Wife exposed to friend


Wife exposed to friendMy old college friend visited us last week. I have known him for years and before I married he really liked my wife. Over the years he had fantasies he told me about her. She was attracted to him and playfully teased him but never let him do anything with her. She thought he was attractive and sometimes during sex I would tell her I was my friend John and it made her cum hard. I know she had fantasies about him.But they never did anything I know because he lived out of town. I would send him from time to time a photo of my wife…some in her bikini on a beach or a few showing some cleavage, but never nude. Just to tease him a little. He would visit every few years and we had good times but never sexy, until the other day. We went out for dinner and my wife dressed in a sexy lacy black top, short skirt, sexy shoes and a jacket over the top. . I encouraged her to look sexy and even told her not to wear a bra as the jacket buttoned up covered her up. I knew that would make her feel sexy…being braless but not really exposed. Her 36C tits filled the jacket up nicely and she was still firm enough that she looked great. We went to an upscale restaurant and sat down and in a booth. She was in the middle between my friend John and me. As the dinner was served and we had a few drinks she relaxed and I suggested with a wink to her that maybe she would be more comfortable to unbutton her jacket. . She opened her jacket and in the dim light she looked great in the lacy top. The top was scooped in the front and it exposed some cleavage and a hint of no bra. I could see my friend trying to figure out if my wife Sherry had illegal bahis on a bra or not. She was enjoying the attention and even the waiter took a second glance at her as she ordered dessert. As we finished dessert we ordered an after dinner drink….she looked at me an whispered she wanted to remove her jacket, which would mean she just had on the lacy top and it would become more apparent that she was braless. I helped her remove the jacket and our friend now could see that indeed she was braless as her pink large nipples pressed against the tight material.She even brushed his arm with her arm and leaned into him. We know he saw because he said with obvious pleasure he really liked her top. One could feel the sexy tension in the air as they chatted and she leaned toward him which gapped her top and exposed even more of her breast, so that he could see her nipples.It was time to leave the restaurant and my wife reached for her jacket to walk past the other tables, but I told her no, just walk out without it. She flushed as this was more that she ever did in a public setting. But she had had enough alcohol and was excited from the sexy talk with John that she agreed. John was very attentive as he opened the car door for her. He told her how great she looked. We made the short drive home and I suggest a nightcap. She and I sat on the couch and John sat in a chair facing us.She still did not have on jacket. She was relaxed and enjoying showing off discretely to John. He asked if he could take a picture of us as an old friend and I answered , why not. She sat up straight and posed for him. He snapped a couple on his phone and illegal bahis siteleri then she nestled up next to me on the couch. I put my arm around her and we chatted about the fun times we had together in college and since then. We were all aware of the sexual tension in the house but chatted about no sexual topics. John looked right at my wife and told her to slip the straps on her lacy top down her arms. She tensed up as if she did the top would fall around her tits and maybe even lower. She glanced at me to see if I objected, but I just reached over and slipped the strap down on her right arm and she reached over and lowered it on her left. Her top slipped down to just above her pink nipples, show the fullness of her breasts. Her breathing got more rapid and I felt my cock start to harden and respond to the situation. John calmly raised his cell phone and without asking snapped a…. few pictures. I sensed that having her picture taken…even though not exposed made her hotter. John calmly next just said “lower the top to you waist so I can see your tits”….She tensed up, breathed faster and waited for me to protest. I said nothing but reached over and pulled the tight top over her fullSbreasts so that now they were fully exposed. John said,,,oh nice, beautiful, I have dreamed about those for years, Next he told her to stand up and let the top fall to the floor. She did as he said. He snapped more photos. I did not object, but nodded to her it was okay. He told her to bend over and let her tits wiggle and hang down. He did not ask now it was a command and she did it…. I was now fully erect and rubbing my cock canlı bahis siteleri through my pants. He smiled at me and I nodded back. As she stood there half naked he next commanded me to unzip her skirt. I did as he said…”let is slide down” he command Sherry. She did it. The skirt fell to the ground and she only stood up there only in her black, lacy panties. They were sheer black and you could see the shaved pussy through the material. He snapped more photos. “Turn around” he command….She did. She faced me and I smiled at her. She was flushed. “Bend over” he told her again….This time with her back to him….Snap, Snap,..more photos…”Now lower your panties to the floor ” He commanded….she did it…and exposed her ass and pussy to him as she bend over. “Don’t stand up., now spread open your legs”…he demanded….The years of not seeing my wife exposed had built up in him and now he was in control. “Turn around” he commanded….She did….now fully nude, wet glistened on her leg and breathing heavy. Snap , snap,,more photos….now she was starting to pose, holding her breasts, touching her pussy and breathing hard. Sit down he said…She did….as she leaned into me. Now he command she open her legs and expose her pussy lips. He told me to reach over …spread her lips…and finger my wife. He snapped more photos…and I did not care as my cock ached to get out of my pants.. I could see the the outline of his cock in his pants. He reached down and unzipped his pants. He released his cock…It was I remember from the locker room a little bigger than mine, and thicker. His cock was covered in a shinny precum. My wife’s fantasy about seeing his cock was coming true and she gasped as she saw it. Her breathing got faster. I fingered her and felt an increased wetness. Snap snap…he took more photos of my wife, naked, spread open in my arms…flushed.To be continued

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