wife and her best friend


wife and her best friendthis story has it’s beginnings many years ago, wife was divorced from her 1st husband, and we were living together for a short time. a friend of hers from out of town was coming to visit. they had become friends on the ‘net, i knew her only by her screen name in a chat room, they had visited each other before we met.i picked up carol at the airport late one night for her week long visit. they had been out shopping, hanging out, and having a good time all week.friday night came around, i was working late at my shop, they dropped by to say they were headed out to have a few drinks, and asked if i wanted to join them. they were both dressed to kill, short, low cut dresses, stockings, and heels. i was filthy, covered in grinding dust, and smelled of stale welding smoke, and it would take a couple hours for me to get back home, and cleaned up, so i sent them elazığ escort on their way.i came home late that night, trying to be quiet, as i figured they were both passed out by now. i heard a soft moaning as i closed the door, i flipped on the light, and saw my wife on the couch, dress around her waist, and carol’s face buried between her legs !! i stood there shocked, wife had never mentioned to me that she enjoyed carols “company” that way. they both jumped up, wife with an embarrassed look on her face, trying to pull her dress back down, with carol doing the same.they both started to apologize, mostly for being caught, but i dismissed it, and told them they were welcome to finish the fun they were having. they headed to the guest bedroom, i heard the door close and lock behind them. i changed out of my dirty clothes, and showered, when i returned to the living escort elazığ room, they were still behind locked doors. when i sat down, i found the thong my wife had been wearing earlier on the couch, still damp with her pussy juice, i noticed another pair of panties on the floor, must be carol’s, they too were damp..i eventually went to lay down, and after a while heard the door open, wife walked into our bedroom, she started to apologize again,nearly in tears, and crawled into bed with me, still fully clothed. i asked if she was satisfied with her fun with carol, i got my answer when she grabbed my cock and started stroking me. she climbed on top of me, pinning my arms down with her legs, and rode my face, her shaved pussy was musky smelling, i could tell she had several orgasms, and was well lubricated. she slipped down onto my hard cock, and started riding me slowly, elazığ escort bayan grinding her pussy onto me. i looked up to find carol standing in the doorway, holding her dress up with one hand, fucking herself with a large dildo with the other.i heard carol moan loudly as she came, wife was bouncing on my hard cock, i felt her pussy tighten on me,i grabbed her hips, and held her down on my cock as i pumped a huge laod of hot cum into her wet pussy.she fell asleep with my cock still twitching inside her….she left the next day to go back home, wife still has carols panties tucked away in her panty drawer, i’ve found them laying on the bed several times since then, and the wife takes me for a good long ride later that night.carol has been here all week for a visit, they’ve been playing all week, i’ve been reaping the “benefits” of my wifes best friend. wife loves her shaved pussy licked, and a tongue on her clit, but really loves my hard cock deep inside herso far this visit, i havent found them together, but they’ve spent a lot of time out “shopping”, i’m sure it’s been at one of the several local motels.

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