Wife fucks.


Wife fucks.This was our first time going to an exclusive couples only club. There were a handful of single guys that worked there. We knew it was a swingers club. We didn’t realize how open it was. The reasons we went here. My wife had a couple of affairs years ago. She denied it. I knew she did. She was very good in bed. She could suck my dick slow, fast or hard. She would gag as she tried deep throat and moan and swallow my load. She was wet and tight. Eating her pussy, you could feel her cum on your tongue. Hot fucking. She was horny. She would fuck missionary. On all fours. She would ride it or reverse. Always moaning and squealing when I fucked her hard. She would always cum at least twice while I pumped my load in her.This is where my mind messed me up. I started seeing her with those guys. What really flipped me out was thinking kaş escort of her do to those guys what she does to me. It was a turn on and made me want to see her with another man. I guess because she had been with two at least. I became obsessed with the idea. I bought up the club. She agreed to go.This place was high end. Private rooms everywhere. Free bar included with admission. Couples were in rooms smoking pot and sniffing cocaine. The bartender asked if I needed anything. We went to the side of the bar and smoked. My wife had a drink and was talking to a guy and girl. The dude slipped me a half gram. He said I get off at 12. It was 11. He was about 30. 6ft. 220 lbs. We are mid forties. She is 5 4 38 d 160lbs. I am 6ft 250. We went into a room. It had a bench for a woman to be tied. I layed her down and slid her panties over and ate kaş escort bayan her wet pussy. She came fast. She was very horny and so was I. I did some coke and gave her, her first hit. We were high. We left and went back to the bar it was 12. He was there, off work. He stared at my wife and told me nice. I told him, you want some ? He said, hell yeah.We went back to the room. He went in the viewing room that was connected. My wife was still horny. I put her in the bench and tied her ankles and wrists. She was on all fours. I hiked up her shirt and skirt and pulled down her panties. The lights were dimmed and I went in the viewing room. He was hard. About 8 in. He said I almost came in my pants. I said, go out there and play with her pussy and mouth and see if she gives it up. He goes in. She says hon stop playing. He says you dont escort kaş even know me and call me hon ? Her face was confused. She said what are you doing in here my husband is coming back. He pinched her hard nipples. She said stop. He touched her pussy. She said don’t. He put his tongue in her pussy. She started moaning, my husband, stop, oh. He said you like getting your pussy eaten. She came a few times. He said, suck it bitch and put it in her mouth.I walk in. She is sucking his dick good. I go to her back and spread her cheeks. She is dripping. I penetrate her pussy and fuck her wildly. She’s cumming. I cum in her.  He blows his load. I am getting hard again and so is he. He starts fingering her and I get in front and slap my dick on her face. He says you ready to get fucked. She starts to suck my dick while he enters her. Her face when he banged her hard was incredible as she tried to stay sucking my dick. I came in her mouth. He pumped her about 10 minutes. Her moaning and crying and multiple orgasms. We cleaned up and he gave us his number

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