me at the counter. As she walked away, she said, “Remember, I’ll grab your ass when I want to get your attention!” I just shook my head and said, “Yeah, thanks Hon..”I pushed my way through the crowd to the counter. The chick pouring the wines asked, “Just one tasting?” I responded, “No, two. My wife will be here any moment after she decides to by one of the Knick Knacks.”She poured us an excellent 2012 Pinot Noir. 2012 was a great year for Pinot’s in Oregon. I took a couple of sips, admiring the prints on the wall behind the counter, when I felt the familiar grab of my ass, signaling it was my wife this time before I made another fool of myself. I reached for her glass to hand it too her. I turned around to give it to her, and almost dropped it. It wasn’t my wife but the gal I mistakenly violated at the previous winery. She took the glass and said, “Why thank you!! Paybacks can be fun..”She moved beside me at the counter, and said, “I suppose I should introduce myself, since we’ve exchanged ‘handshakes’. My name is Bonnie.” I muttered out, “Hi! I’m Brian.”“This time I owe you an apology,” she said. “I approached your wife at the last winery while you were using the restroom, and introduced myself. She told me about the ass grab to get your attention. And she invited me to repay you at the next winery. I’ve never been to this winery, so I agreed.” Now it made sense to me. That’s why my wife told me to wait for her ass grab. By the way, where was she? I gazed over at the Knick Knack table and she was still window-shopping. I apologized again for my rudeness at the last winery. She smiled and said, “Forget about it. I actually enjoyed it.”We both took a couple of sips of wine. The wine was working its magic. There were a lot of people standing at the counter. I felt like a sardine. Bonnie motioned her finger at me to lower my head to her face, and whispered in my ear, “put your glass on the counter, and move your hand to my crotch. I want you to feel how wet you and Mary have made me!” I did as she said. She had somehow managed to pull her tight skirt up enough so I could feel her pussy. The moment my hand touched her pubes, I could tell she was telling the truth. As I pushed my fingers into her mound, a small moan escaped from her mouth, and she closed her eyes. I moved my head towards her ear, and whispered, “You’re soaking wet!!!” At that point, I noticed my wife waving at me, trying to get my attention, pushing her way through the crowd up to the counter. I moved my hand away from Bonnie’s wet pussy, and back to my wine glass. Bonnie opened her eyes, just as my wife reached the counter. When she got to the counter, she grabbed my ass and said, “Did Bonnie get “your” attention this time?” We all started laughing. I handed my wife her glass, and she took a sip. “Must be a ’2012”, she said. Like I said, 2012 was a great year for Oregon Pinot Noir.Bonnie looked at my wife and said, “Your husband has a nice ass to go along with those “forceful” but “gentle” hands.” I could see my wife was a little puzzled by that comment. I tried to ignore it. Some people had move away from the counter, giving illegal bahis siteleri us a little more room. I motioned to the gal pouring the wine; we would like to try the Merlot. She instructed us to put our glasses on the counter and she poured the wine. It was a little darker red than the Pinot, more full-bodied. I grabbed my wife’s glass and handed it to her. As she grabbed it, she held my hand and pulled it towards her nose. I knew she could smell Bonnie’s scent. You didn’t have to get that close to my hand to smell the aroma. Bonnie was really wet and my fingers gave it away.My wife said to Bonnie, “That’s what you meant by “gentle”.” It was Bonnie’s turn to get red faced. She said, “I’m sorry Mary, I was caught in the moment, and I wanted Brian to feel the wetness you both inspired.” My wife reached out and grabbed my crotch. Of course, I was hard as a rock. “She must have been really wet”, said my wife. Then, she moved closer to Bonnie and slid her free hand underneath Bonnie’s skirt. It shocked Bonnie. But, it obviously felt good because Bonnie let out a soft moan, and pulled her skirt up again, giving my wife easy access to her wet box. I quickly gazed around to see if anyone was watching. My wife and Bonnie seemed to be in a different world, not even caring if eyes were attacking them. Fortunately, no one was watching; because I didn’t want the action to stop.Bonnie spread her legs a bit, and my wife started moving her fingers up and down Bonnies wet slit. After they were lubricated, my wife trapped Bonnie’s swollen clit between middle and forefinger, and started making a circular motion. Bonnie’s eyes were closed, and her breathing was becoming shallow. What a sight. My wife was getting her off. My wife continued her assault. Bonnie was going to cum any second. My wife whispered something in her ear. I couldn’t hear what she said, but, I didn’t have too. Bonnie reached out with her left hand and found my hard cock. The minute she touched it, Bonnie opened her eyes, starred at my wife and said, “I’m going to fucking cum all over your hand!!” Wow did she!! Bonnie’s cum was trickling down the insides of both thighs.My wife removed her hand from Bonnie’s wet cunt, and bought it to her nose to inhale the aroma, just like swirling the wine and sniffing the bouquet. She then inserted both fingers in her mouth to taste the sweet nectar. I of course asked her if she would share, and she said, “NO!! You have to get your own taste.” Right then, the gal pouring the wine asked if we wanted to taste the Cab. We all said yes!!After a couple of minutes reveling in the moment, Bonnie grabbed my wife’s ass and said, “Thank you, Mary!! I needed that after watching you two this morning.” This morning I thought. “Shit,” I said. “It’s almost 3:30pm and we still have to go to your favorite winery Hon.” My wife looked at me and we both said, “ARGYLE!!”Bonnie said, “Argyle! What’s so special about that winery?” My wife said, “Do you like Champagne Bonnie?” Bonnie said, “I love it Mary.” “Why don’t you join us?” I said.We purchased a few more bottles of wine, and headed to Argyle with Bonnie right behind us. On the way, my wife reached over, grabbed my still hard cock, and said, “Poor thing, It looks like he needs some lovin..” With that, she unbuttoned my jeans and my cock popped out. She immediately put it in her mouth and started to slowly suck it. Up and Down, Up and Down. Bonnie was right behind us, and could tell something was going on because I had slowed way down. The roads in the wine country are very curvy. She honked and flashed her lights at us.My wife heard the honking, and she knew I was about to explode. She stopped sucking and said, “I don’t want you to come yet. We’ve got more entertaining to do.”We finally reached Argyle. Bonnie parked right next to us. I opened the door, climbed out of our Ford Expedition, and proceeded to button up my pants. “WAIT!!” I heard. Bonnie raced around her car to meet me. My cock was tucked in, but my pants were not buttoned all of the way. She pulled the two buttons I had done open and engulfed my cock with her mouth. She licked the backside of it with her tongue, while it was still in her mouth. My wife had come around the rig to see what was going on, and said; “Don’t suck it to long Bonnie. I brought him to the brink on the way here, and he will explode anytime.”Hearing that, Bonnie pulled her mouth off my throbbing cock. She gently squeezed my balls, looked at my wife and said, “Oh Yeah, he’s full…” Just then, some pre-cum had made it to the tip of my cock. Both women noticed, and my wife said, “Go ahead Bonnie, there will be more later.” With that, Bonnie used the tip of her tongue to gobble up my love juice. “I hope it goes with Champagne?” canlı bahis siteleri she said.My wife responded, “It goes great with Champers..”We paid the tasting fee, and were informed that this years tasting was going to be in the main cellar. We were instructed to go out back, around the corner and through the big doors on the left. We grabbed our glasses and headed to the cellar. The women went right for the champagne. I went to the reds and scope out any potential places to taste what I really wanted. PUSSY… I looked over at Bonnie and my wife they were sipping champagne and talking and laughing. Having a good ole time.. I filled my glass with another excellent 2012 Pinot, and meandered off deeper into the cellar, hoping to find a secluded area. I was getting pretty deep when I heard my name. “Brian, are you in here?” It was my wife.“Over here Babe”, I responded. “What are you doing? Are you trying to hide from us.” my wife said.Right then they reached me. “No! I’m not trying to hide from you. I was trying to find the right size barrel to bend you over and fuck you from behind.” I responded.My wife came right up to me, planted a big kiss and said this one looks perfect. With that, she pulled her pants down, exposing her dark, wet bush to both Bonnie and I and said, “You’ve had to hold out all day. Stick that hard cock in me and fill me up.”I started to unbutton my pants to give her what she asked for, but Bonnie had her own plans. She said, “Hold on stud. You can fuck her as soon as I’m done with her.”My wife had already bent over the Oak barrel, her ass and pussy at perfect fucking level. Bonnie squeezed her ass checks and my wife let out a whimper. Bonnie instructed my wife to turnover. My wife obeyed and was concave with her back lying across the barrel. Her pussy looked delicious. Bonnie obviously thought so because she started devouring my wife. My wife was hot, but the cool cellar made her nipples hard against her tight shirt. I had to do something. I moved to my wife, lifted her shirt up and began sucking on her sensitive nipples. Her moaning was becoming more audible.Between Bonnie expert tongue, and my gentle nibbling, my wife was getting close to orgasm. I kissed her and asked her how she liked Bonnie licking her cunt. She moaned loudly, “I love the way she’s licking my cunt.” “Yes Bonnie, Yes!!” she said. “Flick it faster, faster…” I pulled my cock out of my pants and told my wife to grab it. It was throbbing, and she could feel it. “Don’t Stop Bonnie, Please Don’t Stop!!” She propped her head up, looked at Bonnie, who was looking at her eye to eye, and said, “RIGHT NOW!! I’M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM…”Her whole body started shaking. I almost thought the full barrel of wine she was leaning over moved. Bonnie licked my wife’s pussy juice from her lips, slid up the front of my wife, stopping to kiss each nipple and finally my wife’s mouth. My wife could taste herself, and this seemed to make her hot again. My cock was still throbbing in my wife’s hand. She looked at me and said, “Okay, you need to fuck me right now!!” My wife flipped over, ass and pussy ready for the taking. Bonnie pulled my pants down. Somehow thinking I would need some lubrication, forgetting how wet she made my wife, engulfed my hard cock in her warm, pussy juice covered mouth. She sucked on it a few times, popped it out of her warm mouth. Her saliva covered the full 7 inch length. “You can stick it in her now.” she commanded.I did!! It was like a hot knife going through butter. My balls were really full and I knew it wasn’t going to be long. My wife was saying, “Come on babe, Fuck me. That’s it jam that hard cock into me!!” Bonnie didn’t want to be left out. I hadn’t even noticed she pulled her skirt down and top off. I was pounding my wife’s pussy from behind, and Bonnie came behind me and wrapped herself around me. I could feel her hard nipples against my back and her wet pussy against my ass. What a feeling. My wife was telling me to fill her up with my love juice and Bonnie was helping me do it. Her body was so tight against mine; it felt like we were both fucking my wife. “Fuck her good! Oh yeah!! Shoot your hot cum in her.”, Bonnie said in highly aroused state.I listened to both of them and shot my wad into my wife. She was so wet, that on the third pump, I slipped out of her pussy and shot a small load on the small of her back.Bonnie was attached to me like a symbiotic host. She knew I slipped out and let go of me. She saw the cum and wasted no time in lapping it up. In fact, she wanted to taste both of us. She put my semi-hard cock her mouth. She sucked the remaining cum out and lapped up the pussy juice my wife left on it.Right then an announcement was made that the winery was about to close. We all dressed, finished our tastes and stammered enough energy to leave the cellar.At our cars, we gave the obligatory hugs and kisses and goodbyes. Bonnie looked at both my wife and I and said, “So this is what wine tasting on the day after Thanksgiving is all about….”

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